TOTO UltraMax II Toilet Review


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Before you settle to buy any product, it is recommended that you first look at all the alternative products so that you do not end messing up with your hard earned money. This is why we have done a review on the TOTO UltraMax II Toilet to help you know whether or not it can meet your expectations being one of the best and popular toilet brands in the market.

This article will help you to compare what the toilet brand can offer you with your expectation or demand. If it happens to meet your requirement, then you can proudly get to the market to buy your own. The review is meant to help you make the best decision in the long run.

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TOTO UltraMax II Toilet Review

The TOTO UltraMax has a mark of the excellence of ‘people planet water’ which is used as its identification in the market. It has the following features.

It is Made in a One-Piece Design

The one-piece toilet design means that the toilet is made compactly and so there is no joining of different parts during installation. This feature makes it very beautiful hence adding some aesthetic value to your washroom.

This design also makes the cleaning of this toilet to be more relaxed as compared to the two-piece toilet. For instance, when the gap between the tank and the bowl is removed, the places that would otherwise keep dirt and debris are hence eliminated. This makes the cleaning to be simple.

Besides, the one-piece design also limits the chances of leaking from the bolt paints or the gaskets points, something familiar with the two-piece design toilets.

It Has a Hole-Free Rim Fitted With Dual-Nozzles

This feature helps basically in providing an effective cleaning mechanism. The dual-nozzles help in creating a centrifugal washing action.

Once you have scrubbed the bowl, you have to flush, and the water will rinse the whole of the bowl in a centrifugal way then washing away all the debris, leaving your toilet as clean as possible. This can be done with less water, and so it saves you on the cost of water.

It Has a Cefiontect Embodies

This is the smooth layer that is fitted at the ceramic coating of the toilet. It is responsible for resisting any debris from sticking on the bowl. All that is deposited can settle quickly on the bowl so that when it is flushed, the whole of it can be cleaned without having to scrub the bowl again.

This is not an encouragement so that you do not keep cleaning your toilet. It also means that you do not have to wash your toilet every time you use it.

Just a tornado flush is enough. It also helps you to minimize the amount of water for the overall toilet cleaning as well as the detergents and the time used for cleaning.

It is Designed in a Universal Height

The height of the Toto UltraMax gives a comfortable sitting position for almost all groups of users. It can be done by both adult and children from four years and above.

This feature helps you not to install several toilets in your house to serve different needs. One can serve the whole family without struggles. Having more than one in the house is an option and not a condition.

It Comes With the Bowl Cover

The cover is meant to add more hygiene in the house. There is no room for housefly and any insect to move from the toilet to other sensitive rooms like the kitchen or the dining room. The cover is, however, removable and flips quickly hence making the toilet to be easily managed. A soft close seat is also included in the Toto toilet to add more comfort to the user.

It is Made of the Durable Ceramic Material

The quality of this toilet is above most of the toilet brands. The ceramic material is sturdy. The smooth cefiontect material on top of the ceramic adds more strength to the toilet, making it durable.

With the Toto toilet, you can forget about the breakage once you install it. Some of the toilets in the market can even breakdown due to minimal pressure say when children are playing around. With the Toto toilet, you are sure that it will last for several years as long as you maintain it well.


  • It comes in a universal height for a more comfortable seating position for nearly all groups of users
  • It has a tornado flush mechanism for easy cleaning and flushing
  • The cefiontect smooth surface which prevents debris from sticking to the bowl hence easy cleanings
  • The toilet meets the ADA and the EPA water sense standards
  • It only uses 1.28 gallons per flush hence water conservative
  • It has a one-piece design for ease in installation and maintenance
  • It comes with a soft close seat for the user
  • The toilet is highly durable


  • The TOTO UltraMax II is relatively expensive as compared to other toilet brands in the market
  • It only exists in the white cotton color hence limiting those who are color-sensitive

Final Verdict

There are vital factors that you should check on before deciding on buying your toilet. Some of the key considerations should be the quality and effectiveness of the toilet. The TOTO UltraMax II has the capacity of meeting the two needs.

As a buyer, you are free to look at the reviews of different toilets available in the market to make you’re the best choice. However, the TOTO UltraMax will not disappoint you. The tornado flush helps you in minimizing water.

If you are the type of person who is keen on the amount of water you are to spend per month, then here is an option for you to make your work easier.

This toilet cannot disappoint you. Instead of trying your luck with other brands, you can save yourself the time and resources and settle on this superb option.

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