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By installing the best cast iron bathtub, you can improve your bathroom’s quality, value, and even performance. This material may not be as common as porcelain, ceramic, stone resin, fiberglass, or marble in making bathtubs. However, it has several features that set it apart.

Why Choose A Cast Iron Bathtub?

Cast iron is resistant to abrasion and indentation. It is also challenging, meaning it can easily withstand impact. The fact that the material is ductile means it can deform without fracturing. Besides, it is highly elastic, returning to its original dimensions after being deformed.

With all these great features, you can be confident that your bathtub will serve you for a lifetime. Moreover, the material can be crafted and engineered to produce beautiful models accentuating every bathroom décor.

10 Best Cast Iron Bathtubs

But with so many brands out there purporting to make high-quality only to fail to impress once installed. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with enough information to pick the very best cast iron bathtub for your needs.

We have dedicated quality time to sample hundreds of cast iron bathtub models currently in the market. We shortlisted ten of the best-rated and most preferred models capable of improving the décor and functionality of any bathroom.

Out top 10 picks

We aim to provide you with in-depth analyses of each cast iron bathtub’s main features and specifications in our list. Besides, we will list the main pros and cons to allowing you to make an informed choice. Stay with us.

1. The Tub Connection 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub

Dubbed the Cast Iron Slipper “Chariton” this unit provides you with a superior bathing experience. This bathtub is built from long-lasting Cast Iron, and the Chariton hands you an elegant porcelain interior to relax and rejuvenate with this Vintage Slipper freestanding tub design.

The Tub Connection 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub Img

Remodeling your bathroom to accommodate a cast iron slipper clawfoot bathtub will reveal your taste for elegance and luxury in your new look bathroom design as well as furnishings. Thus this61″ cast iron tub is an excellent choice for enhancing the overall value of your now luxurious fashionable bathroom.

This bathtub is effortless to install. All you need to complete the setup process of the clawfoot bathtub include supply lines, a faucet, a drain, and an overflow assembly. You may not even need the expensive services of a plumber.

Furthermore, you can save time and effort you would otherwise use searching for each plumbing fixture by a complete plumbing package. The most significant thing is that you can access all the accessories by clicking a link.

Other features include 14 inches to overflow and a 46-gallon of water capacity. It is pure white inside out which stands out. The smooth porcelain interior is effortless to clean, reducing maintenance headaches. Check it out, and it will surprise you.


  • Incredibly strong and tough
  • Smooth, easy to clean porcelain interior
  • Pure white inside out design is elegant and luxurious
  • It comes complete with plumbing fixtures
  • It gives you value for your money


  • Relatively narrow for the liking of some customers
  • It seems not to drain all the water

2. KOHLER K-837-0 Bellwether 60″ x 30-1/4″ Alcove Bath

KOHLER is well-known for the quality of products they produce. KOHLER K-837-0 Bellwether offers character, durability, and craftsmanship only seen with enameled cast iron. This bathtub not only allows you to design your home but also shapes your future.

KOHLER K-837-0 Bellwether 60″ x 30-14″ Alcove Bath Img

It comes as no surprise, given that Kohler has been in the business of manufacturing elegant, ultra-durable enamel and a wide range of style and color options for years. This makes their cast iron bathtub an ideal choice for any bathroom design.

Besides, Bellwether is equipped with features like bubble-massage hydrotherapy and electronic control zones. Combining these attributes with cast iron material’s strength and durability, you have a thoroughly modern and immersive experience.

And it will be of much interest to you to know that this product is made from 80 percent recycled material. So, therefore, you will be making your contribution to environmental conservation.

Bellwether is scratch, stain, and impact resistant. It is also effortless to clean. Thus you will have generations of elegance and enjoyment. In terms of style, you will love the graceful lines, and the smooth, deep enamel surface results in a timeless look.

It comes in a range of colors to match any bathtub décor. This lets you choose from a range of colors so that you can personalize your space to your taste and preference.

The K-837-0 Bellwether features a safeguard slip-resistant technology as part of the enamel to prevent accidents. This is a far cry from most brands that apply enamel on the surface. This will result in long-lasting performance and safety.


  • High-strength design for durability
  • Features bubble massage hydrotherapy
  • User-friendly electronic zones of control
  • Made from 80 percent recycled material
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles


  • The paint seemed to be somewhat thin and not uniform through the bathtub

3. Toto FBY1515RPNo.01 Enameled Cast Iron Bathtub

Toto is a famous brand and for good reasons. Choosing a cast iron bathtub from them is an essential step to achieving the dream home you have been craving for. Any bathroom will benefit from the Toto FBY1515RPNo.01 Enameled Cast Iron Bathtub.

Toto FBY1515RPNo.01 Enameled Cast Iron Bathtub Img

It is unique in dimensions as it is pretty small compared to others in its class and price range. However, this does not in any way dampen its quality and performance. It measures 59 inches by 30 inches, giving you a beautiful compact look while perfectly fitting most standard-size bathroom alcoves.

Like other top-quality models, this bathtub offers a safety-conscious slip-resistant finishing on its enamel coating. This means you will be fully protected from dangerous slips that could cause accidents leading to injuries, including fractures.

The effortless installation makes this bathtub ideal for any frugal or budget-sensitive homeowner. An ordered package comes with everything you will need for installation. You can conveniently do the building on your own. However, you can go for the services of a plumber in case you aren’t sure about your skills for the best results.

This Toto bathtub also features a stylish apron front, which is compatible with most preexistent bathroom décors. Despite these great features, it is still one of the most affordable cast iron bathtubs you can get.


  • Durable cast iron construction with smooth enamel finish
  • The safety-conscious anti-slip design prevents accidents
  • Straightforward installation is convenient
  • Sleek, compact look and design
  • The contemporary apron front is versatile


  • Some users are somewhat concerned about dimensions

4. Signature Hardware 903344-57-RR Erica Cast Iron Soaking Clawfoot Tub

You will love this 57-inch Erica Cast Iron Soaking Clawfoot tub from Signature Hardware, not just because of its elegant design but also its functionality. It will bring a perfect balance between comfort and style to your bathroom, turning that part of the house into a luxurious room.

Signature Hardware 903344-57-RR Erica Cast Iron Soaking Clawfoot Tub Img

Engineered from heat-retaining cast iron, this awesome slipper-style tub is ideal for settling in and sitting back for a valuable, extended soak. Furthermore, it features stylish rolled rims and imperial Clawfoot, giving you a feeling of royalty.

The design material, cast iron coated with enamel, makes the tub incredibly durable and capable of retaining heat exceptionally. It will serve you for as long as you like, especially if you install and maintain it well.

Installation is straightforward, just like other high-quality models we have reviewed. Set up does not need any drilling and unique plumbing fixtures. In other words, it comes with all the plumbing fixtures required for out-of-the-box installation.

The unit measures 57 inches long x 30 inches wide x 22- 30 inches high in terms of dimensions. It weighs 275lbs uncrated, and 385lbs crated. The design also features built-in adjusters, which also makes installation effortless.

The white feet are powder coated over cast iron. All the other parts of the tub are made of plated solid brass. It must be used with the shallow floor flange for overflow and waste.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Elegant and performance-oriented design
  • Slipper-design for style and comfort
  • Effortless installation without the need for drilling


  • There is not much information to come up with cons

5. Kingston Brass Aqua Eden VCTND5328NT5 Clawfoot Bathtub

The Aqua Collection Brand is well known for a wide assortment of elegant bathtubs, including the Kingston Brass VCTND5328NT5 Clawfoot Bathtub. The great tubs are ideal for everything, including a relaxing soak and intimate and romantic evening with your partner.

Kingston Brass Aqua Eden VCTND5328NT5 Clawfoot Bathtub Img

You will find it in various colors, materials, styles, and sizes. This means Aqua Eden offers the perfect fit for any bathroom. The versatility also means you can couple this elegant bathtub with modern and traditional bathroom designs.

The Clawfoot bath has managed to stand out among its competing bathroom fixtures for exceptional grandeur. The manufacturer made this bathroom appliance embody the relic elegance of tradition and provide unrivaled performance for a decently long future.

Kingston Brass used cast iron to manufacture this dependable to last for generations. The primary material is kilned with a white porcelain enamel interior and then coated with a painted, hand-smoothed exterior. The result is exceptional heat retention.

Clawfoot is available in three different styles: double-ended, double slipper, and single slipper tubs. The double-ended design features a centered drain and overflow. This results in a visually balanced as specious enough for partners to enjoy a luxurious bath.

The double-slipper design, on the other hand, allow you to lay back against the gently sloping, ergonomically designed rise on each end of the tub for an authentic experience.

The last style, called single slipper, is ergonomically designed with a sloping high back which offers excellent support and comfort. In this case, the drain is fitted at the opposite end to provide you with enough space to unwind and enjoy a relaxing bath.


  • High strength cast iron design
  • The classic elegance of tradition amidst the impeccable performance
  • Available in different sizes, styles, and colors
  • Perfect size for smaller spaces


  • Heavy and solid but tends to chip with ease

6. Pattison Cast Iron Double-Ended Roll-Top Bathtub

The Pattison Cast Iron double-ended Roll-Top Bathtub is one of the premium products manufactured by famous Magnus Home Products. It is well designed and features an incredibly sleek style that will complement any bathroom décor.

Pattison Cast Iron Double-Ended Roll-Top Bathtub Img

The double-ended design is responsible for the comfortable rest you will enjoy when using the Pattison Roll-Top tub. Further convenience and ergonomics come from the integrated pedestal, which adds to the visual elegance.

In terms of dimensions, the tub measures 60 inches long x 30 1/8 inches wide (Front to Back) x 24 inches wide (± ½ inches). Such size may not be too large but still spacious enough to accommodate the majority of homeowners. In addition, the 32-gallon capacity allows for complete immersion.

The primary material for this bathtub is cast iron, well-known for its hardness, toughness, elasticity, and durability. It is then kilned with porcelain enamel on the inside that is smooth and has anti-slip technology to avoid accidental slips.

The white outer coat is painted white for utmost elegance and compatibility with traditional and modern bathroom decors. Even more beautiful is that you can have custom colors to suit your tastes and preferences.

This detailed yet straightforward bathtub is effortless to install, clean, and maintain. You do not need any tools or additional plumbing fixtures to install the Pattison Cast Iron Double-Ended Roll-Top.


  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Simple yet detailed bathtub
  • Effortless to install, maintain, and clean
  • Comfortable double-ended design
  • Custom painting available for versatility


  • A little costly compared to others in its class

7. 54″ Cast Iron Swedish Tub “Gentry”

Gentry is doubtlessly one of the most fashionable cast iron bathtubs in the market. Although a little small, measuring only 54-inches in length, it is deep enough to contain enough water for total and exceptional immersion and enjoyment. Moreover, the Swedish design provides maximal water depth.

54″ Cast Iron Swedish Tub “Gentry” Img

To be exact, Gentry measures 53.5 inches long x 29.5 inches wide x 29.5 inches high. This represents a capacity of 42 gallons of water. It has rolled margins for comfort, while the inner aspect is lined with porcelain enamel for added durability and safety. The internal coating has anti-slip technology, and therefore you should feel protected. Besides, the porcelain finish is hassle-free to clean.

The unit features an excellent 18-inch overflow which is genuinely above board for many brands claiming the best spot. In addition, it does not have faucet holes, so no drilling work is necessary to achieve correct installation.

Gentry Cast Iron Swedish Tub features a contemporary style that will match and accentuate any bathroom décor. The brushed nickel feet are at the center of focus, which gives the unit an elegant, luxurious, and complicated look.

Choose the Gentry if you are looking for the perfect hydrotherapy and healthy relaxation combination. The compact design means you can mount it in any part of the house; it will fit perfectly without cluttering the space.


  • Compact design with optimal water depth
  • High capacity (42-gallon) for full submersion
  • Incredible 18-inch overflow with no faucet holes
  • Sleek look with brushed nickel feet
  • Comfortable with anti-slip design


  • One of the heaviest cast iron tubs but durable

8. Signature Hardware Henley 60″ Cast Iron Double-Ended Pedestal Tub

The Henley Cast Iron Double-Ended Pedestal Tub is optimized to add just the correct amount of timelessness in style and comfort to your newly remodeled or installed bathing experience. It features a rolled rim, a beautiful pedestal, and perfect symmetry, which provides it with a classic look.

Signature Hardware Henley 60″ Cast Iron Double-Ended Pedestal Tub Img

Like all the other tubs we have reviewed here, this bathroom fixture is made of high-strength cast iron well recognized for durability and performance. Besides the strength, it can retain its shape and form. In addition, the inner porcelain enamel coating of the interior gives the tub the ability to retain heat, which helps you cut on energy bills.

Oval in shape, the tub measures 60 inches long x 30 inches wide (front to back) x 24 inches high (± 1/2″) with a maximum capacity of 32 gallons. That’s more than enough water and depth to provide you with complete submersion for a truly soaking bathtub.

However, if you find this 60-inch option not large enough for you, you can choose the 66 inch, which has a capacity of 41 gallons. This will provide better submersion and the other state-of-the-art features described for the smaller version.

Installation is quick, hassle-free, and does not require any plumbing skills. However, you can use the services plumber if you are not confident of your abilities to do a good job. You will need certain plumbing fixtures, though.


  • Contemporary style with a modern touch
  • Durable and robust cast iron construction
  • Oval and deep design for complete immersion
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain


  • It does not come as a complete unit which may be inconvenient for some customers

9. KOHLER K-877-S-0 Highbridge Cast Iron Bath

Kohler is a brand to contend with when it comes to manufacturing bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures. Since its inception, close to a century and a half of its products have always stood out.

The K-877-S-0 Highbridge Cast Iron Bath represents the timeless Kohler technology. It is made strong, durable, and can retain heat for longer periods. This will support you in saving on your energy bills while at the same time allowing you to enjoy a hydrotherapeutic soak.

KOHLER K-877-S-0 Highbridge Cast Iron Bath Img

The cast iron material is coated in the interior with kilned porcelain enamel. This gives the tub a smooth interior that is comfortable and slip-proof. As you may know, cast iron is scratch-, stain- and impact resistant. It is also effortless to clean, maintaining it as fresh as new all the time.

Highbridge Cast Iron Bath features a sleek design with graceful lines and a smooth finish on both the interior and exterior. The white finish is universally compatible with most bathroom décors giving any bathroom a much-needed facelift. However, the tub comes in various colors to provide you with the chance to choose the one that matches your needs.

Last but not least, the tub features safeguard slip-resistant technology that is applied as a part of the enamel. This is different from other models that use the enamel on top of the surface, which is as durable as the one applied as part of the enamel.


  • Stain, scratch, and impact resistant material
  • Sleek design with graceful lines and smooth, deep enable
  • Available in a wide color range
  • Safeguard, slip-resistant technology


  • Enough information is not available to come up with accurate cons

10. The Tube Connection 67″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub

The Tube Connections Brand offers you an excellent bathroom fixture to help you improve the décor and performance of this vital room in your home. It features a traditional design that perfectly complements any bathroom décor.

The Tube Connection 67″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub Img

As usual with our picks, this tub is made of cast iron, preferred for its resistance to scratch, stain abrasion, and other impacts. The material is also inherently elastic and returns to its original shape after deformation. This means a high level of durability even with heavy use.

While the walls are made of cast iron, the inner lining features porcelain enamel with a smooth finish and slip-proof coating. The tub has rolled-up margins on either side, with one end being higher than the other (slipper design) to provide comfort while enjoying a soaking bath.

The design has an overflow that is 14 inches from the floor of the tub so that you have space deep enough for you to submerge for a refreshing, soaking bath fully. In terms of dimensions, the tub measures 67.5 inches x 30.5 inches x 30 inches with a capacity of 53 gallons of water.

This slipper tub is incredibly easy to install. It has no faucet holes, and therefore drilling is not necessary. It stands on oil-rubbed bronze feet that may be of any color to please you.


  • Elegant traditional design
  • Large capacity of 53 gallons of water
  • Smooth and sleek porcelain interior
  • No faucet holes; therefore, no drilling is necessary
  • Oil rubbed bronze feet


  • A rather heavy bathtub

How To Choose The Best Cast Iron Bathtub

You could just walk into a hardware store and pick any cast iron bathtub you lay your eyes on. Alternatively, you could visit any online store like Amazon and buy a bathtub.

This could be much simple if that were the case. However, it is far more complicated than that. We also understand that you may have a cast iron bathtub just because they bought or rented an apartment or residential house that kind of tub was installed.

If you do not have one installed in your bathroom, if you don’t have one, or you want to replace the aging one you rented or bought a home, it is time to make a choice. However, making a choice is not as simple as it sounds. You have to consider many things.

We will provide you with enough information to help you arrive at the perfect selection that will give you the performance you are craving and improve your bathroom’s décor and value.

Cast Iron Bathtubs Can Be Heavy

Before proceeding further, we have to point out that cast iron bathtubs can be pretty heavy, weighing something in the range of 350 to 500 pounds. However, you must aim for the lightest of them, but that should not compromise the quality of the tub you purchase.

Regardless of the tub, you choose to purchase, such weight and bulkiness mean you must prepare sufficient space for installing the fixture. In fact, you might be forced to have your floor redone to make installation possible.

Types of cast iron bathtubs

Another important consideration is the type of tub you buy. Currently, you have a pedestal, skirted, and Clawfoot cast iron bathtubs. Each of these is different in its own right. Therefore, it is essential to know the features of each to help you with decision-making.

Pedestal cast iron bathtubs

Therefore, these are the tallest and the deepest of all cast iron tubs. Thus they can hold the most water. For this reason, it is the preference of more elevated and more athletic people because they feel more comfortable in them.

Besides being taller, they are also more comprehensive, making them suitable for large framed individuals seeking the best and most comfortable way to enjoy a refreshing bath. In addition, pedestal cast iron bathtubs are available in different styles, making them highly versatile.

So if you are taller or athletic, you might want to go for a pedestal model for the soaking bath. However, since it holds much water, you may want to be careful if you have pets or young children who can access the bathtub because drowning is a real risk.

Skirted bathtub

The skirted cast iron bathtubs are intermediate height between the pedestal and Clawfoot models. They are also medium in terms of weight. For this reason, they are better choices for individuals who are of average height but need a deeper soak.

These types come in different sizes, styles, and colors like the pedestal ones. Therefore, you have the chance to choose what will match your bathroom décor and suit your specific needs. In addition, skirted cast iron tubs are somewhat thinner than pedestal models. Hence they are lighter and requires smaller floor fingerprint for installation.

As with all high-quality models, the aim of producing the skirted style of cast iron bathtubs is to provide you with optimal comfort while having your well-deserved soaking and refreshing bath. The choice is yours to make.

Clawfoot cast iron bathtub

These are the shortest of the three types of bathtubs. However, this does not mean they have lower capacity. The tubs are called Clawfoot because they are closest to the ground when installed. Because of the design, these types look much more elegant than the pedestal and the skirted models.

In terms of capacity, these tubs are of comparable capacity to the skirted models but are shorter in height and, therefore, depth. Consequently, they are suitable for shorter bathers who are not interested in intense immersion.

Clawfoot cast iron bathtub is considered the most elegant and romantic of the three types. They are available as single slipper, double-slipper, and Celine types.

A single slipper means one side is higher than the other, such a slope curves under. On the other hand, the double slipper has both sizes high up. Some people find the single slipper models more comfortable than the double slipper options. However, the latter is ideal for couples.

The celine model is shaped like a sailboat. Both sides of the tube curve upwards. Such design makes it suitable for those who want to bathe while slouching and not sitting up. This offers exceptional comfort and ergonomics necessary for maximum enjoyment.

Ease of installation

Now you know the available cast iron bathtubs currently in the market. Perhaps you have settled on the type to buy. The next question is how you will have it brought and installed in your home.

As we mentioned earlier, these bathroom fixtures can be pretty heavy. Therefore, transporting them can be a challenge, but the sellers know just what to do. Trouble comes when you have to install it. First, you can install the fixture on your own if it comes complete with all the plumbing fixtures to help you with the setup and installation instructions.

While you may not need to hone plumbing skills, most models are straightforward to install. You can do it yourself, but you will need a hand since cast iron bathtubs are pretty heavy. Also, although cast iron tubs are resistant to scratch, the porcelain enamel coasting may chip if poorly handled.

A good piece of advice is to use the services of a professional plumber if you are not sure about your skills. This is because installation may need some drilling or floor clearance. Regardless of the method you use to set the tub up in your bathroom, your concern should be the outcome which must be elegant and satisfactory.

Color and style

You will not be looking for the best cast iron bathtub if you aren’t concerned about the beauty and the compatibility of the fixture with your preexisting décor. As you might have noticed from our choices, most of these bathroom accessories are glossy, which pretty much matches traditional home décors.

However, you might want something different. Luckily certain brands make cast iron tubs of different colors to take care of the prevailing tastes and preferences. Thus you have the opportunity to choose a color that will accentuate your bathroom.


Cast iron bathtubs are not cheap. Therefore, you need to plan very well before you buy them. You also need to ensure that your purpose of buying is commensurate with your expenditure. Although not consistently accurate, price corresponds with quality. The higher the quality of a product, the more expensive it will be and vice versa.

You can increase your chances of getting a good quality cast iron bathtub by taking advantage of the price cuts occasioned by promotions and discount coupons. You can also purchase online, which gives you the chance to compare quality, price, and performance products.

Cast Iron Bathtub FAQs

How long can cast iron bathtubs last?

According to experts who have tested and valued these types of tubs, a high-quality model can last for 15 to 20 years, even with extensive use. On the other hand, cheap, lower-quality models may not even last a decade.

Is cast iron the most durable material for bathtubs?

Given the physical properties of cast iron, it is agreeable that it is the most durable material so far for tubs. It is vital, scratch-proof, resistant to impact, and elastic to regain its shape even after deformation.

Is it worth insulating cast iron bathtubs?

It is not necessary because the material has an excellent heat retaining ability. As a result, the tub will maintain near-constant water temperature throughout the bathing session.

Can I install a cast iron bathtub on my own?

With an average weight of about 400 pounds, you will have to be a giant to move the tub in place even before thinking about the installation process. While some models are so simple to install, they will pay a lot of dividends to use the services of a professional plumber.

Final Verdict

Cast iron bathtubs are exceptional bathroom fixtures if you can afford to install one. It can allow you to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing bath from the comfort of your home. Besides, it can improve the value and performance of your home. So, install one if you want to give your bathroom a facelift with a touch of both traditional and contemporary styles. Hopefully, you are now fully informed to venture out and purchase the model and brand that appeals to you.

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