The 7 Best Steam Shower Generator Reviews in 2021

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A steam shower provides spa-like luxury. It improves circulation and promotes healthy skin. Plus, it aid detoxification and exercise recovery. Hence, the benefits are too invaluable to ignore. However, a steam shower is incomplete without a steam generator. Well, that’s where we come in handy; to introduce you to the best steam shower generators.

Are you in a rush? Well, check out our best pick, Kohler K-5529. It’s the most technologically advanced. Not to mention, it hails from a brand that’s synonymous with quality.

But as you might have figured out, we have other strong contenders on our list. And this article does justice by providing an in-depth review of each option. More than outline the best steam bath generators, we also have a guide. After all, you’ll need it to narrow down to the best steam shower generator for your needs and budget.

7 Best Steam Shower Generators

1. EliteSteam 10KW Luxury Home Steam Shower Generator

EliteSteam promises years of dependable service. The brand lives up to its promises, thanks to its high-quality steam generators. The 10kw home kit, for instance, is surprisingly affordable. Nevertheless, it offers dependable quality for a spa-like experience.



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This steam generator has an all-stainless steel tank and chrome control. Hence, count on it to remain rust-free for years. More so, it’s pretty much resistant to corrosion. EliteSteam is water-efficient. On average, it uses only 1.7 gallons of water in a 30-minute steam cycle. Even then, it has impressive coverage, rated at 251 to 450 cubic feet.

The steam travels as far as 50 feet. But for better results, keep the length of the pipe at 25 feet. This steam generator doesn’t have a temperature sensor. However, it compensates with digital temperature control. It monitors and regulates the temperature from the inside. Also, you can spend extra on external auxiliary control.

EliteSteam goes the extra mile to provide aromatherapy experience. It has a built-in well in the steam head. So, should you choose, you can add a few drops of essential oil.

This steam generator has a 30-minute built-in timer. Not to mention, a low water cut-off for added safety. EliteSteam generator is pretty compact. It can fit anywhere, even in vanity or closet.


EliteSteam generator offers a spa experience without a hefty price tag. Well, it’s a tad expensive than models from other brands. However, it provides undeniable quality and ample room for customization. For homeowners with medium to large showers, EliteSteam will suffice.

2. Superior Steam Generator Deluxe 6KW

True to its namesake, this steam generator offers superior performance. It turns any shower into an infrared sauna, and customizable to your liking.



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This steam generator adopts a more automatic design. It’s self-draining, 15 minutes after using the shower. Hence, there’s zero chance of bacterial build-up. More so, it has a manual backup option.

The control panel, with dual keypad, allows flexible mounting. You can mount inside and outside the shower for added convenience. Also, the keypad has a strong adhesive. Hence, it mounts to the wall with no need for screws.

This steam generator has a temperature sensor. Not to mention, programmable time and temperature. And with a detachable temperature probe, it offers a ton of convenience.

It’s rated at 140 to 320 cubic feet. Hence, it’s pretty much sufficient for small bathrooms. More so, it comes in other sizes for large bathrooms.

The aromatherapy steam head allows you to reap more benefits. You can add essential oils for respiratory and psychological benefits. Also, you can choose between a satin brass or chrome steam head. Both have a stylish look with excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

Wondering how far the steam travels? Well, it’s best to keep the length of the steam pipe at under 20 feet.


Superior Deluxe allows you to enjoy a steam shower with therapeutic benefits. Anyone looking for an automatic, feature-rich steam generator will love it.

3. Happybuy 7 KW Steam Generator

Happy Buy steam generator is pretty cheap than most competition. Nevertheless, it ticks all boxes, transforming your shower into a private spa.



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The generator blows continuous steam and affords less waiting time. It warms the shower in as little as 5-10 minutes. Well, this steam generator offers more than a warm shower experience. You also get ozone sterilization for bacteria removal.

Happy Buy steam generator comes with a fan. Hence, it provides peak performance in bathrooms with little ventilation. The steam temperature is adjustable to your liking. You can set it from 35 to 55 degrees Celsius. Also, the built-in timer provides a pretty long working time. Based on your needs, you can adjust it up to 60 minutes.

LED display allows you to monitor the temperature and shutdown time. More so, this steam generator has a self-diagnosis function. It protects against leakage, high temperatures, high voltage, and more.

The coverage is pretty much impressive for the price. You can use this steam generator for room volumes of 195 to 300 cubic feet.


Happy Buy steam generator is a wallet-friendly choice. Even then, it offers the performance of models twice its price. For a sauna experience on a tight budget, this steam generator will do.

4. Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

This is another reliable steam generator with a super competitive price point. It provides steam on demand and boasts long-lasting quality.



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At 9kw, this steam generator is powerful enough to heat 320 to 460 cubic feet. Hence, it can service sizeable bathrooms comfortably.

The boiler comes in stainless steel for rustproof performance. Though not the largest, it holds a respectable 1.5 gallons of water. Well, that’s plenty of steam to last more than one shower session.

The temperature is adjustable to 68 degrees Celsius. Well, that’s more than the maximum you get from most steam generators. Not to mention, it comes with a removable temperature probe.

This steam generator allows flexible installation. You can install inside the shower or outside in areas that don’t freeze. And as the name suggests, it has a gravity-fed self-draining system. So, bacteria are less likely to build up inside the tank.

Well, the controller is pretty much unique. So, the chances of finding an extra one to install outside are quite slim. But that’s not a deal-breaker as the controller works flawlessly.

Also, the steam head comes with a built-in essential oil reservoir. Hence, it can provide aromatherapy benefits, both to the body and mind.

This steam shower generator comes with a 16-foot communication cable. So, it installs a maximum of 16 feet from the shower. But for a more steady flow, 14 feet or less is recommended.


This steamer is among the few certified models, which is pretty reassuring. Alongside invaluable therapeutic and relaxing benefits, it makes your shower sessions a more rewarding experience.

5. Mophorn Steam Generator 9KW

Mophorn is pretty much a budget-oriented brand. It has a lineup of affordable yet high-quality steam generators. Well, the 9kw steam generator is one model that never ceases to impress.



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It doesn’t have an automatic drain like other high-end models. Nonetheless, it supports manual draining after each bath session. Hence, you can descale and remove dirt for cleaner steam.

Mophorn steam generator has a long-range signal, up to 50 meters. So, you can install a sizeable distance from the bathroom. It’s a handy feature, particularly for installing outdoors.

This steam generator comes fully-equipped with a timer and an intelligent controller. You can set the timer to a maximum of 60 minutes. Or maybe forego it for hours of relaxation. Moreover, you can set the temperature to the range of 35 to 55 degrees Celsius.

The chrome steam head has room for essential oils. Hence, you get additional aromatherapy benefits.


Mophorn steam generator offers a complete sauna set that’s stylish and practical. It’s convenient and with high-end material to guarantee a long lifespan. Overall, it’s among the best budget steam shower generators out there.

6. CGOLDENWALL 6KW Steam Generator

This steam bath generator adopts a smarter design. Instead of a single tank, it uses a double heater dual tank. Hence, you get more hours of use.



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It heats pretty fast, warming the shower in 3-5 minutes. Not to mention, it provides consistent flow for a soothing experience. Like Mophorn, this steam bath generator affords long-range transmission. At 50 meters, it allows for more flexible installation.

An automatic timer offers a shutdown time of up to 60 minutes. Nevertheless, you can set it up to 12 hours from the shower panel. More so, you get intelligent temperature control of 35 to 55 degrees Celsius.

This steam shower generator offers all-round protection. Be it low water, high pressure, or high temperature; it has you covered.

It heats a sizeable space of 148 to 212 cubic feet. The detailed wiring diagram is a huge bonus, particularly for newbies. Well, this bath steam generator doesn’t drain automatically. However, you can customize it to accommodate a self-draining function.


This steam generator is a strong contender, boasting dual-tank technology. Not to mention, it offers a spa-like experience without the noise. Overall, it fits the bill for the best tank design.

7. Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator 9 KW

Kohler, a household name, needs no introduction. It offers high-quality bathroom fixtures and appliances. Well, this invigoration steam generator is no exception. Though a bit expensive, it’s pretty much ahead of the game. It boasts cutting-edge technology, making it the best overall on our list.



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This steam generator foregoes the standard stainless steel boiler. Instead, it uses insulated steel. It’s safe to touch and retains the temperature for longer. Hence, it saves a lot in terms of heating costs. Not to mention, it’s exceptionally resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing.

Fast-response technology offers super-fast heating. It generates steam in as little as 60 seconds. More so, it has a consistent rate of production for steady steam temperature.

Thanks to power-clean technology, it descales and rids of bacteria and dirt. Moreover, it has a built-in timer to program the self-cleaning cycle. So, cleaning and maintenance are pretty much hands-free.

Kohler K-5529 steam generator adopts a hard-wired design. Hence, it has a cleaner look and fewer cords to deal with. Moreover, it leaves the AC outlet available for other devices. Well, this bath steam generator is designed to heat up to 240 cubic feet.


Kohler K-5529 packs the latest technology and offers benchmark performance. Not to mention, it has a good brand name to back it up. So, even though expensive, it provides more value for money. We vote it the best overall on our list.

Best Steam Shower Generator: Complete Guide

Spending more doesn’t mean you’ll get more in return. At least not all the time. But buy wisely, and you’ll get a handsome reward. Such is the case with steam shower generators. But then, what’s the trick? Well, below are key considerations before you take the plunge.

Power Rating

Steam shower generators are rated in kilowatts. A higher rating equals more steam and better coverage. For instance, a 10kw model generates more steam and heats more space than a 5kw version. But there’s a price to pay as larger models consume more power. Well, the reverse is true for a smaller unit. It generates less steam, heats a small area, but consumes less power.

Shower Room Size

A higher power rating accommodates a large bathroom. A smaller power rating, on the other hand, is ideal for a small bathroom. Though true, it’s pretty general.

Well, to get to the specifics, you need the correct sizing. Check the cubic feet coverage of the steam generator and divide it by two. Are you wondering why we divide by two? Well, manufacturers give the nominal volume that might not be as efficient. Hence, we divide it by two for peak performance.

Once you get the result, cross-check with the size of the enclosed space of your shower room. If it’s higher or equal to the shower room size, you’re good to go. However, more is always better.


The size of your shower system will also dictate how far or close you need to install the steam generator. For a bathroom with limited space, you might need to install it outside. Or maybe in another spot, such as the basement or attic.

How far or near also depends on the manufacturer’s specs. Some sit close while others can be 20 or more feet away.

Automatic Drainage

It’s not a must-have. Nevertheless, it’s a convenient feature to have a shower drain. It flushes out any water to avoid mineral build-up, hence providing more lifespan.

Built-in Timer

How long will the steam generator provide steam for your shower? Some offer an endless stream of steam. Other models only generate steam for shorter periods of time. So, to avoid any surprises, consider one with a built-in timer. That way, you’ll know when the steam is about to run out.

Wait Time

Time is precious, and each minute counts. Hence, you want a steam generator that kicks on and pushes steam into the shower without the long wait. 5-10 minutes of waiting doesn’t hurt. Anything more than that is frustrating. High-end generators, such as Kohler K-5529, produce steam in seconds.


Accessories will help you avoid extra expenses when setting up the generator. Hence, consider a model that comes complete with accessories, such as the control panel. Chroma therapy shower lights, though not a must, will improve your shower experience. Generally, the more the accessories, the better.


Fitting size dictates the size of the pipe and connections you’re going to use. Hence, consider the size of the steam head, inlet, and drain valve. Fitting size pipes tend to vary across different models. Among the most common sizes are 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch.


A warranty cushions you from possible defects. One that covers your generator for at least one year should be okay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best steam shower generator on the market?

All models mentioned above are pretty much the best you can have. Nevertheless, Kohler K-5529 surpasses them all. It’s more technologically advanced. Not to mention, it’s available in up to nine sizes to match your specific needs.

Can you integrate a steam generator into your standard shower?

Yes, there’s no need to install a separate unit. A steam generator can be used in a regular shower, where you’ll get to choose your relaxation experience.

Is a steam shower water-efficient? How much water does it use?

Generally, steam showers are water-efficient. On average, you’ll need only 2 gallons of water on a 30-minute steam shower. Well, that’s three times less than you consume in a regular shower.

What’s the trick to prolonging the lifespan of a steam generator?

Mineral build-up in the boiler is the main culprit to a shorter lifespan. And hard water is the major contributor to mineral build-up. Hence, using soft water will prolong the lifespan of your generator.


A steam shower has invaluable benefits. But without the best steam shower generator, the benefits won’t be as much. Luckily, we’ve listed and reviewed the best models you can trust. Hence, it’s up to you to pick the one you find ideal.

So, which steam shower generator impressed you the best? More so, do you have experience with any of our top picks? Well, let’s know in the comments section.

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