The 10 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaner Reviews in 2021


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Cleaning an acrylic tub is no big deal. Any tub cleaner can do the job. However, a squeaky clean result is not all that counts. Acrylic, for one, demands gentle care. And that’s something that most tub cleaners don’t guarantee. Take tub cleaners with heavy chemicals, for instance. They provide powerful cleaning. But what you don’t know is that they do more harm than good in the long run. To stay safe and reap excellent results, you need the best acrylic tub cleaner.

Chemical-free, non-overpowering fragrance and stellar cleaning performance characterize the best acrylic tub cleaners. But faced with a multitude of options, it’s difficult to pick out the best. Well, that’s where I come in handy. I’ll round up the best acrylic bathtub cleaners to consider.

10 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaner

1. Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

For Better Life, safety and performance are a top priority. It uses all-natural ingredients that are safe on you, your kids, and your pet.

All-natural formula

Better Life tub cleaner uses plant-derived ingredients to guarantee safe use. Like most natural tub cleansers, it’s biodegradable. But it breaks down 2-5 times faster. Hence, it’s one step ahead of most leading natural cleansers.



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Grime-busting cleaning power

Better Life cleanser is gentle on most surfaces. However, it’s tough on scum, rust, stains, and grime. It provides thorough cleansing without funny fragrances or fumes. All you do is spray and rinse to leave your tub sparkling clean.

Soothing tea tree and eucalyptus scent

This acrylic tub cleaner uses natural fragrances of tea tree and eucalyptus. It’s not overpowering like most artificial fragrances. Instead, it has a mild and soothing natural scent.

Sanitizes and disinfects

Better Life acrylic tub cleaner does more than provide a thorough cleaning. Eucalyptus and tea tree oils make it effective against bacteria and fungi. So, it doubles as an excellent sanitizer and deodorant.

Economical spray bottle

The 32-ounce bottle holds quite a lot. However, it’s the spray action that makes it last longer. Each spray disperses the cleanser over a large surface. Hence, you get to use only a little amount. For that, you get more cleanings per bottle.

The spray action has another advantage. It allows the cleanser to reach tight areas. So, it’s easier to cover every inch of your soaking tub.

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2. Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner

It’s got a funny name, no doubt. But it’s a powerful, no-nonsense tub cleaner. No wonder it claims to be the most effective jetted tub cleaner.

Lab and field-tested

Oh Yuk tub cleaner is scientifically engineered, and lab tested for immaculate results. It dissolves scum, body oils, and flakes at a moment’s notice.



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Versatile cleaning performance

Yuk does more than provide the ultimate cleaning solution for a jetted tub. It’s versatile enough for use on jacuzzis, whirlpools, and freestanding tub.

Squeaky result in minutes

You don’t get to wait for ages to witness the superb cleaning power. This efficient tub cleaner does the job in only 15 minutes. Also, it penetrates hard to reach areas, ensuring nothing is left behind.

Easy to use

The cleaning process is pretty much a piece of cake. All you do is pour in the cleaner and run the jets.

Four cleanings per bottle

At 16 ounce, the bottle doesn’t hold quite as much. However, it lasts up to four cleaning sessions.

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3. Seventh Generation Professional Tub & Tile Cleaner

Seventh Generation is a good sustainable company. It has a lineup of proven, green cleansers, such as this professional tub cleanser.

91% bio-based cleaning power

Seventh Generation tub cleaner is mostly organic. It’s free of chlorine and artificial fragrances. Instead, it uses plant-derived ingredients that provide great results.



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Biodegradable and septic safe

This tub cleaner breaks down quickly after use. Hence, it’s safe for the environment as well as your septic system.

Deep cleaning power

Seventh Generation tub cleaner doesn’t contain chlorine bleach or artificial solvent. Surprisingly, it provides remarkable cleaning performance. It makes quick work of soap scum and other residues.

Sweet emerald cypress and fir scent

This tub cleaner has sweet cypress and fir scent. It’s from natural ingredients, comprising essential oils and plant extracts. Well, it doesn’t have an overpowering chemical smell. Instead, it leaves your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Aside from the sweet scent, it doubles as an excellent disinfectant. Hence, it helps kill germs and bacteria.

Large volume container

Seventh Generation tub cleaner comes in a 128-ounce container. Well, that’s more than enough for commercial applications. Also, a refill spray container is available for more economical use.

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4. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

Bucko is one of the best cleaner for acrylic tub. It’s both a shower and bathroom cleaner, promising immaculate results.

Commercial cleaning power

Bucko tub cleaner packs remarkable cleaning power. It dissolves grime and soap scum in only 15 minutes. Also, it doesn’t require hard scrubbing. You only apply it on the surface of the tub and flush with water after 15 minutes.



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A refreshing scent of lemon water

This tub cleaner has a pleasant and light lemon water scent. It’s distinctively clean with a citrus aroma. Hence, it’s excellent for neutralizing bad odors. Plus, it’s free of artificial additives.

Multi-purpose cleaning

This tub cleaner rewards you with multi-purpose cleaning. It’s effective at cleaning tubs, glass shower doors, and general scum.

Sprayer-compatible bottle

The 32-ounce bottle is a good size for household use. Also, it’s compatible with a sprayer head for better coverage. That way, you get to use only a little amount.

5. Spray Nine 26832 Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Spray Nine is among the best all-around tub cleaners. It cleans and disinfects in under one minute.

All-in-one cleaner, degreaser, and disinfectant

Spray Nine combines more cleaning functions than most tub cleaners. It offers professional-strength cleaning for grease, grime, and tough stains.



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Also, Spray Nine is an excellent disinfectant. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses. The best part, it does so at a moment’s notice. It takes 10, 30, and 45 seconds to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria.

That’s not all. This tub cleaner is also a deodorizer. Hence, it comes in handy to neutralize bad odors.

Durable trigger sprayer

The trigger sprayer allows for easy application and economical use. But one thing makes it special. It’s ultra-durable to outlast the product. Hence, you can use it as a refill bottle for other products once depleted.

Free of harsh chemicals

Though a powerful and most versatile cleaner, Spray Nine is free of harsh chemicals. It neither contains chlorine nor other bleaching agents. Instead, it uses water, alcohol, and glycol.

EPA and NSF approved

EPA and NSF approve spray Nine tub cleaner. Hence, it passes scientific tests and is safe for the environment.

6. Kohler K-EC23732-NA Tub and Shower Cleaner

Kohler needs no introduction. It’s a leading name in bathroom fixtures and appliances. But do you know it makes one of the best tub cleaners? Well, this tub and shower cleaner is among the premium choices.

Cleans and restores

Most tub cleaners are all about providing a thorough cleaning. But not for this tub and shower cleaner. It goes the extra mile to restore the cleaned surface to its original luster. Hence, it keeps surfaces from degrading over time. Also, it helps maintain a brand new look.



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Heavy-duty cleaning performance

Kohler tub and shower cleaner do more than work on light stains. Instead, it packs more cleaning power to remove grease, lime, and soap scum. Also, it penetrates and cleans those slip-resistant surfaces.

Formulated for textured surfaces

Textured surfaces are notorious for hiding grease and dirt. Hence, it’s quite a pain to clean. Luckily, the Kohler tub cleaner is specially formulated for such surfaces. It penetrates every inch, leaving your tub sparkling.

Integrated trigger sprayer

The 28-ounce bottle has an integrated trigger sprayer. Hence, it rewards you with better coverage. Also, a little goes a long way to clean a large surface.

7. Rejuvenate Scrub-Free Shower Cleaner

Rejuvenate scrub-free cleaner has multiple cleaning awards under its name. And from all indications, it deserves the accolades.

Non-abrasive bleach-free formula

Rejuvenate scrub-free cleaner is non-abrasive and free of bleaching agents. Hence, it’s safe on the cleaning surface but tough on stains. It won’t corrode or cause the surface to fade.



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Scrub-free cleaning

There’s no hard-scrubbing. All you do is spray and rinse. So, it’s easy to use by all, even those suffering from arthritis.

Deep penetrating power

This scrub-free cleaner penetrates deep for thorough cleaning. For soap scum, it takes only 2-3 minutes. Hence, it’s going to save you precious time.

24-ounce trigger bottle

The bottle comes complete with a trigger sprayer. So, it’s easy to apply and ensures you use only a little.

Award-winning cleaner

Well, I’m not the type that heaps praises on a product. But this scrub-free cleaner deserves every bit of it. It boasts multiple cleaning awards, a testimony of its effectiveness.

8. CLR Pro Bath Daily Cleaner

CRL Pro bath cleaner promises a streak-free shine. It’s a multi-purpose, heavy-duty cleaner that’s safe around the family.

Multi-purpose cleaner

This bath cleaner is safe for most surfaces. It’s a daily cleaner for tubs, countertops, sinks, showers, and more. Hence, it finds wide applications around the home.



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Industrial-strength cleaning

CRL Pro blasts through the toughest dirt and grime. It makes light work of lime, calcium, and hard water deposits. Also, it eliminates discoloration, soap scum, and dirt.

Non-toxic and biodegradable

This bath cleaner doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia, or other toxic additives. Hence, it’s safe for your pets and family. Also, it’s biodegradable, making it safe for septic systems and the environment.

Sweet lemon scent

CRL Pro has a citrus fragrant. It’s not strong and overpowering. Nevertheless, it’s sufficient to eliminate all kinds of bad smells.

Integrated trigger sprayer

The 32-ounce bottle comes with a trigger sprayer. It provides better coverage and easy reach in tight areas.

9. Weiman Bath Tub Cleaner

Weiman tub cleaner leaves every surface looking its best. It’s a heavy-duty cleaner that not only polishes but also restores cleaned surfaces.

Heavy-duty formula

Weiman penetrates soap scum, tough stains, and other residues in an instant. Also, it’s powerful enough to dissolve stains without hard scrubbing. For that, it’s one of the most efficient tub cleaners.



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Non-abrasive cleaning power

Weiman tub cleaner uses a non-abrasive formula. It cleans but at the same time restores the natural color and texture. So, unlike harsh tub cleaners, it adds more life to your tub.

Versatile cleaning performance

Weiman isn’t limited to cleaning tubs. It also offers versatile cleaning performance for shower doors, sinks, and more. Plus, it doubles as an effective cleaner for tiles and fiberglass.

Easy to use

The 16-ounce bottle doesn’t include a trigger sprayer. Nonetheless, this tub cleaner is easy to use. You can pour directly or apply with a sponge and leave for 15 minutes. After that, you rinse for a streak-free shine.

10. Don Aslett Tub n Tile

Unlike other tub cleaners on the list, Don is a concentrated cleaning formula. It foams, but without irritating fumes. Also, it comes powerful enough to tackle tough bathroom cleaning.

Concentrated formula

At 32 ounces, Don tub cleaner doesn’t look like much. However, it’s a concentrated formula that mixes with eight parts of water. Hence, one bottle yields eight quarts of bathroom cleaner. Well, such an amount is going to last a long while.



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Complete package

Dilution can be tricky. Hence, Don incorporates all the must-haves. It includes a spray nozzle, a dilution bottle, and a sponge.

Eco-friendly foaming cleaner

Don tub cleaner sprays out as a thick foam. Hence, it clings better, even to vertical surfaces. This gives it more contact time to penetrate, attack, and dissolve dirt. Well, the process takes a few minutes, so you don’t have to wait for ages.

Moreover, the Don tub cleaner is biodegradable and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. As such, it’s environmentally-friendly.

Best Acrylic Tub Cleaner: Complete Buying Guide

Cleaner Ingredients

Stay away from harsh solvents, chlorine, and bleach. Well, they provide thorough cleaning for acrylic products. However, such ingredients tend to cause irreversible damage to acrylic.

For any light-duty cleaning, I’d recommend using all-natural tub cleaners. As for heavy-duty cleaning, you can settle for mild, alcohol-based cleaners. However, ensure they don’t contain heavy chemicals or bleaching agents.

Cleaning Needs

Cleaning needs tend to vary. There are tub cleaners for general, light cleaning. Also, there are heavy-duty tub cleaners. These cut through layers of soap scum, rust, and mineral buildup.

Moreover, there are versatile, all-in-one tub cleaners. Such products clean, degrease and disinfect your tub. Still, there are those tub cleaners that clean and restore your bathtub.

So, there’s a tub cleaner for specific cleaning needs. Find out what you need and choose the right product for the job.

Cleaner Fragrance

Fragrant is paramount, especially when combating odors. But it would be best to stay away from overpowering, chemical fragrances. They can be harmful, particularly in small, poorly-ventilated bathrooms.

Instead, I’d recommend natural, plant-derived scents. They’re quite mild but effective at eliminating bad smells.

Ease of Use

Settle for a tub cleaner that’s easy to use. In terms of packaging, it would be best to consider a nozzle sprayer. It provides better coverage, even on hard to reach areas. Also, it ensures you only use a small amount. Well, some tub cleaners don’t incorporate nozzle sprayers. However, they’re designed to accommodate one. Hence, you can buy one and fit on the bottle.

Concentrated acrylic tub cleaners also allow for easy use. They provide a thick foam that sticks to acrylic surfaces. So, they have more time to attack and dissolve soap scum, grease, and dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s the best acrylic tub cleaner?

Answer: Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner is the best overall. It’s scientifically tested to provide squeaky clean results. Also, it’s the most effective jetted bathtub cleaner on the market.

Question: What’s the best all-in-one acrylic tub cleaner?

Answer: Spray Nine is the best all-in-one acrylic tub cleaner. It combines more functions in one tub cleaner. It not only cleans, but it also degreases, disinfects, and deodorizes the surface.

Question: What’s the best all-natural acrylic tub cleaner?

Answer: There’s a couple of names I would have loved to mention. However, non beats Better Life tub cleaner. It uses plant-based ingredients enriched with natural fragrance.

Question: Which acrylic tub cleaner is the best for restoration cleaning?

Answer: Well, there are two honorable mentions. I’d settle for Rejuvenate Scrub-Free tub cleaner or Kohler tub cleaner.

Question: What’s the best acrylic tub cleaner for commercial use?

Answer: Commercial application demands a good balance of quantity and quality. For that, I’d go for Seventh Generation professional tub cleaner. It’s an effective bio-based tub cleaner. Also, it comes in a large container for large-scale commercial use.


Not every tub cleaner is good for acrylic tubs. Some tend to degrade the acrylic surface over time. Also, there are those that are harmful, not only to you but also to the environment. Hence, it’s wiser to invest in the best acrylic tub cleaners. Well, I’ve listed all the top picks for the money. So, the final decision lies with you. Which do you find the best for your next tub cleaning task?

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