Top 10 Best RV Toilets in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide


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Taking off on an adventure in a recreational vehicle is a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and explore some of the natural beauty in the country. When you head out on that adventure, though, you need to be prepared for being without some of the creature comforts which you may be used to at home.

Living out of an RV will require you to make use of specially designed RV toilets. If you’ve never purchased one before, then you should take the time to look for the best RV toilet. The reviews below should help you in that search.

10 Best RV Toilet Reviews

1. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height

The Dometic 310 is a standard toilet that will help bring you some of the comforts of home that you’re used to. With a porcelain bowl and its white coloration, you should be able to relax in a familiar environment which reminds you of the bathrooms you’ve used all your life.

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Aside from the tankless back, which is a standard feature of RV toilet design, the Dometic 310 closely resembles standard commercial products. With a fully-powered flush action as well, you can also be sure that your toilet stays clean and fresh as opposed to being a spot for concern.

One major advantage of the Dometic 310 is that it’s relatively easy to install. When purchasing a new RV toilet, many people have hesitations because they’re unsure if they’ll be comfortable with that process, but the Dometic 310 should allow you to relieve yourself of those concerns.

It uses standard toilet issue o-rings which are widely available, and it’s firmly mounted to your RV by the use of a two-bolt mounting system. The porcelain construction also allows the Dometic 310 to be a long-lasting product than some competitors, guaranteeing that you’ll receive maximum value for your purchase.

2. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush

The Aqua-Magic V RV utilizes high-strength plastic technology in its construction, which should provide you with some ease of installation and will help cut down on the weight of the toilet as it’s installed.

One of the primary benefits of shedding weight by using a plastic toilet is that it’s much easier to remove for service when necessary, as you won’t be struggling with weight in a small space.

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The Aqua-Magic V is also specially designed to allow for minimal water usage, so if you’re operating on a budget, you may benefit from that restricted consumption.

The pedal flush system in the Aqua Magic V allows you to press halfway to simply add water but depress the plunger fully in order to completely clean the toilet.

This might be a relief to people who are intending to shop for the best composting toilet for RV usage, as it’s far more environmentally friendly than requiring a full flush of water with every usage.

The Aqua-Magic V is also higher in profile than many competing plastic toilets, which should allow for maximum comfort. Too many RV toilets leave the user feeling cramped or hunkered down, and the Aqua Magic V will not.

3. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height

The Dometic 320 is the next step up in features and comfort from the previously-covered Dometic 310. As with the previous model, it relies on solid ceramic construction to help make sure the user is able to enjoy all of the comforts of home.

It comes with the same high profile and natural foot pedal design that should provide you with excellent control over your usage.

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When looking for the best RV toilet, it’s clear that Dometic has several entries in the marketplace that allow their models to be highly competitive.

One exciting feature of the Dometic 320 is the included hand spray. This can be a vital tool for situations in rough environments where you may be struggling to feel completely clean.

Additionally, many RV toilets aren’t capable of handling the disposal of paper products. As opposed to using them anyway and then dealing with the creation of additional paper waste, the hand spray allows you to feel clean while still conserving your trash output.

This feeling of freshness can go a long way toward providing you with the comfort you need to continue enjoying an exciting RV trip.

4. Palm Springs Outdoor Portable

If you don’t feel comfortable installing a toilet on your own or if your adventures generally take you further beyond the bounds of your RV than a few feet, you may prefer investing in a portable outdoor toilet.

The technology in the Palm Springs Portable Outdoor toilet is designed to allow you to feel the comfort of a standard bathroom in any surroundings, allowing you to avoid the worry of finding yourself with a space to be relieved.

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By purchasing a portable toilet, you might have the freedom to move more easily around the great outdoors.

The Palm Springs Outdoor Portable features a five-gallon holding tank that’s held in reserve by a sealed system specially designed to keep the water fresh until needed.

Its collapsible design makes it an excellent choice for older RVs with limited bathroom space, as it should be able to fit into more compact areas.

Also, if you travel with larger parties of people and the bathroom being occupied is an occasional concern, the Palm Springs Outdoor Portable may be an excellent backup option. By having a second toilet on hand, you can be sure that you’re prepared for any potential emergency.

5. Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

The many options available in the portable toilet market include Camco’s Standard Portable Travel Toilet, which is designed with rugged construction that’s intended to make it stand up to the most extreme environments.

The clasp design which holds the water tank to the toilet should allow for easy filling with clean water and should guarantee that you’re never struggling to stay clean and sanitary.

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It’s also extremely lightweight which can make it an excellent addition to a camping pack if you plan to strike out away from your RV for overnight trips.

As with other kinds of portable toilets, the lower profile design will require you to have at least some dexterity in order to get low enough to the ground to use the toilet comfortably.

The sliding seal design goes a long way toward eliminating odors and guaranteeing that the waste tank remains completely sealed off, which should allow you to empty the toilet quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the cap on the back of the waste tank can be removed for a fast empty if you have to deal with only a small amount of waste that can be dumped out without waiting for full disassembly.

6. Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

One thing that may cause some consumers to shy away from purchasing portable toilets is their design profile. Often times, they’re boxy and utilitarian, and they may not provide the kind of sleek finish that allows your RV to have the home touches you may desire.

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The Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet is designed with those concerns in mind, and its design profile has the curvature and color of a standard porcelain toilet to set you at ease. That curvature also has ergonomic benefits for people who prefer a certain leg positioning.

As with other portable toilets, the Porta Potti Curve Portable is fully detachable from the waste tank to allow for easy waste removal.

It also comes with a hold down kit that, while not as stable as permanent bolt mounts on other kinds of RV toilets, can help secure the portable toilet to the floor for more stable usage.

This can be extremely beneficial on bumpy roads and other irregular stretches of land that may be common on long trips to the great outdoors. The spout for pouring out the waste tank also rotates, allowing you to avoid any unfortunate splashes.

7. Thetford 92850 Porta Potti 320 P Portable Toilet

If you prefer a more standard portable toilet, there are Porta Potti models which fall into that category. The Porta Potti 320 P Portable Toilet is designed with many of the same features as the competing portable toilets in the market while simultaneously providing some of the smart design features which are seen in the curved version.

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That includes the rotating drain spout, which is also a very useful component for people who may be delegating the waste disposal process to others in their traveling party with limited upper body strength.

The Porta Potti 320 P Portable is, as with other designs, fully detachable from the tank for easy disposal. However, it also comes with an indicator system which highlights the remaining available water level and monitors the number of available remaining flushes.

That technology should allow you to avoid being caught unaware of the amount of water being carried for each usage, guaranteeing you’re never caught in a situation where you’re not able to flush and clean the toilet to the extent that you desire. The compactness of the design makes it ideal for limited space situations.

8. Thetford Aqua-Magic V High Profile

While portable toilets have their benefits, many people are looking to replicate the comforts of home as closely as possible with their RV toilet purchase.

Mounting a toilet firmly to the drain in your bathroom and avoiding manual cleanouts can allow for a great feeling of accomplishment, and the Thetford Aqua Magic V High Profile edition will allow you to achieve that feeling.

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The high profile design should be a relief on your back after a long day and will allow you a sense of normalcy that can be hard to achieve with other RV toilets.

The hand flush design of the Thetford Aqua Magic V High Profile is another feature that allows casual users and hobbyists to feel more like they’re at home.

While hardcore adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts may be comfortable utilizing bush equipment, it’s vital for RV toilet producers to create products that generate comfort for casual users as well.

The Thetford Aqua-Magic V High Profile is an excellent product for threading that needle and removing any concerns that an RV hobbyist might have about their comfort. Its rigid construction also speaks to some of those concerns.

9. Thetford 92853 Porta Potti 550P Portable Toilet

Thetford offers a full range of options in portable toilers with the Porta Potti line, and the 92853 550P is another that carries many of the same features as the others.

With the rotating drain and water level indicators, these consistent features are sure to make you feel as though you’ve made the proper investment when you purchase a portable toilet.

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When deciding between the available offerings, you might simply need to examine your own comfort level and also determine which weight best fits your cargo load. Capacity may also be a factor for many users.

The 92853 550P model has a higher capacity than the other portable Porta Potti units in the Thetford line. By allowing you to carry more than 50 flushes with each use of a fully stocked water tank, the 92853 550P may be an excellent choice for group or family excursions.

It’s also well suited for full-time use in an RV, as the high capacity will allow for multiple uses between stops. Long haul RV trips will often require stretches of driving without frequent breaks or without regular access to running water, so high capacity tanks can be extremely valuable in those circumstances.

10. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Many people head off for adventures into nature because they have a desire to see the great outdoors without involving themselves or leaving unnecessary marks.

For those people, minimal water usage is a vital aspect of any toilet purchase, and Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is an excellent option.

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Though it may be more expensive than other toilets in its class, the contained composting design of the waste tank allows you to enjoy minimal consumption and frees you from the restrictions of needing to be in regular proximity to consistent running water.

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet contains a urine separation system that will allow you to use the toilet without any water flushes and dispose properly of liquid waste while still being able to have full access to compost.

Its rigid design should allow it to be long-lasting in even some of the roughest environments, making it an excellent choice for RV trips which head into difficult terrain.

For people with a focus on environmental conservation, the Nature’s Head Self Containing Composting toilet is an excellent example of a technological innovation that proves nature can be enjoyed without being disturbed.

Things To Consider Before Buying An RV Toilet


First and foremost, you need to be sure that you purchase an RV toilet which will allow you to be comfortable. Long trips across bumpy roads can be challenging on the back and can leave you in search of relaxation.

While the bathroom of an RV may not be an ideal place to find that relaxation, when nature calls, you should at least attempt to not put yourself in even more physical stress and strain. Ergonomic design can assist with those concerns.

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Access To Fresh Water

If you plan to park at an RV park every night which includes guaranteed access to a freshwater hookup, then you should be able to install a permanent toilet in your RV which functions very similarly to a standard toilet that you might have in your home.

If your excursions are going to be longer or perhaps more remote, that may be a less appealing option and you may prefer to have a totally contained tank that still is able to deliver fresh water if you’re not hooked up.

You should sit down with the other people who will regularly be on your journeys and have a frank discussion about your respective comfort levels.

While it might be awkward to have an in-depth discussion about toilets, those conversations can be important in their ability to reveal personality traits that you should know before hitting the road.

Environmental Consciousness

Hitting the road in an RV means that you’ll inevitably be making some sort of mark on the environment. What’s left to you to decide is how much you value minimizing that impact and whether you’re willing to make some sacrifices to your comfort in order to guarantee that you can contribute to some replenishment.

If it’s important to you that you give back to the earth as you explore it, then a composting toilet might be an excellent choice. If you prefer to have a lower key, lower stress excursion, then you should feel free to open yourself up to any of the other fine products on the market.

The most important thing you can do is to make the decision that you’re comfortable with from a physical and ethical standpoint and be willing to stand by that decision as it plays out.

How To Use An RV Toilet

Minimize Flushes

While a good RV toilet will allow you to feel the comforts of home, it’s important to remember that the septic system in your RV can’t quite handle the same stresses as the sewer system in your house. Flushes after every use, especially if there’s only liquid waste involved, are often times unnecessary.

Even if you’re not particularly concerned about the environmental impact, excessive water usage might have an economic impact that runs up your bills and leaves you wishing you’d flushed less frequently.

Be Careful With Paper

It’s also important to remember that nothing besides human waste should be introduced into your septic system. This means that any paper products which may ordinarily be flushed at home should be disposed of safely and properly.

Keep in mind too that these items may carry smells that could attract wild animals, so at campsites, you should be sure to keep a lookout for designated disposal areas that are safe for paper products.

If you do introduce paper waste into your septic system, it might cling to drains or the sides of the tank and create blockages that risk leaving you with a terrible mess.

A ruptured septic tank can be an extremely expensive toilet repair kit that might cut into your fun trip and leave you scrambling to recover, so be sure that you take the necessary steps to avoid that concern.

Utilize Plumbing Where Possible

Even the most rugged and well-designed RV toilets may struggle to perform up to your standards if you intend to RV toilets use them full-time.

Rather than putting that level of stress on your system, consider the benefits of using public toilets in rest areas, communal campsites, and other places which may be plugged directly into the sewer. This can give your system a break and help guarantee that you’re not wasting water or energy in emptying the septic tank.

If your RV is parked and you’re not in a rugged campsite, it’s worth putting in the effort to find a toilet outside of the confines of your RV.

Even though the technology has improved and some RV toilets probably can handle the workload, it’s always vital to minimize risk. On a long RV trip, that means getting outside the walls of your vehicle and looking for some different scenery.

Tips for Keeping Your RV Toilet Clean


Final Verdict

If toilet usage is highly personal, then it stands to reason that picking out the best RV toilet would be as well. Take the time to consider all of your options, ask yourself which features you like about your toilet at home, and make your purchase based on that information.

Don’t hesitate to talk to fellow RV travelers about their experiences and the features they wish they had included. Essential tools require essential information, and by opening yourself up to the variety of options on the market, you’ll make a smart buy.

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