How To Fix A Kohler Toilet That Keeps Running – DIY Guide


How To Fix A Kohler Toilet That Keeps Running – DIY Guide Img

Kohler toilet repair has been a common problem for many homeowners. If you have a running toilet, there are many things you can do to fix it. But unfortunately, most people have no idea where the problem lies and what needs to be done to fix it.

If you have a Kohler toilet that won’t stop running, it’s wasting water and up your utility bill. A Kohler toilet is usually running because of worn-out parts, not misaligned.

The problems can be of different kinds. The solutions are differently applied, from the fill valve issues to flapper issues. If your toilet is not working correctly, you must first identify the problem.

How to Identify the Exact Problem

You can first identify the exact problem. The fill valve is one of the most common problems with a Kohler toilet. There are many problems with this. If your fill valve is not working correctly, it may cause your toilet to fill too quickly and flush too much water or not flush at all. It could also be leaking. The problems can be of different kinds. You will need to check for leakage, which is the leading cause. If your fill valve is leaking, you can fix it.

The second most common problem with a Kohler toilet is the Flapper. If the Flapper is broken, the toilet won’t shut off the water as it flushes. Instead, you will see a running toilet.

How to Fix a Kohler Toilet That Won’t Stop Running

Kohler toilets are one of the most prevalent toilet models on the market. But they can also be one of the most frustrating. This expert guide will assist you how in fixing a Kohler toilet that keeps running.

Kohler toilets are known for their quality and durability. But just like any other equipment, you may need to maintain them to ensure they continue to work. But, it isn’t always easy to figure out why a toilet is starting to malfunction.

If your Kohler toilet is constantly running, there are a few things that you can try. I’ve listed the most common things to check to ensure your toilet works properly.

Check the Fill Tube

First, you should check the fill tube to ensure it is clean and free of debris. If you suspect something is stuck inside, you should unscrew the cap. Then, it would be best if you looked inside the tube. Make sure that there is nothing in there and that there is no debris. If there is any debris, you should remove it with a pair of pliers. If water is in the tank but isn’t flowing correctly, you should contact your Kohler repair technician. There might be something wrong with the fill valve.

Check the Flapper Valve

Next, you should check the flapper valve. This part of the toilet connects the fill tube to the tank. It usually snaps into place and closes the tank. To make sure that it is functioning correctly, you should inspect the parts of it.

If the water is draining into the bowl slowly, it might be because something is clogging the drain valve. You should check this before using the toilet. If you think this is the case, you should open the valve with a screwdriver.

If you can’t get it to open, you should turn off the water. Wait about 30 minutes, then try again. If you can open the valve this time, you should close it. Something is likely stuck in the trap if it still won’t open.

Adjust Flush Handle/ Flapper Chain

If you find that you cannot flush the toilet, check for anything that is clogging the drain. If the toilet isn’t draining very slowly, you can make sure that the toilet has a good water seal. To do this, put a little soap in the tank. You will probably need to put some soap down the drain as well.

Put a small amount of toilet paper into the tank as well. Next, put a hand down the bowl to find out if something is blocking the drain. If you find something in the bowl, you should use a screwdriver to remove it. If this doesn’t help, turn off the water valve. Wait at least 30 minutes, then try again.

Replacing the Flapper

It is one of the most common plumbing problems. This can be a difficult task. The Flapper is the rubber or plastic flap that closes the drain pipe when you flush the toilet. It will need to be replaced if you don’t have a plunger. However, before you replace it, you should first turn off the water supply to the toilet.

You should be prepared for a large amount of water to come out of the bowl. You should then remove the seat and then the toilet tank cover. Be careful not to touch the wires. After removing these parts, you should remove the old Flapper. It would be best if you tried to hold the Flapper with a pair of pliers. This will help to prevent the new Flapper from leaking.

Adjust the Water Height by Checking the Float

Before replacing the toilet, you can adjust the height of the water by checking the float inside the toilet. There is usually a lever or something similar that you can use to raise or lower the water level. You must keep track of the water levels so that you don’t flood your house.

There are a couple of ways that you can measure the water levels in the toilet. One way is to check the water level at the bowl’s bottom. Another way is to place a piece of paper inside the toilet. When the water is about half full, put the piece of paper into the toilet bowl. Wait a couple of minutes and then read what the article says.

Check for Disturbance in the Bowl

You can easily prevent this problem if you check the amount of water in the toilet bowl daily. You should review the water levels in the toilet bowl every day. When you check, you will see how much water is in the toilet bowl. If there is still a little bit of water, you shouldn’t worry.

However, you should be careful if the water is already very high. For example, the toilet bowl may have started overflowing. When this happens, you should try to fix the problem right away:

  • You should turn off the water to the toilet.
  • Remove the chain that holds the lid on the toilet.
  • You should lift the seat and drain the water out.

Clean the Fill Valve or Replace It

If you use a toilet with a fill valve, you should clean the fill valve once in a while. You can also replace the fill valve when it becomes damaged. There is usually a little hole in the top of the toilet that is used to let the water out when the tank is full. The hole gets smaller when you pour a cup of water into the toilet.

This allows the water to flow out when the tank is full. It would be best if you tried to clean this hole so that water won’t flow out. When the water flow gets stopped, this means that the toilet is getting too full. If the hole is blocked, you should take the toilet apart to remove the blockage.


In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the information you need about knowing how to fix a Kohler toilet that keeps running. Remember to handle all the steps with the utmost care and be cautious at every step. We would strongly suggest that you get a plumber to take a look at the issue. Customers can also find support from Kohler’s customer service if needed. See you next time. Happy flushing!

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