The 10 Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub


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Are you looking for the best shower curtain for clawfoot tubs? Or better still, a shower liner that will protect your decorative, expensive shower curtain? Look no more as you’ve landed in the right place.

Well, soaking in the tub gets even more enjoyable when you have all the privacy you need. And it’s even more satisfying when, after showering, you leave your bathroom clean and dry. A shower curtain and liner make all these possible. And for the shower curtain, it goes the extra mile to add a decorative touch.

But getting the best shower curtain or liner doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank. You can get high-quality shower curtains for just a few dollars. And to help you, I round up the best shower curtains and liners you need to consider for your clawfoot tub.

10 Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub

1. N&Y HOME Waterproof Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

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The N&Y HOME shower curtain rewards you with high-class hotel quality. And with an all-around design, you can use it as a shower curtain liner or stand-alone shower curtain. Well, this shower curtain comes in 100% polyester. It’s a soft, flowing fabric that feels more like linen. Also, it’s machine-washable and has no smell.

Contrary to most descriptions, this shower curtain is water repellent and not waterproof. It beads the water to prevent soaking. Also, it dries pretty fast. Indeed, it’s an excellent choice for heavy-use environments.

Aside from being water repellent, this shower curtain is also breathable. It has tiny pores that let in the air. Well, it’s a safety feature should you get entangled in the curtain.

The polyester fabric isn’t transparent. Nonetheless, it lets in light. So, you can as well use it as a changing curtain.

The curtain isn’t weighted. But when used as a curtain liner, the weight of the water keeps it taut and straight. Also, you can sew magnets into the hem to let the curtain stick onto metal tubs.

N&Y HOME shower curtain is reinforced with rust-resistant metal grommets. They provide tear-resistant performance. Also, they create attachment points for the hooks, allowing the curtain to glide along the rail.

This shower curtain measures 180 x 70 inches. Hence, it’s large enough for a wrap-around fit.


Many good things can be said about this shower curtain. But what I find more impressive is the hotel-grade quality and stand-alone functionality. For that, I vote it the best fabric shower curtain for your clawfoot tub.

2. Barossa Design Waffle Weave Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Barossa Design Waffle Weave Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Img

Barossa Design shower curtain lends a spa-like feel. The bright white color and checkered waffle pattern, in particular, provides a sophisticated look. Indeed, this shower curtain adds to the contemporary look of your bathroom.

The curtain comes in polyester but mimics a cotton-blend fabric. Hence, it feels soft to touch. Also, it promises a fade-resistant performance.

The fabric is water repellent. As such, it doesn’t soak. Instead, it beads the water and dries pretty fast. Also, you can machine-wash on a gentle cycle for easy care.

Barossa Design curtain doesn’t have sewn-in magnets nor weights. But thanks to 230gsm heavy-duty fabric, it doesn’t slack.

Since it is water repellent and opaque, you can use this curtain with or without a liner. And at 180 x 70 inches, it wraps around the tub in one go.

The curtain is unscented and has rust-resistant metal grommets for added strength. It comes complete with hooks that attach to the grommets and shower curtain rod.


Barossa Design Waffle Weave shower curtain offers the uncontested quality of the N&Y HOME shower curtain but in a more heavy-gauge design. If you want a tauter, high-quality shower curtain, this is an excellent choice.

3. Riyidecor Clawfoot Tub Chevron Shower Curtain

Riyidecor Clawfoot Tub Chevron Shower Curtain Img

It’s a bit lighter than other shower curtains. As such, it allows more light into the tub, but without being transparent. Such a design makes it a good choice for a minimalist appeal.

Riyidecor Clawfoot shower curtain is just as beautiful. It comes in white but with a chevron pattern that adds a decorative touch. Such a combination makes it more of a neutral shower curtain. Hence, it’s less likely to clash with the existing bathroom décor.

It might not be as durable as heavier shower curtains. However, the polyester fabric promises years of use under good care. It has double-stitched hems and comes complete with metal grommets for added strength.

Well, this shower curtain sits taut and straight. But for the lightweight design, I recommend attaching weights to the hem. It will keep it from billowing during use.

The fabric is waterproof. Hence, you can choose to use the shower curtain without a liner. Also, the fabric is toxic-free, making it safe for you and the environment.

At 180 x 70 inches, this shower curtain provides an all-around enclosure. It comes complete with durable metal hooks.


This shower curtain has some pretty good features for the price. However, the decorative chevron pattern and the extra-wide design stand out the most. For a beautiful, affordable wrap-around shower curtain, this model is hard to beat.

4. Barossa Design Clawfoot Tub PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

Barossa Design Clawfoot Tub PEVA Shower Curtain Liner Img

It’s not a shower curtain perse. Instead, it’s a shower curtain liner. But if privacy isn’t a concern, it can as well serve as a shower curtain.

Well, this shower curtain comes in PEVA material. It’s a chlorine-free alternative to PVC. Again, it has no toxic odors and rewards you with built-in anti-microbial properties. As such, it’s more hygienic and eco-friendly. In fact, it’s considered the best non-toxic shower liner material.

Also, this shower curtain liner is waterproof. But the transparent design doesn’t offer much when it comes to privacy. But if you choose, you can use it alongside a shower curtain.

Barossa Design curtain liner is as heavy a most polyester shower curtains, thanks to the 6-gauge material. And with 12 sewn-in magnets, it sits taut on walk-in tubs. Also, the magnets double as weights on non-metallic tubs. So, either way, this curtain liner doesn’t billow.

This shower curtain liner comes complete with metal grommet reinforcements and hooks. It’s available in solid, frosted color and measures 180 x 70 inches.


If your main concern is a shower liner, the Barossa Design PEVA liner should be your best pick. It’s the most complete, sizeable shower curtain liner. What I find more outstanding are the sewn-in magnets that keep the liner taut and straight.

5. Riyidecor Vintage Damask PEVA Shower Curtain

Riyidecor Vintage Damask PEVA Shower Curtain Img

The damask pattern in this shower curtain evokes a vintage feel. And with neutral white color, it adds life and elegance to any bathroom.

Well, this shower curtain comes in eco-friendly PEVA material. It’s waterproof, eliminating the need for a liner. Also, it’s anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant. And unlike other vinyl products, it doesn’t contain chlorine.

It’s a thin material. As such, it doesn’t block out natural light. Also, it’s translucent to give you some privacy.

Though sturdy, this shower curtain isn’t heavy enough to prevent billowing. Still, you can add magnets to keep it taut and straight.

Metal grommets add strength to this shower curtain. And with hooks, it hangs easily on the shower rod.

Maintenance is pretty easy, particularly when you consider the anti-bacterial properties. Even more, you can machine-wash it and tumble dry for better sanitation.

This shower curtain is 180 x 70 inches, a standard size for most Clawfoot tub shower curtains.


You rarely find a PEVA shower curtain with fancy floral prints. So, if you’re after easy maintenance and aesthetics, I recommend this shower curtain.

6. Mrs. Awesome Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Liner

Mrs. Awesome Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Liner Img

It doesn’t have any fancy pattern nor solid color. Still, the minimalist plain design adds some decorative touch to the bathroom space.

Well, this curtain liner comes in transparent PEVA material. So, if privacy is a priority, I recommend using it with a shower curtain.

It’s a 6-gauge waterproof material. It’s not as thick as other shower curtain materials. But as far as durability goes, it doesn’t disappoint. Plus, it has metal grommet reinforcements for tear-resistant performance.

The PEVA material makes this shower curtain liner free of toxic fumes. Also, it eliminates the buildup of mildew and bacteria for a cleaner showering experience.

For a not so heavy material, the sewn-in magnets on the hem are a plus. The magnets add weight to the bottom to keep the liner from slacking. And for cast-iron tubs, the magnets attach the liner to the tub.

For a plastic-based curtain liner, I don’t recommend machine washing. A good wipe using a damp cloth is enough to keep the liner clean.

The package comes complete with hooks for easy hanging. And at 180 x 70 inches, the liner is large enough to wrap around a clawfoot tub.


This shower curtain liner doesn’t have much to offer as far as aesthetics go. But I must laud it for the sizeable design, eco-friendly PEVA material, and magnets. For a taut shower liner with a classic plain pattern, this curtain liner will suffice.

7. D&L Extra-Wide Vinyl Clawfoot Shower Curtain

D&L Extra-Wide Vinyl Clawfoot Shower Curtain Img

This shower curtain comes in colorless opaque vinyl material. It provides privacy but still lets in some light. And for its versatile design, it can double as a shower curtain liner.

For a 10-gauge vinyl, it’s not flimsy at all. Instead, it’s thick and of high quality. Such thickness and grommet reinforcements provide quality assurance.

I wouldn’t say it’s as eco-friendly as PEVA liners. Nonetheless, it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. Also, the thickness makes it a plus.

Thanks to the heavy-duty material, this shower curtain doesn’t slack as much. But to make sure of that, it comes with magnets at the bottom. The magnets, in particular, make it an excellent choice for cast iron tubs.

Of course, it’s waterproof and resistant to mildew. And as for cleaning, it only needs a good wipe, and you’re good to go.

This shower curtain is 180 x 70 inches. So, it creates a perfect enclosure around your clawfoot tub. Also, it includes metal hooks for hanging.


D&L shower liner comes colorless but thick and with an extra-wide design. If you want something less fancy but sizeable and durable, D&L liner is the right choice.

8. Riyidecor Boho Paisley Shower Curtain

Riyidecor Boho Paisley Shower Curtain Img

The Boho print of floral paisley makes this shower curtain extremely elegant. I vote it the most beautiful shower curtain on the list.

At 108 x 72 inches, it’s not as large as the 180 x 70-inch versions. Still, it’s sizeable enough to wrap around most clawfoot tubs.

This shower curtain comes in a waterproof polyester fabric. It’s neither thick nor thin, but a decent medium. And while it doesn’t let in light, it gives you all the privacy you need. Moreover, the fabric is breathable for safety purposes.

The curtain doesn’t have weights or magnets are the hem. Even then, it’s less likely to slack. But should you choose, you can add weights or magnets for a straighter, taut enclosure.

Thanks to the machine-washable design, this shower curtain is pretty easy to maintain. It comes with metal hooks and grommets for easy hanging.


It doesn’t have the size of other fabric shower curtains. But where it lacks in size, this shower curtain makes up for in beauty. If you’re after a pop of color, none beats this shower curtain.

9. Dainty Home Smart Design 2-in-1 Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

Dainty Home Smart Design 2-in-1 Waffle Weave Shower Curtain Img

As the name implies, this Dainty Home is a 2-in-1 shower curtain. It comprises both the shower curtain and the liner.

The shower curtain comes in water repellent polyester. And with waffle weave pattern and honeycomb texture, it makes a decorative piece. The built-in liner, on the other hand, comes in PEVA material. It’s naturally waterproof, mold-resistant, and requires little washing.

Well, this shower curtain doesn’t have magnets. But the 2-in-1 design tends to add some weight. So, it stays taut most of the time.

Likewise, the Dainty Home shower curtain doesn’t have metal grommets. Though not as durable, it has slits and decorative hooks for easy hanging.

At 72 x 72 inches, this shower curtain is a bit on the smaller side. As such, it doesn’t provide a complete, wrap-around enclosure. Still, it keeps your privacy intact.


Not everyone wants to spend on both a liner and a decorative outer curtain. If you’re one of them, this 2-in-1 shower curtain should be your top pick.

10. Clawfoot Designs Heavy-Duty PEVA Tub Shower Curtain

This shower curtain fits the perimeter of your standard 60-inch clawfoot tub. At 180 x 70 inches, you don’t need extra pieces to get a perfect fit.

It comes in waterproof PEVA material but a bit heavier. Unlike other plastic shower curtains, it doesn’t have the problem of billowing.

Aside from providing a sturdy enclosure, the PEVA material rewards you with eco-friendly, premium quality. It’s odorless and free of chemicals. Moreover, it’s naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

The curtain comes in frosty white and with a semi-transparent design. So, it allows light, but without sacrificing privacy.

Clawfoot Designs shower curtain doesn’t come with metal hooks. So, you’ll have to buy separately. Notably, it requires 30 hooks for hanging. It does, however, include metal grommets for durability.


This shower curtain offers eco-friendly quality in a heavy-duty design. It’s an excellent choice if you don’t mind spending extra on metal hooks.

Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub: Complete Guide

Curtain Size

The standard clawfoot tub measures 60 inches long. If possible, aim for a shower curtain size large enough to wrap around the tub. Extra-wide 180 x 70-inch curtains are the recommended size for clawfoot and alcove tubs.

Well, normal 72 x 72-inch curtains can work, but only for partial privacy. For a full enclosure, you’ll have to buy three pieces.

Curtain Material

Shower curtains come in vinyl, polyester, cotton-blend, PEVA, or microfiber.

Fabric shower curtains, such as polyester, cotton-blend, and microfiber, tend to be pricier. However, they are available in a variety of colors and prints that lend a more elegant look. So, for a decorative yet functional shower curtain, consider fabric materials.

But fabric shower curtains also have weaknesses. Generally, they are not easy to maintain, and some grow mold. And except for 100% polyester, most are not waterproof. Hence, you have you use them with a curtain liner.

PEVA and vinyl shower curtains are not as expensive as their fabric counterparts. Also, they are naturally mildew-resistant, waterproof, and require the least maintenance. However, they don’t have much to offer in terms of aesthetics.


Waterproofing is a top priority for shower curtains. For best performance, I recommend polyester, vinyl, and nylon shower curtains. But if you have to buy a fabric shower curtain, you should include a waterproof liner.

Curtain Color and Pattern

As far as shower curtains go, there’s a myriad of patterns and colors available.

For a design that makes your bathroom feel bigger, I recommend a light or neutral colors. But for a pop of color, darker colors are the best choice.

Also, I recommend one solid color for a minimalist look. However, if you’re after a bold impression, a graphic pattern will work best.


It’s not a must-have. But for lightweight shower curtain liners, magnets are something you need to consider. It helps to hold down the liner to prevent billowing. Aside from lightweight liners, magnets are also essential where you have high water pressure.


Aim for a shower curtain that doesn’t expose you and the environment to dangerous chemicals. Some of the best eco-friendly materials include nylon, polyester, and organic cotton. If you have to go for vinyl materials, I recommend PEVA as the best choice.


If you live solo, privacy isn’t much of an issue. However, for a household bathroom, it becomes a concern. In the event you want to have all the privacy to yourself, consider a translucent shower curtain. It allows in shower light but blurs out the details. Also, it should be large enough to provide a full enclosure.

Hanging Hardware

Where possible, aim for a shower curtain that includes all hanging hardware. For anchor holes, I recommend grommets over eyelets or slits. Though plastic is okay, metal grommets, preferably stainless steel, offer more durability.

Aside from grommets, aim for a shower curtain that comes with metal hooks. The hooks make it easier to attach the curtain to the shower rod. Also, they let you slide the curtain along the shower rod for easy opening and closing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s the best fabric shower curtain?

Answer: N&Y HOME Fabric Shower Curtain is simply the best. It comes in a premium, breathable waterproof fabric. Also, it’s extra-wide to provide the coverage you need. Another honorable mention is Barossa Design Waffle Weave Shower Curtain. It’s a weighted shower curtain that stays taut and straight.

Question: What’s the best shower curtain liner?

Answer: Barossa Design PEVA Shower Liner is the best. It’s PVC-free and has an excellent natural resistance to mold and mildew. Plus, it comes complete with magnets to prevent billowing.

Question: How does a shower curtain differ from a shower curtain liner?

Answer: Well, a liner goes inside the freestanding tub, hence keeping the water from getting onto the floor. A shower curtain, on the other hand, goes outside the liner. It’s largely for privacy and decorative purposes.

Question: Are sewn-in magnets on shower curtains only good for cast iron clawfoot tubs?

Answer: Well, magnets attach to cast iron surfaces to keep the shower curtain taut and straight. But that doesn’t mean they are useless in non-metallic tubs. They double as weights to keep the shower curtain from billowing.

Question: How do you keep excess water from getting on the floor?

Answer: Well, there are two ways you can prevent the water from spilling on the floor. You can shower with the liner inside the tub. Also, you can use a larger liner or shower curtain instead of smaller pieces put together. It ensures there’s only one opening you have to deal with.

Question: How do I prevent the shower curtain from gathering too much?

Answer: Generally, an over-sized shower curtain is prone to gathering. Hence, ensure you get the sizing right by taking the dimensions of your clawfoot tub. Use a measuring tape to measure the inside length of the tub. Do the same for the width.


I hope this review has helped you find the best shower curtain for clawfoot tubs? But for better performance, it’s essential that you first measure the clawfoot tub. It will ensure you get a shower curtain that is of the correct size. And where possible, I recommend you get both the liner and the shower curtain to reap the most benefits.

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