How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger


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Toilets are one of the most important things that every home should have. Sometimes having a flushing toilet may be challenging since hygiene must be maintained. At times you might take a nature call, and the toilet doesn’t flush.

When your toilet does clog, then it calls for you to handle the situation immediately. In some cases, you find yourself without a plunger and the toilet flush repeatedly keeps on failing. In such a situation you don’t have to rush to a plumber.

Here are some ways that you can unclog a toilet without a plunger:

Soap Clog Removal Method

Soap is a detergent that can break up fat. Soap clog removal method requires you to have access to liquid dishwashing soap. But in case you don’t have dishwashing soap then you can use shampoo can also help.

Here is how you unclog a toilet by soap removal method.

First, you gently pour the liquid around the clog. Then pour water into the bowl and then give it some around 15 minutes. Finally, flush the toilet, and you will be succeeded in unclogging your toilet.

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Hot Water Clog Removal Method

Hot water is also another method of breaking fat. If you have clogged toilet all you need is hot water. Here you only pour hot water into the toilet bowl.

Although at first, the process may not give immediate results, pouring hot water into the bowl repeatedly will eventually help.

This method may also cause damage if not careful. To avoid damaging your toilet bowl make sure the hot water you are going to use is not boiling. Boiling water may lead to cracking your toilet bowl. Alternatively, if the clog is not that bad keeping the water running can also unclog.

Vinegar And Baking Soda Clog Removal Method

This method may seem expensive, but it works. When vinegar and baking soda mixes they begin to fizz due to chemical reaction. In this method use equal measure between vinegar and the baking soda.

Then pour the mixture into the clog in the toilet bowl. The reaction of these two increases the fizz over the clog. As the fizzing build up the clog is broken down.

You then pour some water in the bowl to end the process. You may also flush the toilet, and the fizzing of vinegar and baking soda will have unclogged the toilet.

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Physical Clog Removal Method

Having clog might be a bad experience mostly when every removal method you try fails. If every technical method fails, then you have to apply the physical technic.

In this process, you have to deal with the clog by use of handy tools. First, find a strong wire hanger and uncoil it to make a pushing tool. Then insert the uncoiled wire from the hanger into the toilet bowl.

Use the wire to force the clog down the bowl repeatedly. To make these process more simple keep the water running into the bowl as force the clog.

Increased Pressure Clog Removal Method

While you decide to conduct this method, it’s advisable to have the right clothing on If this method is not done cautiously things might get messy. If the toilet flushing system does not help in unclogging the toilet, then you can apply this method.

The process works as the toilet flushing system. But here you do the flushing manually. Since the flushing is done manually, one can increase the pressure. You start by removing all the water currently in the toilet bowl.

Then take a bottle and fill it with water. Carefully insert the bottle at the outlet of the toilet bowl then Squeeze the bottle at the bottom to force the water. This increases the pressure and hence helps to unclog the toilet.

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Epsom Salt Clog Removal Method

Nothing can be more embarrassing than visiting your friend’s place and leaving the toilet in a messy state. Toilets can clog at any time regardless of where you are.

Epsom salt clog removal method will help you when you find yourself in this situation and you are just a visitor at a place. So this process is very simple and fast. All you have to do is have access to Epsom salt. Pour the Epsom salt into the toilet bowl. Next thing you do is flush the toilet, and you are out of clog hook.

Epsom Salt Img

Toilet Brush Clog Removal Method

This process might get gross, so it’s advisable to have gloves in this process you hold the toilet brush handle and insert it into the toilet bowl outlet. Push and pull the brush into the drain hole over and over until you unclog your toilet to avoid any damage to the brush, or our toilet make sure you pull and push softly. But also to make sure the process works faster you can use some extra force though it’s not necessary.

Unclogging a toilet without using a plunger can be considered as a DIY project. Most people may be very poor with a DIY project, but there does not mean you are going to have a clogged toilet forever.

In the case that all the above methods fail when you try to unclog your toilet, then it leaves no choice. Getting a professional plumber remains as the only option that can help you unclog your toilet.

Alternatively, you may not even have to incur a lot of costs. Plumbers are one of the repairmen. Avoid all the toilet clogging problems by always maintaining your toilet.

Make sure you open the draining pipes and ensure they remain clear and clean. Always use the right toilet cleaning detergents to clean your toilet at least once or twice a week. Severely runs hot water through your toilet to ensure you minimize any chance of clogging. Avoid clogging by frequent maintenance.

During your toilet system installation always choose the best high-pressure toilet flushing system for working efficiency. Also, the kind of toilet paper you use is also a determinant. So always make sure you go for fine quality.

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