The 10 Best Bathtub Caddy Reviews in 2020


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The bathtub is a superb place to soak and unwind. But for a more spa-like experience, a bathtub caddy is paramount. From phones, tablets, drinks, to bathroom items, it keeps everything organized and easy to reach. Hence, you don’t have to stretch a lot or jump out of the tub for essential items. But to get more value, you need the best bathtub caddy.

Durability, ample storage, and adjustable size characterize the best bathtub tray. Also, water-resistant performance is a must-have. Well, most manufacturers promise such things. Sadly, they don’t live up to their promise. So, it’s time I separate the wheat from the chaff. Below, I round up the best bathtub caddy trays to consider.

10 Best Bathtub Caddy

1. Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Thanks to the newest design, Royal craft bathtub caddy promises ultimate relaxation. It lends a luxurious look and rewards you with a multitude of storage options. And the best part, it has more room for two, making it ideal for a couple.

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Durable, eco-friendly bamboo construction

Royal Craft bathtub caddy comes in bamboo, a popular eco-friendly material. It’s sturdy and scratch-resistant. Also, it’s finished in a thin coat of lacquer. The film creates a hard, protective coating. Hence, it rewards you with durable, waterproof performance.

Spacious for a couple

This bathtub caddy is spacious and packs more storage for two. It has slots for a wine glass, phone, and candle. Also, it includes an integrated holder for a book or tablet.

Alongside the slots, you get two trays for towels, perfume, and more. Plus, the trays are removable when the need arises.

Adjusts to the size of most bathtubs

Royal Craft caddy is extendable from 29.5-43 inches. Hence, it can span the width of most freestanding tubs.

Slip-resistant silicone grips

The ends of the tray have silicone grips. The grips are gentle on the finish of your bathtub to avoid scratches. Moreover, they keep the tray from sliding.

Free soap holder

Well, it might not sound like much. Nevertheless, it’s a thoughtful addition that’s entirely free. So, you don’t spend extra on a soap holder.

Multiple colors

Royal Craft bathtub tray doesn’t limit you to one color. It’s available in five colors: natural, gray, black, white, and brown.

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2. Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bath Dreams Bathtub Caddy promises durable performance and a spa-like experience. It doesn’t take much space yet offers sufficient storage for bathroom accessories.

Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Img

Sturdy and reliable construction

Bath Dreams caddy comes in eco-friendly bamboo construction. It has excellent natural resistance to moisture. Hence, it can withstand prolonged exposure to the wet bathroom environment. Also, it provides a sturdy built that doesn’t warp or break.

Adjustable fit

This bathtub caddy extends from 27.75-41.5 inches. Hence, it can fit any bathtub or Jacuzzi. Also, it has a special grip cloth that keeps it from sliding.

Fool-proof design

Bath Dreams caddy holds your items safely and securely. So, there’s zero chance your devices will fall into the soaking tub.

Organized storage

This tub caddy has organized storage for your devices and bathroom accessories. It has a slot for your phone and wine glass. Also, there’s a dedicated holder for your tablet or book. It’s adjustable to three angles to provide a comfortable reading position.

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3. Bambusi Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

This sleek bathtub caddy lets you soak in style and convenience. It’s durable and ergonomically designed to live to your expectations.

Bambusi Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Img

Attractive organic bamboo construction

Bambusi tray caddy comes in 100% natural and beautiful bamboo. Hence, it’s eco-friendly and lends a modern, decorative look. Other than decorative purposes, it holds up well in wet conditions.

A fit for every bathtub

Thanks to the extendable design, this caddy can fit the narrowest or widest tubs. The arms slide in and out from 27.75-41.5 inches.

Safely perches bathroom accessories and devices.

This premium bathtub caddy rewards you with different storage options. There’s a slot for your phone and an adjustable rack for a book or tablet.

Well, the metal rack is covered in waterproof cloth to keep it from rusting. Also, you can prop it in up to five different positions. As such, you don’t have to strain to read or use your tablet.

This tub caddy also rewards you with a wine glass holder. Hence, you can enjoy a refreshing drink as you soak in the tub.

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4. Pristine Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

The Pristine tub caddy is beautifully crafted to transform your bath into a luxurious spa. It provides the durability of bamboo and all-inclusive compartments. Hence, satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed.

Pristine Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Img

Eco-friendly bamboo

The Pristine bathtub caddy is an excellent choice for you and the environment. It comes in 100% organic bamboo crafted for an undeniable appeal. Moreover, it’s something you’re going to cherish for years.

Space for two

This tub caddy has ample space for romantic couples. It has two detachable spa trays. Also, it has a wine holder and an all-in-one holder for a cup or candle.

Moreover, this tub caddy keeps your phone within easy reach. It rests safely on a built-in slot to keep it from falling into the water.

Soak as you read

The Pristine tub caddy takes the boredom out of your bath experience. It has an integrated holder for a book or tablet. Moreover, you can set it to three convenient reading angles.

Expandable size

This bathtub caddy guarantees a perfect fit for most bathtubs. You can slide it out from 28.5-43 inches to fit wider tubs.

Secure grip

Well, this caddy neither slides nor bounces during use. It comes with non-slip grips to keep it securely in place.

Bonus soap dish

Well, you’ll need it at one point. And Pristine gives it free to save you extra expenses.

5. Nature Gear Wood Bamboo Luxury Bath Caddy

Nature Gear bath caddy is a beautiful and functional piece you’ve been missing out. It holds your favorite book and devices for hands-free operation and reading. All the while, it remains durable for years of use.

Nature Gear Wood Bamboo Luxury Bath Caddy Img

Beautiful and functional bamboo

Nature Gear tub caddy has the beauty and durability of bamboo. It’s something on which you can feast your eyes. Also, it promises years of use. Probably a lifetime under good care.

Thought-out storage compartments

This tub caddy keeps everything organized and within easy reach. Hence, you don’t have to stretch for a drink or to make a call.

It has slots for your smartphone and stemware. Moreover, it has an adjustable tablet and book holder. Hence, you can set it to a comfortable reading angle. The book holder comes with pegs to keep the pages from flipping over.

Fits tubs of all shapes and sizes

There’s no guesswork whether or not this bathtub caddy will fit your tub. Thanks to extendable arms, it can slide out as wide as 41 inches. And with non-slip grips, it’s sure to stay in one place.

6. DOZYANT Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

This bathtub caddy is a cost-effective way to transform your bathroom. It adds eye-catching contrast and class for an elegantly decorated bathroom. All the while, it takes up very little space.

DOZYANT Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Img

Reassuring bamboo quality

This caddy comes in sturdy bamboo. Hence, you can rest assured it will stay safe and secure. Moreover, it’s built with the environment in mind.

Varnished for durable performance

Thanks to a varnished surface, this tub caddy offers excellent resistance to water. Also, it keeps the surface free of mildew buildup. So, this is a tub caddy that’s built to last.

Convenient platform for any bathtub

This bathtub caddy provides rigid support. But for a more flexible fit, you can slide it out from 27.5-42 inches. And with a special grip cloth, it stays securely on the rim of any tub.

Secure storage options

DOZYANT tub caddy holds your items where you want them. And with a fail-safe design, there’s no danger of devices dipping into the water.

You get a smartphone holder for hands-free calls. Also, you have a stemware holder for your favorite wine.

Another thoughtful addition is the adjustable book and tablet holder. You can tilt it to three different angles to read a book or watch a movie.

Rounded corners and edges

This bathtub caddy adopts a kids-friendly design. It’s sanded to provide smooth, rounded edges. Hence, you don’t have to worry about bumps.

7. AZT Plus Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

AZT Plus bathtub caddy offers a convenient and safe platform. Whether for refreshments, bathroom accessories, or relaxation, it will suffice.

AZT Plus Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Img

Organic bamboo construction

Few hardwoods can beat the quality and durability of bamboo. Hence, AZT Plus uses bamboo for lifetime durability. Also, it’s sourced from replenishable forests, making it an eco-friendly choice.

A fail-safe platform for bath time items

Devices, such as phones and tablets, ought to stay clear of the water. Hence, AZT Plus adopts a fail-safe design. It eliminates the risk of your items falling into the tub.

Well, to achieve that, this tub caddy has secure storage. You get dugout slots for your wine glass and smartphone. Alongside that is a 3-position tablet and book holders. It provides the best viewing angles for reading or watching movies.

Non-slip grip

AZT Plus tub caddy stays in one place. Thanks to a special grip cloth, it doesn’t bounce nor slide around. Hence, there’s zero chance it will fall off the bathtub.

Adjustable space-saving design

This tub caddy slides in and out to fit most bathtubs. It extends from 27-42 inches.  Also, it folds back after use for easy storage.

8. Bamfan Store Bath Caddy Tray for Bathtub

The Bamfan bath caddy lets you drink, relax, and soak leisurely. It extends more than most bathtub caddies. Also, it includes more bonus bath time items. And with high-grade construction, it makes a perfect gift idea.

Bamfan Store Bath Caddy Tray for Bathtub Img

Premium, waterproof bamboo

This tub caddy is sourced from carefully selected bamboo. Hence, it guarantees excellent quality and durability.

Also, the surface is varnished to provide an extra level of protection. It’s scratch-resistant and entirely waterproof. Because of that, it needs little maintenance.

Adjustable arms

The arms max out at 44.2 inches. Also, you can fold back to 29.4 inches. Hence, this tub caddy can fit all standard bathtubs comfortably and securely.

Safety slots

This tub caddy has safety slots for your smartphone, cup, and stemware. Alongside that are two trays ideal for holding your towels.

Stay entertained

Well, this caddy offers more than a place for refreshments and bathroom items. It also has a tablet holder, allowing you to watch movies as you soak. Moreover, you can use it to prop and read your favorite book.

Also, to ensure your comfort, the tablet and book holder is adjustable. It has three grooves that let you position it at three different angles to improve the experience.

More bonus for you

In the event of bonuses, most tub caddies would only include a soap holder. But this caddy goes the extra mile also to gift you with a shower brush.

9. BAMBUROBA Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This multi-functional bathtub caddy lets you relax and treat yourself. It’s among the best bathtub organizers boasting the newest designs. And with exquisite workmanship, it lends an undeniable appeal.

BAMBUROBA Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Img

Environmentally-friendly material

This bathtub caddy uses easily replenishable Moso bamboos. Hence, it’s a more eco-friendly choice.

Durable and water-resistant

The hardened bamboo is exceptionally durable. Also, it comes with a thin coating of lacquer. Hence, it promises waterproof and scratch-resistant performance.

Fully adjustable

This tub caddy allows for tool-free adjustments. It can slide out from 29.5-43.3 inches. Because of that, it can fit most bathtubs on the market.

Excellent organizer

This bathtub caddy keeps everything organized and within easy reach. It has a stemware holder, cup holder, and a slot for your phone.

Also, it has two trays for towels, perfumes, and other bathroom accessories. And while you soak, you can watch a movie or read a book. All is possible, thanks to the integrated book and tablet holder. It comes in rustproof stainless steel and is adjustable to your liking.

10. Elite Creations Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk

Elite Creations bathtub caddy is quite unlike the others on the list. It adopts a different design that combines two functions. The foldable legs, for instance, enables you to use it as a bed tray.

Elite Creations Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk Img

Natural bamboo construction

Elite Creations tub caddy comes in bamboo. Hence, it’s eco-friendly, durable, and resistant to moisture.

Extra-large size

At 10 inches, this bathtub caddy comes a bit wider. Hence, it creates more extensive usable space. It can fit a 15-inch laptop or a dinner tray comfortably. So far, it’s one of the widest on the market.

2-in-1 design

Elite Creations bathtub caddy offers more use. You can spread out the legs to use it as a laptop bed desk. Also, you can fold them in to use as a bathtub caddy.

Adjustable fit

This bathtub caddy adjusts to your liking. It extends 29.5-42.5 inches to fit most standard bathtubs. Also, the legs are height-adjustable from 8.5-10.75 inches. Hence, you get a comfortable height to use your laptop.

Holds everything within easy reach

Elite Creations bathtub caddy holds most of the items you need. It has two undetachable trays, a cup holder, a wine glass holder, and a phone slot. The glass holder, in particular, accommodates different types of stemware.

Also, it includes a book and a tablet holder. You can use it to hold your magazine, mirror, I-pad, and more. Moreover, it can fold flat when not in use to double as a serving tray.

Best Bathtub Caddy Tray Buying Guide

Construction Quality

Quality, particularly in terms of durability, is paramount. The vast majority come in hardwood, and for a good reason. It’s appealing, lightweight, and sturdy. Also, it’s easy to treat for moisture-resistant performance.

Among hardwoods, I’d recommend bamboo. It’s more durable and can last for years with proper maintenance. Also, it’s naturally resistant to moisture.

Storage Space

The best bathtub tray should have ample storage. Among other things, it should accommodate books, tablets, wine glasses, phones, cups, and more. Also, it should have ample space for personal hygiene items.

Adjustable Length

You want a bathtub tray that can fit most bathtubs. So, it won’t be wise to settle for a tray with a fixed size. Instead, go for an adjustable bathtub tray. You can slide in or out to fit the width of your tub.

Fail-Safe Design

The bathtub tray should hold all your items securely. For that, you need to consider a fail-safe design. It eliminates the risk of your items falling into the tub.

Non-Slip Grip

It would be best to go for a tray that stays put. For instance, it shouldn’t bounce or slide around. To achieve that, consider a non-slip grip. It can be either silicon or grip cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s the best bathtub caddy tray?

Answer: Well, the best bathtub tray should be durable, sturdy, and water-resistant. Also, it should be adjustable and have ample storage.

Each tray I’ve reviewed meets the criteria. But for the best overall, I’d recommend the Elite Creations bathtub caddy. It combines two functions, allowing it to double as a laptop bed desk.

Question: Why is bamboo a popular choice for bathtub trays?

Answer: The fast-growing rate makes bamboo more eco-friendly. Also, it’s more resistant to scratching and swelling than other hardwoods. Hence, it promises a longer lifespan.

Question: Is a bathtub caddy tray necessary?

Answer: A bathtub tray eliminates the boredom and keeps you refreshed as you soak. Moreover, it holds everything in one place for easy access. So, it’s pretty essential.


Though often overlooked, a bathtub caddy can save you much trouble. It can hold a cup of decaf or a glass of your favorite wine. Also, it enables you to read or watch movies as you soak. And with abundant storage for other bathroom supplies, the benefits are far too good to ignore. So far, you already know the best bathtub caddy trays to consider. I leave it to you to choose the best bathtub tray that suits your needs and budget.

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