How To Build A Steam Shower


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One of the modest investments every home investor can ever make is installing the best steam shower in their homes. Having this home appliance erected in your shower room doesn’t just treat you to a warm bath but offers a spa-like relaxation and therapy that you will desire after a long day of work.

For you to come up with a steam shower that suits your needs, there are key things you must factor in. From hiring the best interior design skills to selecting your room design, to choosing the right materials.

It’s for such reasons that learning about the secrets behind building a perfect shower that gives out the best experience for years to come comes in handy. Toilet Lounge blog takes you through key steps of setting up a new steam shower in your dream home.

Take a Look How To Build Steam A Shower

1. Plan Shower Room Size and Design

While taking a shower, you will want to sit or lie down to stretch out and relax. As a result, you must make your shower room reasonably large to allow setting up of seats and other accessories on one or two sides of the space.

You also need a ceiling design that will let water down without interfering with your comfort. A variety of designs can be used depending on your choice, space, and personal desires. But the most common ones are sloppy and or dome-shaped ceilings since they are easy and cheap to construct.


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2. Select the Right Materials

With prevailing conditions in any steam room being moisture, water, and heat, it’s important that you choose bathroom exhaust fan that will protect your investment from molds and mildew.

For the floor and sidewall plans, the finishing should be done using non-porous tiles. At this point, you will need to work with a pro who knows how to build a steam shower. That guru that doesn’t just help you choose the right tiles but also knows how to ensure they are tightly sealed and waterproofed.

Buying a door specifically designed for a steam shower is also crucial. Water and radiation proof materials protect your shower walls, door, and ceiling, boosting their longevity while saving you thousands of dollars that would otherwise end up in repairs.

3. Steam Generator Location

The generator needs to be at most 20 feet away from the shower. But the closer it is, the more effective it can be. Due to its sensitivity to extreme weather elements, making it a closet indoors is preferable. This doesn’t just protect it from moisture and heat radiations but also protects it from theft.

In addition, you need a stable supply of water and electric power that can efficiently run the steam shower. Therefore, ensure you connect it to the closest, most reliable power and water lines.


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4. Check on Steam Outlet Location

Another critical thing to note is where to place your steam outlet fixture. What you must consider before choosing the place to install it, is the proximity to the place where you will stand while showering.

Steam that comes from the outlet is usually hot and can burn anyone in the shower. Consequently, it’s important that you keep it a distance away from where the bathers are supposed to stand or sit while showering.


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5. Check on Ventilation and Lighting

Every steam room must be sufficiently ventilated and lit. Proper ventilation doesn’t just allow fresh air in, but also emits excess heat and moisture out creating conducive conditions in the shower.

The lighting allows you to see everything; from taking a shower to cleaning floors and walls and doing repairs. Your steam room accessory dealer should help you choose your lighting depending on how bright or dull your shower interior walls are.

If you will want the light to blend with the interior paintwork and finishes, a brightly colored bulb is a perfect match for you.


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Bottom Line

Setting up a steam shower can be tedious and costly, especially when you are doing it for the first time. However, the experience that you get from it when the installation is done is breathtaking.

The luxury, comfort, and fun will definitely leave you wanting to stay there for hours. Plus the good thing is that you don’t have to design a room for it. Instead, you can choose one that suits in your old shower room.

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