The 10 Best Freestanding Tub Filler Reviews in 2020


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Of all modern bathroom design ideas, a freestanding tub filler takes center stage. It’s elegant, towers gracefully over the tub rim, and adds a functional designer flair to your bathroom. Paired with a modern soaking tub or traditional claw foot tub, it makes an impact that will forever impress. Whether it’s to impress the neighbors or create a stunning out-of-a-magazine design, you’ll need the best freestanding tub filler.

For us, Delta Trinsic tub filler is easily the best overall. It affords the features of super-expensive brands. Moreover, it combines professional quality, designer styling, and lifetime warranty, all in one package. A solid alternative will be Kohler REFINIA tub filler. It comes a close second, boasting the durability and quality of a world-class brand.

But we have a multitude of other awe-inspiring options, all boasting affordable quality. So, let’s dig deeper to find the best freestanding tub filler for you.

10 Best Freestanding Tub Filler

1.Wowkk Freestanding Bathtub Waterfall Tub Filler

A near-flawless design that never ceases to impress. That’s something that most users can attest to regarding Wowkk bathtub filler. More so, it has all the bells and whistles of high-end models albeit without the hefty price tag.

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The faucet adopts a super beefy Sedal single-lever ceramic cartridge. It’s pretty much one of the most durable, lasting up to 500,000 uses. Moreover, it promises leak-proof performance for the entire lifespan.

This bathtub filler is elegant, no doubt. Nonetheless, it adopts a waterfall spout that creates a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Aside from the looks, it provides natural, splash-free flow.

As for the flow rate, it’s pretty much on a par with other models on our list. You get 6 GPM from the spout and 2.5 GPM from the handheld shower. Well, the flow rate is based on a 60psi pressure.


  • Splash-free waterfall spout
  • Super beefy construction
  • Long-lasting ceramic disc cartridges
  • Pretty easy to install


  • Tends to drip for a while after you turn it off. Nonetheless, it’s a problem shared by all bathtub fillers on the market.

2. WOODBRIDGE Bathtub Faucet

Woodbridge is one brand that needs no introduction in the bathroom segment. It boasts high-quality bathroom fixtures. And this bathtub faucet is one such product that offers excellent quality at a fair price.

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A high-quality ceramic cartridge is part of this bathtub filler. It promises leak-proof performance for up to 500,000 uses. So, it pretty much lasts a lifetime.

If the ceramic disc cartridge doesn’t impress you, the NEOPERL aerator will do. It’s integrated into the spout to control the diameter and straightness of the stream. All the while, it eliminates noise, splashes, and side sprays.

The handheld shower has a rubber-tipped head. Hence, it cleans easily to eliminate lime and calcium buildup.

The flow rate is an impressive 6 GPM and 2.5 GPM for the spout and handheld shower, respectively. Also worth noting is the firm carton box used for packaging. It ensures safety during delivery.


  • Advanced aerator provides a smooth stream without the noise
  • Durable ceramic disc cartridge promises lifetime performance
  • Firm packaging box for safe delivery


  • The copper lines are somewhat long and might kink inside.

3. Delta Faucet Trinsic Freestanding Tub Filler

Delta never ceases to impress us with its high-end faucets. You’ll spend twice as much, no doubt. However, Delta guarantees lifetime durability and performance.

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This bathtub faucet is among Delta’s best creations. It’s a high-end faucet that’s equally as beautiful as it’s functional. But what has it to offer for the price? Well, let’s tear it down.

Delta tub filler affords the luxury of adjustable water temperature. Hence, it’s a deluxe choice for those that have issues with the water temperature. Moreover, it’s restricted to a safe level to prevent scalding.

A smooth laminar flow is another sweet spot. It’s adjustable from 6-9 GPM for the spout, a bit more than your average tub filler. Also, you get up to 2 GPM for the handheld shower.

Also, this tub filler affords a pressure-balanced design. Hence, hot and cold water flow out in equal measures.

The pivoting arm is a nice touch. It offers more flexibility. And when the need arises, you can lean it over the tub after use. Furthermore, this tub filler has soft rubber spray holes, making it easier to wipe off calcium deposits.


  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Pressure-balanced design
  • Smooth, adjustable laminar flow
  • Touch-clean rubber sprays holes
  • Stretchable hose length (60-82 inches)


  • Somewhat on the expensive side

4. Artiqua Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler

This tub filler doesn’t have a hefty price tag to its name. Neither does it promise an endless list of luxury. Even then, it’s one stable tub filler that looks and feels high-end.

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It adopts the renowned ceramic disc cartridge. It offers reassuring durability, lasting 500,000 uses. Well, this is something that many can attest to. Moreover, it remains leak-proof for the entire life of its operation.

Water consumption levels with most tub fillers; 2 GPM for the handheld shower and 6 GPM for the spout.

Also, this tub faucet boasts the longest spout reach on our list. At 9 inches, it guarantees zero chance of back-splashes. Moreover, it makes an excellent choice for thick-walled bathtubs.


  • Extra-long spout reach
  • Durable Sedal ceramic cartridge
  • Pretty fast and easy to assemble
  • Looks high-end and exceptionally stable


  • The handheld shower tends to drip for a bit after turning it off.

5. KOHLER REFINIA Free Standing TUB Filler

This tub filler is another high-end option from a world-class brand. After all, who doesn’t know Kohler, with its classy high-end bathroom fixtures? Well, this tub faucet promises your money’s worth, probably more.

KOHLER REFINIA Free Standing TUB Filler Img

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For a high-end tub filler, it affords controllable water temperature. Hence, you can tweak it to a level that works best for you. Also, it promises a safe level that won’t burn your skin.

It uses Kohler’s proprietary ceramic disc cartridge. It exceeds industry standard as far as longevity goes. As such, it guarantees a lifetime of durable performance.

This tub filler has a more ergonomic handheld shower design. It provides superior comfort. Not to mention, you can customize it to three spray functions: Wide, Intense, and Targeted. Moreover, it has a Master-Clean face to make easy work of lime buildups.

It has one of the most impressive flow rates. It affords 7 GPM at 45 psi. Well, that’s more than what other models can deliver at 60 psi. Hence, it can pretty much work in low-pressure connections. And should you want to fill up a giant tub quick, this tub filler will suffice.

Furthermore, this freestanding bathtub filler coordinates with other REFINIA bathroom fitting and accessories. Hence, it lends a seamless, complete bathroom setup.


  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Impressive flow rate, even at low pressure
  • Customizable spray patterns
  • The lifelong ceramic disc cartridge
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-clean spray wand


  • A bit expensive

6. JiaYouJia High-Arc Spout Freestanding Bathtub Filler

This tub filler has quite a mouthful of a name. However, you’ll more than identify it, thanks to its minimalist aesthetic appeal and smooth curves.

JiaYouJia High-Arc Spout Freestanding Bathtub Filler Img

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At 43.3 inches, it holds the record for the longest spout height on our list. Hence, it offers more clearance and pretty much fits the tallest tubs. Though the extra height makes it a bit unstable, installing it close to the wall will do the trick.

Lead-free brass promises durability and reliability. It neither rusts nor corrodes, maintaining its new look for years. Also, it uses aerated spout. Hence, it delivers no splash while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

This tub filler adopts a dual-handle design. One handle adjusts the water temperature and flow rate. The other diverts the water to the handheld shower. Plus, it delivers a maximum of 6 GPM for the spout and 2 GPM for the handheld shower.


  • Extra-tall for better clearance
  • Non-splashing aerated spout
  • Adjustable water temperature


  • The extra height makes it a bit unstable. Nevertheless, it can be remedied by pacing the tub filler close to the wall.

7. BAGNOLUX Freestanding Bathtub Filler

It might not be from a brand many can familiarize with. But there’s no denying that this tub filler is an amazing shower solution. Not to mention, it offers a real treat and value for money.

BAGNOLUX Freestanding Bathtub Filler Img

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The tub filler uses a spa-inspired waterfall spout. It makes water cascade, creating a smooth, natural fall. And with the integrated aerator, it guarantees zero splashes and an ultra-quiet flow.

The short spout makes for pretty solid construction. Not to mention, it adds to the splash-proof performance.

Also, this tub uses a right-angled spout filler. It provides a quicker fill, maxing out at 6 GPM. The handheld shower, on the other hand, promises a flow rate of 2 GPM. And with a 60-inch extra-long hose, it offers flexible bathing.


  • Smooth spa-inspired waterfall
  • Stable construction
  • No-splash aerator


  • The matte black finish might not go well with some bathroom decor.

8. Senlesen Single Handle Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

You’ll easily mistake this tub filler for a high-dollar model. After all, it has that expensive look that oozes charm and luxury. On the contrary, it’s a decent budget buy that competes with tub fillers that cost twice as much.

Senlesen Single Handle Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Img

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Single handle design allows for pretty straightforward operation. As with most models on the list, it uses the highly durable Sedal ceramic disc cartridge. It’s tested for up to 500,000 uses and remains leak-proof, even at high pressure.

The waterfall spout is another excellent addition. It replicates the motion of falling water, resulting in a smooth, natural flow. At the same time, it lends your bathroom space a spa-like atmosphere.

Thanks to a diverter knob, users can switch between the tub spout and a handheld shower easily. Like most competitors, it promises a flow rate of 2.5 GPM for the handheld shower and 6 GPM for the spout.


  • The ultra-durable ceramic disc cartridge
  • Smooth flowing waterfall spout
  • Straightforward single handle design


  • Some customers complain it tends to wobble. However, with some good plumbing work, it offers rock-solid stability.

9. LLGG Freestanding Bathtub Filler

This tub adopts a versatile design for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. So, it’s a tub filler designed for just about any bathroom setting.

LLGG Freestanding Bathtub Filler Img

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LLGG is redesigned to provide a higher flow rate. It pushes out more water than comparable faucets for the same pressure. At 60 psi, for instance, it delivers an incredible 11.9 GPM. And for that, it makes a deluxe choice for giant bathtubs.

Despite the high flow rate, this tub filler is very quiet. Also, it has a spray holder that tilts forward, keeping your floor free of water puddles.

The installation process is pretty easy, with no glitches or surprises. Moreover, you get two types of screws to accommodate both wooden and concrete floors.


  • Exceptional flow rate and water pressure
  • Intuitive controls
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality electroplating


  • It has a longer spot height that can lead to stability issues. But with a little extra work, it anchors stable on the floor.

10. Votamuta New Chrome Polished Bathtub Faucet

“Expensive” is a word that tends to hurt the ears of savvy shoppers. As it turns out, most target the best budget buys. And for that, we have this chrome-polished tub filler.

Votamuta New Chrome Polished Bathtub Faucet Img

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It’s a budget buy, no doubt. However, it doesn’t lack in terms of quality and performance. The durable chrome finish, for one, resists tarnish and corrosion. And when it comes to providing a relaxing shower, this tub filler scores highly.

This tub filler works better in high-pressure connections. It might sound like a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, 43 to 87 psi is easy to achieve in most home water supplies. The flow rate delivers 6 GPM via the spout and 2.5 GPM through the handheld shower.

A plastic sprayer head might sound cheap to some. Well, the good news is that this tub filler uses an upgraded ABS sprayer head. Hence, it has decent durability to offer. Everything comes wrapped up in first-class packaging for safe delivery.


  • Wallet-friendly
  • First-class packaging
  • Upgraded ABS sprayer head is superior to cheap plastic versions.


  • The base lacks stiffness. However, with a full heavy-duty ring, it sits stable.

Best Freestanding Tub Filler: Complete Guide

The search for the best freestanding floor mount tub fillers can be a little tricky. From cheap no-name brands to high-end designer tub fillers, there’s a ton of options that confuse you. Regardless, you want to get the best possible value for your hard-earned money.

And to achieve that, you need a definitive buying guide, one that outlines some of the most important things to consider. So, let’s tear it down!

Design and Style

Freestanding tub fillers come in two types: single handle and double handle faucets.

A single handle faucet uses one handle to control the flow of both hot and cold water. If you want a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, a single handle tub filler will suffice.

Double handle faucets have one handle for cold water and another for hot water. They’re a deluxe choice for traditional freestanding tubs.

Swivel spout

A rotating spout is a favorite over a rigid spout. Choose one that rotates 360 degrees. It will be easier to get it out of your way.

Spout height

Spout height is the distance from the floor to the tip of the spout. Ensure it’s high enough to go over the tub rim. At least 30 inches works fine for most tubs.

Spout reach

The ideal spout reach depends on the thickness of the tub rim. Ensure it’s long enough to hang over the tub, at least inches. It ensures the water ends where it’s supposed to.

Hands shower

A hands shower is a contemporary upgrade and pretty much a must-have in any fully-equipped bathtub filler. Overall, it expands the use of your tub filler to get the most out of it. A hands shower gives you an easy time washing your hair, kids, and pets.


There’s a ton of finishes out there, all resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion.

Chrome: lends a classic look

Copper: provides a sense of timeless character

Stainless steel: lends a modern appearance

Bronze: provides luxurious contemporary appeal

Nickel: darker than chrome but just as attractive and durable

Matte black: makes a stunning choice though harder to come by

Well, whichever finish you settle for, ensure it coordinates with other bathroom faucets and accessories.


Re-think before you purchase an inexpensive no-brand tub filler. Well, there are a ton of issues tied to no-brand tub fillers. They’re unstable, difficult to install, and might not meet the plumbing codes. Plus, you rarely get a sufficient warranty. Hence, it’s safe to settle for a tub filler from designer brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the proper sizing from the spout to the top edge of the tub?

Generally, you want to have decent clearance. Most codes recommend a distance of at least 6 inches.

What’s the best flow rate for a tub filler?

It depends on the size of your tub. For giant bathtubs, you want a faucet that fills faster, at least 6 GPM. However, for average-sized tubs, you’ll do well with 4 to 6 GPM.

Are faucet aerators necessary?

Yes, aerators keep the water from splashing out of the tub. Though they can corrode and clog over time, you can easily replace them to keep the water flowing.


We hope our top recommendations have helped in your search for the best freestanding tub filler. But since you know your needs best, we leave it up to you to choose the one that fits your style, budget, and bathroom decor.

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Or maybe want to share with us your favorite tub filler from our list? Well, don’t hesitate to reach us in the comments section.

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