Top 3 ProFlo Toilet Review in 2022


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The philosophy of ProFlo is simple. They want to provide products to their customers that exceed their expectations for quality, appearance and ensure their satisfaction. They have been following the philosophy since the beginning.

They are quite successful at that. They are making and selling quality products for their customers including bathroom sink, fixtures, accessories and bathing products. All of their products are the epitome of excellent quality.

Today in this article we will review three of the great ProFlo Toilet parts of the present time. All of them are well constructed with premium quality materials. Just check out the detailed reviews below.

Top 3 ProFlo Toilet Reviews

1. PROFLO PF5112HEBS High-Efficiency Toilet Tank

The ProFlo PF5112HEBS High-Efficiency Toilet Tank is one of the most excellent tanks one can have on their bathroom. The tank is well constructed with premium quality materials. The tank is designed to last several years without any issue. That’s why people all over the world have a deep affection for this product.

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However, the product offers high efficiency of 1.28 gallons per flush with 8-1/2 inch depth. The design of the toilet is pretty attractive. You will love to have it in your bathroom. But the toilet tank is only for a PF1401 bowl. You cannot use it with other products. Besides, the seat is not included. You have to pick it separately.

The value of the product is quite inexpensive. And as it is from the PROFLO brand, you can understand their quality. So, why are you waiting for? Pick it before the stock expires.

2. PROFLO PF6112WH 1500 1.28 GPF Toilet Tank

The PROFLO PF6112WH is another hot toilet tank of the present time. It is amazing in every aspect. The construction quality, design, and performance are outstanding. The tank is made of high-quality materials. That enhances its durability. You can easily use this product for quite a few years without any single issue. But you have to maintain it properly.

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The PROFLO PF6112WH is a high-efficiency toilet tank that offers 1.28 gallons per flush. It uses less water than the current standard toilets. The flush is so powerful that it can clean like a true champion.

The design of the tank is pretty attractive. You will love to have it in your bathroom. It needs little maintenance, and it offers a pretty classy look in any atmosphere. The price is reasonable as well.

3. PROFLO PF9401WH Elongated Toilet Bowl

The PROFLO PF9401WH Elongated Toilet Bowl is another excellent creation of this brand. It is the epitome of the quality toilet bowl which is made in vitreous china with premium porcelain material. That means it will last several years without any issue. Without any issue, you can use the bowl for several years.

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But for a complete installation, you have to purchase a separate tank. Otherwise, it’s just another bowl. For the bowl, you will find a wide variety of tanks in the market. Nothing to worry about!

The bowl installs in a floor-mounted configuration. It provides an additional 1-1/2 inches back to front compared to round bowls. Overall, it is a great option to have in this price range. Pick it quickly. The stock is limited!

Things to Consider When Picking the ProFlo Toilet

Though ProFlo is a trustable brand, still there are few considerations while shopping for toilets and toilet accessories from this great brand.  Without proper consideration, you will not be able to grab the best one. Don’t worry; we are here with a few points that will help you to pick the better option. Let see:

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Types of Toilet

Toilets are available in either one-piece or two pieces. Both the type serves a different purpose. That means none of them is worth ignoring. Let’s see which one is for whom. One-piece toilets are easy to install, and they are hassle-free.

Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are a bit tricky to install but way more durable and water-efficient. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to pick according to your preference.

Bowl Shape

Bowl Shape is another essential factor to consider while shopping for ProFlo toilets. While choosing a bowl, it is better to go for an elongated front shape for the large bathroom area. If space is limited, the round front bowl will work better.

Right Height

For the maximum level of comfort, the right height toilet is a must. You have to select the height according to the average heights of the users. Fifteen inches is considered like the comfort height in toilets. You will get plenty of opportunities to choose from. Just pick the height according to your needs. Otherwise, you will not be capable of using the product comfortably.


While shopping for toilets, no matter the brand, comfort is the main consideration. You need to know how comfortable the toilet is in the very first place. The toilet is a long-term investment. If it is not comfortable, you have to change it which costly task.

Besides, it is a great hassle to change the toilet again and again. Before you shop, make sure the toilet is comfortable. All the ProFlo toilets are comfortable. But comfort differs from person to person. So be careful!


Material and finish of the toilet is another important factor that says about the durability. If the product is made of quality material, it will surely last several years. Make sure the toilet you are buying is made of the highest quality materials and excellent finish. Otherwise, it will not last.


While spending time on research, the consumer often ignores the importance of the toilet seat. At the end of the day, the seat is where you will place your bump. That means, if the seat is not good, your experience will not be good.

However, read the instructions carefully before making a deal. Check whether the seat is included with the package or you have to purchase it separately. If the seat is covered, check whether it is comfortable or not.


Price is important for everyone. We all have our limit when it comes to purchasing anything. The ProFlo toilets are not overpriced. Instead, you can count them on the budget-friendly category. The price of ProFlo Toilets varies according to the dual flush toilet system, design and a few other features.

But if you compare ProFlo toilets with other brands, you will notice they are not making much profit. You will get a good ProFlot toilet within your budget. But remember, you will always get what you pay for.

Final Words

That’s all for the ProFlo toilet reviews. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. While picking a toilet, you should always remember those certain facts I mentioned above. Otherwise, you might end up with a piece of shit.

However, you can pick anyone from the above list. All of the products above are amazing concerning construction quality and performance. They are worth buying for their price.

Still, it’s your preference. You can have any other products you like. For now, I am leaving you here with ProFlo Toilet Reviews. Soon enough we will meet again with some other excellent products. Till then: Stay Happy!

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