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The world can be a complicated place for disabled people and those with low mobility. Even the most essential items are designed with movement in mind. Safe bathroom facilities, for example, are a fundamental need, but few are shaped to fit users with alternative requirements. It’s why we’ve put together this list of the best toilet safety rails on the market.

Toilet safety rails are installed on one or both sides of a commode. They provide the user with extra support during sitting and standing. They also serve as a way for wheelchair users to move from chair to toilet independently. For this reason, toilet safety rails are highly recommended for homes occupied or frequented by those with impaired mobility.

Let’s take a closer look at the excellent products on the market. With this guide, it’s easy to pick the right mobility aid for your bathroom.

10 Best Toilet Safety Rails

1. Carex Health Brands Bathroom Safety Rail

The Carex Health Brands handrail is a freestanding mobility device. It does not need to be attached to the toilet as the rubber feet keep it in place. When in use, downward pressure is applied and the rubber grips prevent it from sliding across the floor. It makes the handrail completely mobile. It can be lifted and moved from toilet to bathtub and back again.

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In fact, consumer tests show this Carex rail can even be used in the shower. With incredible grip, a lightweight frame and skid resistant tips, it is safe in water if the standing surface is stable. While this toilet rail has a surprisingly hefty capacity of 300lbs, we still think it’s better for average sized users.

There isn’t as much space to turn around as first appears. The frame is designed to be pushed right over the toilet, with the back rails resting against the cistern. Thus, it can get a bit tight when trying to turn round and pull it back. The handrail is height adjustable, but not width adjustable. Yet, with so much all-round portability, it’s just a minor downside.

2. Drive Medical Stand Alone Safety Rail

Like the Carex Health Brands Bathroom Rail, this toilet safety rail from Drive Medical is fully portable. The design, however, is very different. Instead of sliding over the toilet bowl, it nestles alongside it. A lower bar sits close to the floor, with two padded handles tilted towards the user. It is one of the best toilet safety rails because it is comfy and supremely practical.

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With this product, Drive Medical addresses some common issues relating to household mobility aids. For instance, many lacks of width adjustment. It isn’t the case here the handrail can be extended to 26.5 inches. If you’ve got a very broad toilet, it’s a great choice. Plus, we love the fact it comes with a magazine rack.

It’s a small detail, but it can make a big difference to people with impaired mobility. When in position, the rack is easy to reach either over or under the side rail. As both side rails tilt inwards, minimal stretching is needed to grab and stand up. Although it is portable, it doesn’t have rubber grips or feet. Instead, the wide bars are balanced only to move the user moves.

3. Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive

The Stand Alone Toilet Rail by Vive has a simple design. It’s the type of product you can glance at and work out how to use within minutes. This makes it perfect for all kinds of bathrooms and users, whether they’re disabled, recovering from surgery or navigating advanced age. It is freestanding so that it can be moved between different areas of the house.

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With a full height and width adjustable frame, it is suitable for positioning around the toilet, bathroom sink or kitchen sink. It happens to be one of the sturdiest handrails we tested. The lightweight frame is surprisingly tough. It can withstand up to 300lbs of weight and a bit more besides though we advise against exceeding this limit.

It is also one of the comfiest handrails on the market. The non-slip handles are padded with soft foam to provide strain free support. As the frame can be easily widened, it is even ideal for those with a taller or broader build. The bottom rails are 19 inches deep, so they offer lots of tip proof stability no matter how or where the user moves.

4. Medline Toilet Safety Rail with Easy Installation

If you’re looking for a more stable fixture, this Medline Toilet Safety Rail attaches to the toilet bowl itself for added stability. It means extra work is required to prepare it for use. The existing toilet seat needs to be removed first.

So, keep this in mind if buying for yourself. You may need help attaching the safety frame bracket. The slender frame is made out of anodized aluminum, and there are rubber tipped grips on each leg to prevent slipping.

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Despite this, the Medline safety rail has a smaller capacity than some other portable products. It can withstand up to 250lbs, but the manufacturer advises against prolonged weight bearing.

While we liked the closed call armrests they’re ergonomically shaped for easy grip the frame just doesn’t feel as sturdy as it could. The armrests have a slight wobble if you lean on them for too long. It is a superb product for people with lightweight to medium builds. We’re just not sure it’s the best choice for heavier users.

5. Deluxe Bathroom Safety Toilet Rail

Like other portable handrails, this Safety Toilet Rail from Vaunn looks a lot like a regular mobility walker. This makes it discreet, easy to store and ideal for anybody who needs extra support but wants to appear as independent as possible. Once extended, it can support up to 300lbs of weight. The frame is solid steel and, if assembled correctly, it’s pretty unshakable.

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Without any installation, the Deluxe Bathroom Rail offers safety and security. It has padded grab bars with extra grip, an adjustable height to suit all bodies and a broad, flexible frame that fits both standard and custom bowls. If you’re worried about slips and falls, it’s a fantastic choice because stability is its top priority.

The rail is not only portable, but it also collapses for easy storage. That’s why we recommend it for users of all types, not just those with long term mobility issues. Whether you’ve had surgery, recent sickness or just feel wobblier than you used to, the Vaunn safety rail is a simple solution. The only downside is the lack of width adjustment. It either fits around the elongated toilet. Or it doesn’t.

6. Medline’s Guardian Toilet Safety Rail

Freestanding toilet rails aren’t the right option for everybody. Many bathroom users find secure, affixed handrails to be more helpful. Medline’s Guardian Toilet Rail, for example, provides extra support with a frame that screws directly onto the bowl. It takes slightly longer to set up, but it offers stability without the risk of sliding feet.

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We recommend this safety rail for those with small bathrooms. As the frame gets secured between the bowl and its existing toilet seat, there’s no need for bulky attachments. This Medline handrail is sleek, slim line and very discreet. It’s clearly a mobility aid, but it doesn’t visually dominate the room. It sits quiet and discreet alongside your smart toilet.

While we did like this product, surprisingly, it felt less sturdy than some other freestanding devices. Perhaps it’s because there’s less give here. When sitting and standing, all weight gets placed on the same spot. There’s no internal balance system to prevent rolling or slipping, so the frame is more likely to bend. This safety rail can handle a maximum capacity of 250lbs, but take extra care if taller or heavier than average.

7. Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

With this simply designed Toilet Safety Rail from Drive Medical, moving around in the bathroom has never been so easy. It’s actually one of few handrails to come without a full-sized frame. There’s no bottom bars or feet, so it doesn’t touch the bathroom floor. Instead, it gets installed between the bowl and the existing toilet seat as a suspended device.

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This makes it both discreet and compact. There’s less frame to get tangled up with, to trip over or to bend while sitting and standing. On the other hand, it does mean there are fewer areas to rest your weight on. One other thing we noticed was a slight wobbliness regardless of how tightly the frame is secured to the bowl.

The hand rests are a big plus, however. They’re padded with an elongated, ergonomic shape and design. With padding covering most of the uppermost rail, even an off-centered grip should feel comfortable. They also extend far out enough width ways to give plenty of room for turning and maneuvering. Even larger builds should have no problem rotating their body between the two side rails.

8. Vive Toilet Rail – Bathroom Safety Frame

With a maximum capacity of 300Ibs and a top width of 26.5 inches, this Vive Medical Toilet Railing is among the sturdiest. It’s one of the best standardt toilet safety rails because of its innovative two-legged design. It combines the simplicity of self-supporting devices and the toughness of bowl to floor frames. Unlike most standing handrails, however, it has only two feet.

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This minimizes the visual impact of the handrail and the volume of physical space needed to install it. The legs even bend slightly inwards to give it a sleeker, less obvious presence. We also like the fact its legs are not just rubber tipped. They’re actually rubber suckers. It makes it very difficult to slide or move the frame with downward pressure alone.

The padding on the armrests feels a little thinner than on some rival products. However, it extends over a large area, so it’s easy to shift your grip. Plus, with its adjustable legs, the handrail can be lifted or lowered for maximum comfort. There’s also plenty of space between the two sidebars for turning, twisting and maneuvering.

9. Moen DN7015 Home Care Toilet Safety Rails

Bathroom safety rails don’t come much simpler than this toilet handrail from Moen. It has a very basic design, with just one piece required for installation. Like many other handrails, it fits between the bowl and the existing toilet seat. However, in this case, there’s little in the way of standout features. Even the frame is colored with just one uniform shade of white.

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It’s not to say the Moen DN7015 safety rail doesn’t do a good job. It is certainly the most discreet handrail we’ve seen on the market. As the whole frame is white, it blends in with a white toilet bowl. It’s not immediately obvious a mobility aid is present. For this reason, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a product that combines support and modesty.

The aluminum hand rests are covered with polypropylene to prevent rust, even in humid conditions. They’re also powder coated for extra grip and stability. The only downsides to this Moen Toilet Safety Railing are its slightly lower capacity 250lbs and limited shape. It cannot be height or width adjusted, so there are some toilets its simply won’t fit around.

10. Carex Toilet Support Rail

This Toilet Support Rail from Carex is another simply designed product that does a fantastic job without being overtly obvious. The best handrails marry style with practicality as nobody wants their bathroom to be dominated by mobility aids. With this rail, there’s no bottom frame only a pair of armrests that clip ante the bowl. It’s sleek and can be installed in minutes.

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Do be aware that, if the bracket isn’t secured to the bowl very tightly, the hand rests can feel a little wobbly and even slide forwards as the user moves. Therefore, it’s best to ask for help with installation if you’re suffering from low mobility. Fortunately, the hand rests are easy to grip, padded for comfort and shape to fit all bodies and builds.

When fully extended, the rails on this Carex bathroom mobility aid are fairly high. So, you may need to adjust them a few times before you find the right setting. With a standard weight capacity of 300lbs, it’s suitable even for heavier builds. There’s no width adjustment but the frame is quite wide as it is. It should offer comfort and flexibility in almost all bathrooms.

How To Choose The Best Toilet Safety Rails

Bathroom mobility aids come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Most toilet handrails, however, fall roughly into one of two categories: freestanding and legless.

The best type for your bathroom depends on the environment, mobility requirements and any specific installation needs. For instance, you may prefer a legless frame but opt for a freestanding device to avoid brackets and screws.

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These buying tips will help you pick a bathroom safety rail that makes you feel supported:

General Shape

The best safety rails are designed to be flexible. They accommodate a wide variety of toilet types and bathroom environments. Regardless, it’s still important to check compatibility before you buy.

It’s especially important when opting for a rail that attaches to the toilet seat riser. Make sure the model is suitable for the shape of your bowl, whether round or elongated.

Width and Height

Similarly, you should check and double check the height and width of your chosen rail. Not all products come with adjustable features, so don’t assume it will fit. Make sure. The distance between the armrests needs to accommodate the width of your hips with enough room for them to twist and turn.

It’s more common for toilet rails to have adjustable height settings than variable width. Almost all of these products can be adjusted in some manner. You should still take the time to check height dimensions carefully before buying. If you’re on the taller side, look for a toilet safety rail that’s wider with higher armrests.

Weight Capacity

The standard weight capacity for domestic safety rails is around 300lbs. You’ll find some that allow a little more and others that are capable of carrying a bit less. While it’s true that maximum weight is rarely precise most handrails won’t break if negligibly exceeded the guideline is there for a reason. Make sure you pick a product that’s designed for your build.

Smaller Spaces

Of course, height and weight are also important for those with smaller bathrooms. If you’ve got a cramped environment, pick a rail that’s compact. The optimal choice is one that doesn’t extend beyond the front of the toilet bowl. You may need to purchase a legless handrail because they are usually the simplest and sleekest.

Wheelchair Transfers

The majority of toilet safety rails claim to be suitable for wheelchair users, but you may find some are better than others. If you perform transfers by sliding sideways between the chair and toilet, consider movable armrests. They’re a less common feature, but they make it easier to maneuver onto the toilet. Look for products with armrests that swing up or down.

“No Mark” Installations

If you currently rent your home, you may not have the freedom to drill into walls or attach permanent features to the toilet. What you can do is buy a freestanding safety rail. They don’t require any installation. There are no screws, no drilling, and no marks. Just assemble the pieces, place the frame over your toilet bowl and move it when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is a toilet safety rail installed?

Ans: Freestanding handrails involve no installation. You may need to assemble several pieces to construct the frame, but they don’t need to be screwed or drilled. Legless rails, on the other hand, are secured beneath an existing toilet seat.

They come with a flat bracket. Remove the toilet seat. Lay this bracket over holes left by the screws. Finally, place the toilet seat over the top of the bracket and reapply the screws. It should take around ten minutes to install a legless handrail.

Q: What is a Safety Grip?

Ans: The term “safety grip” refers to any coating that is applied to the handrail’s armrests to make it easier to grab. The best grips do not lose stability or support even if the rail is wet. Padded grips are great for comfort, but they can wear faster than grips without foam or other types of cushioning.

Q: What is the best way to clean a toilet handrail?

Ans: Once or twice weekly, rub the handrail with a gentle soap and water solution. This should remove any grime and keep it stronger for longer. Avoid using harsh products abrasive or corrosive cleaning chemicals are not suitable. They can cause damage to the outer finish.

Q: Is a full handrail better than a toilet grab bar?

Ans: It depends on your level of mobility and how you prefer to move around your bathroom. For some people, a single grab bar at one side of the toilet is enough. For others, more support is required.

If your low mobility is related to a degenerative cause, such as advanced age or chronic illness, it’s probably best to get a full handrail. That way, you can avoid inevitable upgrades and ensure your safety and comfort.

How To Assemble The Toilet Safety Rail


Final Verdict

If you’ve never bought the best toilet safety rails before, it may seem like there’s a lot of different options. However, most fall into two categories, so it’s easier than you think to pick the right one. The important thing is to check all dimensions carefully.

Ordinarily, toilet safety rails are non-refundable. Make sure you get the right shape, height, and width before you buy. Legless frames are discreet and sturdy, but they are harder to install and may leave permanent marks on walls. Freestanding rails are low maintenance and fully portable, but they may not feel as strong as wall-mounted devices.

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