How To Fix A Slow Draining Toilet : How To Fix It


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You’ve probably been around someone who has had a slow draining toilet at some point in their life. The common problem is that a toilet can get clogged from being left too long with a plugged toilet.

Fixing a slow draining toilet isn’t that hard. All you need are various common household items. I’ve provided some tips and tricks to help you fix a slow draining toilet fast. Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you needed to fix a slow draining toilet and couldn’t find the right solution?

If you are stuck and need to fix a slow-draining toilet, you will have to turn to the most obvious thing to do. This is to unplug the toilet. After that, you will have to pour a bucket of water into the toilet tank to flush it out. Try to do this a couple of times. If the water doesn’t work after this, try pouring the water outside the tank. Do this until you can find the right solution.

What Causes A Slow Draining Toilet?

When you flush the toilet, two parts usually need to happen. One is the water going into the tank, and another is the water going into the bowl. The main problem is the valve that turns the water into the bowl. This is the most common cause of slow flushing toilets.

Sometimes, our toilets don’t flush properly. This can happen when the flapper valve is not working correctly. We can prevent this problem by having our flapper valves inspected regularly. There may be small holes in the flapper valve. These can be easily fixed. You should check your flapper valves and replace them if they are old.

Common Causes of a Slow Draining Toilet

  • Drain Blockage
  • Low Water Level
  • Mineral or Sediment Build-up along the Rim
  • Faulty Flapper Valve
  • Damaged fill valve
  • Blocked jet holes
  • Older toilet
  • Hard water

Effective Ways You Can Fix a Slow Draining Toilet

If you are worried about how to fix a slow draining toilet, you should first try to check if the drain is blocked. If your drains are clear, you should check for a clog. To remove a clog, turn on the water to your bathroom and let the water run for a couple of minutes. This will allow the water to flow to clean the pipes. Next, try to remove the debris which has gotten stuck in the pipes with the help of a plunger.

Let’s discuss some standard methods for fixing a slow Draining toilet.

Remove the Damaged Fill Tube

Sometimes, the fill tube gets damaged. If you are unsure why this is happening, you should check whether your toilet has a float ball. If you see a float ball, it is a sign that the water level in your toilet tank is low. If this is the case, you should check whether your toilet fill tube is damaged or not. If you have no idea what’s wrong with it, you should take it to a professional plumber.

Replace a Cracked Toilet Bowl

If you have a cracked toilet bowl, you should replace it immediately. It could break apart if it is not repaired right away. If you don’t have the money to replace your toilet bowl, you should check whether you have a cracked toilet bowl liner.

If you don’t have a cracked liner, you should check whether your toilet bowl is leaking. If you think your toilet is leaking, you should call a professional plumber. He will be able to figure out the problem and fix it.

Check Your Water Tank

If you are noticing any leaks in your water tank, you should check to see whether you leak your water tank. You should contact a plumber if you find a crack in your water tank. The plumber will examine your water tank and fix the problem. It is essential to check the water tank regularly. It would be best if you took care of the crack in your tank so that it doesn’t cause a leak. You should contact a professional plumber if you think your tank leaks.

Unclog The Toilet With a Plunger

To get rid of toilet clogs, you should use a plunger. A plunger is an effective tool that you can use to get rid of clogs. You can use a plunger to unclog the toilet. You can put the end of the plunger into the toilet and press down. Doing this will force the clog up to the top. The clog will eventually come out. If you notice a slow leak coming out of the back of the toilet, you should immediately call a plumber to fix the leak. The plumber will replace the drain pipe.

Remove the Mineral Build-up

There are a few ways to remove the mineral build-up in the toilet. If you are using a plunger, you will need to push down firmly and ensure that you are pressing in the center of the tank. It would be best if you also pulled up on the handles of the tank. The other way to get rid of the build-up is to run warm water into the toilet. You should leave the water running for at least 15 minutes. Then, make sure to turn off the water before you flush the toilet.

Keep the Toilet Seat Down

When cleaning the toilet, you should also keep the seat down. This can help you to avoid any accidents. If you place the toilet seat up, you may slip or fall on it. It can also cause problems with the plumbing. This is especially true if you are cleaning the tank. It is important to remember that the toilet needs to be flushed. You can use the toilet without sitting down if you remember to do this. Putting the toilet seat back down after you finish using it would be best. This will prevent the build-up of bacteria and odors. This may also keep you from slipping.

Finally, we will suggest you If you have a lot of problems with the toilet, you should call a plumber. They will fix your slow-draining toilet.

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