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A steam shower can genuinely transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa while enhancing its modern appeal. For invigorating your body at the start of the day or after an intense workout, you can add a steam shower to your bathroom.

It is an integrated package of a powerful shower with the benefits of sauna. Not only it uplifts your bathing experience but also endows you with many health benefits. Nothing can be better than the relaxing pleasure of a beautiful and warm steam shower while melting the day’s stress.

Today, we have compiled our top picks to help you decide the best steam shower for your home. So, let’s not waste time and delve deep into it.

Review of the Best Steam Shower

1. Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower

If you are looking for a spacious and elegant steam shower to rejuvenate you in just 10 minutes, you should consider this Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower. With its 6KW high-quality steam generation, you don’t need to visit a gym or spa to revitalize yourself.

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Ariel Platinum offers a one-time investment solution for experiencing the impeccable sauna-therapy at the comfort of your home. The 20 Acupressure body massage jets facilitate an ultimate therapeutic experience. This triggers various nerves in the body and provides amazing health benefits.

With Automatic overheat protection and insulation, you can relax safely after a long, exhausting day. This fully self-contained steam shower is merely magnificent when it comes to size- 59X32X87.4 inches. Also, it includes a Dual 8-inch Rainfall ceiling shower, a handheld showerhead and a ventilation fan for your convenience.

The Teak wooden Floorboard supplements the décor of your bathroom and turns it into an opulent artwork. Furthermore, you can get meticulously designed treatment with its chromotherapy lighting and an Aromatherapy system. Not only this, but you can also tune to your favorite radio station and enjoy the unparalleled bathing experience.


  • 6KW steam generation system for high-temperature steam
  • Spacious and ergonomic design
  • 20 Acupressure Massage jets for fostering various health benefits
  • Easy and pocket-friendly installation
  • Includes Installed FM, Chromatherapy, and an Aromatherapy system
  • Stylish teak wooden Floorboard finish


  • Drain issues may have to check the hair traps often

Bottom Line

Built entirely for comfort and convenience, you can get a far better feeling than a spa or gym. Also, the innovative features and the powerful steam generator makes it worth every single penny that you pay.

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2. Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

Ariel Platinum DZ961F8 Steam Shower has all the abilities to enhance your blood circulation, relax the muscles and relieve joint pains. Also, it can re-energize your skin by clear your pores and sinuses and make you fall in love with your skin again.

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This addition to your bathroom will turn it into an oasis of relaxation and provide endless benefits. The 220-volt powerful 6KW steam generator ensures that you get hot steam in as little as 2 minutes. An epitome of style, this tempered glass construction is made to impress and augment your contemporary appeal.

Also, the lightweight design allows easy installation. Available in a broad size of 59×35.4×89.2 inches, this spacious steam shower will unleash a new dimension to comfort. The ultra-roomier structure will make you fall in love with this steam shower.

The rectangular design along with the silver finish adds to the overall charm of your bathroom. It also meets the electrical safety guidelines laid by ETL. Furthermore, it incorporates an Ozone disinfecting system to complement your bathroom hygiene.


  • Extremely broad and comfortable
  • Perfect for couples
  • High-quality tempered glass construction for durability
  • Ozone disinfecting system for complete hygiene
  • 6 acupressure jets for massage therapy


  • Not suitable for smaller sized bathroom
  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line

One of the largest, if not the most spacious and comfortable steam shower in the market available today. You can undoubtedly enjoy the relaxing spa-like moment with your partner while forgetting all your stress.

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3. Luxury KBM 9001 Freestanding Steam Shower

Luxury KBM 9001 is packed with remarkable features at an affordable cost. This spacious refreshment steam shower endows you with the excellent feel of being in a lavish spa. Available in the dimension of 59×35.5×85.2 inches, you can experience the utmost relaxation with your partner.

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The powerful 3KW steam generation works at 110 volts to provide high-temperature steam within a couple of minutes. Also, this freestanding steam shower room comprises 6 pulsating massage jets for improving your blood circulation, body tissues and reducing pores and sinuses.

The usage of fog-free mirrors ensures 100 percent visibility while you relish in the steam. The beauty of your bathroom can be further enhanced using its Blue Fluorescent light and ceiling lamps. The large overhead rainfall shower, comfortable headrest, and button-operated. Foot massage is always available for your convenience.

Optimized for comfort, it has and sleek and intuitive control panel. You can change the room temperature, listen to the shower radio or switch on the ergonomic pulsating jets from the LCD directly or through the remote control. Also, you can make or answer any phone calls using the in-built hands-free device.


  • Extremely easy-to-use because of the intuitive computer control panel
  • High performance using innovative features
  • Enhanced comfort for couples
  • Inbuilt FM radio entertainment, loudspeaker, and microphone
  • ABS board with Aluminum reinforcement for high water-proofing


  • Complex design making it difficult to install without an experienced plumber
  • It requires a lot of space.

Bottom Line

Luxury KBM 9001 steam shower comes with cutting-edge technology to deliver an integrated package of relaxation, entertainment, and healing effects.

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4. Bath Masters 8004-A Corner Steam Shower Room

This Home spa-center shower room has everything you ever dreamed of. Beautifully designed to concur with all your desires, it will stand at a corner to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. It is magnificently big to provide you with top-notch comfort while enjoying under its mighty multi-functional shower head.

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The six massage acupuncture jets will relieve all your stress and make you completely refreshed and rejuvenated. The fog-free glass and mirrors facilitate absolute visibility while inside. This affordable and innovative corner steam shower comes at a dimension of 36X36X83 inches.

Made to revolutionize convenience and technology, it comprises an easy-to-use touchscreen computer control panel. The FM radio, loudspeaker, and microphone are always there to augment your mood. You can connect to your preferred ones or friends using the hands-free receiver.

The Blue LED lightning lamps and ventilation fan are added advantages. Also, the amalgamation of ABS toughed glass and Aluminum prevents water leakage at all costs. The chrome-plated handles and trims are made for withstanding high wear.


  • Touch screen based computer control panel
  • Hands-free call receiver with loudspeaker and microphone
  • Meticulously designed for a smaller sized bathroom.
  • Overhead multi-functional sliding handle rainfall shower
  • Fog-free mirrors


  • Not an appropriate choice for couples
  • Not suitable if you are looking for a spa-like experience

Bottom Line

The elegant design will amplify the overall feel of your bathroom. Also, the latest technology ensures top-class entertainment while enjoying its comfortable shower room. However, the lack of steam generation will fail to provide you real sauna experience.

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5. ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

An exceptional combination of a steam shower and Whirlpool soaking tub, this unit by Ariel comes with remarkable features. The 3KW steam generation engine produces high-temperature steam within no time.

It endows various curative effects on Backpain, rheumatism, asthma, rheumatic arthritis, neurasthenic, bronchitis, and obesity.

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Now, you can enjoy a long deep soak while harnessing countless positive health benefits. As you can get sauna-like experience at the same Bathtub comfort, it is the ideal replacement for your old Bathtub.

Specially designed for couples, it has two different hand-held showerheads and built-in seats. Also, a decorative light, rainfall showerhead and foot massager are present. This overwhelming 63X63X89 inches room is the most spacious steam shower listed here.

The 10 hydro massage jets and chroma therapy lightning capability will completely transform your showering. The soothing effects of Chroma Therapy will make you feel like you are in a lavish spa. You don’t need to visit a gym or spa for getting that soothing and refreshing feeling.


  • An integrated package of steam shower and bathtub
  • 10 hydromassage jets and Chroma Therapy lighting
  • 3KW powerful steam generation engine
  • Ultra-spacious and ergonomic design
  • Perfect for couples


  • Installation requires expert help
  • Need a large area in your bathroom
  • No FM or hands-free call Receiver

Bottom Line

If you are in search of a spacious steam shower-cum Bathtub, then Ariel WS-608A will be the ultimate purchase for you.

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6. Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-W-R Steam Shower

The Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-W-R steam shower is a striking piece of art that will supplement the contemporary look of your bathroom in all aspects. The strong 6KW steam generator ensures high-temperature steam production in less than a minute.

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Also, it has an Overheat protection mechanism and insulation to take care of you and avoid any unfortunate mishaps. The 6 acupressure massage jets stimulate the various nerve in the body and facilitates positive health benefits. If you love to bath for hours in steam comfortably, then you must consider this unit by Ariel Platinum.

Tempered glass built for long-lasting performance, it has a dimension of 47X35.4X89 inches. Although it is not the perfect choice for adults, it is still spacious to relax you instantly. The massive rainfall ceiling shower will melt all your day’s stress.

Also, the real wooden board finish depicts the elegance of this steam shower. Furthermore, there is an in-built Chroma therapy LED lighting which bestows utmost calmness and comfort.


  • 6KW steam generation within a minute
  • Tempered glass protection for durability and safety
  • Eye-catching real wood roof and sauna panels
  • 6 comfortable Acupressure jets and Chroma therapy
  • Overheat protection and insulation


  • Not suitable for couples
  • Improper shower drain

Bottom Line

As Ariel Platinum products signify premium built quality and reliability, you can choose this steam shower without thinking twice.


How To Choose The Best Steam Shower

Steam shower prepares you for a stressful and exhausting day. But, before purchasing the best steam shower for you, you must keep a few points in mind.

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Steam showers come with an enclosure to keep the steam inside the room. You must check the enclosure as it may spoil your bathing experience. Also, if the enclosure is not vapor-resistant, the moisture will escape resulting in bathroom damp problems.

So, you must make sure that the enclosure is watertight and does not include a ventilation window. Having a ventilation fan or window can be both good and bad. It can cool down the steam temperature and allow it to escape. On the other hand, the ventilation fan allows easy evacuation of steam when necessary.

Ceiling Height

Always Make sure that the bathroom ceiling height is enough to accommodate the steam shower. The height of a standard steam shower is around 8 feet.

If your ceiling height is more than this, you could buy a more powerful steam generator. Although it would cost more, you can get a richer sauna experience. If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet, then the steam production will not be very effective.


As you will be spending a lot on buying a steam shower, you want the seating to be sloped for comfort. There should be enough space to install a bench or seat if it is not provided directly by the manufacturer. If space is a constraint, you can use a folding shower.


Acrylic constructed steam shower system units are easy-to-clean, affordable and lightweight. The tempered glass reinforcement allows waterproofing enclosures which are durable. Some steam showers also come with fiberglass addition forever-lasting performance.

The sturdiness of a unit depends on its construction. You must make sure that the construction of the steam shower unit is top-notch as you are spending a large amount of money on it.


Space is the most important deicing factor. If you have a large-sized bathroom, you would be looking for a spacious and large steam shower. Going for a steam shower cum bathtub is also a good choice.

If you have a small toilet, then you probably can’t accommodate a large steam shower. In that case, the corner steam shower is the most elegant and space-friendly alternative.

Installation and Power Requirement

Installation of a steam shower can be expensive as you need a plumbing professional. While some people install the steam shower by themselves by following the given manual, irregular-shaped, non-standard plumbing or electric connections shower unit demands professional help.

It is always advisable to assure that your plumbing connections support the unit before buying it. Also, you must make sure that the steam shower complies with your home power requirement. If it does not, you may have to install a circuit breaker separately.

Additional Features

With cutting-edge inventions, you get a lot of additional features when buying a steam shower unit. With different types of massage jets to foster your experience, you get an inbuilt entertainment system like FM radio, Hands-free call receiver, Loudspeaker, Microphone, etc.

Some shower enclosures even come with an LCD computer control panel with a remote to facilitate a fully customizable showering experience. It is recommended to spend a little bit more on getting these innovative and convenient features.

What are the Benefits of a Steam Shower?

A steam shower is a revolutionary invention that allows you to get a similar or better experience than visiting a lavish spa. The prime benefit of owning a steam shower is its flexibility.

With just 1 gallon of water and by removing just 10 minutes of time from your daily schedule, you can become rejuvenated. Also, you can improve your blood circulation and treat various respiratory infections.

A steam shower is an excellent treatment for Back Pain, Asthma, Arthritis, obesity and bronchial disorders. It also expands muscle tissues and causes mental relaxation. Furthermore, the steam heat and humidity open the pores of the skin and dead tissues for a deeper and beneficial cleansing action.

Which One Should I Buy?

A steam shower is a quality addition to your bathroom. Not only it supplements the contemporary look of your bathroom but it can provide you with endless health benefits.

If you are looking for the best steam shower, then you can select one from our top picks. We have enlisted these finest steam showers after in-depth product research and experts’ opinions.

With our top recommendation, you can undoubtedly get a seamless spa experience in the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, you must check for the budget, space, décor, additional features and construction quality before making a choice.


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