The 7 Best Plumbers Putty Reviews of 2023


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Thanks to plumbers putty, creating a long-lasting watertight seal has never been easier. Indeed, it’s a go-to solution for most plumbing projects and an ideal choice both for both DIYers and professional plumbers. But you can only better experience the magic with the best plumbers putty.

Though considered the caulk of yesteryears, plumbers putty has never lost its grip. In fact, it has become considerably popular in fitting drains, strainers, and other fixtures. Besides, who doesn’t love a product that provides a watertight seal for up to 20 years? Even better, one that comes super cheap?

Certainly, the benefits are too many to ignore. Now, the headache is in choosing the best product for the job. But since you’re here, that shouldn’t worry you. We’ll be reviewing the best plumbers putty for leaks and how to choose the best from the many options available.

7 Best Plumbers Putty For Leaks

1. WM Harvey 043010 Professional-Grade Plumbers Putty

Harvey 043010 is the most popular plumbers putty on the market. Not only that, but it’s also the best plumbers putty for stainless steel. It’s more like high-dollar molding clay but less expensive. Also, this white-off plumbers putty comes in a generous 14 Oz container that goes a long way.

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Creates a watertight seal

This plumbers putty seals around drains and faucets. It not only provides a watertight fit but also limits the chances of leaking.

Wide application

You can put Harvey plumbers putty to many uses. It’s widely used for setting rims, bowls, faucets, and strainers. We don’t, however, recommend it for plastic, marble, and porous surfaces. For this, you can use Harvey Siliconized Tub Seal Latex.

Stays fresher for longer

Long-lasting use is guaranteed. More like modeling clay, it doesn’t harden, shrink, or crack. Instead, it remains flexible, even when the can is open.


Moist and damp bathroom areas create a conducive environment for bacterial growth. But don’t worry, this plumbers putty doesn’t support bacteria, making it a more hygienic choice.

Easy to use

Harvey plumbers putty is easy to use. Just knead it and apply it laterally. Also, it’s easy to remove and reuse the excess.

A YouTube DIY video makes it even easier, especially for those with no plumbing expertise. Moreover, this putty is non-gummy. Hence, it doesn’t stick to your hands during application.

Lasts for many uses

As mentioned, the Harvey plumbers putty comes in a 14-ounce container. However, you’ll only be using around 3 ounces per one application. Hence, one container can provide up to five applications.

Meets federal standards

This plumbers putty guarantees peace of mind once installed. It meets federal standards for watertight, gas-tight, odor-proof, and vermin-proof performance.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not available in smaller quantities
  • The container doesn’t seal tightly enough
  • Not ideal for marble and other porous materials

2. Aqua Plumb Plumbers Putty 14 Oz, White

Aqua Plumb is another dirt-cheap, highly rated product. It’s very versatile and among the best plumbers putty for leaks. Also, it hails from one of the top names in the industry, a brand renowned for having the widest array of plumbing repair products.

Aqua Plumb Plumbers Putty 14 Oz, White Img

Designed for a ton of uses

Aqua Plumb putty is a multi-use product. Its usefulness goes beyond the toilet, bathtub, and kitchen sink. It can also be used for fountains. Also, it’s the best plumbers putty for garbage disposal.

Long-lasting softness

This putty stays soft over time, providing a long-lasting solution for leaks. It neither hardens, cracks, nor shrink, even in high temperatures.

Sturdy and secure

By being sturdy and secure, Aqua Plumb putty can be used on virtually any drainage system and fixture. It’s gas-proof and water-resistant. Also, it not only fixes and prevents leaks, but it also keeps all the odors in for a livable environment.

90-day warranty

Aqua Plumb cushions you against manufacturer defects. It does so by providing 90-day warranty coverage on this product.

What We Don’t Like

  • It stains porous and plastic materials
  • No option for smaller quantities
  • A bit tough to work with your hands, but it does its job perfectly

3. Oatey 14 Oz Superior Grade 25101 Hercules Sta Put, Tan

Oatey has established itself as one of the most reputable and reliable players in the industry. Indeed, a vast majority of plumbers use its products.

Well, as the name implies, Hercules Sta Put is among the highest-quality putty on the market. But for a superior-grade putty, it’s laughably affordable, hence offers more than it’s worth.

Oatey 14 Oz Superior Grade 25101 Hercules Sta Put, Tan Img

Perfect for most plumbing fixtures

This putty accommodates most plumbing fixtures. You can use it on basin cocks, bowls, strainers, sink frames, and sink faucets.

NB: Don’t use this putty on natural products, including marble, granite, and sandstone. Also, avoid use on plastic and porous surfaces.

Easy to use and handle

The flexible, stretchable compound makes this putty easy to mold. Also, like most products, it doesn’t shrink, harden, or crumble after application.

Available in different-size containers

Most products limit you to only one size. Well, that’s not the case with this putty. Besides the 14-ounce size, it’s available in 5-pound containers. Hence, you don’t have to dent your wallet by being limited to only one choice.

Certified for legal installation

Oatey Superior Grade putty meets federal standards for safe, legal installation. Hence, you can have peace of mind once installed.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for plastic and natural, porous materials

4. AST-PUT 25201 Professional-Grade Plumbers Putty, Tan

AST-PUT is the best budget plumbers putty. Still, that doesn’t make it a cheap product as it offers professional-grade results. Also, this product is non-staining, making it the best plumbers putty for plastic.

AST-PUT 25201 Professional-Grade Plumbers Putty, Tan Img


Most products tend to stain plastic and natural surfaces, making them unsuitable for plastic. Well, the stain-free properties of this putty make it a real game-changer. You can use it on some plastics.

NB: Though a stain-free putty, you can’t use this product on marble and other synthetic materials.

More versatile for all your plumbing needs

This putty accommodates a wide range of applications. You can use it for setting faucets, bowls, strainers, and rims. Also, the ability to be used on some plastics expands its use.


The product is non-hardening and offers smooth, uniform consistency that’s easy to work on. Also, it doesn’t stick to your fingers. Also, you can use the fixture immediately after application.

Longer shelf life

Well, provided you store it properly, this putty offers a longer shelf life. It can last up to 5 years.

Meets military specs

AST-PUT meets military standards for gas-proof, water-resistant performance. Also, it’s RoHS compliant for non-hazardous use.

Available in different sizes

You’ll be spoilt for choice, thanks to the different size options. The available sizes include 3-pound, 5-pound, and 14-ounce containers.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for natural and synthetic materials

5. LA-CO Plumb Set Professional Plumbers Putty, 5 Pounds

LA-CO is a trusted partner for high-performance plumbing products. Among them is this professional-grade putty that’s versatile enough for use on all metal plumbing fixtures.

LA-CO Plumb Set Professional Plumbers Putty, 5 Pounds Img


LA-CO plumbers putty is precision-milled for smooth, uniform consistency. Hence, it’s easy to roll out and wrap around fixtures for a good seal.

Sturdy and non-drying formula

This putty is resistant to hardening and cracking. Also, it doesn’t sag. For this reason, it provides a secure, watertight seal.


LA-CO putty is easy to work with your hands. Moreover, it’s flexible enough to mold into any shape. That makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

Meets federal plumbing codes

This product complies with federal standards for plumbing fixture setting compounds. It provides a watertight, odor-tight, and gas-tight seal.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for use on plastic, marble, and porous stone
  • Not available in smaller quantities

6. William H. Harvey 43284 Plumbers Putty Roll, Gray

Harvey 43284 is the best plumbers putty roll. It provides a quicker and easier way to apply putty on plumbing fixtures.

William H. Harvey 43284 Plumbers Putty Roll, Gray Img

Wide application

You can put this putty to a ton of uses. You can use it for setting faucets, rims, bowls, and strainers. However, avoid using it on porous materials, such as marble.

No need for kneading

This product makes putty application easier than ever. There’s no need for kneading, molding, or rolling putty. All you do is lay out the strip, making it a time-saving option. Well, the product rolls out into a 54-inch strip and is stretchable to give you a few more inches.

Long-lasting formula

Don’t worry about this putty crumbling or hardening over time. It remains flexible, providing a long-lasting, watertight seal.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for plastic or porous materials

7. PC Products PC-Plumbing Moldable Epoxy Putty, Gray

It’s more expensive compared to other products. But here are a few considerations. This is the highest quality putty and the best epoxy plumbers putty on the market. Not only that, it’s the most versatile since it works on both plastic and metal.

PC Products PC-Plumbing Moldable Epoxy Putty, Gray Img

Ideal for a variety of materials

Besides metals, this putty works on fiberglass and PVC. Hence, it’s a top consideration for the best plumbers putty for plastic.

Rapid seal

This putty seals in 3 minutes and fully cures in 30 minutes. Such rapid sealing makes it ideal for emergency-type plumbing repairs. Also, it cures wet or dry in temperatures from -20 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Guaranteed industrial strength

This epoxy putty provides a heavy-duty seal with a tensile strength of 900 PSI. Well, that makes it the best plumbers putty for high-pressure fittings.

Easy to use

Cut, mix and, apply are all you need to get the product working. Moreover, you don’t need any mixing tools since it’s easy to mold by hand.

Safe for drinking water

This putty is NSF certified for safe contact with potable water.

Different packages and sizes

This putty is available in different packages and sizes to prevent you from having to overspend. There are three different sizes: 1-ounce, 2-ounce, and 4-ounce sticks. Also, you get it in three different packages: 2-pack, 3-pack, and 4-pack.

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes some time to cure

Best Plumbers Putty: Buying Guide

Intended Use

Plumbers putty is for different applications and materials. Well, this is something to consider before purchasing a plumbers putty for your next project.

As mentioned, most plumbers putty are staining, hence not a good option for porous surfaces. Likewise, they’re not good for plastic.

But if you must use it on plastic, we recommend two non-staining products: PC Products PC-Plumbing Epoxy Putty and AST-PUT 25201 Plumbers Putty. Still, they can’t be used on porous materials, such as marble and limestone.


Choose high-quality putty. But how do you tell if the quality is good?

Well, the best plumbers putty should be pliable, flexible, and stay soft. Also, it should maintain softness, even when left open or subjected to extreme temperatures. This will ensure it doesn’t harden or dry out after application. For your attention, high-quality plumbers putty can go over 15 years without drying.


Consider the efficiency in terms of water resistance and leak-proof seal. Good plumbers putty, while temporary, should have excellent adhesiveness. This will ensure little to no leaks.


The best plumbers putty should be easy to work on, even by persons with no plumbing experience. It should be easy to mold into any shape without sticking to your hands.


How much to buy solely depends on the scale of the project. For simple fixtures, such as a sink drain, 3 ounces is enough for one application. Still, it’s always good to buy a little more than required. Who knows, you might need to use it again at some point. Also, for a product that rarely goes bad, it doesn’t hurt to buy more.


Color isn’t very important. Still, you’ll appreciate a plumbers putty that blends with the surrounding. You should consider it, especially when applying on fixtures that are going to be visible. Well, plumbers putty comes in different colors, including white, tan, and gray. Hence, choose the one that best matches the existing décor.


Plumbers putty is pretty inexpensive. Still, different brands sell at different prices. Some are higher; others are lower. More often than not, quality comes with higher prices. But it’s entirely up to you to decide what suits your budget.

Plumber Putty Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the plumbers putty alternative?

There are several substitutes for plumbers putty. You can use silicone, foam, or rubber gasket. Of the three, we recommend silicone as the best choice. It’s the most renowned caulking element that seals with more adhesiveness to provide a long-lasting watertight seal.

Plumbers putty or silicone. Which is better?

Let’s look at the ins and outs of using plumbers putty and silicone. We’ll provide key comparisons as well as the pros and cons of each option.

First, there’s a difference in the chemical composition. Silicone caulk comes in a rubbery substance, making it more elastic. Also, it’s denser, hence requires scrapping tools to remove it. Putty, on the other hand, comprises talc elements, limestone, and fish oil. It stays soft, making it flexible enough to seal cracks and drains easily. Moreover, you can remove it easily without any tools.

Another difference is in the area of application. Plumbers putty offers versatile usage. You can use it to seal drain baskets, faucet baskets, sink fixtures, bathtubs, or sink drain. Silicone caulk provides ultimate adhesive quality for tiles, plumbing fixtures, and material bonding.

Now let’s summarize wrap up the pros and cons of each option.

Well, plumbers putty stays soft and is easy to apply and remove. However, it’s not adhesive enough and can’t be used on exposed areas. Also, most tend to stain plastic and porous materials.

Silicone exudes strong adhesive strength and offers versatile uses. However, it’s not easy to remove or replace.  Also, silicone is sticky and leaves a stain.

When not to use plumbers putty

Plumbers putty, while effective, isn’t universal. There are situations where we don’t recommend using it.

First, don’t use it in places that demand adhesive strength. These include bonding materials or keeping them from moving. Secondly, don’t use it in exposed areas that require a watertight seal.

Can you use plumbers putty for plastic?

Most plumbers putty isn’t ideal for plastic, marble, and porous materials. They tend to leave behind stains. Also, by combining plumbers putty and plastic, you risk creating cracks and leaks, resulting in an even bigger problem. But if you must use it on plastic, we recommend PC-Plumbing Moldable Epoxy Putty. It’s ideal for both PVC and metal.

How to use plumbers putty on the kitchen sink?

There are basic steps on how to put plumbers putty on a sink drain.

  • Roll the putty between your palms to create a continuous rope. Ensure it’s a little longer than the circumference of the gap you want to fill.
  • Lay it around the drain hole and cut the excess rope. Press it gently.
  • Now, install the sink drain and tighten it all the way.
  • Finally, wipe away the excess putty that squeezed out.

Can you revive dried-out plumbers putty?

Dried out putty isn’t malleable, hence unusable. Still, you can revive it by covering it with linseed oil for a day or two. Doing so will help it to reconstitute and become malleable again.

How long does plumbers putty take to dry?

Well, it doesn’t actually dry out. Rather, it sets in place, making it good to test with water right away. More often than not, plumbers putty takes more than 20 years to dry.


It’s now clear why plumbers putty hasn’t lost its grip over the years. It’s easy to use and seals tight for years. Still, you want a product with benchmark performance. For that, we’ve reviewed the best plumbers putty to consider, and we think the final decision rests with you. But as you narrow down your choices, ensure you pick a product that befits your needs. Do you have anything to say about this review? Let’s know in the comments.

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