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Toilet plungers are the last thing we think of buying until there is a toilet flood. As rare as they come, clogged toilets are a real nightmare. Investing in a toilet plunger saves you time and money spent on hiring a plumber for such a simple job.

Toilet plungers differ from their cousins. Unlike your sink plunger, they feature a flange that sprouts out from the cup end. This design helps seal off both sides of the drain to avoid any loss of pressure while plunging back and forth.

For a toilet plunger to be effective, it needs to cover the bowl drain completely. The plunger is then able to create the required amount of pressure required to dislodge the clog. That’s why it’s important to consider the type of toilet in question to know the right size and type of plunger needed.

Here are some great suggestions on the best toilet plungers for home use.

For more on each piece, let’s dig deep!

Best Toilet Plunger Reviews

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

The Neiko 60166A is a toilet plunger that looks simple yet sophisticated in design. It comes with a super pliable industrial rubber that features tiered ridges to ensure a tighter seal around any size of the toilet drain.

When looking for jolt and strength in a sturdy toilet plunger, Neiko has got you covered. It features a four-tier suction cup that fits perfectly in different toilet drains. The cup’s patented design prevents it from flipping back and getting stuck in the bowl drain, unlike other toilet plungers.

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Neiko toilet plunger is constructed using the finest materials. Its heavy-duty aluminum handle holds up tightly against rust invasion. The lightweight handle also features a peg hole for easy storage.

As for the plunger’s cup, it is made of high-pressurized rubber that is mold free. Neiko toilet plunger works well in all angels for unreachable low-clearance toilet blockages. It is no doubt one of the best toilet plungers available today. The toilet plunger is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

One of the things that set this plunger apart from the rest is its cup design which is so sturdy that it never flips back nor gets stuck while plunging.

It also comes with a heavy-duty aluminum handle that can allow you to apply maximum pressure on the clogged area using minimal effort. And with the plunger’s excellent suction, it is easier to work on those hard-to-reach or low-clearance toilet base areas. That means you can get the toilet unclogged in a snap of the finger.

Another outstanding feature of the plunger is its rubber head that can pop out to allow you to reach further into the bowl drain to seal it. Storing it isn’t a problem either because it is slim and occupies the least amount of space in the bathroom.

Its distinctive plunger head boasts of a comfortable grip and a strong durable head that can clear any toilet type, including the low-flush. The plunger’s head is smooth and ridge free design ensures cleanliness both during and after use.

Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and bowl brush

Here is a highly effective toilet cleaning set, Mr. Clean Turbo plunger and bowl brush. This toilet cleaning kit makes life easier when doing one of the most unpleasant jobs.

Mr. Clean’s plunger resembles an everyday sink plunger. But don’t get it twisted, its might is reserved for toilet clogs.

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The brush, on the other hand, features tough bristles that withstand everyday use and are hardy enough for most robust stain removal. Both cleaning kits are ergonomically designed with rubberized hand-grip handles. They adorn a white and blue color combination that blends well with your white toilet bowl. When not in use, the toilet cleaning equipment sits upright on a stylish slip-proof caddy.

Mr. Clean toilet plunger is ideal for lightweight applications. Its supplementary bowl brush makes it an excellent option for those looking for something more than just a toilet plunger.

Korky 99-4A universal toilet plunger

As a plumber, you get to work on many toilets. Instead of buying different plungers invest in Korky 99-4A universal toilet plunger. This one-size-fits-all toilet plunger works well on both traditional and modern bathrooms. Korky 99-4A is manufactured in the US.

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It is made of non-marked rubber that is highly durable. The rubber housing takes a beehive shape. This shape provides optimum seal coverage for the effective plunge.

Unlike other plungers, Korky 99-4A features a T-shape handle for maximum grip when unclogging the toilet. The handle enables you to exact maximum pressure needed to remove highly-resistant clogs. For storage purposes, it’s wise to purchase a separate plunger holder. The drip tray safely keeps the plunger dry and away from your floor tiles.

After an extensive application and surprising results, it is no doubt that Korky 99-4A is one of the best toilet plungers you can buy.

OXO toilet plunger and canister

OXO is a sophisticated toilet plunger that easily hides out of plain sight in a stylish canister. The plunger works best on all types of toilets especially low-flush.

Beehive shaped toilet plungers tend to host hidden dirt in their ridges. The OXO toilet plunger counters this defect with its smooth ridge-free flange. The flange’s design offers high cleanliness standards. This makes it a safer option for clean freaks.

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One feature that draws attention to the plunger is its canister housing. It automatically opens up when the plunger is lifted and completely seals it off when storing. This feature prevents the plunger from coming into contact with other household equipment during storage.

The canister also features ventilation sacs that allow quick water evaporation. Your plunger is then able to dry fast after use. The drip cup thus leaves your toilet room clean and drip free.

OXO toilet plunger also features a rubberized handle. The handle has a flat surface for better secure grip. When you factor all its benefits, OXO toilet plunger definitely deserves a thumbs up.

Kleen Freak 3001600 Antibacterial Toilet Plunger

The Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger with Holder is simply quite advanced one available in the market. The advanced Germ Guard is a blessing to resist the influx of germs. And also there is no more foul smell, moth, mold or dirt in your toilet.

With an adequate ample plunging power, you are assured of a faster and cleaner toilet for maximum plunging power. Kleen understands the urgency of operation and it is designed to surpass your requirement.

Kleen Freak 3001600 Antibacterial Toilet Plunger Img

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Kleen Freak Toilet Plunger is worth the money. You are protected from the harmful bacteria all around and at the same time offer cleanliness and hygiene.

The Kleen Freak Toilet Plunger is provided with plastic holder resisting dripping during storage as this stops the splashing and spread of contaminated water. No more sweating cursing or fumbling but only clean toilet for you always.

This is a heavy duty cleaner offering the best cleaning solution in the shortest time possible. The effective seal provided by the flexible rubber flap ensures an excellent seal.

It is more convenient with high efficiency and standard toilets.

G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4 Master Plunger Shorty

G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4 Master Plunger Shorty is an efficient and simple toilet and sink plunger. This is available in black. With high durability, design and good quality, this is highly useful in keeping your bathroom clean.

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Affordable to the core, the MPS4 Master sink Plunger is highly affordable. The operation is quite simple and efficient. At the same time, you are provided with the easy installation and even you can do it yourself.

These are highly versatile and utility packed helping you to clean the toilet in a short time; you shall not be bothered with the foul smelling and clogged toilet. You are getting many advantages like active bellows, efficient plunger etc.

The air throw is much higher comparatively as well.

Bert Toilet Plunger

If you are looking for a powerful tool to remove the clogging in your toilet, look no further. Better Toilet Plunger is here with all the necessary features like Air Drain Blaster, Pressure Pump Cleaner, High-Pressure Plunger and Opener Cleaner Pump.

Bert Toilet Plunger Img

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Great design and functionality for Bert toilet plungers are ideal for Bathrooms, Toilets, sink, Shower, Kitchen Pipe Bathtub etc. available in blue, they are aesthetically superior when stored.

The toilet plunger sports multiple suckers and offers unique functionality. Multiple functions packed unit. There are four sized suckers suitable for various applications and toilets. They can be used in the washbasin, toilet, bathtubs, sink, squatting pan, blocked pipes, shower drain, and many more.

The natural rubber is highly Eco-friendly offers easy disposal also The Bert toilet plunger is also provided with high pressure compressed air facility.

Besides these are designed for ergonomic operation with you in mind. They are available in blue color.

Plumbcraft 7507300 MAXClean Universal Plunger

In case you have already purchased a toilet plunger, you might want to consider buying a separate plunger holder. An excellent choice would be the Plumbercraft universal plunger holder. It is uniquely designed to fit any toilet plunger in mind.

Plumbcraft 7507300 MAXClean Universal Plunger Img

This fantastic drip tray keeps your toilet plunger upright for quick dry-ups after use. Its innovative design allows easy water evaporation. While doing so, it keeps your floors clean and sanitary from any toilet residue and water drips.

Aside from that, Plumbercraft features a one-hand grip handle. This handle allows you to carry the plunger easily without coming into contact with its cup.

One of the major selling points for this great plunger holder is its neutral color. It fits perfectly beside your white toilet bowl while blending in with the rest of the decor. Bottom-line, the Plumbercraft is a must for anyone looking for a reliable toilet plunger holder.

Samshow Toilet Plunger

Samshow Toilet plunger is a good and useful toilet plunger. The design is something great with, Siphon-Type, Handle which is made of stainless still – Power Cleaned Toilet Pipe, Easy to force, Anti-skid wear.

You will be surprised by the environmentally friendly design of the toilet plunger. Available in blue, these are aesthetically designed too.

Samshow Toilet Plunger Img

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You can be sure of no harm from the components like natural TPR, ABS and Stainless steel for manufacturing this great product.

They are always hanged if not in use as an easy mode of storage. Can always be kept dry and sterile when idle as this also enhances their durability.

These easy to use toilet plunger offers excellent efficiency. The operation is straightforward with a single push. There will be no scratch on the toilet surface due to this device, it effectively cleans both the toilet and the wall leaving it sparkling clean as it is designed with high-quality material that doesn’t scratch the toilet’s surface.

The handle is long to help the operation easy. This is a siphon type toilet plunger cleaner. Samshow Toilet plunger is durable and long lasting. This will serve you for years.

What to Look For the Best Toilet Plunger

Many factors come into play when considering which toilet plunger to buy, either online or locally. But it all comes down to performance, functionality, and durability. Having tested a number of the newest plungers in a couple of toilets, here are some of the things I would suggest you pay keen attention to when shopping:

Plunger Head Style

The shape and design of the plunger head affect its performance a lot in terms of suction. And there are two types of styles to consider in that regard: beehive plunger and classic cup-style plunger.

While both of these head styles can form a tighter seal at the hole of the toilet bowl, the beehive plunger tends to be more effective and can work on any toilet bowl shape.

Cup Size

Regardless of the plunger style you choose, its cup size is very important. A larger cup size can hold and push more water with a single push compared to its smaller counterpart.

Handle Type

A plastic plunger handle with a rubber grip provides an effective way of holding and plunging. But a T-handle design provides a more secure and comfortable way of plunging compared to other classic handle designs.

Shape and Size

Toilet plungers really come in handy when it comes to clearing toilet blockages at the horn. They not only provide an efficient and effective way of clearing the toilet drains but also help the owner save on plumbing costs.

Bathroom plungers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and today’s manufacturers are trying as much as possible to make models that can be used in different toilet drains.

With the huge range of models available in the market, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to go for. But we are going to break it down for you buy something that gives you better value for your money.

Now that you have got an idea about toilet plungers, you should be able to make a judicial decision in choosing the suitable for your application.

The parameters required to look for are Functionality, Utility, Cost, Return of investment, Easy to establish, Easy to maintain, Better durability, Cozy storage, Safety against bacteria and germs., Faster operation, Easy cleaning.

On the outset, you can choose the one toilet cleaner which pleases you, meets your standard and meets all the above minimum parameters. Also, you may review all the opinions as well as users opinion. However, you may look for peace of mind.

How does toilet plunger work?

A plugged toilet is the last thing anyone wants at any time. As soon as you notice a clogged toilet, you feel annoyed and seek the fastest way to clean it without much of a hassle. Generally, the toilet sink plunger shall be in the shape of a hemisphere or a cup. There will also be a flexible flap usually made of rubber or such flexible materials.

The flap which can be folded inside the cup forms a vacuum action to facilitate easy clog removal. It is important to get the plunger submerged for effective action. A better sealing arrangement is recommended for effective and fast cleaning.

Bottom Line

We hope this review has been of extremely help. Remember toilet clogs are inevitable especially in public restrooms. Instead of waiting for the next toilet sunami to hit, try to invest in any of the mentioned toilet plungers.

These toilet plungers and accessories do not only get the job done but are mindful of your pocket. Feel free to purchase any of your choices. They are all available online or in your local utility store.

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