The Best Tankless Toilets in 2022 – Reviews And Complete Buying Guide


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Tankless toilets provide a host of benefits over their tanked counterparts. In addition to being environmentally friendly, as they do not leak, they also take up very little space and conserve water. While traditional toilets use up to 3 gallons per flush, the best tankless toilets only dispense 1.6 gallons.

They come in various sleek designs and can be a breath of fresh air to your bathroom’s decor. Another excellent feature that comes in handy is the fact that they take a very short time to refill. This is especially beneficial to a bathroom that serves several people.

Due to the numerous tankless toilet models currently in the market, it can be tricky settling on one. Here is a review of some of the best tankless toilets to assist you in making an informed choice.

5 Best Tankless Toilet Reviews [2022]

1. TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H

If you are looking for a toilet that is equipped with high hygienic standards, then the TOTO Neorest is worth considering. It has a superb disinfection system that eliminates germs and bacteria. The system works by rinsing the bowl with a small amount of water and then using electrolyzed water, and a cyclone flushing system, for further cleaning. After each flush, the electrolyzed water wets the bowl with a pre-mist, which eliminates the need to use chemicals to clean the toilet.

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The result is a germ and bacteria-free toilet bowl and a toilet that ensures up to 80% waste removal, one of the best efficiency rates in the market.

The toilet is only 38 inches at its tallest point, making it ideal for the whole family and weighs 86 pounds. The entire toilet measures 27.8×15.3×21.5 inches. It also has a compact shape toilet, constructed using quality China, that conserves space, making it an excellent choice for small bathrooms.

With an elongated bowl that has a slightly squared-off design, TOTO Neorest offers added sitting comfort. The 3 mode washlet cleansing system that includes a front, rear and soft mode, combined with the SanaGloss ceramic glaze, guarantees the waste is removed efficiently.

The e-water and disinfection system not only gets rid of germs and bacteria but also prevents them from spreading to other parts of the bathroom. The electrolyzed water rinses the bowl and removes waste, even before the actual flushing.

The dual cyclone flushing technology ensures that less water is used to remove more waste. TOTO’s automatic settings come with an easy-to-use remote control, which makes it more convenient to use the bathroom. The settings automatically adjust the heat temperature of the seat, switch on a light inside the bowl, adjust the seat level and flush.

The toilet’s automatic sensors are able to identify the user and spring into action whenever one enters the bathroom, even if it’s for other purposes like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

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2. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-contained Toilet

Saniflo 023 Toilet is a versatile and flexible tankless toilet that can be set up anywhere; in the garage, attic, ground floor, basement, or even under a stairway. Basically, it is an ideal toilet if you are pressed for space.

Weighing in at 62.2 pounds and measuring 18.2x 14.5×15.8 inches, the Saniflo 023 comes in an elongated shape toilet that is comfortable and space-efficient. Additionally, it is floor mounted, providing a sturdy and stable foundation.

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Constructed using porcelain, which is chip and crack-resistant, the Saniflo 023 is a durable toilet that will serve you for many years. The seat has a stylish design and is attached with flashy chrome hinges.

The flush system uses an in-built electric mode which is quiet and offers privacy, while the toilet is easy to install as the discharge elbow can be rotated 360 degrees. Vertically, the toilet can pump waste up to 9 feet, while horizontally, it is capable of approximately 100 feet.

With the touch of an air switch located at the top of the bowl, the macerating toilet pump can switch from manual to automatic flushing and vice-versa. Only 1 gallon of water is used per flush, making this tankless toilet water-efficient, as it can also be attached to a sink, as a source of water supply.

Its design and build make it ideal for disabled people to use comfortably, in addition to making it easier to clean compared to a two-piece standard toilet. The Saniflo 023 is not a heavy-duty toilet and it sometimes requires more than one flush to get rid of waste.

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3. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet

Combining high levels of comfort and eco-friendly features the TOTO dual flush toilet is a two-in-one product. It is also an integrated toilet that brings together the bowl and washlet, under one roof.

For water efficiency, the toilet uses the siphon jet flush type and a dual flushing system, which saves water especially for light waste such as urine. The TOTO dual flush toilet dispenses only 1 gallon per flush for solid waste and 0.8 gallons for light waste.

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Despite using very little water per flush, the toilet’s performance is not compromised, thanks to its cyclone siphon jet flushing system. This powerful system ensures waste is removed and leaves the bowl spotless with each flush.

The sleek and stylish design of the toilet will blend in with most bathroom decors, while the SanaGloss finish offers a glossy appearance further enhancing the beauty of the toilet. Additionally, it makes cleaning easy as the surface of the toilet is dirt-resistant and does not require frequent washing.

Measuring 32.5×15.5×21.5 inches the toilet provides a comfortable height, which is equivalent to sitting on a normal chair. It is also ideal for elderly folks and persons with disabilities.

The state-of-the-art features are awesome and come with remote control for convenience. These include:

  • Automatic lid opening when you enter the bathroom and closing when you exit.
  • A heated seat that offers extra comfort with temperature adjustments.
  • A gently aerated water spray to clean you up with pulsating and oscillating features.
  • An efficient and thorough hands-free flush that totally gets rid of waste.
  • An air deodorizer to get rid of any odors.
  • An automatic light that switches on when the bathroom is dark.

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4. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl

With a concealed carrier system and an in-wall tank, the Kohler wall-hung toilet offers a minimalistic look that will be a welcome addition to any bathroom. Made with white ceramic the Kohler wall-hung toilet provides a shiny, clean, bright and hygienic look packed in an elegant design. Apart from being brilliant, the ceramic is durable and does not dull with time. It also comes with a sleek veil that is easy to clean and maintain.

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The elongated bowl design provides extra comfort, while the grip-tight Q3 seat is engineered to the standard shape and size, ensuring an ideal sitting posture. Measuring 21×15.1×13 inches the Kohler wall-hung toilet comes with a dual flush type system that guarantees effective light and solid waste removal.

Equipped with a dual-flush actuator the toilet’s water conservation properties are top-notch, dispensing between 0.8-1.6 gallons per flush. Its standard size ensures that it can be used by the entire family comfortably. The plastic cover that comes with the toilet sometimes falls off.

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5. Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated Bidet Toilet System

This is an integrated bidet unit which means, it comes with its own toilet, bowl, tank and accessories.

Weighing 40 pounds and 27.74 x 15.75 x 21.06 inches in size this unit comes equipped with the best dryer in the market and buttons to take care of basic wash features. This includes; feminine clean, posterior clean and stop control. Included is also a kid’s cleansing feature that involves an oscillating rear spray that comes at low pressure combined with a drying cycle.

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All the features are accessible through remote control, but there is a manual flush button on the toilet’s left side in case power switches off. The remote control is responsive and comes with an LCD display. Installation is simple and you do not require a plumber if you have basic knowledge of how to use simple tools like a wrench, screwdriver and drill.

The toilet’s design gives it a uniform appearance as the reservoir tank is located at the back of the toilet, keeping it out of sight, and making the toilet appear truly tankless. The bidet is a perfect fit and can be separated from the toilet if the need arises. The toilet lacks an in-bowl light for use when it is dark.

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Best Tankless Toilet Buying Guide

As mentioned earlier, it is a daunting task choosing a quality tankless toilet owing to the numerous products available. Here is a guide that will empower you to know what to look for in an excellent tankless toilet.

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Eco-friendly Features

A water conservation toilet is an important aspect to consider when buying tankless toilets. While most of them use water sparingly, there are models that you can regulate and choose the amount of water you prefer to use.

They are not only eco-friendly but also save you money in the long run in the form of monthly water bills. Eco-friendly tankless toilets also curb the wastage of water due to the amounts used when flushed.

Wall or Floor Mounted Unit?

The decision for either a wall or floor mounted toilet varies in different individuals. A floor-mounted toilet is ideal for a bathroom with high traffic as it provides stability and can cater to a larger amount of people ranging from the elderly, physically challenged, potty-training kids and overweight individuals.

On the other hand, wall-mounted toilets allow you to have an aesthetic feel to your bathroom and an easier time cleaning your floor.

Manual Operation Options

If you live in an area that suffers from bouts of erratic power supply, ensure to purchase a tankless toilet that offers manual options, especially a flush button. This will save you from bathroom disasters that may occur if the power supply is interrupted.

Flushing System

A quality tankless toilet gets rid of waste in one flash. This features a powerful and efficient flushing system. It also means that you will use less water to keep your toilet clean. Always go for a toilet that uses the cyclone system preferably equipped with a siphon jet.


Sitting comfort should also be a top priority. The elongated bowl design offers more space and supports the right posture. You can also check out heat regulated bowls as an extra comfort feature and bowl lights that can illuminate the bowl even in the dark.

Beware of Replica

This is one of the most important factors to be on the lookout for when buying tankless toilets. Due to their popularity, there are a lot of replicas mainly from China. They are cheap, which is what attracts potential buyers, but they are made of sub-standard material which makes their quality poor.

As the saying goes, cheap is expensive and you will find that you will have to replace these cheap replicas frequently. Assure that you buy from a trusted seller, and a tried and tested brand. A reliable brand will have sufficient information on the product and an excellent after-sales support system.



1. How do tankless toilets operate without tanks?

Instead of a tank, the toilet receives its supply of water directly from a high-pressure pipe. The pressure is usually sufficient to flush waste in one swoop.

2. Can tankless toilets work with low water pressure?

As stated above, tankless toilets require high-pressure water flow to function well. If you experience low water pressure, you can still install a tankless toilet, but you will need to consult a professional plumber on ways to boost the existing low water pressure.

3. Are tankless toilets costly?

Like every product on the market, there is a tankless toilet to match every budget.

4. Do tankless toilets conserve water?

Compared to conventional toilets, yes, they do. An average tankless toilet flush dispenses 0.8-1.6 gallons per flush, while other toilets can use up 3 gallons per flush.


Tankless toilets are the future as they are now in tandem with technology, which is a major driving force for products today. In addition, they are less bulky hence do not take up a lot of space, they conserve water and are more hygienic than the tanked toilets. Some models are self-cleaning and require little to no maintenance.

The reviewed models offer excellent performance, are durable and come from reliable manufacturers. The units consist of the best tankless toilets, and chances are, you will find a suitable toilet to cater for your needs in the above list.

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