The 10 Best Walk-In Tubs Reviews And Complete Buying Guide


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With age comes certain limitations. Seniors, for instance, are less likely to reap the benefits of standard bathtubs. If you fall into this category, I introduce you to the best walk-in tubs.

Walk-in bathtubs are perhaps one of the best inventions, not only for seniors but also for those with mobility issues. They’re expensive, no doubt. But the benefits far outweigh the cost. It’s safer than a typical tub or walk-in shower. Plus, some go the extra mile to provide therapeutic massage. Well, who wouldn’t want that in their old age?

Though they’re exceptionally useful, not all walk-in tubs provide the best value for money. It’s for this reason that I’ve rounded up the best-rated walk-in tubs on the market.

10 Best Walk-In Tub Reviews

1. Ellas Bubbles Deluxe Massage Whirlpool Walk-In Tub

Key Features

  • Durable acrylic tub shell
  • Air, water, and micro-bubble massage options
  • Built-in seat with removable backrest
  • Fast dual-drain technology
  • 6.5-inch step-in height

Ellas Bubbles Deluxe Massage Whirlpool Walk-In Tub Img

At 55 inches, Ella Deluxe is 3 inches longer than a standard one-person walk-in tub. Well, the few extra inches might not sound like much. However, it comes in handy to provide extra legroom for stretching. So, I consider it one of the best for tall bathers.

The tub is 30 inches wide and sits 38 inches high. Overall, it can hold 75 gallons of water. And with a seat depth of 18 inches from the waterline, it offers an exceptional soaking experience. The 55-inch length is a bit short for a standard-sized alcove. For this reason, Ella includes a 60-inch extension filler kit.

Well, it’s a good thing that Ella offers the option to lower the step-in height. You can lower it from 9.5-6.5 inches. But I wouldn’t say it’s the best step-in threshold for the elderly. Nonetheless, it works for most. The door has a brushed stainless steel trim with a frosted tempered glass panel. It’s durable and with an undeniable appeal. Also, it’s removable for easy cleaning.

Thanks to the swing-in design, the door makes this walk-in tub ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Also, it makes it easier for bathers with limited mobility to close the door while seated inside the tub. Again, the swing-in door offers an extra-tight, self-sealing system.

Ella Deluxe walk-in tub considers user comfort. It has an extra-wide 20-inch seat that can accommodate massive bathers. Well, the seat isn’t heated. But thanks to the inline heating system, the tub keeps your bathwater warm.

Still, on user comfort, the seat comes with a rubber backrest for neck and head support. Also, you can remove the backrest for added convenience.

Ella Deluxe combines hydro massage, air massage, and micro-bubble therapy. It has 10 hydro jets and 12 air jets, all strategically placed for optimal therapeutic relief. Moreover, it accommodates both chromotherapy and aromatherapy systems.

At 2 inches, this walk-in tub has large, two independent shower drains. These gravity-aided drains can drain the water in only 80 seconds. Also, the floor is textured for non-slip performance.

Ella Deluxe is a durable walk-in tub. It has a fiberglass-reinforced acrylic shell. And with a lifetime warranty, it’s an investment that’s going to last for years.

Furthermore, Ella Deluxe is a fully-loaded walk-in bathtub. It comes complete with chrome fixtures, including grab bars, handheld shower, and water faucet.

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2. Ella Bubbles Transfer32 Massage Walk-In Bathtub

Key Features

  • Fiberglass-reinforced Gelcoat acrylic
  • L-shaped wheelchair-access swing-out door
  • Inline heater with anti-scald valve
  • Air and hydro massage options

Ella Bubbles Transfer32 Massage Walk-In Bathtub Img

At 52 inches, Ella Transfer isn’t as large as the Deluxe walk-in tub. However, it’s slightly wider, averaging 32 inches. And though it doesn’t hold as much, the 65-gallon capacity is still impressive.

The aluminum L-shaped door is perhaps the most defining feature. It’s lighter, durable, and offers superior accessibility. The swing-out door design, in particular, makes it one of the best wheelchair-accessible tubs. Moreover, it has a shaft-driven latch system that creates a leak-proof, watertight seal.

Like the Deluxe walk-in tub, it comes in fiberglass-reinforced acrylic with a glossy, Gelcoat finish. It’s scratch-resistant, non-porous, and impervious to mold and mildew. Again, it’s easier to clean and maintain.

Notably, Ella Transfer has a larger seat. At 24 inches, it can accommodate the biggest guys out there. Plus, it’s contoured for additional comfort. As with the Deluxe version, it rewards you with a low step-in threshold. Moreover, it includes adjustable legs and a non-slip floor for stability.

One notable upgrade on this tub is the anti-scald valve. It keeps the water temperature from changing suddenly. Plus, this bathtub has an inline heating system to maintain the bathwater temperature for a more therapeutic soak.

Ella Transfer walk-in bathtub combines 13 hydro jets, 16 air jets, and infusion micro-bubble therapy. And like the Deluxe tub, it has the option of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and ozone sterilization. Notably, ozone sterilization keeps the tub free of germs and bacteria.

Two drains provide fail-safe drainage. And at 2 inches wide, you can drain the tub in seconds.

Ella Transfer tub is fully-equipped. It includes a 5-piece faucet set and grabbing handles, all in polished, chrome finish.

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3. Ella Companion Soaking Walk-In Tub

Key Features

  • Durable fiberglass-reinforced acrylic construction
  • Two-seat design for two people
  • Low 6-inch step-in height
  • Fast, dual-drain technology
  • Replaceable door seal

Ella Companion Soaking Walk-In Tub Img

Ella Companion walk-in tub doesn’t offer the convenience of air or hydro massage. Though it lacks such luxuries, it has a secret that makes it the best companion walk-in tub for couples.

Well, at 60 inches, Ella Companion is longer than your average walk-in tub. Also, it comes with two 20-inch wide seats that face each other. For this reason, it can fit two people in one go. Again, each seat has a backrest for additional comfort.

Thanks to the 60-inch length, this walk-in tub fits standard alcove opening without an extension kit.

Ella Companion doesn’t include faucets nor a handheld shower. But with a water depth of 27 inches, it’s one of the best soaking walk-in tubs out there.

Dual-drain technology reduces the draining time dramatically. The two drains can drain out a full tub in 80 seconds. Also, if one drain develops a problem, you can use the other one. Moreover, you get a non-slip floor for additional safety.

Easy-grip extended handle and 6-inch step-in threshold make this walk-in tub a welcome choice for seniors.

The swing-in door design saves bathroom space. It comes in custom-made stainless steel and tempered glass for durability. Also, the door is removable for easy access during cleaning.

Notably, this walk-in tub measures 30 inches wide and stands at 38 inches high. As with most Ella walk-in tubs, it comes in fiberglass-reinforced acrylic. And with a white gloss finish, it combines both aesthetics and durability.

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4. American Standard Gelcoat Value Walk-In Bathtub

Key Features

  • Durable high-gloss Gelcoat construction
  • Advanced therapeutic options include targeted leg and back massage.
  • ADA-compliant chair height
  • Quick-fill 16 gallons per minute faucet
  • Wheelchair-access swing-out door

American Standard Gelcoat Value Walk-In Bathtub Img

American Standard Gelcoat walk-in tub is among the most advanced. Also, it hails from a trusted world-class brand, a huge plus if you ask me.

Regarding the size, there’s nothing extraordinary. It’s the same as your standard 30 x 52 inches walk-in tub. But it’s the features that set it apart.

Like some models on the list, Gelcoat Value is a combo massage tub. It combines both 21 air jets and six water jets in one tub. But what makes it stand out is that it can provide targeted back and leg massage. As such, it offers the most advanced therapeutic options.

Well, the list of luxury features doesn’t end there. This walk-in bathtub also has built-in aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Again, it rewards you with an inline heater for a soothing bathing experience.

The Gelcoat Value tub has a generous seat size. It’s 24 inches wide and adopts a comfort height of 16 inches. Also, the seat includes a removable backrest for additional comfort. A wide swing-out door and an ultra-low threshold make it one of the best wheelchair-accessible tubs. And with the ADA-compliant chair height, this walk-in tub is the best for seniors.

This walk-in bathtub has high-gloss Gelcoat construction. Also, it has a polished chrome handheld shower and faucets. As such, it lends a premium look and utmost durability. Notably, this walk-in tub comes with a lifetime warranty.

As mentioned earlier, this tub measures 52 inches long. So, it includes an extender kit, making it easy to retrofit a standard alcove opening.

Notably, this bathtub has a patented quick-drain system. As such, it removes the water rapidly. Likewise, it offers quick-fill convenience. The deck-mount faucet, for instance, fills the tub at the rate of 16 gallons per minute. And with a 75-gallon capacity, it takes less than five minutes to fill the tub.

5. Spa World Venzi Rectangular Soaking Walk-In Bathtub

Key Features

  • Durable acrylic construction with white finish
  • Lie-down design for full-body immersion
  • Removable panels for easy maintenance

Spa World Venzi Rectangular Soaking Walk-In Bathtub Img

Thanks to the built-in seat, most walk-in tubs don’t offer a full-body soaking experience. But with Spa World Venzi walk-in tub, your deep-soaking dreams come true.

Well, this walk-in bathtub doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models. It doesn’t have faucets, therapeutic massage jets, or seat. But that doesn’t make it any less inferior. It compensates with other handy features.

At 30 x 60 inches, this walk-in tub gives you more room to stretch. Also, it doesn’t need an extension kit to fit the standard alcove opening.

The tub doesn’t have a seat. So, it’s more of a lie-down walk-in tub. For this reason, it offers a full-body soaking experience, up to 17 inches. Again, it holds 50 gallons, the same as the standard soaking alcove tubs.

This walk-in bathtub doesn’t have a grab bar. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend it for those with mobility issues. But I like the ultra-low step-in that allows for easy entry.

Spa World soaking tub comes with a swig-in door. Hence, it can fit into bathrooms with limited space.

The tub has a left drain and comes with removable panels for easy maintenance. Like other models on the list, this walk-in tub comes in white acrylic. Hence, it promises years of durable performance.

6. Arista 2753 Air & Whirlpool Fully-Loaded Walk-In Bathtub

Key Features

  • Lucite, fiberglass-reinforced acrylic
  • Air and hydro massage therapy
  • An extra-large weight limit for bariatric patients
  • More grab bars for additional support

Arista 2753 Air & Whirlpool Fully-Loaded Walk-In Bathtub Img

At 27 inches, the Arista walk-in tub is slightly narrower than the standard 30-inch models. Still, it’s exceptionally comfortable and spacious for one person. Well, Arista walk-in bathtub encompasses all the bells and whistles of walk-in tubs.

It’s a combo massage tub as it offers both air and hydro massage therapy. Overall, it has 20 air jets and 12 adjustable water jets. Moreover, it includes LED lights for chromotherapy. This tub measures 53 inches long. Hence, it comes with a 7-inch extension to fit the standard 60-inch alcove opening.

Well, the manufacturer doesn’t specify how much the tub holds. However, it soaks to a depth of 15 inches from the seat. I’ll say it has a generous capacity.

The ADA-compliant seat is 19 inches wide. It’s contoured and boasts a removable backrest. Well, Arista doesn’t have the convenience of a heated seat. Nevertheless, it has an inline electric heater to keep the water warm.

Notably, this walk-in tub has more grab bars. On the whole, you get three grab bars for stability. Alongside the grab bars are the faucet, drain, and handheld shower.

Arista walk-in tub has a space-saving, swing-in door design. It creates a tight seal and boasts a durable solid stainless steel frame.

This walk-in tub comes in white Lucite acrylic. Also, it has fiberglass reinforcement for additional durability. And at over 400 pounds, the weight limit is ideal for bariatric patients.

7. Empava EMPV-WIT373 52.5-Inch Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub

Key Features

  • Durable, lightweight acrylic construction
  • Ultra-low step-in height of 4 inches
  • 20% wider swing-in door

Empava EMPV-WIT373 52.5-Inch Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub Img

Empava too has a respectable line of walk-in tubs. And WIT373 is among the most highly rated.

The ultra-low step-in is perhaps the most defining feature of this walk-in tub. At 4 inches, it sits lower than other baths on the list. For this reason, it allows for easy entry.

Well, this tub doesn’t offer the luxury of massage therapy. Hence, it’s suitable as a walk-in soaking tub.

But how good is it at soaking? Well, the overflow is 21 inches from the drain, and the tub soaks up to 14 inches from the seat.

Aside from the sizeable seat, the tub comes with a pillow for additional back support.

The swing-in door saves space. But what makes it special is the extra-wide design. It’s 20% wider, giving plenty of space for easy entry and exit.

This walk-in tub comes complete with three grab bars and a faucet. Also, it boasts a fiberglass-reinforced acrylic construction. As such, it offers a glossy, durable appearance.

Notably, this walk-in tub is lighter than others on the list. At 109 pounds, you might not need extra hands to move it in place.

Best Walk-In Tubs: Complete Buying Guide

Walk-In Tub Type

It will be best if you choose a walk-in tub type that fits your needs. After all, each type has specific features that set it apart.

If you’re not looking for something fancy, I’ll recommend a walk-in soaking tub. It doesn’t come with water jets or air jets for therapeutic massage.

Wheelchair-accessible tubs are ideal for those in wheelchairs. Such walk-in tubs have a wide, swing-out door. Hence, it’s easy to transfer from the wheelchair to the tub seat.

Bariatric walk-in tubs are more like wheelchair-accessible tubs. However, they adopt a more heavy-duty construction, supporting over 300 pounds. Such tubs are ideal for obese patients.

More advanced walk-in tubs have water jets and air jets for hydrotherapy and bubble massage. Some go the extra mile to include built-in aromatherapy and chromotherapy functions.

Available Bathroom Space

Consider the size of the space you intend to fill. It should accommodate the standard 60-inch alcove opening. Well, you’ll get walk-in tubs that are 60 inches. But if shorter, consider one that comes with an extension kit to fit the alcove opening.

But how wide should space be? Generally, walk-in tub width ranges from 25-60 inches. However, 30-32 inches is the most common. So, ensure the space is wide enough with some room to spare.

Height isn’t much of a concern unless you have some fixtures that might come in the way. Most walk-in tubs stand up to 40 inches high.

Space is also crucial if you choose a walk-in tub with a swing-out door. Ensure there’s enough space for the door to open to. Also, there shouldn’t be any fixture that comes in the way of the door.

Water Heater Capacity

What’s the size of your water heater? It’s a crucial question when choosing the walk-in tub capacity. It should have a large gallon that can fill the tub in one go without the need to reheat. Generally, walk-in tubs have a capacity of at least 50 gallons.

Step-In Height

The step-in height should be low enough for easy access. Again, it should be high enough to keep the water from splashing out on the floor. Most walk-in tubs have a step-in height of 3-7 inches. Seniors or those with limited mobility should aim for the lowest clearance possible.

Easy-Access Door

Walk-in tubs have either swing-in or swing-out doors. Regardless, it should provide easy access.

Swing-in doors require less bathroom space and are easy to close. Also, they won’t bump into anything nearby. Swing-out doors, on the other hand, are generally wider and allow easy wheelchair access.

Quick Drain & Fill System

Walk-in tubs hold a generous amount of water. Hence, look for a drain and fill system that will save you time.

A dual-drain system is the best choice as it drains quicker. And since the drains operate independently, you can have an option if one clogs.

As for the fill system, consider quick-filling faucets. Some faucets, such as those in American Standard tubs, fill the tub at an impressive 16 gallons per minute.

Comfort Features

Comfort features are a must-have, particularly for those who have arthritis or lower back pains. Among the features to look for include are an inline heater and a built-in backrest. The disabled will also do well with a handheld shower. If willing, you can pay more for therapy massage features, including water jets and air jets.

Safety Features

User safety is also a top priority. Hence, consider features that will help keep you safe. Consider a non-slip floor or non-slip mats, grab bars or anti-scald valves.


Aim for the best brand that fits into your budget. It will ensure you don’t overspend and also get the best quality possible. Just Google search the “best walk-in tub brands.” All the products I’ve reviewed come from the best brands out there.


Walk-in tubs cost upwards of a thousand bucks. So, it’s an investment that should reward you with years of service. And to make sure of that, you need a walk-in tub with a generous warranty. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty for the tight-seal door system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s the best walk-in bathtub?

Answer: I can’t say any of the product on the list is inferior. After all, they’re one of the best on the market. But for the winner, I’ll choose the American Standard Gelcoat Value bathtub. It has more superior therapeutic options. Also, it offers world-class quality and hails from the top brand in bathroom fixtures.

Question: What’s the best walk-in tub for full-body soaking?

Answer: Each walk-in tub on the list offers an exceptional soaking experience. But thanks to a lie-down design, Spa World Venzi beats them all for the best soaking tub. It doesn’t have a seat, allowing for full immersion.

Question: What’s the best wheelchair-access walk-in tub?

Answer: Well, walk-in tubs that offer the best wheelchair-access have a wide, swing-out door design. So, I have several recommendations in mind. I’ll recommend Ella Bubbles Tranfer32 and American Standard Gelcoat Value.

Question: How long does it take for a walk-in tub to fill up or drain?

Answer: Well, traditional walk-in tubs take between 6-15 minutes to drain or fill up the tub. However, more advanced models take 90 seconds or less.

Question: How much water does a walk-in tub hold?

Answer: Standard-sized tubs hold 50-55 gallons while compact versions hold as few as 40 gallons. But for heavy-duty bariatric walk-in tubs, you can get a water capacity of up to 120 gallons.


I’ve come to the end of the best walk-in tub reviews. And I’m hopeful that it has helped you find the best walk-in tub for your needs and budget. Essentially, you want a walk-in tub that’s durable, comfortable, and safe. Also, it should offer the best value for money within its price range. In that regard, I’ll be glad to know which walk-in tub interests you the most. Reach us using the comments section.

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