The 10 Best Bidet Attachment Reviews in 2020


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A high tech smart toilet can cost a fortune. But there’s a cheaper way to reap the basic benefits of a high-end bidet. All you need is the best bidet attachment. It’s inexpensive, and you won’t need the services of a plumber to install one. Moreover, it’s non-electrical, hence saves you energy bills.

But choosing the best bidet toilet attachment can be a headache. There’s so much to consider and a ton of models to choose from. But I think you’ll benefit a lot from a little help. Hence, I’ll dig up and review the best bidet toilet seat attachment to consider.

10 Best Bidet Attachment Reviews

1. Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Mechanical Bidet Attachment

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Mechanical Bidet Attachment Img

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 doesn’t offer the luxury of hot water connection. At least not like the improved Neo 320. Nevertheless, it packs high-quality, innovative features for the price.

Self-cleaning retracting nozzle

For me, the self-cleaning nozzle is pretty much the sweet spot of Neo 120. It offers a thorough rinse with a simple turn of the dial. Moreover, it has clearly defined settings for adjusting the water pressure.

Well, there are several advantages to a self-cleaning nozzle. First, it rewards you with lower maintenance costs. Also, it’s less prone to wear. As such, it offers a longer service life.

Advanced nozzle guard

The nozzle guard is pretty much for protection. It’s where the nozzle drops when not in use. Aside from providing double protection, it also offers a more sanitary experience.

Slim and durable design

Well, I’ve come across many slim bidet attachments. Hence, at 9mm thick, Neo 120 doesn’t have much of a difference. But here’s the thing. Most bidet attachments come slimmer at the expense of durability. Well, Neo 120 offers the best of both worlds. It’s slimmer but exceptionally durable at the same time.

Zero-gap fit on any toilet

Neo 120 offers more of a universal fit. Well, it’s not because of the slimmer design. Instead, it has a nozzle housing that extends into the bowl. As such, there’s no interference. For that, it rewards you with a zero-gap fit between the bowl and the toilet seat.

Luxurious next-level look

Neo 120 boasts high-quality parts. It has braided steel for the hose and chrome for the knobs. Hence, it lends a sleek, modern design.


Neo 120 doesn’t have the bells and whistles of high-end models. But dollar-for-dollar, you get more than you deserve. Also, I should commend it for the 18 months warranty. It shows the quality that goes into the making of this bidet attachment.

2. GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Attachment

GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Attachment Img

Genie Bidet adopts a straightforward design. It doesn’t have as many controls. But for a single-dial bidet attachment, it has so much to offer.

Dual-nozzle for rear and feminine wash

Most bidet attachments provide only rear wash. Though useful, women might find it a bit lacking. Hence, Genie includes a feminine wash, gentler than the rear washing.

Aside from the dual-nozzle design, this bidet has an adjustable spray. Depending on how you like it, you can adjust between soft and robust spray.

Ultra-thin unobtrusive design

Genie takes the slim design of bidet attachments to the next level. It’s 4.8mm thick, less than half the thickness of the average bidet attachment. Hence, it doesn’t raise the seat, providing a zero-gap fit.

Still, on the ultra-thin design, it lends a sleek modern look. Hence, it offers an undeniable appeal on any toilet seat.

Self-cleaning nozzles

Thanks to the self-cleaning function, the nozzles take the extra work off your hands. They use a powerful stream of aerated water for ultimate sanitation. Also, the nozzles retract when not in use for added durability.

Improved hybrid T-connector

It doesn’t sound like much. However, the new hybrid T-connector will do you more good. It’s durable and leak-proof. Also, it has an on/off lever for added convenience.


Genie bidet attachment is what you’d want for cleaning the genitals. Well, it might not fit your one-piece curbed French toilet. But as far as it goes, I don’t see it as a deal-breaker. Also, I should commend it for the one-year warranty. It’s not the best, but reassuring.

3. TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment

TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment Img

You’d still like TUSHY bidet attachment years from now. It’s a modern bidet attachment, but with a timeless appeal. Also, it packs innovative features, letting you poop like royalty.

Adjustable self-cleaning nozzles

Nearly every bidet attachment includes a self-cleaning nozzle. However, few afford the luxury of an adjustable spray angle. Well, TUSHY is among those few. You can adjust the nozzle to hit at the right spot. Moreover, you can set the water pressure to gentle or a powerful wash.

Adjustable seat fastener

TUSHY bidet attachment adjusts to toilet seats of different widths. It achieves that through a ratchet-like system.

Easy DIY installation

TUSHY offers a DIY-friendly installation. It promises a quick installation time of 10 minutes. Also, it can readily fit most standard 2-piece toilets.


For me, TUSHY gives more control over how you clean yourself. Also, it’s one bidet attachment that looks the part for years to come. Though a bit more expensive, it has high-quality features tailored to your needs.

4. Zen Bidet Z-500 Hot and Cold Water Seat Attachment

Zen Bidet Z-500 Hot and Cold Water Seat Attachment Img

A cold wash is okay, at least in warm weather. But during winter, some might have second thoughts before turning that dial. If you’re one, Zen Z-500 deserves your attention.

Hot and cold water wash

Z-500 is among those winter luxuries you can’t afford to ignore. It has a hot water option to save you from the biting cold. Also, it comes with a standard cold water connection. Plus, it enables you to adjust the strength of the water jet. Hence, you get a fully customized experience.

Adjustable self-cleaning nozzles

Z-500 rewards users with super-flexible nozzles. You can move them sideways or back and forth. Hence, the result is a complete custom fit. Also, the nozzles provide both rear and feminine wash.

Quick self-installation

Well, you won’t be needing extra hands to install the Z-500 bidet attachment. It fits like a glove in a matter of minutes. Also, you get a complete set of accessories.

Lifetime warranty

Most bidet attachments have a warranty of one or so years. Well, Z-500 takes it to the extreme by providing a lifetime warranty. It speaks much of its impeccable quality.

Premium materials

The high-quality materials are to thank for the lifetime warranty. Z-500 uses stainless steel, ceramic, and brass components. Hence, it will easily last for years.


Z-500 bidet attachment offers the best in customization and quality. Hence, it’s a handy choice for everyone. The hot water connection, in particular, puts it one step ahead.

5. Bio Bidet Slim Edge Bidet Toilet Attachment

Bio Bidet Slim Edge Bidet Toilet Attachment Img

Bio Bidet is among the pioneers of bidet seat attachments. It enters the list, thanks to the sleek, Slim Edge bidet attachment.

Exclusive ultra-thin design

Slim Edge is 50% thinner than competing models. Hence, it offers a sleek, zero-gap fit. Plus, it has a tilted control panel that complements all bathroom decor.

Durable and resilient

Slim Edge bidet attachment is built to last. It has a sturdy, reinforced construction. Also, it boasts a high-quality solid brass valve. Hence, it’s going to offer years of service.

Ergonomic grip dial

The dial is ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable grip. It’s more responsive and turns effortlessly.

Dual-nozzle spray

Slim Edge targets both men and women. It includes separate nozzles for bum and feminine wash.


I’d commend Slim Edge for its exclusive, relaxed fit. Also, the double-body construction makes it an excellent choice for durability.

6. Dalmo Bidet Toilet Attachment

Dalmo Bidet Toilet Attachment Img

Proper sizing is crucial to ensuring a proper fit. But here’s a bidet attachment that’s guaranteed to fit a one-piece toilet. For that, it will save you the headache of having to take measurements.

Affordable quality

Dalmo is the cheapest bidet attachment on the list. Well, one would expect it to constitute plastic parts. Surprisingly, it offers remarkable durability. It has a braided hose and metal connectors.

Slim universal fit

As mentioned, Dalmo bidet fits any toilet you have in mind. Also, it measures 12mm thick. Though not the slimmest, it offers a subtle, gap-free fit.

Durable construction

Dalmo bidet attachment might be on the thin side. Surprisingly, it comes strong and durable, thanks to the ABS material.

Three cleaning modes

Dalmo bidet attachment combines three cleaning modes in one package. It offers front, rear, and self nozzle cleaning. Hence, there’s an option for everyone, including new mothers. Also, each mode has an adjustable pressure for that perfect wash.

Anti-slip bumpers

Thanks to non-slip bumpers, this bidet attachment stays put. Not only does it assure stability, but it also eliminates stress points. Hence, there’s zero chance it will snap.


I want to commend the Dalmo bidet attachment for a sure-fit design. If you’re unsure about the seat size of your standard toilet, Dalmo will suffice.

7. Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by BOSS

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by BOSS Img

Boss bidet promises a faster, thorough clean. But it’s not all about speed. It has innovative features to improve your experience while in the small bathroom.

Two cleaning modes

Boss bidet attachment caters to everyone. It achieves that via two cleaning modes: rear and front. Well, rear or posterior cleaning accommodates both men and women. On the other hand, front or feminine wash comes in handy for women.

Self-cleaning nozzle

Self-cleaning nozzles are pretty much standard for most bidet attachments. Nonetheless, it’s worth the mention. It maintains sanitation before each use.

Accelerated cleaning

Boss bidet affords a high flow rate for accelerated cleaning. It promises to clean your bum in as little as 1.3 seconds. Hence, it’s a quick business that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Quick, easy installation

I must commend Boss for including both an installation video and manual. So, no plumbing experience is needed here. Also, you can install it in as little as 15 minutes.


I confidently recommend Boss bidet attachment for two-piece toilets. Well, I do not think that it doesn’t fit a standard one-piece toilet. But there’s a lot of compatibility issues.

8. In My Bathroom Butt Buddy Bidet Toilet Attachment

In My Bathroom Butt Buddy Bidet Toilet Attachment Img

But Buddy adds more function and aesthetic to your bathroom. The best part, you won’t break the bank nor break a sweat with this bidet.

Sleek, modern look

Butt Buddy offers undeniable appeal. It’s not the thinnest, but slim nonetheless. Moreover, it prides on premium steel attachments. For that, it lends a luxurious, modern look.

Adjustable self-cleaning nozzle

Well, Butt Butty doesn’t boast the multiple cleaning modes of other models. For instance, it doesn’t afford a feminine wash. But it makes up for with a fully customized self-cleaning nozzle. It enables you to adjust both the pressure and angle of the spray.

High-pressure valves

A weak spray can do the job, but it might feel like a lifetime. So, to make quick work of stubborn poop, Butt Buddy uses high-pressure valves. It cleans at a moment’s notice.


Butt Buddy doesn’t offer as much high-end models. But for the price, you get more than you deserve. For me, it makes a decent budget buy.

9. Luxe Bidet Neo 185 (Elite)

Luxe Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Img

Neo 185 has all the features of Neo 120. However, it goes the extra mile to include a gentler feminine wash.

Sleek and durable design

Neo 185 lends an expensive look. It boasts high-quality parts that come in stainless steel and ceramic. Hence, it also affords a durable design.

Zero-gap universal fit

Like the Neo 120, this bidet attachment is only 9mm thick. It fits without unsightly gaps. Moreover, it offers better compatibility with all toilets.

Rear and feminine wash

The feminine wash is a feature that gives Neo 185 an edge over Neo 120. It’s gentler and comes in handy for new mothers. Also, the dual-nozzle design supports rear wash.

Retractable self-cleaning nozzles

Self-cleaning nozzles provide a more hygienic experience. Also, when not in use, they retract behind the guard gate. Hence, they remain protected for longer service life.


If you want a feminine wash, but at an affordable price, Neo 185 will suffice. Also, I would recommend it for standard two-piece toilets.

10. Greenco Fresh Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Greenco Fresh Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Img

The Greenco company strives to provide affordable quality. Well, this bidet toilet seat attachment lives up to its promise.

Affordable quality

Greenco bidet is pretty much what you’d need for a budget bidet attachment. Well, it uses plastic parts. However, it’s more durable than cheap plastic. It doesn’t rust or break easily.

Adjustable nozzle and pressure

For me, the angle switch is the sweet spot of this bidet attachment. It provides a multi-direction spray for more precision. Also, there’s an easy-access control dial for adjusting the water pressure.

Adjustable sliding brackets

The sliding brackets allow for easy installation. Also, you can adjust them to fit toilet seats of different widths. So, this is a bidet attachment that can fit most standard toilets.


Greenco bidet attachment offers affordable, optimum personal hygiene. Though it comes in plastic, it’s durable enough to take a beating. Overall, it’s an excellent budget buy to consider.

Best Bidet Attachment: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Nozzle type

Bidet toilet seat attachments come with one or two nozzles. If you have to go for a single nozzle, ensure it has an adjustable aim. Also, consider a wide spray pattern for more coverage. A dual-nozzle design offers more flexibility. Aside from the rear wash function, it includes a feminine wash. Hence, it’s an ideal choice for women, particularly new mothers.

Self-cleaning retractable nozzle

It would do more good to have a sanitary experience. Well, you can achieve that from a self-cleaning nozzle. It self-cleans after every use, keeping it more hygienic for the next session. Also, consider a nozzle that retracts after use. That way, it will stay protected to provide a longer service life.

Seat bumpers

Bidet attachments can come in the way of the toilet seat. At times, it might keep the toilet seat from closing all the way. Hence, you may end up with a broken or wobbly seat. For more reassurance, consider a bidet attachment that has seat bumper. It fills the gap, keeping the toilet seat level.

Temperature control

A bidet that has only ambient water temperature offers a convenient setup. However, some people might prefer the option of warm water. If that’s the case, consider a temperature control function. Well, Zen Bidet Z-500 has the option of temperature control.


It would help if you had a reassurance for quality and durability. Hence, look for a decent warranty, at least one year. Some models, such as Zen Bidet Z-500, go the extra mile to provide a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best bidet toilet seat attachment?

All the models I’ve mentioned are the best bidet toilet attachments. But dollar-for-dollar, I’d go with Luxe Bidet Neo 120. It’s super-easy to use and offers wide-range compatibility for 2-piece toilets.

What’s the best cold/hot water bidet attachment?

Zen Bidet Z-500 is easily the best. It’s the only one on the list with a temperature control function. And with a lifetime warranty, it offers exceptional durability.

What’s the best way to dry after using a bidet?

Well, you can use a towel or toilet paper. But I’d recommend a paper towel since it’s more hygienic and safe.


Getting the essential benefits of a free-standing bidet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The best bidet attachment can as well fill in the gaps. It offers a thorough clean and eliminates the need to hoard toilet papers.

Well, I’ve put forth the best bidet toilet seat attachments to consider. Also, I’ve wrapped it all up with a buyer’s guide. What more could you ask for? Make a decision and choose the best from the list.

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