12 Must-Know Bathroom Renovation Tips: Bathroom Remodel Ideas


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Everyone desires a perfect bathroom space because we spend a very significant amount of our time in our bathrooms. So, it is essential to have a bathroom space that is comforting as well as able to provide us with the maximum amount of necessary facilities.

But do bathrooms come along as per our wishes when we buy a house or rent an apartment? With all the amenities and comforting layout? No, they certainly do not. And this is where our job starts.

We need to renovate the bathrooms as per our requirements and make it the perfect bathroom place for friends and family. Now, before renovating, you must know some inside tips for a better understanding of the process and some other vital issues. First of all, let’s discuss the facilities or must-have fixtures of a bathroom.

Must have fixtures: These are the basic features of a bathroom. Without these, it can’t be called a bathroom. So, the renovation must include the very fixtures mentioned below:

  • Shower
  • Woodbridge Toilet
  • Sink
  • Soaking Bathtub
  • Extra walking space
  • A bidet seat
  • Vanity lighting
  • Mirror
  • Plug outlets for hairdryers
  • Water-resistant floor tile
  • Cabinets etc.

Some luxurious modern fixtures: When the bathroom is the ground of showing creativity and style, putting in modern and luxurious features is the way to it. It increases the budget by an immense scale. So, the renovation becomes costly. But if you have the budget, you must have a smart bathroom, the advance features they preserve are:

  • Motion sensor touchless faucets
  • Steam shower
  • Sauna
  • Towel Warmer
  • Integrated and adjustable LED vanity lighting
  • Double sink
  • Heat radiating floor and toilet
  • Walk-in closet
  • Music system
  • Build-in television etc.

So these are some of the fixtures of a toilet. Most of them are merely optional, but shower, toilet, bathroom sink (basin), bathtub; these are a must for a bathroom.

Tips for Bathroom Renovation

1. Do your research firsthand

It would be best if you did your research on the matter. This would include the details of the renovation process, how much it costs to remodel bathrooms, how you can reuse the material you already have. Researching the work of remodeling companies is also a crucial part of beforehand research. You must evaluate and compare the different companies to choose the best party for work. It has to be both work quality and budget efficient.

2. Determine the budget

You have to determine the budget for your project. But always remember to keep a safety margin. Because keeping a little extra money on the side will help to tackle any unexpected occurrence. The cost of renovating a bathroom is quite high. Approximate, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom is about $5000-$11000.

3. Determine a fixed plan

Renovating the bathroom surely requires a remodeling company. But before even contacting them, you must consult with the people of the house who will be using the bathroom alongside. Their needs/wants, special requirements and the measurement of bathroom space will decide a lot of the planning itself. Before handing it over to the remodeling company, you must come up with a definite plan.

Because renovating a bathroom takes up to 3 months. So it is essential to have a fixed plan that would not change along the way. Otherwise, some complications might come up with a sudden change in plan. But it would help if you made sure that the plan is flexible too. So in case of any emergency occurrence, it can be adjusted with the circumstances.

4. Determine the bathroom layout

You have to make sure you understand what kind of renovation you want. So, you rung to fix a layout. Most washrooms have a sink, shower panel, bathtub, flushing toilet, mirrors, etc. fixtures. Apart from that, what other features you might add and how to put the toilet space to the best use is also one of the main concerns.

You have to match the layout with the entire look of your house. If you place the sanitary wares aligned, it will save space as much as possible. The design of the toilet has to be compatible and budget-friendly. You must make a layout that would ensure secure piping and electricity lines. Make sure that the alignment of equipment should be in a manner that does not disrupt spontaneous movement around the bathroom.

5. Pick out bathroom floor layout beforehand

The floor of the bathroom is the most important part to focus on. The flooring of the bathroom is different from other parts of the house. So you need to keep an eye on some significant matters.

You have to pick a waterproof, dirt/grease-resistant tile for flooring. Monitor the flooring process keenly is a crucial matter. Do not leave the workers alone while they are working on the floor. Because once the flooring is done with a defect in plumbing, it will take a great deal of time and money to fix it. A tile backer board can be used when installing underfloor heating. It is cent percent water-resistant.

6. Make sure of efficient lighting

If you use LED lighting, make sure to install a regulator to adjust the brightness of the light. Because many might consider dimmer lighting. You can use vanity lighting around the mirror. It is convenient at times. You can put multiple light fitting into a single cable. It is more flexible. You can use accent, decorative and ambient lighting to make the bathroom more comforting and beautiful.

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7. Adequate ventilation is a must

Adequate ventilation is a must to avoid mold and mildew. Ventilation is also a must for keeping comfortable respiration for people too.

You should consider the bathroom exhaust fan as a piece of ventilation equipment. It is budget-friendly. If you are using a fan, then install a timer too. Installing air ducts and frameless glass also works wonder for ventilation. But it is highly suggested that you first inspect the ventilation system of other household bathrooms around your residents to have a better understanding.

8. Manage the space effectively

Align the sanitary ware in a line; it will create a space in the middle of the bathroom for comfortable movement inside. You can install above doorway cabinets and shelves to hold necessary hygiene and beauty products. It will save space.

Keep it in mind that the Sauna and shower space is best placed in the corner of the bathroom. The area over the toilet and walls can be effectively used for storage, geyser, and many other purposes.

9. Electricity safety management

The sockets and plug points have to be three meters away from the tub or shower to avoid accidents. The electric shaver, dryer, hair straightener plugging point must be above the sink level enough to avoid the chances of splashes.

Heaters and geyser lines have to recheck for waterproofing. Double-check for electrical line leakage behind the walls and under the floor (if any) before finishing the work.

10. Save money tips

Keep the existing bathroom plumbing fixture. For a limited budget span, this would cut the cost at large. Pick out the accessories in the existing structure that can be reused in the new bathroom. Such as faucets, knobs, sink, switchboards and other things.

You can consider keeping the vintage look of the bathroom. This might save you a couple of bucks. You can sell unused leftover accessories of the old bathroom to make some money.

11. Monitor pipework

It is highly recommended to keep the shower and bathtub existing lines. It is easier and less costly too. But if you decide to change the pipework entirely, then appoint an expert plumber to do so and monitor the process vigilantly.

12. Caution with the remodeling company

Do not believe everything the remodeling company tells you. Make your lookups on every matter, including individual costing, the entire process and so on. They will not always be on the same page with your choices and they certainly will not tell you every disagreement with you.

So you have to be vigilant. Research the previous works of the company for better understanding. Do not forget that you in charge here. So don’t delay to speak up if something is not going your way. Constantly keep in touch with the organizers.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to unleash your creative mind while designing your bathroom. So, these were some important tips you must know before taking the project in your hand.

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