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Camping is fun, but not without an ideal spot for a portable toilet or shower. After all, no one likes hiding in the bush while taking a dunk or shower. It’s more of an embarrassment, and you never know who’s watching. Well, you can keep your camp private with the best toilet tent. It gives you quality time to yourself and can withstand most weather elements.

But tell you what, choosing the best toilet tent for camping can be a headache. First, there’s a multitude of brands to sift through. And while most promise stellar performance, they often come up short.

Well, I’m here to save you the ordeal. Here, I’ll be reviewing the best pop-up shower tents for the money. Also, I’ll be wrapping up things with a complete buyer’s guide. So, how about we walk the review together? Chances are there’s one that will suit your needs and budget.

10 Best Toilet Tent

1. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy Tent

Key Features

  •  Extra-wide design for ample room
  •  Removable floor
  •  800mm PU-coated polyester fabric
  •  Dedicated shelf for a solar shower bag

A standard toilet tent fits the average person just fine. But for big guys, it might require a couple of extra inches. And for that, you have the Light Speed toilet tent. Xtra wide privacy tent offers 25 square feet of floor space, the largest on the list. Also, it stands 6.75 feet high. Hence, there’s plenty of headroom and extra inches to stretch.

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Light Speed toilet tent packs a ton of accessories for toiletries and shower. Notably, it has a towel strap, a solar shower shelf, and a pocket for toiletries. The shelf can accommodate shower bags as large as 2-3 gallons.

Moreover, this toilet tent boasts mesh skylights. Not only do the skylights let in light but also improve air circulation. At 14 pounds, this privacy tent is a bit heavier than other models. But on the brighter side, it affords a more stable design. Also, it comes with telescopic poles for a 1-minute setup and takedown.

Light Speed uses 190T polyester fabric. For me, it’s pretty standard for most toilet tents. It’s water-resistant as well as durable. You can leave the PE floor for shower sessions or fold it up to keep the tent clean. This tent is available in two colors: Iron Gate and Green.


Size matters when it comes to toilet tents. Other models are spacious, no doubt. But for the best roomy design, I’d give it to Speed Light.

2. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent

Key Features

  • Partial bottom design for sanitation and shower sessions
  • Four color options
  • Easy shower bag entrance
  • Secure double-zippered door

The Leader shower tent lives up to its namesake. I’d say it’s at the forefront in the toilet tents segment. And this sizeable tent is among its best creations. I’m not the type who’s into colors. But the more the colors, the more options you have. So, with four colors available, this pop-up tent meets different tastes for color. You can pick from Blue, Green, Tan, or Grey.

Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent Img

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This shower tent stands 6.5 feet tall and with a floor area of 16 square feet. Hence, it affords less congestion.

The tent has a hanging rope for towels and clothes. Moreover, it comes with a built-in pocket for amenities. The partial floor gives you the option to clip it up or down. The skylight comes in breathable mesh to reduce the mist. At the same time, it has an opening for a solar shower bag.


Leader Accessories toilet tent ticks up pretty much all the boxes. However, I’d commend it for having the most color options.

3. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

Key Features

  •  Ultra-lightweight construction (4.3 pounds)
  •  A no-floor design keeps the tent clean
  •  A small window for 360-degree ventilation
  •  UPF 30+ water repellent fabric

Easy portability is part of a decent toilet tent. And to achieve that, a lighter construction is crucial. Well, this pop-up shower tent takes things the extra mile. At 4.3 pounds, it’s one of the lightest you can get.

WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent Img

10 Best Toilet Tent wide-orange Img

Most tents boast a lightweight design but at the expense of a spacious interior. However, Wolf Wise offers the best of both worlds. At 16 square feet, it has ample floor space. Not to mention, it’s 6.2 feet high to accommodate tall people.

Wolf Wise tent doesn’t have a built-in floor. However, it’s excellent for shower sessions all the same. It has a small window that doubles as an opening for a solar shower hose.

The window and sizeable zippered door deliver 360-degree ventilation. Also, the tent has a storage pocket and a hanging line for clothes and towels.

Wolf Wise pop-up tent promises weather-resistant performance. It comes with water repellent polyester that has UPF 30+ rating. Well, I commend it for providing up to 60% UV protection.

Moreover, this privacy tent takes rugged durability in mind. It boasts 190T polyester that promises long-lasting, anti-tear performance.

This toilet tent pops up and folds down in seconds. Hence, it’s easier to assemble or take it down for transportation.


Though it doesn’t have a bath mat, this toilet tent doesn’t come up short. I’ll confidently vote it the best for an ultra-lightweight design.

4. Green Elephant Pop Up Toilet Tent

Key Features

  • Best-in-class height (6.9 feet)
  • Bonus sandbags for stability
  • Rugged, water repellent polyester cover
  • Bottom-less design for sanitation

As much as it’s a blessing, being tall has its shortcomings. For a tent that doesn’t have ample headroom, a lot can come in your way. Moreover, you won’t get as much comfort. Well, the Green Elephant toilet tent might be your best solution.

Green Elephant Pop Up Toilet Tent Img

10 Best Toilet Tent wide-orange Img

At 6.9 feet, this shower tent has the most headroom. Also, it has 16 square feet of floor area. Though not the largest, it’s sizeable enough for one person. Green Elephant tent has a no-floor design. Hence, it’s easier to keep it clean around the clock.

This tent has a ton of accessories inside. You get a toilet paper holder, flashlight hanger, and a solar shower opening. Also, there’s an external hanger for towels and clothes. The package comes with several bonuses. However, I can’t help pointing out the sandbags that add more stability.

Well, the tent cover comes in water repellent polyester. And with a cover that hooks over the mesh skylight, it creates a rainproof barrier.


There’s a lot to love regarding this toilet tent. But top of the list, I commend it for best-in-class headroom and stability.

5. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System

Key Features

  • Economic all-in-one package
  • Porta-potty complete with wet wipes and waste bag
  • Floor-less base improves sanitation
  • The cover is flared at the base for added protection

Let’s be clear on one thing. Buying a toilet tent isn’t enough. More often than not, you’ll need to furnish it with a portable toilet. And that calls for extra expenses. After all, portable toilets don’t come that cheap.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System Img

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So, why not save yourself the extra expenses with a complete toilet system? That said, I introduce you to the Cleanwaste portable toilet system.

This toilet tent comes with a foldable porta-potty, strong enough for big guys. Alongside that, you get a waste bag, wet wipes, and waste powder. Hence, it offers nothing short of blissful relief.

As for the tent, it adopts a floor-less base for sanitation purposes. At 16 square feet, it’s spacious. Also, it stands 6.5 feet tall to fit tall users. The tent comes complete with a storage pouch and a hanging line. Moreover, the water-resistant cover flares out at the bottom. As such, it provides added protection from the rain.


Cleanwaste toilet tent is a bit expensive. But considering the extras, I’d say it offers more value for money. For a complete toilet system, Cleanwaste is one step ahead.

6. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Toilet Tent

Key Features

  • Wallet-friendly choice
  • Innovative pop-up design
  • Sewn-on weight pockets for stability
  • Floor-less bottom
  • Ultra-lightweight design (3 pounds)

There’s that one product that never ceases to impress time and again. And in the toilet tent segment, Giga Tent tops the best list.

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Toilet Tent Img

10 Best Toilet Tent wide-orange Img

Giga Tent is less than half the cost of the average toilet tent. But it doesn’t sacrifice space, portability, and durability. I can confidently say that this is one feature that makes it a real boom.

This tent has a floor area of 9 square feet and stands 5.75 feet. Though not as large, it has more than ample room for one person.

Unlike other models with mesh skylights, GigaTent has a fully closed top. Hence, it offers ultimate privacy from all directions. But the absence of a mesh top doesn’t make it less breathable. The 190T polyester taffeta promises a breathable, weather-resistance use.

At 3 pounds, this toilet tent is pretty much the lightest. Hence, it offers remarkable portability. But such a low weight can cause stability issues. So, Giga Tent plays it safe by including sewn-on sandbag pockets.


Not all are willing to spend a lot on a toilet tent. In such a situation, I’ll recommend the Big Tent for the best budget buy.

7. Sportneer Pop Up Camping Shower Tent

Key Features

  •  Durable, 210 thread count polyester cover
  •  Private pop-up design
  •  A zippered window for ample airflow
  •  Floor-less base

Though not by much, Sportneer tent affords a higher level of durability. Most models on the list have a 190 thread count polyester cover. But for this tent, you get 210 thread counts.

Sportneer Pop Up Camping Shower Tent Img

10 Best Toilet Tent wide-orange Img

The tent cover is light and soft. Despite that, it offers remarkable waterproofing and rugged durability.

Sportneer is a no-floor tent, providing 16 square feet of floor space. Though not the tallest, it stands at an impressive 6.2 feet. Hence, it has all the specs of a roomy toilet tent.

This privacy tent doesn’t have mesh skylights. But it compensates for with two small windows. First, they provide ample ventilation and lighting. Moreover, the windows create a place for your solar shower hose.

There’s a storage bag for amenities and a rope for your clothing and towel. You can pop up the tent or fold it down in seconds. Whichever way, the process is effortless and time-saving.


Sportneer offers a level of durability that’s one step ahead. While most toilet tents have one window, this one has two. So, I’ll recommend it for having one of the best ventilation systems.

8. PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Tent

Key Features

  • A straighter design maximizes interior space
  • One-touch setup and takedown
  • Black cover improves privacy
  • Sewn-on weight pockets

Most toilets adopt a triangular-shaped design. For me, that’s understandable as it offers more stability. But this toilet tent sits a bit straight all the way up. So, it maximizes usable interior space and has measures for stability.

PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Tent Img

The tent has 10.3 square feet of floor area and stands 6.25 feet. As I mentioned earlier, it has excellent measures for stability. Besides the ground stakes, it has sewn-on weight pockets.

The polyester cover is entirely waterproof. Also, it has mesh skylights for ventilation and ample lighting. And like others on the list, it comes with an elastic hanging rope.

Moreover, this shower tent rewards you with one-touch assembly and takedown. It can pop up for use in as little as ten seconds.


I’d recommend this tent for a space-optimizing design. Also, the black cover takes it one step ahead in terms of privacy.

9. TMS Portable Pop up Toilet Tent

Key Features

  • Non-bottom design keeps the tent clean
  • Fully enclosed top improves privacy
  • Camouflage, army green cover

TMS is another affordable toilet tent worth the dollar. It promises a quick setup, popping up in just two seconds.

TMS Portable Pop up Toilet Tent Img

The army green cover makes the tent look at home anywhere. Be it in the park, beach, or forest; this shower tent is sure to stand out. The top is fully enclosed. Except for a shadowy view, it offers ultimate privacy. Also, it has a non-bottom design that makes it easier to keep clean.

TMS shower tent offers a little over 11 square feet of floor space. Also, it adopts a taller 6.25 feet design. Hence, it accommodates most users, even those with large body frames.

There’s no provision for weighted pockets or sandbags. But to maintain stability, the tent comes with ground stakes.

Furthermore, TMS offers a sizeable U-shaped door. You can roll it up for easy entry and exit or down for privacy.


I think TMS makes the best choice for camping in the greens. The color, for instance, offers excellent camouflage. But I think a window or two will make it even better. At least for ample ventilation and lighting.

10. Abco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent

Key Features

  • Innovative pop-up design complete with folding instructions
  • A comprehensive accessories pack
  • Functional multi-purpose design
  • Floor-less bottom

Toilet tents aren’t that difficult to fold or set up. However, a little help makes the process a whole lot easier. So, I’d like to commend this toilet tent for including folding instructions.

Abco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent Img

10 Best Toilet Tent wide-orange Img

Aside from providing a hassle-free setup, it rewards you with a multi-use design. You can use it as a tent for a toilet, shower, or photography.

The floor has a generous 11.5 square feet of space. And at 6.3 feet tall, a one-person space is well-catered for.

A triangular design and ground stakes keep the tent stable. Inside is a hanging strap and a pouch for toiletries. Also, the tent has a window for ventilation and a top opening for lighting.


This toilet tent isn’t so different from the others on the list. But it’s so thoughtful of the brand to include setup instructions. So, I’d confidently recommend it to anyone buying their first toilet tent.

Best Toilet Tent: Complete Guide

Price, brand, and customer reviews take center stage when choosing the best toilet tent for camping. But it takes more to get yourself that perfect toilet tent. Hence, let me introduce you to the features to look for in the best shower tent.


Though size comes at an extra expense, it would help to have a spacious tent. It should accommodate you and provide extra space for movement. I’d recommend a floor area of at least 9 square feet. As for the height, 5.5 feet or higher will do.


A quality, durable tend material offers stellar performance. But to achieve that, it should have specific characteristics. For the tent cover, go for a non-see-through material for privacy. Also, it should be tear-proof and resistant to water and UV radiation. Polyester and nylon fabrics serve the purpose best.

Aside from the tent cover, consider a stable frame. Also, it should be weather-resistant. For this, I recommend fiberglass and powder-coated steel.


The setup process ought to be as user-friendly as possible. Also, it should be easy to fold and put away after use. Luckily, the best pop-up shower tents offer such convenience. You can set up or fold in seconds.


No one wants to be peeped at while in the toilet or taking a shower. You want to do your business in peace, away from prying eyes. So, I’ll recommend zipper locks. Also, the tent cover shouldn’t allow in light from the sides.


You want a tent that filters out the mist and moisture. Also, it needs to allow ample air circulation. To achieve that, consider a side window or mesh opening at the top.

Floor Design

The choice between a bottomless tent and a removable floor is a personal preference. The no-floor design promotes sanitation. But the removable floor allows for more flexible use. You can leave it on for shower sessions or flip it up to keep the tent clean. Also, consider a water-resistant material that rids off excess water.

Storage Accessories

You don’t want to be carrying toiletries every time you visit the toilet. So, consider a tent that has a built-in pouch for toiletries and personal items. Also, a hanging line will come in handy for your toilet paper, towel and clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best toilet tent to buy?

I’d recommend the Light Speed Extra-Wide tent for several reasons. First, it has the most spacious interior. Also, it has an 800mm PU coating for excellent wet weather performance.

What’s the best complete toilet tent for the money?

That would be Cleanwaste Go Anywhere toilet tent. It comes complete with a porta-potty as well as waste bags.

Which is the best shower tent for the budget?

Giga Tent is easily the best buy on a tight budget. Though cheap, it showcases excellent quality.

How can I maintain the quality of a toilet tent?

Well, you should be cautious each time you fold the tent by ensuring it’s dry. Otherwise, it can develop mold and degrade over time.


Picking the best toilet tent that lives up to its promise is no easy task. But having laid it all out, I hope we’ve made the task easier for you. All you have to do is to choose the shower tent that best fits your needs and budget.

But before you buy, it wouldn’t hurt to pen down the model that impressed you the best.

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