Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review [Updated 2022]


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Your search for the most powerful flushing toilet ends here as I am going to introduce you with the Kohler Santa Rosa. Arguably it is one of the most powerful flushing toilets in the market. Arguably because there are few excellent products available in the market, but none reaches the level of Kohler Santa.

If you don’t believe in the above statement, I strongly suggest you read the review until the end. All your confusion will wash away, and you will realize why it is the best in the market.

In the toilet industry, Kohler is one of the most trusted names. They’ve been making and selling top quality products for many years. Santa Rosa is one of their most beautiful inventions. So far the users are highly satisfied with the performance. Let me tell you everything about the toilet in detail.

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review and Features

To purchase the Santa Toilet, you don’t need reasons because it is from Kohler. And Kohler never disappoints their consumers. Still, I am going to give you some reasons in the following section. Hope after reading this you will realize why to purchase the Santa Rosa. Let’s see:



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The one-piece Kohler Santa Rosa is compact even with the elongated toilet bowl which is hard to find in this type. If you’ve limited space still want to install an elongated model, the Santa Rosa should be your top priority. It is excellent for small bathroom not only because of the size but also because of the appearance. The design is smooth and attractive. Any bathroom will smile with its modern touch.

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Powerful and Water Saving

Santa Rosa doesn’t consume a massive amount of water like all the old models. It is one of the few toilets that are highly water saving. The toilet uses only 1.6 gallons per flush still provides intense flushing like a toilet that uses 3.5 GPF. So, you don’t have to flush twice or thrice to make your bowl completely clean. What else you expect from a toilet?


The Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet comes in standard chair height. The seating position is comfortable as well. One can comfortably sit down or stand up without feeling any discomfort. The product is suitable for senior, people with back pain and people with disability.

Easy Maintenance

As the Kohler Santa Rosa comes in one-piece toilet design, so cleaning is so simple compared to other toilets. The manufacturer didn’t keep any gap where dirt or splashes can get into. So, it will remain clean and neat also irritate you less compared to other products.

Additional Toilet Seat

Most of the toilets don’t offer a free new toilet seat. The Kohler Santa Rosa is the exception as you will get Brevia toilet seat along with the toilet. So, you don’t have to spend a few more dollars for a new seat.


If you know the basic of DIY and you’ve necessary tools, you are enough to install the Kohler Santa Rosa. The installation procedure is pretty straightforward. Anyone with basic knowledge can fix it. If you are crap at installation, you can call an expert, but it is not recommended.

Price and Warranty

The Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet is loaded with all the essential features one need from a flushing toilet. Still, the price is reasonable, and the manufacturer offers a limited time warranty as well. Before making the deal, know about the warranty issue carefully.

Problems if Any

Only nature is perfect, and everything else has its drawbacks. The Kohler Santa Rosa is not an exception. It is a human-made product; therefore, few drawbacks are expected.

First of all, you will never get intense flushing if you don’t fill the tank. Also, some people complain that flushing is not as it should be though we didn’t find anything serious about flushing while examining the product.

The toilet does produce some noise while flushing. Though they claimed that the flushing would be noise free, it is not. However, the sound it produces is not that loud. You will never be irritated.

Also, the seat that comes with the toilet is not very high in quality. It is therefore cheaply made with low-quality materials. There is a possibility that you have to purchase another additional toilet seat and spend a few more bucks. Still, the product is worth for the features it offers.

Final Words

Most of the current users love the Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet. Still, some people find the product less efficient, but they praise the design and compact size. Well, everyone is different so as their choices. Thus, a product will never be able to satisfy everyone.

But if it does satisfy the majority, you’ve to accept that one special. Based on the comments of the majority and our analysis, I can proudly say the Kohler Santa Rosa is one of the most powerful flushing toilets in the market.

If you want to provide a new touch to your bathroom, definitely it is an appealing option. Besides, the drawbacks it has are minor. Also, the price of the toilet is relatively reasonable for the features they offer.  I am sure you will not regret having the product on your bathroom. So, it’s time to say Goodbye. See you around with many more!

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