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So you’re here for the best drop in bathtubs? We’re glad you dropped by!

We all love a nice good soak in a bathtub. And it’s hard to beat the luxury and convenience of a drop-in bathtub. With the right design and features, you and your family can enjoy a luxuriously deep soak.

However, it can be quite tricky to find the perfect drop in tub for your family without spending hours combing through reviews.

But don’t fret.

We’ve researched on your behalf and found the best drop-in soaking tub on the market.

From classic designs to modern and creative, this list has it all. So, regardless of your personal style, there’s a bathtub on this list for you.  In addition, we’ve included some helpful information on factors to consider before you buy one.

So, spare a few moments and find the perfect model today!

Top 10 Best Drop In Bathtubs Review

1. American Standard 2771V002.020 Evolution 5 Ft. x 36 In. Deep Soaking Tub

American Standard 2771V002.020 Evolution drop-in tub from Evolution Series delivers the ultimate in relaxation.

Like other tubs in the evolution series, this 87-gallon tub offers total immersion like no other. With a soaking depth of 18.5 inches, this drop-in tub provides full coverage.

American Standard 2771V002.020 Evolution 5 Ft. x 36 In. Deep Soaking Tub Img

In addition, it’s compatible with the optional Deep Soak Max Bathtub Drain. This all-brass drain gives an additional 3-inch water depth for the ultimate deep-soaking tub experience.

Moreover, it guarantees comfort while soaking the day away. It achieves this through molded armrests and a slightly slanted backrest for lumbar support.

Also, your safety is in good hands, thanks to the slip-resistant floor.

This 84-pound tub is for both drop-in and under-mount installation. For drop-in option, it requires a 58-1/2 x 34-1/2-inch cutout size.

The best part? You can also do alcove installation. However, you’ll need American Standard Evolution 9261.019.011 5 Foot Tub Apron bought separately for this method.

With this tub, you get both the drain and pre-drilled overflow.

It comes in glossy acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement for additional strength. Moreover, you get it in three colors: White, Gray, and Linen. Each color goes well with casual bathroom décor.


✅ More soaking depth

✅ Built-In armrests and lumbar support

✅ Non-slip floor

✅ 3 color options


✖️ A bit shorter than standard tubs

2. Fine Fixtures 60”L x 30”W Drop In Soaking Bathtub

Fine Fixtures B104 is a lightweight durable drop-in tub that exudes modern sophistication.

This chic, functional bathtub clean lines and a sleek body. It has a fiberglass base to ensure durability and an acrylic soaking part for comfortability.

Fine Fixtures 60”L x 30”W Drop In Soaking Bathtub Img

Each end has a slight slope for leaning back.  Hence, this tub is very comfortable to lounge in.

Well, it’s not the deepest soaking tub out there. Still, with 13.5 inches from the bottom to the overflow, it offers full immersion.

This tub doesn’t include the drain, so you have to buy it separately. We recommend the Westbrass 79220CP 14-Inch 20 Gauge Brass Trip Lever Bath Waste and Overflow for best results.

However, there’s still the option of buying this tub, complete with a trip lever drain and overflow.

At 55 pounds, this drop-in bathtub is one of the lightest out there. Therefore, you won’t break much sweat during installation.

It accepts different installation methods.

You can drop it in a cutout or install it as an under-mount. Also, it includes a tile flange that you can stick around for alcove installation.

This 60 x 30-inch acrylic tub is available in other size options: 48 x 32, 54 x 30, and 72 x 36 inches. Therefore, you can choose one that fits your available bathroom space.


✅ Includes a tile flange to minimize leakage

✅ Chip-resistant high-gloss sheen

✅ Different size options


✖️ A bit awkward for tall guys to get in and out

3. Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Drop In Alcove Bathtub

KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L Acrylic Bathtubs are designed to be pleasing to both the eye and body. This drop-in alcove bathtub is no exception.

It has a modern theme and offers pristine performance that creates lasting memories.

Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Drop In Alcove Bathtub Img

Unlike most drop-in tubs, it doesn’t have a reversible drain. Instead, it offers the options of left or right-hand drain configuration.

Also, with this tub, you’ll need to add your own drain. The best drain kit we suggest for this purpose is Kingston Brass DTL1181 Trip Lever Shower Drain with Overflow.

At 14 inches, this 58-gallon tub has excellent soaking depth for total body immersion.

Moreover, it’s slanted 116 degrees, meaning you can lounge and soak at the same time.

In addition, it offers crisp aesthetics that comprise a 3mm acrylic sheet to provide a timeless, glossy white finish. Also, it’s built to last, thanks to resin and fiberglass base for structural integrity.

This 60 x 30-11/16-inch tub includes an exposed front apron. Hence, it accepts three-wall alcove installation.

It’s pretty light too. At only 53 pounds, you may not need a helping hand to install it in place.


✅ Excellent packaging

✅ Leak-resistant tile flange

✅ cUPC certified


✖️ A bit slippery

4. KOHLER 1123-0 Archer 60”L x 32”W Drop-in Bath

KOHLER Archer bathtub offers a transitional aesthetic that complements many different bathroom décors.

It has beveled edges of traditional tubs. Still, it retains the curved base and clean lines of modern bathtubs.

KOHLER 1123-0 Archer 60”L x 32”W Drop-in Bath Img

But it doesn’t just provide a sophisticated style. It also coordinates with other bathroom fixtures in the Archer collection.

At 19 inches high, this tub offers a low step-over height. Still, it retains the soaking depth of 21-inch tubs.

The unique slotted overflow drain is what gives this 58-gallon tub extra soaking depth. Once installed, it provides 15 inches of water depth.

However, the overflow doesn’t come with the tub, so you have to buy it separately. It accepts both KOHLER K-7271, and K-7272 Clearflo slotted overflow drains.

In addition to increasing the soaking depth, the slotted overflow also reduces the chances of clogs.

This 70-pound tub comes in solid acrylic and features a textured bottom surface for a non-slip grip. In addition, it has 25 degrees lumbar for additional comfort.

As the name implies, this tub is for drop-in installation. It’s designed to fit 58-1/2 x 30-1/2-inch cutouts.


✅ Slotted overflow increases soaking depth

✅ Textured bottom

✅ ADA compliant

✅ 2 color options


✖️ Doesn’t include slotted overflow drain

5. Swiss Madison 60” x 30” Well Made Forever SM-DB559 Voltaire Alcove Bathtub

The Voltaire alcove tub offers a beautiful modern aesthetic that complements any bathroom.

It has a 3-sided integral flange that minimizes water leakage. Not to mention it allows for easy three-wall alcove installation.

Swiss Madison 60” x 30” Well Made Forever SM-DB559 Voltaire Alcove Bathtub Img

It doesn’t have a front apron. Hence, it allows for custom tile-in design.

Also, this tub has a 110-degree recline angle for lounging. Hence, it allows you to soak for hours while being easy on your back.

At 48 gallons, it’s not larger than your standard tub. However, it offers a greater soaking depth of 14.5 inches.

Perhaps what sets this drop-in tub apart are the five leveling legs. They provide stability on uneven bathroom floors. Also, the adjustable legs give the option of above-the-floor installation.

This drop-in tub is available in right and left-hand drain configurations. It doesn’t, however, include the drain and overflow.

It uses easy to care, high-gloss acrylic. Also, this tub has fiberglass reinforcement for extra strength and durability.

At just over 56 pounds, it’s also easy to lift and put in place.


✅ Leveling feet

✅ 3-sided flange to minimize leakage

✅ Easy to clean high-gloss finish

✅ Different size options


✖️ Not ideal for very tall people

6. PROFLO Lansford 60 x 42-Inch Drop In Acrylic Soaking Tub

The PROFLO tubs are much loved for their satisfaction guarantee. Well, this drop-in tub is no exception.

It’s factory tested to ensure 100% satisfaction. Hence, you can rest assured your tub will work flawlessly.

PROFLO Lansford 60 x 42-Inch Drop In Acrylic Soaking Tub Img

In addition, this bathtub offers a long-life service. It comes in easy-care acrylic with composite reinforcement for additional strength and durability.

With a water depth of 15 inches, PROFLO Lansford is also great for deep soaking. Even better, it includes the overflow assembly. Therefore, enjoy a deep-soaking experience without spillage.

Also, this 60-gallon tub offers a textured floor. So now you can get in and out of the tub without worrying about slipping.

The walls are a bit straight, making it great for someone who likes to sit up in a deep bath.

At 90 pounds, this bathtub is relatively heavy. However, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to put it in place.

It’s for drop-in installation. Still, you can buy an optional apron for a three-wall alcove configuration.

Did you know? Lansford drop-in tub has one of the industry’s best warranties.

It offers 5 years warranty, which is five times the industry standard. Not to mention it has 1-year warranty coverage for commercial applications.


✅ Guaranteed customer satisfaction

✅ 5-year warranty

✅ Easy-care acrylic


✖️ Not enough slope for lounging

7. Duravit Starck 59” x 27 ½” Soaker Drop-In Bathtub

Not many bathtubs can match the elegance of the Duravit Starck rectangular tub.

It uses easy-care sanitary acrylic that meets hygiene requirements. Not to mention it has a shimmering gleam that coordinates with any ceramic fixtures in your bathroom.

Duravit Starck 59” x 27 ½” Soaker Drop-In Bathtub Img

But it’s not just about elegance. This tub, too, offers a memorable deep soaking experience.

You get a soaking depth of 18-1/8 inches, more than what most drop-in tubs offer. Also, with a backrest slope, it allows you to lean back, grab a book, and soak for hours.

In addition, this 50-gallon bathtub is CSA and cUPC certified. Hence, it guarantees safe and sanitary plumbing systems.

This tub comes complete with overflow assembly. That means you can soak and worry less about spillage.

It’s pretty light, weighing only 54 pounds.

Well, the tub is for both drop-in and alcove installation. However, you’ll have to purchase the panels separately for alcove installation.


✅ Deep soaking depth

✅ High-gloss sanitary acrylic

✅ Includes overflow assembly

✅ CSA and cUPC certified


✖️ Doesn’t include a drain plug

8. Empava 59-Inch Acrylic Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

Transform your bathroom space into a spa-like retreat with this 59-inch acrylic whirlpool tub. It’s the perfect addition to any modern bathroom design, and it will provide you with hours of relaxation.

Empava 59-Inch Acrylic Whirlpool Corner Bathtub Img

With 14.5-inch soaking depth, this bathtub is perfect for soaking away your worries. Plus, the whirlpool function adds an extra layer of relaxation to your soak.

The whirlpool function provides 10 adjustable whirlpool jets for deep, rejuvenating hydro massage. It will help relax every muscle in your body.

In addition to the whirlpool function, this drop-in alcove tub has a built-in thermostat to heighten your experience. It helps maintain the temperature at 96.8℉ to 107.6℉.

In addition, this whirlpool tub comes with two pillows. It’s just what you need to experience the ultimate bathing comfort!

At 100 gallons, this oversized tub provides plenty of space for two to share in the ultimate relaxation experience.

This luxurious bathtub features a modern, sleek design that will be the center of attention in any bathroom.

Its acrylic surface is beautiful, easy to clean, and resistant to scratching, fading, and peeling. Also, it includes a glass panel for a minimalist appeal.

Did you know? This whirlpool tub also takes more weight. It has a fiberglass base and stainless steel frame that support up to 800 pounds.

The corner design is best for those who want a luxurious and space-saving bathtub. It provides you with room to relax but without taking up too much of your bathroom space.

Empava corner tub comes with accessories too. It includes a showerhead, 47-inch stainless steel hose, built-in color light system, waterfall faucets, and center drain.

Moreover, it comes complete with a 3-side apron for easy alcove installation.

If you want the best drop in jetted bathtubs, this is the one.


✅ Spacious for two people

✅ Built-in storage

✅ Space-saving design

✅ Hydromassage

✅ Includes all accessories

✅ 2 size options


✖️ Pricey

9. American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution 6 Ft. x 36 In. Deep Soaking Tub

The American Standard Evolution Deep Soaking Tub is ideal for those looking to indulge in the ultimate, deep soaking experience.

It’s one foot longer than the American Standard 2771V002.020 Evolution Tub, giving your more legroom.

American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution 6 Ft. x 36 In. Deep Soaking Tub Img

Still, it retains a deep soaking depth of 18.5 inches for full-body immersion. So it’s just what you need to melt away your stress.

However, achieving such depth requires the Deep Soak Max Bathtub Drain that’s purchased separately.

In addition, this tub features a comfortable ledge with armrests and contoured lumbar support for convenience. So, you have the perfect spot to spend some precious time with your thoughts or to have some well-deserved me-time.

It’s designed with modern homeowners in mind, with features like an easy-to-clean acrylic surface.

The textured floor will reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom and the risks that come with it, such as head injuries or fractures.

Unlike the American Standard 2771V002.020 Evolution Tub, there are no color options available for this model. Still, the white color is sure to blend seamlessly with the design aesthetic of any bathroom.

This rectangular tub is for both drop-in and under-mount installation.

The best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty, something you rarely get with other drop-in tubs.


✅ Deep soaking depth

✅ Built-in armrests and lumbar support

✅ Textured floor

✅ Lifetime warranty


✖️ Requires special drain kit

10. Kinro Composites W-2440 RH-SPK 24 x 40-Inch ABS Tub

This drop-in tub is a perfect way to add some luxurious comfort to your home or RV bathroom.

With its beautiful classic design, this oval tub will make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

Kinro Composites W-2440 RH-SPK 24 x 40-Inch ABS Tub Img

Unlike other tubs on the list, it doesn’t come in acrylic. Instead, it comes in high gloss ABS construction resistant to stains and scratches. In addition, it’s fully molded to provide strength and durability.

At nearly 3/16 inches thick, this ABS tub is very sturdy too. Indeed, it’s a huge upgrade compared to thin RV bathtubs.

Kinro Composites constructs this truly unique tub to take all the fuss out of installing it. There’s no need to cut your drywall or mess with plumbing.

With a non-skid floor, this bathtub also adds traction to the entire surface. It allows someone with a disability to bathe without fear of slipping and provides a safe way for seniors to bathe as well.

There’s no reversible drain with this tub. Instead, it’s designed with a right-hand drain configuration.


✅ Lightweight and durable ABS material

✅ Great for both home and RV use

✅ Non-skid floor

✅ Easy to install


✖️ No information on tub capacity

How To Choose The Best Drop In Bathtubs

When it comes to choosing the best drop in bathtub, there are many factors to consider.

For instance, do you want an acrylic tub or cast iron tub? How about the size of your bathroom? What is your budget? What color would you like your bathtub to be?

This article will help guide you through the process of finding the right bathtub for your home.

Know Your Bathroom Size

The first thing to do when choosing your new drop-in bathtub is to measure the space available for it.

It may be tempting to take measurements from existing tubs that you like. But it’s important to get accurate measurements before visiting the store or making any purchases online.

Often, bathtubs need at least 6 inches on each side. So, if there isn’t enough room, you may need to adjust your bathroom layout before finding the right tub.

Remember, bathtubs come in different sizes.

Standard tubs are 60-inches long and 36-inches wide. But if you have access to a larger space, you can choose a longer tub that will give you more room for sitting or lounging.


It’s important to choose the right style for your home and yourself.

If you’re looking for something harmonious with your decor, you might want to go with a more classic style. But if it’s a space-saving option, then a corner bathtub may be best.

Soaking Depth

Drop-in bathtubs also come in different depths. The depth of the bathtub will determine how much water it can hold and how deep it is.

So, how deep should the best drop-in soaking tub be?

Well, we recommend aiming for a minimum of 13 inches of water depth. Such depth is enough to cover most of your body and offer the ultimate soaking experience.


Decide on the tub material you want. There are different types of drop-in tubs to choose from, but the most popular are acrylic and cast iron.

Acrylic is lighter weight, easier to install, and less expensive than cast iron. It also is easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

Cast iron drop-in tubs are heavier and more durable than acrylic tubs, but they cost more and require more steps for installation.

ABS plastic is also an option. Besides being durable and lightweight, ABS is mold-resistant and requires less care than other bathtubs.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Bathroom remodels are usually a DIY job. However, the process isn’t always easy, and it can be messy.

Hence, choose a drop-in tub that you can install by yourself with little or no professional help.

Also, consider a tub that’s generally easy to clean. Not to mention it should be stain and scratch-resistant.


What does drop in bathtub mean?

A drop-in tub is a bathtub that installs by “dropping” into a cutout or surround, leaving only the rim visible.

Is there any difference between the drop in and alcove bathtub?

Yes, there is. As mentioned, a drop-in tub installs where there’s a carved-out deck. On the other hand, an alcove tub installs in a recess against the wall.

Can a drop-in tub have a shower?

Yes, you can fit a shower as long as it’s against the wall and has an adequate enclosure.


Choosing the right drop-in bathtub can make all the difference when it comes to your personal satisfaction with your space. And we hope this article has given some insight into which drop-in tub would be best for you and your family.

We talked about some of the most important features to consider when shopping and reviewed the best drop in bathtubs currently on the market.

Well, the final decision depends on what you’re looking for! But remember, our list has something for everyone. So, whatever you decide, we hope you’ll find the best drop-in tub for your needs.

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