Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet Review


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The bathroom is something we take for granted. It has succumbed too many names throughout the years of its existence. However, the concept of it being named a “smart” device hasn’t really crossed our minds. It just flushes, how much smarter does it need to be? Well at Kohler, who has been in the business of toilets since the late 1800s, has done just that. They’ve designed a toilet that can officially be labeled as a smart device! The tech behind this device helps us do our bathroom business better! Their model, the KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Skirted Toilet is a state of the art smart toilet that brings our typical bathrooms from shag to chic instantly!

Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet Review

With smart technology features, this product truly transforms any bathroom space. Below are amazing of the key features that make it ideal for the home.

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Dual Flush

Typical toilets have one flush and you’re done. However, that is wasteful when it comes how many gallons of water is used for flushing a regular toilet. Not every flush has to be a full flush. With the dual flush toilet technology, the K-5401-0 gives users the option of a full flush or partial flush. The partial flush is going to use less water, saving you time and money. Having this option truly sets the Kohler name apart from other toilet manufacturers. These flushes range from 0.8 to 1.28 (gallons per flush).

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LED Night-Light

Stumbling around a dark bathroom in the middle of the night is not only dangerous but impractical. But so is turning in bright light. When you’re half asleep, the brightness of the bathroom light is stunning. Not to mention you don’t want to wake up other house members. Kohler tackles this problem with their LED Night-Light feature on this model of toilet. It provides just enough soft light to find where you are going without the need for additional light.

Motion Activated Opening/Closing

This is where the hygienic properties come into full swing. Public bathrooms are usually messy and the very thought of touching any surface in there is horrifying. Not to worry, this model staged in your home will keep your bathroom looking it’s very best and keep you extra clean. The lid opens and closes by motion detection, so you never even have to touch the lid. This design keeps people cleaner and healthier by keeping germs at bay.

Heated Seat

Having a toilet with a heated seat may seem like a luxury that isn’t needed, but alas, it is a pleasure to have. On those cold wintry nights, having a warmed seat makes all the difference. A cold toilet seat is not only unpleasant but gives quite the startle, especially to those half-asleep using the restroom. This feature has adjustable temperatures, so it is entirely custom for every household member.

Quiet Lid

Considering you never have to touch the lid, the toilet closes it with utmost quietness. This feature keeps luxury toilet seats from getting damaged, as traditional toilets usually have cracks or tend to get uneven from constant slamming of the lid. You will be confident in knowing the lid closing tech will keep your toilet looking its best and help its lifespan last even longer.

Minimalist Design

The toilet is usually the largest thing in your bathroom. Older homes tend to have bulky toilets that take up lots of valuable bathroom space. With this Kohler model, its minimalist design keeps your bathroom downsized and allows you to add other crucial bathroom accessories like towel racks or storage units.

Skirted Elongated Shape

While the shape may not seem important to others, having comfortable space to take care of business is critical. This shape design allows for the most comfortable positioning while sitting on it.

Auto Deodorizing System

This feature is especially nice as it helps with keeping odors to a minimum. This also aids in not needing more sprays or plug-ins for the bathroom. While plug-in air fresheners are nice, the outlet space is more valuable.

Integrated Cleaning

Keeping with the flow of cleanliness, this model features a cleaning system built right in. With adjustable pulsing action sprayers, it will do the duty of keeping the bowl sparkling. This is time-saving tech and keeps you on track with another important task in your life!

Pros of the K-5401-0 Model:

  • The following are the specs of the K-5401-0 Model of Kohl’s smart toilet design.
  • One Piece, floor-mounted toilet
  • Trap passageway: 1-15/16″ (or 49 mm)
  • Flush Rates: 1.28 for full, 0.8 for partial
  • Water Surface Specs: 7-15/16″ x 5-5/8″ (or 202 mm x 143 mm)
  • Rough-In: 12″

Cons of the K-5401-0 Model:

Although there are many great features and pros to this model, customers have reported some potential cons to the model as well. Some of the common cons reported are as follows:

  • Dual flush tech requires a 3-minute wait between flushes. Everyone’s water flow rate will be different based off of the water pressure in their homes. Due to this, the dual flush tech is not precise in every case. As a result, full flushes do not always fully flush and need a 3 minute wait time between the next flush so that the bowl can regenerate the water.
  • Installation of the left and right panels is a bit tricky. There have been reports of the left and right side panels not fitting quite right.
  • LED Light is described as not being as bright as some would like. This could be personal preference. The light intensity can vary and will differ in the desired look person to person.

Overall Recap

While there are some cons to consider, overall many users were happy with their new addition to their bathrooms. It truly gave a modern upgrade to their homes and gave them a toilet that is a step above the rest. However, when it comes down to knowing if it is the right choice for you, it will all be in personal preference. Consider the options and perhaps your bathroom will get the modern look you’ve always desired!

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