The 10 Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person


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Are you overweight? Or maybe you just want a stable, sturdier toilet seat? Regardless, it’s worth the time and effort to dig out the best toilet seat for heavy person. After all, it’s one investment you’re most likely to make sooner or later.

Well, average people can enjoy all the convenience and luxury of a standard toilet seat. But once you hit over 250 pounds, discomforts start to kick in. Such is the time when you wish for a toilet seat that’s more spacious and with rock-solid stability.

Here are the best toilet seats for heavy people, from basic models to those loaded with other extras. Notably, I prioritize reputable brands and user experience in selecting the best products. Hence, I guarantee premium quality and value for money.

10 Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

1. Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat

Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat Img

The name Big John tells a lot regarding the size of the 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat. At 19 x 19 inches, it’s pretty large. Notably, it has 75% more sitting area than standard toilet seats. At 800 pounds, it doesn’t match the weight limit of other seats in the Big John lineup. Still, it’s “overkill” as far a weight capacity is concerned. And with the extra-large seat area, it can support anyone.

Big John 6-W offers more than just an extra-large size. It doesn’t have as much rise as its counterparts in the Big John lineup. But at 1.5 inches, it rewards you with ADA compliant height. As such, it feels comfortable, both to the elderly and physically challenged.

This toilet seat comes in ABS plastic. Aside from being sturdy, it’s also resistant to chemicals and stains.

Big John 6-W has durable nylon hinges. Though not as sturdy as stainless steel, the hinges are exceptionally resistant to impact. They are unlikely to break, loosen, or wiggle during use. Thus, as far as stability goes, the durable plastic hinges don’t disappoint.

Notably, this toilet seat comes with non-slip, stabilizing bumpers. So, there’s zero chance the seat will slip or slide around during use.

Big John 6-W is a complete package as it includes the lid. I wouldn’t say it’s a soft-close seat. However, it doesn’t have the slamming noise of standard toilet seats.

I like this toilet seat for its excellent compatibility as it fits both round and elongated toilet bowls. Big John 6-W is available in white and comes with a 1-year warranty.


Big John 6-W rewards you with pretty much the largest toilet seat size on the market. It doesn’t have the weight capacity of other models in the Big John family. Nor does it boast stainless steel hardware. But at 800 pounds, there’s not one soul that can’t fit on this toilet seat. If you need flexible installation on both round and elongated bowls, this toilet seat is for you.

2. BATH ROYALE BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat

BATH ROYALE BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat Img

At 16.5 x 14 x 2 inches, Bath Royale is pretty much the size of standard toilet seats. However, it’s a lot sturdier. Thanks to the 400-pound weight limit, it can accommodate most heavy users.

It might not have the weight limit and size of its counterparts, such as Big John. However, it compensates with wide-range compatibility.

Notably, this toilet seat fits both standard and non-standard hole spacing, from 4.5-6.5 inches. Hence, it’s fully adjustable to provide a perfect fit for all toilet brands. Some notable names include TOTO, Kohler, and American Standard.

Bath Royale toilet seat has four seat bumpers. Hence, it provides uniform weight distribution, eliminating high-stress points.

The one-touch quick-release feature allows you to remove the seat or lid in an instant. Hence, it provides easy access to where germs and grime collect. Because of that, you can give your toilet a thorough cleaning. To me, the slow-close lid is a plus. After all, not all products on the list boast this feature. It comes in handy to eliminate slamming noise.

Bath Royale seat offers a robust built. It comes in flexible yet crack-resistant polypropylene material. More so, it’s chemical resistant and doesn’t chip or stain. Hence, it keeps a solid color throughout. For the record, this toilet seat is available in three colors: white, almond/bone, and biscuit/linen.

Likewise, this toilet seat has rugged stainless steel hardware. Hence, it provides years of durable service and rust-free performance. No wonder it has a 2-year warranty, which is double that of other brands.

Bath Royale toilet seat is available in both round and elongated versions.


BR620 is pretty much the size of a standard toilet seat. But I like that it can hold more, up to 400 pounds. The quick-release function, in particular, is a plus for me. If you want a seat that’s easy to clean, BR620 will suffice. And as far as the warranty goes, it’s pretty much the best.

3. Bemis 7800TDG 000 Commercial Heavy-Duty Elongated Toilet Seat

Bemis 7800TDG 000 Commercial Heavy-Duty Elongated Toilet Seat Img

Bemis 7800TDG is a commercial-grade toilet seat perfect for high-traffic areas. So, it’s one toilet seat that can take a beating.

Thanks to the injection-molded plastic, it rewards you with solid construction. It’s robust enough to hold 1000 pounds. Also, the seat won’t stain, wear, or chip.

Aside from commercial-grade construction, it offers a commercial-grade fastening system. Termed STA-TITE, it’s a snap to install and never comes loose.

The seat is nicely contoured. Unlike flat seats, it gives your huge butt the comfort it deserves. Also, it has a generous seating area of 18.81 x 14 inches and a 2.25-inch rise.

Well, Bemis 7800TDG is a complete seat with some pretty impressive features. For instance, it has four bumpers for even weight distribution. Also, it boasts a whisper-close hinge to prevent slamming and pinched fingers.

Notably, this toilet seat uses high-quality hardware. It has 300 series stainless steel wing nuts and bolts. As such, it provides years of rust and corrosion-resistant performance.

Dura-Guard Antimicrobial gives the seat built-in germs protection. Nonetheless, I recommend cleaning it regularly.

Bemis 7800TDG toilet seat is for elongated bowls. It fits most top brands, such as Glacier Bay, TOTO, American Standard, Delta, and Kohler.

Notably, Bemis 7800TDG is available in white.


Bemis 7800TDG ticks all the boxes for a heavy-duty, commercial-grade toilet seat. But the patented STA-TITE fastening system is perhaps its strong selling point.  For a seat that installs in a snap, Bemis 7800TDG is the best choice.

4. Centoco 700-001 Round Wooden Toilet Seat


Centoco 700-001 Round Wooden Toilet Seat Img

Centoco is renowned for its high-quality, affordable toilet seats. Centoco 700-001 is among its best creations.

It doesn’t have the heavy-duty, commercial-grade design of other toilet seats. But for a residential toilet seat, this is one product that never disappoints.

Cento-core technology is perhaps its most defining feature. It’s a patented technology that combines polypropylene shell and molded wooden core.

Well, such technology gives you the best of both worlds. You get the sturdy, heavy design of a wooden toilet seat. Also, you’re rewarded with the durability of a heavy-duty plastic toilet seat.

Such a combination makes this toilet seat a whole lot better than its wooden counterparts. It doesn’t crack, chip, or fade. Also, you get a high-gloss scratch-resistant finish that doesn’t stain.

Centoco 700-001 has a 16.75 x 14.38-inch seat area and fits slim at 2 inches. Though not as large as other models, it provides an ergonomic contoured fit. And at 300 pounds, the weight limit is sufficient for most users.

The seat allows for length adjustments. Hence, getting a proper fit isn’t much of an issue. More so, it allows the seat to fit most toilet brands.

Notably, this toilet seat uses molded bumpers. They never loosen, fall off, or collect dirt. Also, it comes complete with a lid. Centoco 700-001 uses high-impact ABS plastic for the hinges and hardware. Thus, it provides durable, corrosion-free performance.

Well, this toilet seat gives you more variety. It’s available in a wide range of color options. You can choose from white, bone, crane white, and biscuit.

Centoco also stands behind its products. This toilet seat, for instance, comes with a 1-year warranty.


Centoco 700 shares most of the features of other products. It might not have what it takes to accommodate the overly obese people. But for a toilet seat that borders between wood and plastic, Centoco 700 is hard to beat.

5. American Standard Heavy-Duty Commercial Toilet Seat

American Standard Heavy-Duty Commercial Toilet Seat Img

Unlike other toilet seats on the list, the American Standard seat doesn’t have a closed front design. Instead, it adopts the open-front design.

Such a design makes it an excellent choice for public toilets. It prevents genitals from coming into contact with the seat. Also, it reduces the likelihood of contamination with urine, allowing for an easier wipe.

Notably, this toilet seat doesn’t have a lid. But it’s not a huge deal, particularly for the purpose it’s designed for.

Like most toilet fixtures from American Standard, this toilet seat is not without some cool technology. It boasts Ever-Clean technology. As such, the surface stays free of stains and odor-causing bacteria. Also, it provides a mirrored-like surface to keep the seat cleaner for longer.

Another notable feature is the stainless steel check hinge. It’s rust-resistant and prevents contact with the tank.

Thanks to solid polypropylene construction, this seat can hold serious weight. Though not specified, the weight limit is sure to accommodate heavy users. But far from a sturdy support, the material is corrosion-free and stain-resistant.

At 18.56 x 14.38 inches, the American Standard seat fits any standard elongated toilet. Also, the lack of a lid provides a slim design of 1-inch. This toilet seat is available in white.


Ever-Clean surface and open-front design make American Standard the most hygienic toilet seat. For public or business settings, this is the toilet seat I recommend.

6. Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W Oversize Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W Oversize Toilet Seat Img

At 19 x 19, Big John-1W is as roomier as the 6-W version. But it has a slightly higher weight rating of 1200 pounds. That makes it one of the sturdiest and roomiest toilet seats on the market.

The shell comes in injection-molded ABS plastic. It can withstand high impact and is extremely resistant to stains and chemicals. So, it retains a brand-new look for years to come.

Big John 1-W is not only engineered for long-life durability. It also offers exceptional user comfort. This toilet seat has a 2.5-inch rise to provide ADA-compliant height. As such, it’s comfortable for seniors and the physically challenged.

A roomier seat and comfort-height is just part of what makes this seat comfortable. Apparently, it has a contoured surface for a cozy sitting platform.

Oversized, non-slip bumpers maintain stability. They distribute the weight evenly and keep the seat from shifting or sliding around.

Unlike the 6-W toilet seat, Big John 1-W uses solid stainless steel hinges. They are rust-resistant and provide more shelf life.

Like Big John 6-W, this toilet seat is just as versatile. It can fit both round and elongated bowls for flexible installation. Also, it takes only a wrench or pliers to fit it in place.

This toilet seat comes in a choice of two colors: cream and white. Also, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty.


It has most of the features of Big John 6-W. But with stainless steel hinges and 1200-pound weight capacity, it’s a little studier. It’s a toilet seat that scores highly in all categories. And for that, I vote it the best toilet seat for obese people.

7. Centoco 900SC-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat

Centoco 900SC-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat Img

Centoco 900SC is another hot pick with hybrid construction. Like the 700, it employs the same Cento-core technology by using both plastic and wood. The wooden core gives a sturdy built, while the polypropylene shell adds more life to the seat.

This toilet seat stands out in a beautiful, high-gloss finish. And since it doesn’t fade or chip, the seat doesn’t lose its luster. While the 700 is available in four colors, this seat comes in two colors: white and crane white.

Alongside the 700, it’s the only model in the Centoco lineup to include a safety-close feature. It’s safe for your fingers and doesn’t slam. Hence, it’s an ideal choice for households with pets and children.

Though it shares most of the features with the 700, this seat is slightly larger. It has a seating area of 18.75 x 14.25 inches but with the same thickness of 2 inches. Also, it accommodates 300 pounds.

Centoco 900SC provides room for adjustments. As such, it can fit just about any toilet seat on the market.

This toilet seat uses built-in bumpers that never loosen. They provide a non-slip grip on the porcelain surface and keep the seat in one position.

Like all toilet seats from Centoco, the 900SC uses heavy-duty plastic hardware. They are resistant to impact and remain corrosion-free for the lifetime of the product. Notably, this toilet seat comes with a 1-year warranty.


Compared to the 700SC model, it doesn’t have a lot of surprises. But I wouldn’t mind emphasizing the soft-close seat and Cento-core technology. It’s not as sturdy as other models. Hence, I recommend it for medium-duty use.

8. Bariatric Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat

Bariatric Heavy-Duty Toilet Seat Img

As the name suggests, this toilet seat is ruggedly built for overweight patients. Rated at over 1200 pounds, it can hold anything you throw at it.

This toilet seat pretty much falls within the Big John lineup. It has a sizeable seating area of 19 x 19 inches, one of the largest on the market. Alongside that massive size, the seat is contoured for added comfort.

Notably, this toilet seat uses the highest-grade ABS plastic. As such, it can withstand high impact. Also, it doesn’t stain and holds up to harsh chemicals. With good care, this is a seat that can easily outlast you.

As for the hinges, this toilet seat uses stainless steel. It’s unbreakable and rust-resistant to provide years of use.

At 2.5 inches, this toilet seat sits higher than the standard toilet seat. For that, it meets ADA-compliant height.

The rubber bumpers are another plus. They keep the toilet seat from shifting. Moreover, they enable easy transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet.

The Bariatric toilet seat rewards you with flexible installation. It can fit almost all toilets, round or elongated. Well, the toilet comes in white and is covered by a 1-year warranty.


It shares some of the best features of toilet seats in the Big John lineup. It has the largest size and weight limit in a toilet seat. This is the seat you want for heavy-duty residential use.

9. Ginsey Elongated Resin Toilet Seat

Ginsey Elongated Resin Toilet Seat Img

This toilet seat is easily the most beautiful. Beachscape mosaic pattern accented in coastal seashells and sand grains makes it a centerpiece. And with a glass-like mirrored finish, the design is extremely eye-catching.

Well, the seat is available in other five color patterns that are just as eye-catching. Hence, it’s easier to find something that complements your bathroom décor.

Though it looks like glass, this toilet seat comes in heavy-duty plastic. It’s crack-resistant and stays stain-free throughout its lifespan. And with striking chrome hardware, it promises to remain free of rust and corrosion.

It has a seating area of 18.5 x 14.5 inches to create a sizeable platform. Also, it has a rise of 2.5 inches for a comfort-height design.

The heavy-duty chrome hinges hold up well to stress. And with non-slip bumpers, it promises excellent stability. It won’t shift, wiggle, or slide around.

Well, I don’t know about the weight limit. After all, the manufacturer doesn’t specify it. Nonetheless, all features point to a seat that’s extremely sturdy and durable. That’s enough reassurance that it can hold massive weights.


Sometimes, beauty counts. And if you’re after a glamorous look, this toilet seat will suffice. Also, I like it most for a wide range of colors available.

10. AQUALONA Night Light Toilet Seats Soft Close

AQUALONA Night Light Toilet Seats Soft Close Img

AQUALONA is perhaps one of the most advanced toilet seats for a heavy person. It has a night light feature that comes on automatically once it detects sound and vibration. Hence, it gives you peace of mind at night. Also, it eliminates the need for glaring bathroom lights.

This toilet seat not only provides cutting-edge technology. It’s also built to last, courtesy of the heavy-duty thermoplastic construction. It maintains a smooth-looking appearance and holds as much as 330 pounds. Also, the surface has built-in anti-bacterial protection for sanitation purposes.

The soft-close lid is another feature that offers ultimate durability. Apart from eliminating slamming noise, it’s tested to withstand up to 50,000 uses. So, it pretty much lasts the entire lifespan of your toilet.

AQUALONA toilet seat uses 360-degree chrome-coated stainless steel hinges. They provide adjustable rotation to fit most types of toilet bowls. Also, the hinges have a quick-release feature for easy cleaning.

Well, this toilet seat is hard to beat when it comes to color choices. It’s available in 11 colors to match different toilet designs.

This toilet seat has a generous seating area of 17.72 x 14.17 inches. Also, it fits slim at 1.97 inches.


Whether you’re after durability or ease-of-installation, this toilet seat ticks all the boxes. But perhaps what makes it more outstanding is the night light feature. If you don’t like fumbling in the dark for switches, AQUALONA is your best choice. Plus, it comes in an endless choice of colors.

Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person: Complete Guide

Weight Limit

Average toilet seats begin to fail at 250 pounds. Hence, aim for a toilet seat that can hold more. But in so doing, consider the weight of the heaviest person going to use the seat. I recommend a weight capacity that’s at least 50 pounds more than your weight. For instance, if you weigh 250 pounds, I advise you to aim for a toilet seat with a weight limit that is at least 300 pounds.

Some of the sturdiest models can hold 800 to 1200 pounds. Unfortunately, some models do not indicate the weight limit. But you can check with the manufacturer.


Of course, you don’t want a seat made of flimsy materials. Instead, you want a durable material that can hold up to years of use. Generally, toilet seats come in two materials: wood and plastic.

Wood-based toilet seats provide an artistic appeal. Moreover, they tend to be studier. But with time, a wood-based seat will chip, crack, and develop stains.

Plastic-based seats are virtually unbreakable, stain-resistant, and chemical-resistant. But you can’t achieve such benefits from cheap plastic. So, I recommend you settle for thick, heavy-duty plastic materials. The most popular options include thermoplastic, polypropylene, and high-impact ABS.

Some toilet seat brands, such as Centoco, employ a different construction method but with impressive results. In this method, the seat has a molded wooden core enclosed in a durable plastic shell.


You don’t want a toilet seat that shifts or slides around during use. It can be quite a challenge, particularly when transitioning from a wheelchair to a toilet seat. Hence, consider non-slip supports, which mostly come in the form of rubber bumpers. It will keep the toilet seat put.

Also, I advise you to look for high-quality hinges. Stainless steel is the most preferred choice. It doesn’t rust and gives more years of use. But if you have to settle for plastic hinges, I recommend heavy-duty nylon or high-impact ABS.


Consider the size of the toilet seat in terms of length and width. Generally, I recommend a sizeable seat that extends past the rim of the bowl. It gives you the benefit of a wider, safer seat.


As far as design goes, toilet seats have either closed-front or open-front designs.

Generally, closed-front toilet seats include the lid and are an ideal choice for residential use. Open-front seats, on the other hand, don’t include the lid. Also, they have a cutout at the front to minimize contact with genitals. Of the two, open-front toilets are considered more hygienic. But they are largely for high-traffic, commercial settings.


Aim for a seat that fits your toilet. Some are for elongated toilet bowls. Others are for round toilet bowls. But models, such as those in the Big John lineup, fit both round and elongated bowls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s the best toilet seat for heavy people?

Answer: It’s quite tricky to tell the best from the list. But upon careful inspection, I vote Big John 1-W as the best. It’s the largest, sturdiest, and comes from one of the most reputable brands.

Question: What’s the best toilet seat for commercial areas?

Answer: Thanks to the open-front design, the American Standard toilet seat is the best. It offers easy sanitation that high-traffic areas demand.

Question: Why can’t heavy people use standard toilet seats?

Answer: Well, the average standard toilet seat has a weight limit of 250-300 pounds. However, most are of flimsy materials and don’t have as much stability. So, with the slightest movement, they tend to wriggle or develop cracks over time.

Question: Which is better between a round and an elongated toilet seat?

Answer: Elongated toilet seats are a lot more comfortable. However, they are slightly more expensive and require a lot of space. Round toilet seats are an affordable, space-saving choice. But they are not as comfortable.

Question: Between plastic and wood, which is the best material for a toilet seat?

Answer: Well, wooden toilet seats lend a luxurious look to your bathroom space. Also, they are sturdy and heavier. Though light, plastic toilet seats tend to have a longer lifespan.


Overweight issues shouldn’t come between you and an excellent, comfortable time in the toilet. What you need is the best toilet seat for heavy person. Well, I have outlined the best products to consider. Be it for heavy-duty use, medium-duty use, commercial use, or residential use, there’s a product to suit your needs. Take your time and pick the toilet seat you find the best.

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