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Most of the slip and fall injuries in our homes happen in the bathroom. These injuries can result in broken limbs or even become fatal. Fortunately, there are convenient ways of making your bathroom floors, slip-proof, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

One such method is by introducing the best non slip bath mat. Besides providing the anti-slip surface, these mats come in an array of colors and stylish designs guaranteed to revamp the coziness and aesthetic appeal of your home.

The challenge, however, is that there is a myriad of non-slip bath mats available in the market. How then, do you determine which rug is ideal for you? To help you make the right pick, we have come up with a list of the best non slip bath mats worth considering.

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Top 9 Best Non Slip Bath Mats

1. Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

If you want the perfect non-slip bath mat, look no further than the Epica Anti-Slip Mat. It boasts excellent features that make it ideal for your home, gym, hospital, hotels and many other places.

It is made from natural rubber, thanks to its rubber material, the mat is a robust, durable, and effective non-slip solution. It can withstand repeated daily usage without losing its soft, comfortable texture.

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The carpet has an excellent bottom and top grip, where it meets the floor, and your feet respectively. The bottom grip stems from the hundreds of sizeable suction cups that keep the mat firmly in place.

It is resistant to mildew, mold, and bacteria and is easy to maintain. With this mat, you do not have to worry about the accumulation of mildew, mold or bacteria.

The rugs contain an anti-mildew substance that prevents the piling up of fungus and makes the cleaning of the mat simple. You only need to toss the mat in the wash, and you will have it clean in no time.

The mat is not only affordable, but it also gives you 100% safety from any dangerous slippery. It is in a neutral color. The Epica non-slip mat comes in a stylish neutral shade, which fits seamlessly in every shower.

It will perfectly complement whatever bathroom style you have. The mat measures 16 inches by 28 inches, which is big enough to fit a regular shower or bath.

2. Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

Comfort, luxury, and warmth are the words that best describe the Genteele Non-slip mat. If you need a super comfortable, soft, absorbent and attractive covering that holds up nicely, this is it.

Not only will it protect you from slips and falls, but it will also keep your feet comfortable and warm each time you step out of your bathtub or a hot shower.

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It is comfortable and luxurious, stepping on the carpet feels like standing on a cloud. The outer cover is a microfiber that has a soft, cozy, coral velvet feel. This outer cover further encloses an incredibly soft polyurethane memory foam.

The mat has an attractive PVC dots backing that makes it non slip and resistant to skidding and shifting.

Easy to wash and maintain, keeping the mat sparkling is relatively easy as it is machine washable. However, it doesn’t have use to refrain from using chlorine bleach. Instead, soak it in cold water using mild detergents, and then either tumble-dry it on low heat or air it to dry.

When you purchase the mat, you enjoy a lifetime warranty, as well as a money-back guarantee.

3. Gorilla Grip Original Bath Mat

A good bath mat should work even on smooth surfaces, and this model definitely can. In addition to its sleek design, the Gorilla Grip Original bath mat is made of natural rubber and it features several suction cups that ensure maximum grip on all bathroom surfaces.

The upper side of the mat is textured so that users can have traction while walking on the bath mat. And despite the seemingly cozy surface, the bath mat is actually pretty sturdy, as it can resist corrosion.

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Cleaning the mat is also easy, thanks to the smooth premium surface that can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe. Additionally, the textured surface also ensures that water does not pool on the mat.

Other features on the mat include the fact that it is both mildew and bacteria resistant. The mat is also free of strong bad odors associated with some bath mats. This is due to the fact that it does not feature PVC material in its construction.

This Gorilla Grip bath mat is also great in that it is non-toxic, non-latex and PVC-free. Therefore, people who are allergic to these substances can safely use this bath mat without any problems.

4. Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Another non-slip bath mat that will give you peace of mind while in the shower is the Tike Smart mat. It is an extra-long, transparent, light blue bathmat with all the right comfort and safety features.

It offers massage-like comfort for your feet; these are one of the attractive features of this Tike Smart non-slip mat. The mat is kind to both tired and worn out feet, making showering on it a safe and revitalizing experience.

Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Img

It is one of the cleanest and fine bath mats around. The mat comprises a high-quality comfy material that is BPA-free, allergen-free, and phthalate-free. It also has anti-microbial properties which keep it free from bacteria, mold, and mildew. Secondly, the mat is machine washable and has 174 drainage holes to ensure that water keeps flowing through the carpet.

It has 200 powerful suction cups the carpet has an incredible grip which makes it the perfect anti-slip solution for use on smooth, non-textured bath and shower surfaces. It significantly minimizes the risk of slips or falls in kids, older adults or people with disabilities.

This mat is arguably one of the longest non-slip bath mats out there. It measures 39 inches by 16 inches in size, meaning that it can suitably fit the standard tub and cover the entire tub’s floor the mat offers 33% more coverage in comparison to the average bath mats.

5. FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub & Shower

FeschDesign is a leader in the sale and distribution of safe consumer household products. It is therefore not surprising that their non-slip mat is one of the best products in the market.

It is a safe and healthy mat an impressive feature of this mat is that it is hygienic and does not produce an awful vinyl odor. It comprises high-quality natural rubber that is free from PVC, latex, BPA, lead, bromine, cadmium, and phthalate esters. As a result, the mat offers protection against latex allergic reactions.

FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub & Shower Img

It includes the original GripTight Technology which combines hundreds of specially designed large suction cups fitted at the bottom of the mat to enhance its grip on smooth surfaces. Its subtle top texture additionally offers the ultimate traction and non-slip effect.

The mat has a breathtaking geometric design pattern that comes in a neutral color. It can, therefore, fit seamlessly in your bathroom. The rug is also easy to clean and maintain as all you need to rinse it off under running water.

It is resistant to bacteria and mildew, the cover prides in having incredible fungus and anti-bacterial resistance properties, useful for keeping mildew, mold, and bacteria at bay.

6. NTTR Non Slip Anti Bacterial  Bath Mat

Few anti-slip bath mats in the market feature as unique a design as this particular version. NTTR non slip bath mat is made to have the pebbled look of a riverbed. Every consumer has a choice of three colors such as black, white, and brown actually it depends on their bathroom design and decoration.

NTTR Non Slip Anti Bacterial Bath Mat Img

The bath mat offers its anti-slip capabilities using more than 200 suction cups. Additionally, the mat can resist mold and bacteria, which means it will stay very clean and healthy during use. The material used to make the bathmat is obtained from environmentally sustainable sources.

In addition, the mat can resist bacterial manifestation, and also resist mold. As a matter of fact, the mat has passed EN71 non-toxic verification. Maintenance is also easy with this mat since it is machine washable. And with its special design, there are plenty of holes on the mat to ensure that it does not cause pools of water to form after a bath.

The mat is also amply-sized at 16-inches by 35 inches. It is also durable enough to be used in commercial and home establishments such as homes, hotels, and hospitals.

7. OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft Rubber Bathmat

This great bath mat is as comfortable as it looks. With its attractive design, this mat is the perfect decor complement for your bathroom. It has a soft squishy and pampering feeling. The unique design on this bath mat also ensures that it does not trap any residue that would make its maintenance a chore.

OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft Rubber Bathroom Bathmat Img

The non-slip feature is offered through strong suction cups at the bottom that keeps it in place all through. The strong anti-slip feature makes it ideal for seniors, children and even people with mobility issues.

Also, in case you are on the lookout for a non slip bath mat that can be used in a wider range of places, this product is one of the best options in the market. In addition to homes, the mat is perfect for hospitals, spas and even showers.

Furthermore, with its unfolded size of 31.5 by 15.75 inches, the bath mat can cover most of the bathtub. The heavy thick design also makes it more versatile, not to mention more durable.

8. Shower Mat by Vive – Square Bath Mats with Drain Hole

If you need a non-slip bath mat with a drainage hole at the center, this is because of this special feature, you will not have to deal with water pools after taking a bath. Otherwise, this non-slip bath mat offers lots of grips, which makes it rank quite highly on safety.

Shower Mat by Vive - Square Bath Mats Img

One of the main design features of this bath mat is the lack of latex in its manufacture. For this reason, people who are allergic to latex can comfortably use this bath mat. It is also resistant to bacterial growth.

The bath mat’s design is also quite premium in that it looks pretty stylish. And despite using suction cups, they are very discreet, which is a big plus. The mat has a total of 200 individual suction cups that keep the mat in place while also ensuring that the mat is aesthetically pleasing.

The shower mat by Vive is also quite dependable, as it can even be used by people dealing with balance problems as well as the elderly and children. The ample sizing is also a big plus, as this mat measures 22-inches.

9. Sultan’s Linens Foldable Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mat

The majority of non-slip bath mats only accommodate smooth and non-textured finishes. It is, therefore, comforting to learn that the Sultan’s Linen Rubber mat caters to the textured, reglazed, and refinished tubs.

Since suction cups are not properly secure when it comes to securing textured bottoms, Sultan’s Rubber mat features a honeycomb design instead of the traditional suction cups.

Sultan's Linens Foldable Non Slip Rubber Bath Mat Img

This non slip bath mat uses an anti-slip honeycomb texture and is completely made of rubber. No suction cups are needed to hold this bath mat in place as is usually the case with some other options in the market.

The mat has a folding capability which makes it easy to handle. You can conveniently tuck it away when you are not using it, or you could fold it and place it at the edge of the tub.

Thanks to a foldable design, the mat also offers an incredible space economy. Therefore, if you are unsure of just how big of a non slip bath mat you need, this product would be a perfect option as it can be folded to fit the space you are working with.

Not only will this mat prevent slipping, but it will also ensure the bathroom is less messy after a bath as it features holes that will drain away from the water on the surface to keep it dry.

When purchasing a bath mat, always consider how fast it takes to dry. Go for one that dry quickest as those that take too long encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

The mat also comes in a choice of three colors and 2 sizes, addresses those needs. Therefore, you will have quite a bit of design options when working with this particular brand of bath mat. Buyers also have a choice of two sizes when shopping for this bath mat, the smaller 28 by 14-inch version and the 36 by 17.7-inch version.

Another thing – the mat is of very high quality, which means it will offer more than a decent life of service. So, despite featuring a minimalistic design, this non-slip bath mat is among the best option for your bathroom.

Best Non Slip Bath Mat: Complete Guide

Even though these are some of the best non-slip bath mats in the market, for you to get the best results you must consider a few factors. First, think about the size and dimensions of your bathroom. Make sure you select a mat that fits perfectly in the room and lies evenly on the floor.

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Next, consider the mat design that you want. In most cases, that will depend on the users of the room. For instance, in a child’s bathroom, a bright colored design might suit.

Lastly, you should take into account the color scheme of your bathtub and bathroom wall. If you are uncertain of which mat color to pick, go for a neutral color like white, grey, beige or clear.

Bathrooms are typically the places we visit when we need to freshen up. But these cherished indoor spaces could also turn out to be incredibly hazardous, even deadly. Estimates tell us that up to 80% of the falls within a household environment happen in the bathroom.

That is because bathrooms can be slippery, and one slip could mean the difference between a nice pampering bath and a drive to the emergency ward. But thanks to bath mats, you and your family can be safer during bath times.

Modern bathmats do you better than keep you free from falls as they can also improve your bathroom’s décor. But not all non-slip bath mats are created equal.

Bottom Line

Evidence shows that bathrooms are some of the most dangerous places within a horn. It is also well understood that non-slip bath mats can do plenty to make bathrooms safer. So, each home undoubtedly needs to use non-slip bath mats.

The question is which non-slip bath mat is best for you. Above are some incredible choices you can consider. In the list above are the best bathtub mats in the market at the moment.

Not only will these bath mats keep the bathroom safer, but they will also represent an upgrade to its aesthetics and make bath time a lot cozier.

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