8 Best Well Pressure Tanks in 2022 – Review and Complete Guide


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Are you looking for the most elegant well pressure tank to suit your household demands? Then you have come to the right place. We have prepared a comprehensive guide that includes a review of the best well pressure tanks to suit your needs. With the increase in the number of brands these such as desirable tanks in the market, buyers have a hard time finding the best tanks to satisfy their high demands.

The best well pressure tanks come with admirable features to withstand water pressure and serve longer. But what makes an incredible well pressure tank? Well, pressure water tanks come with numerous benefits from suitable height to complete cycles, taking your experience to another level.

This comprehensive review and buyer’s guide help you choose outstanding well pressure tanks that will fit your needs effectively, from commercial to household uses.

8 Best Well Pressure Tanks

1. WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank

If you are looking for quality, the Water Worker 25009 20-Gal Tank comes with several premium features.

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The tank is designed with the user’s interests at heart while following the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements. This ensures that the customers have clean water free from rust and any other contamination.

Besides, the tank comes with exciting features meant to keep users satisfied at all times. The features include:

A diaphragm which flexes instead of stretching, hence creasing just like bladder tanks. It is also used for preventing the water from interacting with the steel dome shell. Moreover, its outstanding size is double the size of rolled steel sharing the same thickness. This means the diaphragm will not break even when intense pressure is applied.

It has a high gloss enamel finish that protects it from elements ensuring that it provides you with safe, clean water with no contamination.

These pre-charged tanks have a massive drawdown for the same physical size which reduces the effort used when pumping, by preventing the pump from staining while in use.

The total tank capacity is also attractive; with 20 gallons you have enough water for the standard household.


  • Has exceptional quality
  • Durable can withstand harsh conditions
  • Has no water logging problems like most galvanizing tanks
  • Does not require any external air controls


  • logging problems may arise while using the tank
  • The tank may not last as long as expected

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2. Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank on the list is one of the most excellent well pressure tanks in this category. The tank comes with suitable capabilities meant to suit every household’s basic needs. The WX-202 comes with a unique blues finish that allows users to install it anywhere since it will fit perfectly. It also comes with premium features that make it one of the most reliable tanks for buyers.

Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank Img

Moreover, it is equipped with an exclusive butyl diaphragm that is entirely corrosion-resistant, ensuring that you have more years of service. A unique positive loop seal that keeps the membrane secure by providing more strength.

Furthermore, a stain-resistant air valve that prevents loss of air while in use. A virgin polypropylene inner liner, which keeps the tank intact by preventing cracks, flake chips and peeling. The custom steel provides extra strength, ensuring full power drawn down while maintaining the weight of the tank as low as possible.

The tank has a capacity of 26 gallons, enough to meet water requirements for your home and the best choice for your standard home. Finally, it is advisable to check the tank pressure before installations to prevent any shortcomings.


  • The tank is easy to install
  • It is of high quality
  • fit perfectly
  • Durable can serve you for more years to come


  • Some tanks may arrive with dents
  • It is more costly compared to other containers in the market.

3. Wellmate WM-9 Fiberglass Tank

If you are in for huge drawdowns, capacity, and quality, this is the ultimate tank for your home. Wellmate WM-9 Fiberglass Tank comes with intriguing features that make it among the most efficient tanks.

Wellmate WM-9 Fiberglass Tank Img

It comes with easy to connect replaceable air cell that ensures easier field serving. The fiberglass construction is completely rust-resistant, hence providing clean water to the users. Moreover, it has an epoxy resin sealed outer shell, which prevents dents and scratches. The paint which functions by eliminating touch up, ensuring you have a free maintenance tank.

Besides, the tank has an impressive capacity of 30 gallons, that is why it is among the excellent tanks you can acquire. Suitable for most household demands, if you have a large house, then you should consider purchasing this tank.


  • The tank is easy to maintain
  • Can be easily installed (less expensive)
  • It is corrosion-resistant
  • Lighter in weight
  • Durable can withstand harsh environmental conditions (suitable for coastal regions)
  • Come with a unique design


  • There are cases where the O ring package may be damaged
  • Compared to other good mate tanks these particular tanks have considerable risks of failure.

4. Water Worker Vertical Pre-Charged Well Tank

This is among the best well pressure tanks you can acquire in the modern market, thanks to its unique design. It is vividly different from all other tanks.

Water Worker Vertical Pre-Charged Well Tank Img

Furthermore, the tank goes hand in hand with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements, ensuring that customers get safe and clean water in their homes.

It has a seamless construction that allows it to flex instead of stretching. Constructed of bacteria-resistant butyl rubber, the diaphragm prevents rust and at the same time increases pressure inside the tank. It also forms a membrane that isolates water from getting into direct contact with the steel domed shell.

In addition, it is composed of a polypropylene liner hence the tank hardly cracks, chips, flakes or peels. It also features an enamel finish that guards the tank against external reactions caused by bad weather elements. This makes it probably the best way to ensure users have clean water free from contamination.

It has a capacity of 2 gallons, sizable enough to supply water for basic needs.


  • Easy to install
  • Very efficient
  • Durable
  • Works perfectly once installed


  • There are chances of brown water from rust.
  • You may encounter rubber taste and odor while using the water from the tank.

5. Red Lion 97080503 Shallow Well Jet Pump and Tank

People are looking for a perfect freshwater supply system for rule homes, farms, and many more. You will be pleased to hear about this fascinating, well pressure tank. It comes assembled with the jet pump providing everything you need to get you started.

Red Lion 97080503 Shallow Well Jet Pump and Tank Img

It has a high-grade diaphragm water chamber which can support from 5.3 to 12 gallons of water. The tank is perfect for keeping the household water supply stem working at all times. Besides, the tank has a compact horizontal low pressure with 30/50 pressure switch, and it can handle 115volts to 230volts depending on the user’s demands.

Also, the pump casing is composed of rugged cast iron that keeps the internal components intact and safe from external interference. It is also important to mention that the hose used for connecting the pump and the tank is made of braided stainless steel that prevents rust.

Thanks to its outstanding capabilities, it is among the best well pressure tanks you can come across. Users can pull up to 5000gal of rainwater which can be used for various uses. Moreover, users should avoid over-tightening the intake connection at all times, since the pump may easily split even though it is made of iron.


  • Durable
  • It is the best water supplier for various uses
  • Has a fantastic pump which pushes 50psi comfortably
  • Made with real iron to withstand external conditions
  • Comes at a reasonable price, given its excellent performance


  • If you have a big house, you have to consider a bigger tank
  • It does not come with an electrical power cord

6. Wellmate WM-12 Fiberglass Tank

The Wellmate WM-12 Fiberglass Tank has everything to offer for the both residential and commercial environment. Unlike most fiberglass tanks that only offer impervious to rust features, this tank comes with intriguing features that get one hooked. It comes with a powerful draw compared to the same steel tanks of greater efficiency.

It has an epoxy resin seal which is used to prevent dents and scratches. With its lead-free construction, the tank is generally corrosion-resistant, which prevents the risk of introducing harmful chemicals to the water in the tank.

Wellmate WM-12 Fiberglass Tank Img

Talking about the weight of the tank, you will be pleased to know that the tank is half the weight of steel tanks making installation faster and simpler.

Furthermore, the tank offers an incredible capacity of 153 liters and a weight of the 42 pounds rated among the best choices for standard homes.


  • Does not rust, making it the best for corrosive environments (coastal regions)
  • Quicker and less costly to install
  • Lighter in weight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable


  • There are no serious drawbacks associated with this tank.

7. Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank

Among the outstanding tanks, you can get in the market, is this utterly ravishing well pressure tank. The tank is known for its unique design and attractive coloring.

It is made of heavy gauge steel which prevents rust and brown water, ensuring the tanks servers you for more years to come with at most efficiency. Moreover, the tank has a diameter of 20″ and a height of 36″, which makes it easy for you to get a space for installation anywhere in the household. It also has a significant drawdown 20/40 and more options for the user to explore freely depending on the capacity of the water (A diameter of 16inch and height of 28 inches).

Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank Img

In addition, the tank is composed of glass-filled polypropylene, which is used to prevent cracks, peels, chips, and much more, to ensure the supply of clean water.

When it comes to carrying capacity, 35 gallon is an incredible capacity for a standard home. It is advisable for users the check tank pressure with a tire gauge and adjusts to suit their taste via the air valve.


  • Easy to install
  • One can very tank pressure to suit their taste
  • Durable thanks to the rust resistance capabilities
  • Has a replaceable bladder
  • Saves on power


  • The bladder might fail which might burn up the pump motor
  • It may not last longer than expected
  • When the plastic base brakes the tanks become unstable.

8. Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank

When looking for a tank that exceeds your expectations, you are likely to find the Flotec FP7110T on the shortlist. The container is a symbol of perfection as it comes loaded with a Flotect diaphragm that can accumulate up to 20 gallons. The best part is the installation where with just a few guidelines, you can do it yourself. It takes less than thirty minutes to get the whole system working correctly.

Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank Img

It has a 16-inch diameter, 28-inch height and a total capacity of 19 gallons, which is more significant for most household and commercial uses.

It is equipped with a one-inch tank discharge tapping, which is an excellent advantage to the user. Moreover, it is also able to fit in minimum space while providing enough water for the entire home. Therefore, if you own a standard home, this tank will work correctly.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Resistance to rust since it made of heavy gauge steel
  • Offers quality at a reliable price
  • Easy to maintain


  • Leakages may start to form the rubber elbows
  • It may be hard to get the T valve to set correctly in plastic threads of the tanks. One has to cross-thread for it to work well.

Best Well Pressure Tanks Buyer’s Guide

The best well pressure tanks have numerous benefits, including the ability to ensure the water system is working efficiently. One of the reasons why you will find this comprehensive guide very essential is that it will help you find the right well pressure tanks.

Let’s begin with reasons why you should acquire a water tank.

Why should you acquire a water tank?

It provides continuous water flow

A water tank has an incredible carrying capacity, with the ability to supply enough water for the entire household. Thanks to its high-performance mechanism, the pressure tanks are capable of regulating water pressure, also keeping the pump intact at all times.

Commercial areas like hotels require a continuous supply of water, probably the best reason why you should consider acquiring a well pressure tank. Otherwise, your toilets and bidets will have a limited quantity of water.

They prevent water from wasting

People often use water sparingly once they know what they have in their tanks. Well pressure tanks are designed to help you understand precisely the amount of water in storage, by using the excellent water pressure in the tank.

Save you more costs

Mostly machinery has a significant effect on your power bill, leaving behind astonishing power bills. But with a well pressure tank, you have nothing to worry about. These types of containers work saving you power, and they are nothing compared to the typical tanks in most of our homes. However, replacing a well water pump is costly; that is why you have to go for the best quality, a tank that will not damage your pump within a short time.

They regulate system pressure

These tanks come with incredible pressure regulating capabilities to ensure you have more years of service. In spite of the water from the ground not providing enough pressure to supply water for the entire household. High-quality, well pressure tanks provide you with enough pressure. They also work by pressure regulating system, ensuring it is within the preferred range. This keeps the pump intact at all times.

What to consider when acquiring well water tanks

As a buyer, there are several features that you should always have in mind. This is one way to ensure you have the best and low-quality product that will destroy your budget.

Getting a low-quality tank also has a huge effect on the pump, which eventually brings more loses.

That said, here are a few points you should always look for when acquiring a well pressure tank:

The carrying capacity of the water tank

Depending on the size of your household, you can opt for a large or small well pressure tank. If you only require a water tank for basic water needs, then a smaller tank should be enough for your household. But if your main focus is on irrigation, the perfect choice is the one with more holding capacity, to help you maintain a continuous supply of water for the plants.

Flexibility during installation

Flexibility plays an essential role in choosing well pressure tanks. When selecting a tank, you have to consider its general design. How well will the tanks fit your house? A perfect plan is one that can be installed without a single sweat and saves you installation costs. The coloring should also be accurate and suitable for your home.

The sturdiness of the tank

The intrinsic properties of a tank determine the quality of the water output. This is why you have to scrutinize the internal properties to ensure that the shell is sturdy enough. This is probably the best way to confirm there are no chips or cracks which might end up contaminating the water.

Water requirements

As much as you may have the money to acquire a large well pressure tank. You will have to consider how often you use water in your household. If your purpose to use it for commercial purposes, then you will find the larger tank more efficient. But if you use less water on a daily basis, then go for the small tank. Avoid keeping the water stagnant inside the tank, since stagnant water always has bacterial growth, which is harmful to human health.


What is the minimum working pressure of a suitable pressure tank?

Well, different models have different working pressure, ranging from 100 psi to 150 psi.

What is a good pressure tank?

Pressure tanks come with numerous advantages to the user. A good pressure tank is one that provides enough water for the household, keeping the pump safe.

What size of a well pressure tank should I go for?

These tanks come in different sizes depending on your household needs. A larger homestead demands a larger tank. Currently, the market is crowded with tanks capacity of 32 and 20-gallon sizes. You will be surprised by how amazing the water pressure tanks work.

What is a diaphragm?

This is an excellent rubber barrier meant to provide enough strength during drawdowns. It has to meet the NSF61 and FDA requirements (should not support bacteria growth).

Why choose a tank with a deep-drawn steel dome?

An in-depth drawing process offers twice tensile strength compared to standard steel construction. This provides a safe and sturdy pressure shell, which is an essential component in a tank.

Final Verdict

Advanced technology comes with advanced techniques. Consequently, well pressure tanks come with numerous benefits to the user. It is time to embrace the best well pressure tanks for more control of your water supply. However, you should assure that you take your time to find one that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Remember a suitable well pressure tank should save you more money and still offer other numerous benefits.

You can choose one of the products reviewed above since each of them provides excellent value for the money. Besides, you also rely on the advice given when looking for other high-quality, well pressure tanks that suit your demands and fit your budget.

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