The 10 Best Water Heater Blanket Reviews and Buying Guide


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Do you find it expensive to pay your utility bills? If so, would you want a clever and efficient way to reduce your annual electricity bills? If your answer is affirmative on both accounts, then think about installing the best water heater blanket.

Heating costs usually skyrocket, especially in winter. Such expenditure can drive your utility bills crazy amounts. Insulating your water heater with a blanket can help you save up to 15 percent on your yearly electricity bills.

What Is A Water Heater Blanket?

A water heater blanket is a fabric that can insulate a water heater to prevent heat loss. Your heater tends to lose a large amount of heat whether it’s working or not.

A decent-quality blanket will help maintain the temperature of the water inside the tank. However, doing so will prevent the heater from continuously keeping the water up to the desired temperature.

You can appreciate how simple and affordable this modification is and the benefits you can accrue from it. The combined effect of reduced heat loss and maintenance of temperature is lower utility bills.

Finding the best water heater can be a challenge, given the vast number of brands currently in the market. Therefore, we authored descriptive reviews of the best products that are not only efficient but will also give you value for your money.

10 Best Water Heater Blankets

We have gone through a rigorous process of vetting different brands to ensure you give you a dependable starting point. So stay with us as we delve further into discussing each product.

1. Frost King All Season Water Heater Insulation Blanket

The All Season Water Heater Insulation Blanket by Frost King is one of the very best in this line of products. Frost King is popular when it comes to keeping cold air out and warm air in during winter. This water heater blanket follows the quality and performance of the other products from the company.

Frost King All Season Water Heater Insulation Blanket Img

It’s a 60-gallon blanket for insulating water heaters made from a vinyl-faced fiberglass material that is perfect for gas, electric, or oil models of water heaters. The blanket measures 3 inches in height, 48 inches in width, and 75 inches long.

While the blanket may be compatible with any water heater model, you need to be careful to use it with gas tanks. In addition, you will need to leave all the vents free to prevent accidents.

Frost King uses fiberglass material to make the blanket. This material has efficient heat insulation properties since it is a poor conductor but absorbs and traps hot air. The vinyl face, on the other hand, prevents moisture from sipping through the insulation.

Fiberglass is not only an efficient insulator; it is also solid and durable. So your blanket will last longer. Besides, your heater will remain dry and free of mold.

You will love this water heater blanket if you are a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast. Order will include accessories such as tapes and instructions to enable you to install the insulator on your own.


  • Works with all types of water heaters
  • High-quality fiberglass insulation
  • Vinyl is resistant to moisture and mold
  • Affordable and efficient


  • The 60-gallon compatibility is overrated
  • More tap us necessary

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2. Reflectix ST16025 Staple Tab Insulation Roll

After going through lots of customer reviews, one thing stood out – versatility. The Reflectix ST16025 Staple Tab Insulation Roll is efficient and effective in keeping cold air out and keeping warm air in. The same roll also works perfectly in preventing heat loss with water heating installations.

Reflectix ST16025 Staple Tab Insulation Roll Img

The insulator is made from metallic foil designed to repel heat and maintain the heater’s temperature. In addition, the material’s outer surface is lined with bubbles to prevent the considerable transfer amount of heat. Both of these features are responsible for the efficiency and performance of the blanket.

Reflectix staple edge is made by perforating the bubbles 3/4-inch down each edge of the insulator. The result is a foldable tab that enables effortless stapling for easy wall, ceiling, and floor system installation. Thus you complete the installation yourself.

Such innovative design eliminates or inhibits condensation. It means your insulator will do its work while remaining dry and free of mold. You can use the Reflectix ST16025 insulation to prevent heat loss from the house.

Use the jacket with the water heater attic, crawl space, metal buildings, walls, and post and frame structures. The efficiency with which the insulator prevents heat loss will guarantee you up 20 percent reduction in your yearly electricity bills.


  • Metallic foil design is durable
  • Air bubbles prevent heat transfer
  • Versatile for use in many places
  • It does not include any toxins or allergens


  • A provided tape measure isn’t adhesive enough
  • The size guide is inaccurate

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3. SmartJacket Water Heater Insulation

If you are frugal or want to save some money, check out the SmartJacket Water Heater Insulation. It’s another high-quality energy-saving product that can take off a good amount of money you could have otherwise used for utility bills.

SmartJacket Water Heater Insulation Img

According to the manufacturer, you will save up to 9 percent on your heating costs. It is made from aluminum foil. This material reflects up to 98 percent light as well as infrared heat. Such properties give this water heater insulation the ability to emit only low heat.

SmartJacket water heater blanket does not feature fiberglass. Therefore, you need not worry about toxins that can cause cancer. However, it’s good to buy this insulation if you are eco-friendly as manufacturing fiberglass is not mainly green.

The blanket fits both gas and electric water heaters with the capability to insulate 30-gallon and 60-gallon water tanks. In both cases, it will reduce heat loss by 40 percent saving energy and helping the environment.

If you make a purchase, the kit will come with two pieces of aluminum foil tape, one aluminum foil measuring 30 inches, and another unit of 2-inch aluminum foil tape for a 30-inch unit. It means you will have everything you need to install the insulator by yourself.


  • Perfect for both gas and electric heaters
  • Prevent up to 40 percent heat loss
  • Made of non-toxic, noncarcinogenic materials
  • Reduces energy bills by up 9 percent


  • Not suitable for a 60-gallon tank
  • Insulation may not be as efficient as with fiberglass

4. Frost King SP60 All Season Water Heater Blanket

Many best water heater blanket reviews out there agree that Frost King is a recognizable brand for insulation. The SP60 All Season Water Heater Blanket is a testament to support that claim.

Many brands we noticed claimed their insulators to be compatible with 60-gallon tanks, which turned out to be untrue. The SP60 is specifically designed to fit 60-gallon electric and gas-powered water heaters. You can even use it with oil-powered heaters.

Frost King SP60 All Season Water Heater Blanket Img

It is made from vinyl-faced fiberglass, which is well known for its excellent heat retention abilities. Fiberglass absorbs heat and traps it within its substance. The vinyl coating, on the other hand, prevents moisture from passing through to enter the insulation.

The insulator is 3 inches thick and measures 60 inches by 90 inches. Such thickness explains why the blanket is very good in preventing heat loss. In addition, SP60 is conveniently designed to be compatible with a majority of standard heaters.

Such innovative design eliminates the complications of having to cut and size the blanket for installation.

Furthermore, a roll of plastic tape comes with the kit to help you fit the blanket around the tank. Unfortunately, some customers have complained regarding the difficulty in installing the blanket.


  • Made from strong and efficient material
  • Works with gas, oil, and electric water heaters
  • 3-inch fiberglass offers optimal insulation
  • The vinyl lining prevents moisture and mold
  • A tape is included for out-of-box installation


  • It may not fit some 60-gallon units
  • Cumbersome installation due to poor instructions

5. SmartJacket Water Heater Blanket Insulation System

We have already reviewed one SmartJacket water insulation blanket. However, an equally decent quality alternative is this model. It features a unique design that creates a barrier between the water tank and the blanket to achieve optimal results.

SmartJacket Water Heater Blanket Insulation System Img

The insulating system can guarantee you a reduction of up to 9 percent in your annual electricity bills and minimize heat loss by 40 percent. This, according to the manufacturer, will, in turn, increase the efficiency of your water heater by a whopping 95 percent.

The kit is made of aluminum foil which is known for its good heat retention abilities. The material is also lightweight and moisture resistant. Unlike other materials, this unit has no fiberglass in which gives it a clean safety record. However, aluminum may not be as efficient in preventing heat loss as fiberglass.

According to the manufacturer, this kid will fit both 30-gallon and 60-gallon water heaters. However, a few users have reported having problems with using the blanket for 60-gallon water heaters. You do not have to worry if yours is the smaller tank.

Should you buy it, you will receive two pieces of aluminum foil measuring 84 inches long and 24 inches with ½-inch adhesive tape. There is also a single unit of 30-inch aluminum foil. Thus you will receive everything you need for an effortless 30-minute installation.


  • Lightweight and robust aluminum insulator
  • Safe with no toxic effects
  • Reduces heat loss by 40 percent
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Works perfectly with gas and electric heaters


  • Not very adequate for large-sized water tanks
  • The provided tape may not be sufficient for installation

6. Thermwell SP57-5 Water Heater Blanket

The SP57-5 Water Heater Insulation from Thermwell is what you need to operate on a tight budget. Although low cost, it offers excellent value for the money. Thermwell designed this blanket to fit 60-gallon water heaters of any model.

Thermwell SP57-5 Water Heater Blanket Img

It will insulate perfectly whether yours is gas, electricity, or oil-powered. The heater is constructed from top-quality vinyl-lined fiberglass. The choice of material is crucial to the performance and efficacy of the blanket.

Fiberglass is one of the most preferred materials in constructing insulators because of its heat retention abilities. It can trap infrared heat prevent its emission. Conversely, vinyl coating minimizes the level of condensation and moisture, thus preventing the formation of mold.

The blanket measures an inch and a half thick, which provides excellent insulation. Other measurements include 48-inches in width and 75 inches in length. Such dimensions explain why you can trust it to work with your 60-gallon water tank. In addition, an included tape helps for immediate and quick installation.

The customers we interviewed who have had a chance to install the heater blanket claim that the jacket does not go all the way around their heater. It leaves about 6 inches gap, which may limit the insulator’s efficiency. Another issue is about the provided tape. It may not show the efficacy advertised, so you may need to buy one separately.


  • Budget-friendly water heater blanket
  • Works perfectly with different types of heaters
  • Vinyl-faced fiberglass is an efficient insulator
  • Ready installation with included tape


  • Thinner than most good quality blankets but effective
  • May not fit 60-gallon tanks precisely

7. Reflecto-Foil Hot Water Tank Heater Jacket

You could prevent heat loss by up to 97 percent by insulating it with the Reflecto-Foil Hot Water Tank Heater. Conversely, it will make it possible for you to save up to 14 percent on your annual energy bills. The blank is promoted as the best water heater insulation blanket for the money.

Reflecto-Foil Hot Water Tank Heater Jacket Img

Reflecto-Foil insulation is a radiant barrier that comprises a metalized film sandwiched between a single or double layer of air bubbles. The bubble core or center and the outer metalized film offer an excellent heat reflection and thickness combination.

This water heater jacket is based on patented reflective technology that prevents radiant heat gain or loss. In other words, the insulation will maintain the water temperature and reduce the amount of electrical energy you need to heat your water.

The insulation material is environmentally friendly and free from cancer-causing toxins. An outer metalized film discourages mildew and mold formation and is unaffected by humidity and other environmental conditions. Furthermore, there are no fibers that make installation cumbersome.

The Reflecto-Foil hot Water Tank Jacket comes as a complete DIY kit. The kit includes the foil body, which measures 72 inches in height by 76 inches in circumference, foil tape, and foil spacers. A step-by-step instruction guide will help you with installation. The blanket is effortless to set up.


  • Environmentally safe product
  • Boosts energy efficiency of your home
  • Prevents up to 97 percent radiant heat loss
  • Non-toxic, none carcinogenic material
  • Does not form mold or mildew


  • Works best with older non-insulated water heaters only
  • The quality of the provided tape is petty low

8. SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation Roll

Have you found the best water heater jacket yet? If you have not found your match among the ones we have reviewed, you might want to check out the SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation Roll. The jacket has what it takes to help you make decent savings on your energy costs.

SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation Roll Img

According to the manufacturer, the insulator effectively prevents up to 97 percent of radiant energy loss. But, it offers a perfect radiant barrier. It is also a vapor barrier that is not affected by humidity and moisture. Thus you can use it both in the house and outdoors.

Unlike other radiant barriers made of air bubbles, this insulation roll features a 3mm closed-cell polyethylene foam sandwiched between pure aluminum foil on each side. Such materials and design make it possible for the SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation Roll to deliver optimal performance.

The design makes the jacket lightweight and strong. It will give you long service, allowing you to make decent annual savings. Although sturdy, the material is easy to cut to size for effortless installation.

Besides insulating the water heater, the reflective insulation performs well as a soundproof material.

The insulation has a Fire Rate Class 1/Class A certification. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Furthermore, it won’t irritate your skin, throat, or eyes. You also don’t need to stress about being predisposed to cancer which can happen with certain materials.


  • Delivers the expected performance
  • Aluminum film and foam barrier offers excellent insulation
  • Unaffected by moisture and humidity
  • Versatile reflective hot water insulation


  • Difficult to cut to size for installation
  • Installation isn’t straightforward and requires two people

9. Reflecto-Foil 40-Gallon Hot Water Insulation Jacket

Reflecto-Foil is a great brand when it comes to the manufacture of insulation kits. You may find this model helpful in preventing heat loss from your 40-gallon hot water tank. The company has been manufacturing such products for over 27 years.

Reflecto-Foil 40-Gallon Hot Water Insulation Jacket Img

According to Reflecto-Foil, the jacket can help you stop up to 97 percent heat loss. It also helps to maintain standby temperatures. These two functions could help you save up to 14 percent on your annual energy expenditure.

The insulation is a commercial-grade kit. Certifications and test results from responsible regulators prove safety and efficiency. It does not discharge toxins that can cause you direct harm or predispose you to cancer. The jacket is also Fire-rated, meaning it is safe to be used with heat.

The heat barrier responsible for the hot water insulation jacket’s performance consists of an outer metalized film and an inner layer of air bubbles. The bubble-core traps heat to maintain a standby temperature. In addition, the exterior films are reflective and function to reflect radiant heat.

Such a mechanism of action uses a radiant type of heat transfer. This passes the heat via electromagnetic radiation. According to experts, those water heater jackets that use radiant mechanisms prevent heat loss than those that feature conduction and convection forms of heat transfer.


  • Environmentally friendly hot water jacket
  • Noncarcinogenic and non-toxic
  • It does not promote fungi or mildew growth
  • Humidity does not affect its performance


  • It does not cover the whole tank as advertised
  • Works but may lose heat pretty rapidly

10. US Energy Products (AD3) Reflective Foam Insulation Shield

Capping our best water heater blanket reviews is the Reflective Foam Insulation Shield by US Energy Products. It features a unique design comprising a single layer of closed-cell foam bonded between two layers of reflective material.

US Energy Products (AD3) Reflective Foam Insulation Shield Img

The reflective material is metalized aluminum polyester film. This material gives the hot water jacket an industrialized strength and maintains its light. Despite these properties, the insulation is durable and capable of holding staples without tearing.

Furthermore, the blanket is resistant to compression, collapse, or disintegration. Moreover, the manufacturer promotes it as capable of reflecting 97 percent of radiant it. As a result, it emits less than 3 percent of the heat. Such a high percentage of heat reflection and a low percentage of heat emission are responsible for the decent performance of the insulation.

AD3 Reflective Foam Insulation Shield is friendly to the environment and you. It is non-toxic, noncarcinogenic, unaffected by humidity and moisture, which means you can install it indoors and outdoors.

The material prevents condensation and therefore discourages the growth of fungi, mildew, and mold. Furthermore, it does not promote the nesting of insects and rodents. It is also fireproof and specifically designed to retard flame.

You’ll find the hot water insulation jacket easy to install. You won’t need to wear protective clothing. A knife or scissors is all you need to cut the insulation into size. Then, all you will do is staple, glue, and nail the jacket. You can also use a provided adhesive tape to hold it in place.


  • Innovative design for optimal performance
  • Non-toxic, noncarcinogenic, therefore safe to handle
  • Easy and secure to install, no need for protective clothing
  • Not affected by humidity and moisture
  • Discourages the growth of mildew and mold


  • It’s not as thick as in the description but works well
  • It may not fit your hot water tank snugly

Buying Guide for the Best Water Heater Blanket

Water heater blankets come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, just to mention a few. These parameters can determine their performance and suitability for your needs. Unfortunately, this can present a big problem to those who lack experience.

In trying to offer you some help, we have narrowed it down to a few factors you must consider if you are keen on buying the best product for your money. Here are brief but helpful descriptions of those factors.


The initial consideration is the material. It directly affects the ability of the hot water blanket to provide insulation against heat loss.

Many variations of materials have been used to make these insulators. However, we shall focus on only three of them because they are the most commonly used.

  • Fiberglass: This is the most typical material we have seen used in making water heater blankets. It provides excellent insulation but somewhat tricky to work with. Fiberglass discharges fine, tiny particles, which can be dangerous if inhaled.
  • Aluminum foil: It’s another common material for hot water jackets. The foil can be used on its own or in combination with another material. When used together, it usually forms a film or an outer cover and an inner cover with foam or fiberglass in between. Aluminum is highly reflective and acts like a mirror that reflects radiant heat onto itself.
  • Cotton foam: This material is very effortless to work with, making it an excellent choice for people who wish to install the insulation via DIY. It’s non-toxic and noncarcinogenic. Besides, it does not produce any harmful particles. However, its ability to insulate is less than that of fiberglass and aluminum.

From the description, you can make a better choice of the material that will work for you. Also, keep in mind that each material is priced differently based on quality and performance.

Size and Fitting

Hot water tanks come in different capacities. One of the most daunting tasks task is to get right is matching the blanket to your tank. Manufacturers usually provide information on the recommended size of the take that their jackets can cover.

Despite product descriptions indicating the jacket’s measurement and the tank size, it is recommended for, many complaints about mismatch are registered. Going along with those descriptions can land you in trouble of not getting a blanket that will insulate your hot water tank perfectly.

More often than not, you may have to take some measurements and do some cuttings to ensure the jacket fits your tank snugly. Besides, you will have to cut out certain pieces to allow for outlet/inlet pipes. Therefore, it is better to go for a model you cut to resize on your own.


Thickness is directly proportional to the ability to insulate. However, thicker materials are somewhat tricky to work with. Water heater blankets made from aluminum foil are the exceptions.

As you can remember from our earlier discussion, aluminum reflects radiant heat instead of absorbing it. Therefore, it does not have to be thick to perform. However, unless you intend to buy a blanket made from aluminum foil, you will have to juggle performance and installation ease.

Personal and Environmental Safety

Your goal in installation the best hot water blanket is to reduce the cost of electricity by minimizing energy loss. However, that’s not the only thing that matters. For example, you could spend a lot more if you bought an insulation jacket made from toxic and cancer-causing materials.

It is, therefore, crucial to look out for any certifications that prove the safety of the blanket. For instance, it should be certified fire safe, non-toxic, and noncarcinogenic. Keenly read product descriptions, customer reviews, and other materials to provide you with information.


You only purchase what you can afford. However, you must also keep it at the back of your mind that price at times determines quality. Furthermore, buying a very cheap water heater jacket can be costly in the long term. Moreover, such products may not be durable and good performers.

That means you will install one only to get damaged within a short period. Then, you will be forced to replace it by buying a new one. In the end, you might spend lots of money if you were to sum it. Therefore, make an informed choice and do not be too frugal.

Water Heater Blanket FAQs

Do I need a hot water blanket?

The need for a hot water blanket is personal. If you have no problems paying hefty energy bills, then you won’t need the product. It is specifically designed for individuals who wish to save on utility bills.

Do hot water insulation jackets work as claimed?

Yes, these products work based on the results of several studies. On average, proper insulation reduces static heat loss by up to 45 percent. However, this does not translate directly to a reduction in utility bills. The highest figure so far achieved is 14 percent.

I just bought a new water heater. Does it need insulation?

No, it may not. Water heaters that have been in the market for ten years and below are wall insulated. If you possess an older electric water heater model that is still in good condition, you might benefit from a good-quality blanket.

Can I use a water heater blanket for other applications?

Yes, some brands of insulation jackets are come in rolls and are very versatile. You can use them to insulate many different appliances and places in the house. For instance, you can use it to protect your attic, crawl space, unheated garages, and basement walls, among other sites.


We may have a top choice, but we shall allow you to be the judge. Base your decision on the information you have learned from our in-depth product reviews and the buying guide. It is time you reduced your utility bills and made the much-needed savings.

While there may be a few issues with these hot water insulators, there are many benefits you can accrue. Besides saving money, the best water heater blanket offers a cheaper alternative to buying a new tank.

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