The 5 Best No Clog Toilet Reviews in 2022


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Toilets can cost quite a fortune. Hence, you want a unit that’s worth your hard-earned money. Having to unclog it all the time, for instance, is the last thing you’d wish for. Tell you what; there’s a practical solution that’s as rewarding as it’s time-saving. And it’s no other than the market’s best no-clog toilets. They pack exceptional flushing power, enough to push a tennis ball down the drain. Still, they manage to remain water-efficient.

Your hunt for the best no clog toilet might as well be over. Through research, we’ll be revealing the five best models that redefine clog-free performance. Before then, I would like to recommend American Standard Champion 4. It excels in its extra-large flush valve, providing tremendous flushing power and speed.

Also, we pride ourselves on helping you grow your knowledge regarding the best toilet for not clogging. And to realize that, we’ve included a buyer’s guide that outlines the most important features to look for.

5 Best No Clog Toilets

1. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Dual-Flush One-Piece Toilet

Key Features

  • Elongated one-piece design
  • High-end soft-closing seat
  • Powerful siphon flush
  • Dual-flush system of 1.0/1.6 GPF
  • Comfort-height seat (19 inches)

Woodbridge isn’t the best toilet brand right now. But I never cease to appreciate how it’s closing in on world-class brands. It’s only a concern of time before it catches up. Woodbridge T-0019 is pretty much what you want for a tall, comfortable toilet. At 19 inches, it’s s go-to-choice for tall people and the elderly.

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The modern one-piece construction offers a sleek, space-saving design. Hence, it can fit the tightest of bathroom spaces. And with no grooves nor corners, T-0019 is super-easy to clean.

Woodbridge T-0019 adopts a dual-flush mechanism. Though versatile, the sweet spot is in its water-saving abilities. At the push of a button, you get to choose 1.0/1.6 gallons per flush. So, it averages about 1.28 GPF. For me, that’s commendable compared to the industry’s average of 1.6 GPF.

Despite using less water, T-0019 rewards you with a powerful flush. It uses the super-quiet siphon system to render your toilet clog-free. I’ve seen a good number of toilets with quality seats. And I must say, T-0019 makes the cut. It closes quietly and never loosens to guarantee years of use.

Though not a deal-breaker, T-0019 has some drawbacks. It’s a bit on the heavy side and tricky to install. However, you can solve it with an extra pair of hands.


Woodbridge T-0019 is relatively new to the race. Nevertheless, it’s gaining on giant brands. It’s comfortable, efficient, and a deluxe choice for the elderly and tall people.

2. TOTO UltraMax II One-Piece Toilet

Key Features

  • Modern one-piece construction
  • Lubricious CEFIONTECT glaze
  • Powerful Tornado flush system
  • Universal height
  • Soft-closing seat
  • Super-efficient 1.28 GPF

I don’t want to sound biased or something. But tell you what, TOTO and American Standard are hands-down the best. And it’s pretty much a close call between the two. TOTO UltraMax offers the best in Japanese ingenuity. More so, it takes porcelain technology a notch higher. All the while, it lends a sleek, modern appearance.

TOTO UltraMax II One-Piece Toilet Img

This one-piece toilet scoops up most of the brand’s proprietary designs. Most notable is the CEFIONTECT glaze. Well, it’s a lubricious, super-smooth permanent glazing. Unlike ceramic, it doesn’t allow mold and particles to stick to the surface. Hence, there’s zero chance of scaling and buildups.

Tornado flush, an essential feature in TOTO toilets, is sure to impress. It uses three jets to create a powerful whirlpool. It’s super-effective and efficient, even at 1.28 GPF. TOTO UltraMax is a universal height toilet. Hence, it feels comfortable across a wide range of users.

Slamming noise is a significant concern among most toilets. So, I won’t wrap up things without appreciating the TOTO’s soft-closing seat. It closes gently, reducing the risk of injuries. Tell you what, it’s something you want to have for a household with small kids.


TOTO UltraMax scores highly in all categories. It’s comfortable, powerful, water-efficient, and easy to clean. I must say, it exceeds industry standards and is a deluxe choice for a household with kids.

3. American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

Key Features

  • EverClean surface
  • Sleek one-piece design
  • Accelerated flushing power
  • Water-saving 1.6 GPF
  • Quiet slow-closing seat
  • Comfort height seat (17 inches)

As mentioned earlier, there’s a heated competition between TOTO and AS. While TOTO has some proprietary designs to its name, American Standard claims the most powerful toilets.

Hate it or love it, Champion 4 is one toilet that’s proven itself time and again. It’s a toilet that’s fashioned from decades of experience. So, I can confidently rank it among the top, if not the best.

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Img

Champion 4 is super easy to clean, thanks to the EverClean surface. It’s more of a double-coated, mirror-like surface. And for that, you get a toilet that inhibits the buildup of stains, bacteria, and other particles. Also, the one-piece design makes it super-easy to clean.

Let me make one thing clear. This toilet consumes 1.6 GPF. Hence, it isn’t as economical as 1.28 GPF models, right? Well, you better think twice. Champion 4 has one of the largest flush valves and trap ways. So, it packs the most power. While you may need to flush down stubborn solid wastes twice using other models, Champion 4 does it once.

Moreover, this toilet boasts a soft-closing seat. It eliminates the noise for a more peaceful household.

One more thing, Champion 4 offers a right height seat. Except for the name, it’s a comfort height toilet. Hence, it’s good for the knees and the back.


Champion 4 offers unrivaled flushing power and stays cleaner for longer. For me, it’s the best in clog-free performance.

4. TOTO Drake 2-Piece ADA Toilet

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • 125% larger trap way
  • A molded shelf on the lid for toiletries
  • Quiet but powerful G Max flushing technology
  • Water-saving 1.6 GPF
  • Comfort height seat

Most people tend to ignore two-piece toilets. But unknown to them, two-piece toilets have a lot to offer. They’re less expensive, easy to maneuver and give you the freedom to mix and match the tank and bowl. It gets even better when you go for a world-class model, the likes of TOTO Drake.

TOTO Drake 2-Piece ADA Toilet Img

Unlike other brands, TOTO Drake uses an all-new transitional style tank. The lid, for instance, is molded into a shelf. Hence, it provides a new-found space for toiletries.

Drake boasts a gravity-fed G Max flushing system. It uses a larger than standard 3-inch flush valve and a sizeable trap way. Hence, it flushes with considerable force, at 1.6 GPF and 8 PSI pressure. Also, if you compare to pressure-assisted systems, Drake is quieter.

A fully-glazed computer-designed trap way promises clog-free performance. At the same time, it keeps off dirt and stains, making it a lot more hygienic.

The lack of a seat sounds pretty much like a drawback. But come to think of it, this toilet can team up with TOTO’s soft-closing seat. Hence, it won’t hurt to spend extra on a seat with guaranteed quality and comfort.


Drake is among TOTO’s earliest creations. But as others fade with time, its reputation for quality and performance grows stronger. If a quiet, powerful toilet is your thing, Drake has you covered.

5. Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet

Key Features

  • Classic two-piece construction
  • Pressure-assisted Sloan flushing system
  • Comfort height seating
  • Water-efficient 1.6 GPF

Kohler has numerous accolades to its name. Among other things, it’s the pioneer of bathtubs. And when it comes to sturdy, environmentally-friendly toilets, few dare come close.

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet Img

Well, Kohler is a brand with a long lineup of clog-free toilets. But in terms of bulk flushing performance, Highline Classic Pressure Lite is more than exceptional.

This toilet uses Sloan flushing technology. It offers a powerful, pressure-assisted flush of 1.6 GPF. Not to mention, Sloan Flushmate has a reputation for durability. Hence, you’ll be more than confident that your toilet will perform for years to come.

Another thing I like is that you can adjust the pressure. So, based on the type of waste, it can use less than the rated 1.6 GPF. Kohler Highline Classic doesn’t include the seat nor the supply line. However, you can pair it with a soft-close seat, which is worth the extra expense.

Thanks to the two-piece design, you won’t need extra hands to move or install. Furthermore, it offers chair-height seating for additional comfort.


Kohler Highline Classic provides a powerful pressure-assisted flush to make quick work of all types of waste. And with a world-class brand to back it up, you’d be free of any disappointments. Though it tends to be a bit noisier, it isn’t as much of a nuisance to those around you.

Best No Clog Toilets: Complete Guide

Choosing the best toilet for not clogging is no rocket science. Neither is it a walk in the park. You have to exercise some shrewdness in the process. But how do you go about it? To aid the process, I’ve outlined the features to look for in a no-clog toilet.

Flushing System

Come to think of it; a weak flush is pretty much the cause of clogs. Hence, it would help if you had a mighty flush that clears everything in one go.

Except for the noise, pressure-assisted toilets have one of the best flushing performances. They push more waste down the drain at one given time. Hence, I would pretty much recommend it for commercial facilities or high-traffic bathrooms. Also, pressure-assisted toilets don’t need as much water as gravity-fed counterparts.

But keep in mind, there are gravity-fed toilets with remarkable flushing power. For instance, TOTO Drake uses G Max technology that’s not only quieter but also rivals pressure-assisted flushing systems.

Water Consumption

A powerful flush that consumes massive amounts of water doesn’t do much good. More often than not, it can cost you dearly in terms of water bills. The industry dictates 1.6 GPF. However, models with WaterSense certification use 1.28 GPF or less. That makes them 20% more water-efficient than the federal standard of 1.6 GPF.

Also, an efficient flush system, such as a dual-flush, will help you cut down your water expenses even further. Woodbridge T-0019 is one such toilet. You can choose between two flush modes for solid and liquid wastes. Hence, it offers a high level of efficiency and water management.

Flush Valve & Trap Way Size

This feature deserves the most attention, particularly if you plan to use the toilet in high-traffic bathrooms. A large flush valve equals more speed and force. Models, such as Champion 4, feature a 4-inch flush valve to provide a considerable flushing force. Also, you need a large trap way, at least 2-1/8 inches. It allows more waste through to the drain.


With fewer nooks and crannies, one-piece toilets are easier to clean. But it takes more when it comes to deep cleaning and keeping the toilet hygienic. In that regard, some brands have come up with cutting-edge technology.

American Standard Champion 4 rewards you with the EverClean surface. TOTO UltraMax, on the other hand, prides on its CEFIONTECT glaze. Others use vitreous China and fully glazed trap ways to improve the cleaning experience.

Noise Level

Some toilets can be too loud, raising privacy concerns. After all, you don’t want everyone to know you’re in there doing your business. So, you’ll benefit a lot from a quiet toilet. Choose a flushing system that has bearable noise. Also, consider a soft-closing seat to eliminate the slamming noise.

Seat Height

You have two options here, a comfortable chair-height seat and a standard universal seat. The latter is ideal for high-traffic bathrooms. At 15 inches, most users, including kids, find it comfortable.

The comfort seat is somewhere from 17 to 19 inches. If you have knee problems, mobility issues, or a taller body frame, the comfort seat will serve you right.


Though not as easy to clean, two-piece toilets reward users with easy installation. It’s easy to move the tank and the toilet seat separately. Hence, you can do it solo.  But for one-piece toilets, an extra pair of hands will come in handy. Also, consider the rough-in size, measured from the center of the flange to the wall. I mostly recommend the 12-inch standard size.


More often than not, your toilet might develop defects during its use. Be it out of the manufacturer’s negligence or durability issues; a warranty will cover you. At least one year will do. I must commend American Standard Champion 4 for its 10-year warranty. You rarely get such a warranty these days, and it shows just how the brand trusts its product to perform well beyond your expectation.


Some brands have taken it to themselves to go the extra mile. Be it quality, durability, or flushing performance; they never cease to impress. And with decades of experience, they set the bar high for other brands. Brands, such as American Standard, TOTO, Woodbridge, and Kohler, are worth your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What toilet is best for not clogging?

Well, all the models I’ve reviewed excel in non-clogging performance. But I have to give it to American Standard Champion 4. It prides on an extra-large 4-inch valve, providing accelerated flushing power.

What’s a dual-flush system?

A dual-flush system offers two flush options. You can choose a full flush for solid wastes or a partial flush for liquid wastes. Overall, it provides better water management, averaging 1.28 GPF.

Two-piece Vs. One-piece toilets. What’s the difference?

As the name suggests, a one-piece toilet has an integrated tank and bowl. It features fewer crevices and gaps for easy cleaning. Though space-saving, one-piece toilets are a bit expensive and on the heavy side. Two-piece toilets have separate tanks and bowls. Hence, they’re easier to move and install. But the presence of gaps makes them a bit tricky to clean.

How do I unclog a toilet?

There’s a number of ways to go about it. You can use a toilet plunger to clear out the obstruction. Caustic chemicals do more harm than good. So, I’d recommend a home-based mixture comprising two cups of vinegar and a cup of baking soda.

What’s the federal requirement for a water-saving toilet?

The federal standard recommends 1.6 GPF. However, WaterSense models afford ultra-efficient flushing or 1.28 GPF or less.


There’s a ton of effort that goes into unclogging a toilet. But with the best no-clog toilets, you can go months on end without laying your hands on a plunger. So far, we’ve outlined and reviewed the industry’s leading models. Based on your needs and budget, we leave it to you to pick the best.

But before you hit that purchase button, how about sharing with us the toilet you find most handy? Drop it in the comments as it might help another person out there.

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