Top 10 Types of Bathtubs for Your Bathroom

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Who doesn’t love bathing? People do it for maintaining personal hygiene, but it can be enjoyable too. A relaxing shower can give relief in a sweltering summer. For getting a perfect bathing experience, one needs to select the right bathtub.

One’s choice of tub depends on many things like the space of the bathroom, bathtub design, material, length of the tub. For choosing the right tub, you need to know information about all types of tub and related factors. There are many types of bathtubs, and each one has a unique feature, you have to know more about these bathtubs. If you choose a suitable tub for you, then you can enjoy a relaxing shower where other people were only looking to stay clean.

You can make a difference among bathtubs according to two factors that are an experience of a shower and installation.

Top 10 Different Types of Bathtubs

1. Soaking Tubs

The best soaking bathtub is more profound than other types of tubs. The main feature of the tub is more water can be added into the tub for cover up to the neck while showering. It can be expensive or inexpensive; the price of a soaking tub depends on its material. It can be made of marble, stone, wood, etc. So you can choose your material according to your preference. This bathtub is perfect for those who love to take a shower in a tub where water covers the neck.

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2. Standard Tub

The standard tub is the most common among all tubs. It doesn’t have any special features, but it is excellent for its regular quality. A standard bathtub can provide all the facilities that a person needs for a shower. This tub is the most affordable bathtub among all the tubs. Generally, people prefer this type of bathtub for their bathroom because of its simplicity and presence of general features. But if someone wants a bath that brings something extra to for experience, then one of the other options is here and that may be worth the additional cost.

3. Whirlpool and Air Tub

Whirlpool tub can provide hydrotherapy and deep massage shower by including jet. The tub offers water shoot, air shoot, strategically jets are set where major muscle groups remain. A person can get relief from joint pain. Some prefer Whirlpool, and some people prefer air tub, it depends on relaxation.

In an air tub, the sensation is less concentrated. For these extra facilities, whirlpool and Air tubs are expensive than other tubs. This type of bathtub is not for luxury; it’s for some people need who are senior and disable.

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4. Combination Tub

When different types of facilities are available in one tub, that type of bathtub is called a combination tub. Like one can like to have a soaking tub and whirlpool tub altogether for getting water shoot. The cost differs from the variation of features. If one adds more features, then that will cost more. If someone is confused about choosing only one bathtub, they can try a combination tub by adding different functions in one tub. Many people want extra facilities and features in their tub, so a combination tub is suitable for them.

5. Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in-tub is for those people who are physically disabled and seniors who face problems in climbing regular tubs. Moving becomes a problem for them, so that they prefer walk-in-tub. It is an essential thing for them. Walk-in tub is expensive for its unique feature. It can reduce the risk of regular activity of those people who are senior and physically disabled. This type of bathtub is not for luxury; it’s for some people need who are older and disable.

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6. Alcove Tubs

Alcove bathtub fits in a three-walled close place. If the wall is tile covered, then it can be a right bathtub combination. Alcove tub has only one well-finished side. The other parties are attached to the wall. This type of bathtub is preferable for maximizing the space of the bathroom. Alcove is the cheapest tub among all tubs, but the cost depends on its size. When someone wants to replace the old tub in a small space bathroom, then the alcove tub is the best option.

7. Free-standing Tubs

A freestanding tub is suitable for those who want space in the tub for frequent movement. For placing this type of tub, there needs to have a large washroom, and freestanding tub is more expensive than the alcove tub because it’s not connected through the wall. This tub doesn’t only provide flexibility in movement; it gives flexibility in design and shape. It can be round, oval, square, free-flowing organic in form. The material of the tub can be black granite, chiseled stone, or marble.

8. Corner Tubs

The corner tub is installed in the corner of the washroom. Its three sides remain attached to the wall of the restroom, and the one well-finished side remains open. This tub is preferable for a small space. Those who have a small washroom can install a corner tub. This tub is not for babies. Adults can enjoy home spa therapy in the bathtub. This type of tub is costly. If someone loves to bathe in pairs, then this tub is perfect for them.

9. Drop-in Tubs

Drop-in tubs don’t have any well-finished side. It can provide the only basic shell of the tub for a shower. This tub will offer a unique look, but it has to be done by a carpenter because this tub has its rim. By installing this tub, you can have a power of control of how the washroom will look because you can add it to a frame that suits your washroom theme. It will cost in other more than the installation cost. Drop-in tub needs more space than an alcove tub, and it is suitable for an open washroom.

10. Undermount Tubs

Undermount tub has similarity with drop-in tub. It also doesn’t have a well-finished side. It can be made with material like stone and tile as per the user’s taste. The installation cost is more costly for this tub. But its extraordinary look can make you happy, so the extra cost is worthy. This tub gives freedom to its users to enjoy the view through panoramic windows. This type of bath is for those who want a luxurious bathroom.


Good looking washroom with a perfect bathtub can create a pleasant environment for a relaxing shower, and that can create a positive mood for anyone. One can spend a relaxing time in the bath of his washroom, so choosing the most suitable tub is an essential task for everyone. There are many types of bathtubs, and each one has a unique feature, so now it depends on the user’s need and taste to which one he/she should choose for his/her washroom.

The price of these tubs depends on many things, such as style, size, material (cast iron, steel, marble, copper, cast polymer) weight, etc. Some types of bathtubs require a more complicated installation process than others as drop-in and undermount tubs, so for these, you should take the help of a professional carpenter. Now it’s your job to find out the best bathtub that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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