How to Keep Shower Caddy From Falling – DIY Guide


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Shower caddies are a helpful accessory in the bathroom, helping you keep your bath/shower products within easy reach. Unfortunately, shower caddies are commonly known to fall off the wall and be damaged while putting them away after using them.

The first method to keep the shower caddy from falling is to fix the shower caddy firmly. A shower caddy can be set in various ways. But the most common way to improve the shower caddy is to use a shower caddy bracket.

This type of bracket is made up of a metal rod with a plastic cover at both ends. These brackets often have a hook and a hole at the center. For example, the shower caddy bracket is attached to the wall or the door using this hook.

Why Do Shower Caddies Slip?

Shower caddies can easily slip. Sometimes people can’t keep their shower caddies from falling. Some possible reasons a shower caddy may fall over or slide down the wall. Some of these reasons include poor construction, excessive weight, and lack of stability.

If the shower caddy doesn’t have base support, it can slip and cause you to fall. However, an appropriately installed shower caddy is generally stable enough to stand on without falling. Make sure to put a towel underneath the caddy if a wall does not support it. A towel will prevent the caddy from sliding and dropping you down.

7 Methods How to Keep Shower Caddy from Falling

How to Keep Shower Caddy from Falling: Do your best to stay dry when showering. Keep the shower caddy on the wall to prevent water from dripping down on you or slipping around the shower caddy. If the shower caddy has a built-in ledge for you to stand on, put a towel under the caddy, so you don’t slip and fall. If you must use the shower caddy, set it on a towel or place it under a chair to avoid slipping. Here are the top 5 methods to keep the shower caddy from falling.

Use Suction Cups

One way to secure your shower caddy is to use suction cups. They are usually made of metal and have a little loop you can hook onto your door frame to hang it up. You must ensure that your caddy can fit a full-size cooler inside. There are many different sizes, shapes, and styles of shower caddies you can use for the shower.

Use Hose Clamps

If you need a smaller shower caddy, you can use hose clamps to attach your shower caddy to a pole. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to secure your shower caddy. You need to open the end of the hose clamp and screw the shower caddy into it. First, you will have to make sure the caddy is stable. If it is not, you will need to tighten it further.

Put a Towel on the Floor

Towels are great tools for keeping your shower caddy on the floor. You can either use a towel lying around the bathroom or put one under the caddy and wrap the towel around the bottom. This will be enough to hold it in place, even though it may be slippery.

Put Your Caddy inside the Tub

The best way to keep your shower caddy from falling is to keep it in the tub. Put it under the faucet or somewhere else outside the tub. You can also hang your caddy on a towel hook on the wall. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your shower caddy from falling.

Use Zip Tie

Use a zip tie to attach the caddy to a towel hook or any other bathroom part. Also, ensure the hook is not directly over the water line. Don’t let it fall on you.

Make sure that the hook you use to hold your caddy is close to the ceiling. Use it with caution so that it doesn’t fall on you.

Use Rubber Bands

You may not want to spend money on zip ties and hose clamps, but if you do, another most suitable option is to use a rubber band. The process is very simple, and with what’s available, you can do it yourself in a short time.

First, it will require three or four pieces of rubber bands, then you need to push the shower caddy towards the wall at the corner of the showerhead. Then tighten the rubber washers before the drain pipes and ensure that the pipes do not slide when wet.

Use Command Hook

Command hooks are another great way to hang your caddy from the walls of your shower. The caddies hold up larger and heavier items like a shower caddy. Just turn them from your caddy and then get out the tools.

Final Verdict

Rubber bands, hose clamps, suction cups, and zip ties are great ways to prevent your caddy from falling permanently. I think the process is much easier to apply. So you no longer have to worry about how to keep your shower caddy from falling. After failing these processes to repair it, I think it’s high time to change the new shower caddy and buy the best shower caddies for the bathroom.

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