The 10 Best Tub Surround Reviews of 2021


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It’s time to upgrade your bathroom decor. You deserve it! After all, we tend to spend a lot of time there, so it deserves to be beautiful, too. The best way to spruce it up? A tub surround! Not just any, but the best tub surround.

You see, a tub surround can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of your bathroom. It can be a focal point and one of the first things that people notice when they walk into your bathroom.

So, depending on what you choose, a bathtub surround can make or break your bathroom. Hence, it’s only wise to go for the best to make your bathroom feel more like home.

You know what, we’ve got you covered on this. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-modern or classic and chic, these are the best tub surrounds on the market!

Top 10 Best Bathtub Surrounds Reviewed

1. Maax 5-Piece Bathtub Wall Kit

The Maax 5-piece Bathtub surround kit is an affordable and easy way to give your bathroom the makeover it deserves.

It’s for use with a standard 60-inch bathtub and includes all necessary pieces to ensure a perfect installation. Also, with a modular design, it can fit into most bathrooms.



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The Maax Bathtub Wall Kit includes two side panels, a back panel, and two corner shelves.

Each shelf has three levels of storage. Hence, you can easily keep all of your favorite products nearby whether you decide to use them or not. Also, the corner shelves can be adjusted to be at any height.

The polystyrene panels will satisfy your desire for a customized bath. They’re easy to trim and to cut out notches for faucets and other bathroom fixtures. So, while it’s designed for standard 60-inch tubs, you can customize it for smaller 48-inch tubs.

This bathtub wall kit has a cleanable white finish with a low sheen. Indeed, it’s a set that will make your bathroom shine.

In addition to upgrading your bathroom with style, this kit also provides you with a barrier, meaning you’ll never have to worry about water damage again!

The best part is that you only need minimum DIY experience can install it. Hence, you can create your dream bathroom without professional help.

This tub surround is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to update your bathroom’s look while keeping it safe from leaks and breaks.


✅ Budget-friendly

✅ Super lightweight design

✅ Easy to install


✖️ Fairly flimsy and prone to denting

2. ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall

ASB Vantage is another tub surround that offers ways to save money and still get the decor you want.

Like the Maax bathtub wall, ASB is a 5-piece kit that will turn your bathtub into a luxurious sanctuary where you can escape for some “me time.” It comprises the left, right, and back panels as well as six corner shelves.



ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall Img

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But unlike the Maax tub surround, it has two towel bars that complete this incredible package. Hence, this tub surround gives you more ways to dress up your wall and make it personal.

This surround features a high-impact polystyrene construction that ensures durability while adding visual interest to your bathroom. But it’s not just aesthetics. Acrylic also makes it easier to clean.

We know that bathroom leaks are a major cause of water damage. Therefore, it’s good to see how ASB addresses the issue by having overlapping corners. Also, it gives you one less thing to worry about – mold.

The ASB Tub Wall is designed to fit right over the top of your existing alcove tub. Plus, there’s no need to tear out any walls.

Moreover, the panels come with no holes. Thus, it gives you the flexibility to make holes and trim the panels as required. Still, it can fit alcoves from 49 x 28 inches to 60 x 31 inches.

ASB tub surround will certainly fit your space and budget. Plus, you’ll pretty much love how easy it is to install!


✅ High-impact polystyrene

✅ Watertight seal

✅ Integrated towel bars


✖️ A little bit flimsy

3. DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit

The QWALL Backwall Kit creates the illusion of more space with a sleek, modern design that will please any homeowner or tenant.

Well, it doesn’t come in different colors to let you express your style with ease. It does, however, come in different materials that will stand out with any décor style.



DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit Img

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The back wall pieces come in acrylic and ABS materials. They’re easy to clean and have an attractive tile pattern to create a unique look.

In fact, if you’re looking for something more subtle and sophisticated, this back wall kit will suffice.

But the focal point isn’t only on the acrylic side panels. Two glass corner shelves also let you get organized with this incredible kit. They provide a sleek, modern look and make your bathroom space feel less cramped.

You can trim the panels to your choice of size to fit up to 60-inch standard alcove tubs. Plus, this glue-on kit is easy enough for anyone to install; just measure the space where your wall will go and follow the instructions!

Minimalists, this is the perfect design for your bathroom. With a functional design and no expense for custom built-ins, this tub surround is the answer to all of your needs.

Indeed, this is a design that will appeal to any minimalist who needs a more functional design without the expense of custom built-ins.


✅ Attractive tile effect

✅ Easy to clean and maintain

✅ Trendy glass shelves


✖️ The walls seem slightly flimsy

4. Mustee 56WHT Durawall Fiberglass Bathtub Wall Surround

Durawall tub surround is an easy way to add some character to your bathroom while also making it functional!

Durawall’s innovative fiberglass construction takes the worry out of your bathroom remodel. It won’t crack or leak and is easy to clean. Plus, it’s attractive for added flair.



Mustee 56WHT Durawall Fiberglass Bathtub Wall Surround Img

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No more having to search for products or worry about them rolling off the counter! This tub surround has corner shelves to cut down on clutter and give you room to organize everything from toiletries to towels.

Another huge plus is that the shelves also have an integrated drain. It makes it easier to keep your bathroom organized by letting water flow out of the shelf and into your sink.

It’s the type of design that injects character into your bathroom and makes it feel less like an afterthought.

Those with TOPAZ fiberglass bathtubs will find this tub surround a handy choice. Still, you can trim it to fit standard 30 x 60 inches or 32 x 60 inches tubs. Perhaps one thing that gives it even more edge is that it can fit 42 x 72-inch whirlpool tubs.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom space and want to add a touch of luxury, this tub wall kit is the perfect way to do it.


✅ Completely watertight

✅ Self-draining shelves

✅ Easy to clean and maintain

✅ Easy to cut and install


✖️ Tends to stain easily

5. DreamLine Acrylic Shower Base and QWALL Backwall Kit

DreamLine shower base and back wall combo will make any bathroom space seem like it’s straight out of a magazine.

This 60 x 30-inch shower kit is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. It replaces your standard shower base and wall surround with a more modern, updated design.



DreamLine Acrylic Shower Base and QWALL Backwall Kit Img

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The back wall kit has three panels in a clear acrylic finish. They resist stains and bacteria while being easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the white finish offers a unique design that blends in beautifully with any bathroom theme.

DreamLine’s back wall kit also features six deep corner shelves with ample storage space. The shelves allow you to make the most of your limited wall space by keeping everything you need out of sight but within arm’s reach.

Best of all, the back wall kit comes with a matching acrylic shower base. Also, the shower base comes in different drain configurations. So, you’re pretty sure to find one that suits your space.

The SlipGrip textured floor is an especially important feature of the shower base. It helps prevent slips and falls that may result in falling or even severe injury. In fact, it’s been tested by third-party agencies to ensure it meets the safety standards.

Not to mention with a lifetime warranty, DreamLine has made things much easier.

So, for a product that provides a lifetime of satisfaction and peace of mind, the DreamLine shower base & back wall combo is hard to beat.


✅ Stain and scratch-resistant

✅ Includes a matching shower base

✅ Non-slip textured floor

✅ Lifetime warranty


✖️ Only caters to showers

6. Transolid Expressions 3-Panel Shower Wall Kit

Do you want an easy way to create a custom shower that is more durable, attractive, and uniquely yours? If so, the Transolid Expressions 3-Panel Shower Wall Kit may be the perfect option!

The kit contains three impact-resistant panels. Not only that, but the wall panels are also resistant to mold and mildew to provide a hygienic surface. Also, you can trim the panels to create your own custom design.



Transolid Expressions 3-Panel Shower Wall Kit Img

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Unlike most tub surrounds, the trimmable panels don’t come with corner shelves.

Still, you’ll love that it comes with two corner trim pieces. Not only do they create a beautiful, finished look for your new bathroom, but they also provide a protective barrier. These trim pieces are also pre-cut to fit around the corners of your shower area.

You can customize the design even better with a variety of different finishes and colors to suit your taste and the rest of your bathroom decor.

This back wall kit is easy to install. However, what I like best is that it comes with four tubes of silicone adhesive. Well, that’s a huge bonus for me.

If you need a tub surround that provides a sense of openness and space, this is for you.


✅ Beveled for a neat and watertight seal

✅ Hygienic bacteria-free material

✅ Includes color-coordinated silicone

✅ Multiple color options

✅ 10-year warranty


✖️ Heavy design

7. American Standard Studio Bathtub Wall Set

If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom with some new décor, then check out the American Standard bathtub surround.

At first glance, it’s clear that this is a high-quality item. The materials are not only durable but also made to last for years to come. The design, too, is beautiful and modern without being too elaborate.



American Standard Studio Bathtub Wall Set Img

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It has high-gloss acrylic walls, which are resistant to mildew and mold growth.

You see, unlike other products, the walls are not trimmable. Instead, they’re pre-measured to only fit 32 x 60-inch bathtubs.

But there’s a catch and a huge one, for that matter.

You get interlocking walls that provide a more seamless finish and are easier to install. Also, it’s a more effective way to waterproof your bathroom from leaks due to the seams.

Another thing is that the walls mount directly to studs. Hence, you get a tub surround that’s sturdier than its glue-on counterparts.

This bathtub wall set also allows you to make the most of the space you have. It has six generous shelves that maximize storage.

This tub surround is also warrantied for life, which means you’ll have peace of mind for as long as you own it.

With this surround, you can feel safe knowing that you have added protection from water damage.


✅ High-quality acrylic

✅ Sizeable shelves

✅ Watertight tongue and groove design


✖️ Designed to fit American Standard Studio bathtubs hence might limit use on other bathtub makes

8. STERLING Ensemble Bath and Shower Kit

Bring your bathroom space into the modern age with this STERLING Bath & Shower kit.

With smooth curved walls, the design of this bath and shower kit is clean and stylish. The sleek look is matched by its durability, as this unit is made of solid Vikrell material.



STERLING Ensemble Bath and Shower Kit Img

Top 10 Best Bathtub Surrounds Reviewed wide-orange Img

You see, Vikrell has an array of benefits. It’s one of the strongest materials out there. In fact, it’s stronger than steel while being lighter and more flexible.

Hence, this shower kit can handle whatever you throw at it. Also, the unique property of being lightweight makes it easy to work with and install. Plus, it has a water-resistant backing to provide to prevent mold and mildew.

This 60 x 32-inch shower kit comes complete with two integrated corner shelves. Hence, you can keep all your bathroom essentials out of sight while still having them close by when they’re needed!

Do you know what else is great? This shower kit has an 18-inch apron that adds class to your standard bathtub.

You’ll find this shower kit a lot easier to install. Like the American Standard tub surround, it has a tongue and groove construction that installs directly onto studs.

This ensemble is certainly a smart choice for today and the future.


✅ No layers to peel, chip, or crack

✅ Smooth, gentle curves

✅ Classy high-gloss finish

✅ Watertight tongue and groove design


✖️ Easily harbors dust and dirt on the curves

9. Swanstone Veritek Glue-Up 3 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit

Are you tired of ugly, dark, and unsanitary bathtubs? Swanstone is here to help with their new Veritek wall kit.

Perhaps one thing you didn’t know about Veritek is that it can heal itself from small cuts and scratches. It not only heals itself, but it also provides antimicrobial properties while doing so. Hence, you can say goodbye to mold and mildew.



Swanstone Veritek Glue-Up 3 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit Img

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Well, if this new technology doesn’t sound exciting, I don’t know what will.

Also, the Veritek panels have the appearance of a tiled wall. Only this time, there’s no grout to clean. Also, the tile finish offers a timeless design that will leave a lasting impression.

This Swanstone kit also comes with a matching, molded-in soap dish that sits low enough for easy access.

The kit is very easy to install, and it can be customized for any size of bathtub up to 60 inches long. Plus, with a lifetime warranty, it will help you attain your dream of a luxurious bathtub surround for years to come.


✅ Attractive tile effect

✅ No surface coating to scratch, chip, or crack

✅ Never fades or stain

✅ The kit includes color-coordinated silicone

✅ Lifetime warranty


✖️ A bit difficult to install

10. Swanstone Solid Surface Glue-Up 5 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit

If you’re looking for new bathtub wall panels to spruce up your bathroom, look no further than Swanstone Solid Surface Wall Kit. This five-panel wall kit is perfect for any bathroom remodel or new installation.

The panels are made from durable, scratch-resistant solid surface material that is easy to clean and won’t crack or chip with use. Also, the pieces are resistant to mold and mildew for years of carefree use.



Swanstone Solid Surface Glue-Up 5 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit Img

Top 10 Best Bathtub Surrounds Reviewed wide-orange Img

Two corner moldings add even more designer touches to this wall kit. They make the edges of your bathroom look finished and professional, as well as protect the walls from water damage.

Another good thing is that this kit comes with two molded-in shelves. Hence, you’ll no longer have trouble deciding how to organize your space.

This wall kit comes in a variety of colors and styles to match any décor or bathroom theme. So, you can get exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Plus, you’ll rest assured that this kit is going to last for years. After all, it comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

This 30 x 60-inch kit will create a bathroom that’s as beautiful as it is functional and practical for your needs.


✅ Authentic solid surface doesn’t chip, crack, or stain

✅ Resistant to mold and mildew

✅ Multiple color options

✅ Lifetime warranty


✖️ Very heavy

The Best Tub Surround: Which One Is Right for You?

Bathroom remodels are a great way to make a tired bathroom feel more modern and fresh. A new bathtub surround can be key for creating a cohesive look since it’s visible from so many angles. But how do you choose the best tub surround?

This guide will help you find the perfect match for your style and budget. We’ll talk about materials, styles, installation, size, and more. So, stay tuned.

Consider size

First things first, a good bathtub surround should have the right scale for your bathroom. So, you’ll have to figure out the size that’s best for your bathroom.

On average, tub surrounds are 30-32 inches wide and 60 inches long. To make sure your bathroom has enough room for a tub surround, you’ll have to measure the total size.

Keep in mind; it’s better to have a tub surround that’s a little bit more than the measurements instead of a smaller one. Because the good news is, most tub surrounds are trimmable.

Most tub surrounds indicate the maximum and minimum size. So, ensure it’s compatible with your bathroom.

Choosing the right material

Tub surrounds come in different materials. You can get them in polystyrene, acrylic, fiberglass, or Veritek. Also, some come in solid surfaces, such as marble, tiles, and stone.

If you’re budget-conscious, you can settle for fiberglass, acrylic, or polystyrene. Though they’re the cheapest options, these materials don’t sacrifice quality. In fact, they’re able to withstand heavy use for a couple of years.

But if you’re willing to spend more, then high-end materials are the best option. In this category, we have Vikrell, Veritek, marble, tiles, and stone. Though they cost more, these materials will last for more than just a couple of years, making them the ideal long-term solution.

Match your bathroom design

Choose a style that will match your bathroom design.

You want something that blends with the existing décor. Moreover, you should keep aesthetics in mind and avoid color clashing.

Storage features

Of course, you want a place to keep your shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. So, consider storage features that will keep them organized and within easy reach. In this regard, choose a tub surround that has integrated shelves, molded-in soap dishes, or towel bars to maximize storage and declutter your bathroom.

Considerations for installation

How easy is it to install?

Well, there are different installation methods. Some glue directly onto drywall or green boards, while others mount directly onto studs.

Glue-on kits require little technical know-how, making them ideal for DIY projects. You’ll, however, have to erect drywall first. Also, the process is a bit time-consuming.

Stud-mounted tub surrounds save you time. By screwing directly onto studs, they speed up the remodeling process. Also, the surround is what forms the wall. Hence, there’s no need for erecting drywall. However, this installation method might require professional service.

Easy maintenance

Choose a tub surround that requires as little maintenance as possible.

Acrylic gives you an easy time because it’s easy to wipe and maintains a high-gloss sheen. Also, it’s mold and mildew-resistant.

Fiberglass, being more porous, needs the most maintenance as it’s more likely to suffer from staining. So, ensure you give it a quick wipe clean after each bath time.

High-end non-porous materials, such as Veritek, provide carefree maintenance. It neither scratches nor chips. Also, it’s a color-through product for fade-free performance.

Best Tub Surround FAQs

How long will a bathtub surround last?

Well, it depends on the quality and type of material. Veritek and solid surfaces, such as marble and stone, can last 30 or more years.

What’s the best adhesive for tub surround?

The best tub surround adhesive should be free of solvents to prevent permanent damage to the tub surround. Also, you should identify the specific material of your tub surround before buying a tub surround adhesive. This is very important, especially when choosing the best caulk for plastic tub surround.

Some of the best tub surround caulk include:

  • Loctite PL-550 Tub Surround adhesive
  • Liquid Nails LN-915 Tub surround and Shower Adhesive

What’s the best tub surround material?

It depends on your budget. You can settle for cheaper yet high-quality materials like acrylic, polystyrene, and fiberglass. However, if you have the money, you can go for high-end options, such as Veritek.

Are there any alternatives to tub surrounds?

Yes, you can put stone, glass, tiles, or even wood on the wall around your tub. However, none delivers instant results like a tub surround. Also, a tub surround is easier to install.


That marks the end of our best tub surround review. As you might have noticed, a bathtub surround can add dimension and style to your bathroom’s design and be functional as well. What to choose will depend on many factors like budget, style preference, material, and current layout. It will help you narrow down your search and find the best tub surround for you!

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