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To be frank, no other room in the house is as essential as the bathroom. Now tell me which one is the most crucial fixture on a bathroom? The toilet. The question is which toilet is better an elongated one or a rounded one?

Probably this is the most discussed topic when it comes to buying a toilet. Both elongated bowl toilets and rounded bowl toilets are sufficient according to the necessity. But every one of us gets confused when it comes to selecting a particular type among these two. No worries. In this article, I will explain the mystery.

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Elongated Bowl Toilet

Compared to a round-shaped toilet bowl, elongated models are bigger. Most of the standard elongated toilet measures approximately 18.5 inches from the postholes to the edge. But the measurement varies from brand to brand. Let me tell you to the positive and negative side of an elongated toilet bowl briefly:

Positive Aspects

  • Comfortable
  • Powerful Flush
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Modern and attractive design

Negative Aspects

  • Not suitable for small bathrooms
  • Costly compared to rounded shaped toilets

Round Bowl Toilet

Round Toilet Bowls are smaller compared to the elongated bowls. Most of the round bowl toilets measure approximately 16.5 inches. They shaped round that provides an excellent look at any bathroom décor. Those toilets are ideal for small space. Let me tell you about the positive and negative aspects:

Positive Aspects

  • Ideal for small space
  • Perfect for people with special needs
  • Older people can use these type comfortably
  • Affordable compared to elongated bowls

Negative Aspects

  • Less powerful flush
  • Difficult to clean

Those are the basics of both the bowl types. For in-depth analysis, please read the following section. I will differentiate and compare there. I hope this will help you to decide which toilet bowl type you should purchase.

Deep Analysis of Elongated and Rounded Shape Toilet Bowl: What are the significant differences?

Size: Round bowls are smaller compared to Elongated toilet bowls. An elongated toilet usually bowls 2-inches longer in the front than a round toilet bowl. If you have a smaller space, you should go for a round shape model. If you have sufficient space, you can go for an elongated model.

Comfort: You will seat there on your toilet. So, it must be comfortable. Now the question is which one is more comfortable? The level of comfort differs from one another. And elongated bowls are more comfortable. You will get more sitting space on elongated bowls that are the reason. For kids, elongated bowls are better, but for elderly people, a round bowl will be the right choice.

Design: Both of them looks good depending on the total decoration. The shape of the toilet bowl will never give any impact on how the toilet seems. And you will get most of the famous toilet bowls in both shapes. You have to decide whether to go with the oval shape or circular. Both of them fits in modern bathroom décor. But it is recommended to use elongated toilet bowls in large bathrooms and round toilet bowls in smaller bathrooms.

Flush: You will find different types of flushing system, including pressure-assisted, gravity, dual flush, double cyclone, and many more in both of the types. If you need a strong flushing force, you should go with an elongated shape. They are widely famous for a powerful flush.

Maintenance: It needs to know seriously. You’ve to maintain it regularly. So, the task must be more straightforward. Round bowls are hard to clean compare to elongated bowls. In an elongated bowl, you will find less crevice around the underside of the bowl. So the brush will get inside quickly.

Cost: In terms of price, elongated toilet bowls are expensive. To get a good quality elongated toilet bowl, you have to spend a bit more. On the other hand, round bowls are the least costly. But their price varies from brand to brand.

Final Words

In the end, I can say both the toilet shape is useful. It’s just a situation and needs that matter. For example: if you have a smaller bathroom area, a round-shaped toilet bowl will seem significant to you. If you need powerful flush, an elongated model will hit the mark. So, it’s just your need. You can have any of the shapes if you wish. It’s time to say goodbye. If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment. We will get back to you soon with other useful tips and tricks. Till then:

Stay Hygienic!

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