29 Bathroom Essentials to Consider in 2022


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An excellent bathroom is defined by how much work you put into it. Therefore, it is essential to have all the essentials to help you maintain and upgrade your bathroom to the right standards. This is the best way to ensure that you have a fresh and attractive bathroom in your house or apartment.

That said, we all have different opinions about what essential items we require in our bathrooms. Consequently, we have taken our time to prepare a list of essential equipment you must have in your bathroom some of the items will leave you mesmerized.

Many homeowners do not know what should be in their bathrooms. But the best way to figure out what comes in handy is trying it yourself. Moreover, there are necessary items that every bathroom must-have, and some which you can do without. We are going to provide you with an outstanding list of the most excellent equipment and items you require to make your time in the bathroom memorable.

Bathroom Essentials Checklist

1. Bath Mat

There are many things you require in your bathroom, but a non slip bath mat is a must-have item. A bath mat ensures safety while walking on the bathroom, especially if it has a slippery floor. Remember, it is even more dangerous to walk on wet feet. Bath mats also ensure your feet are warm, protecting you from the cold floor. Besides, you can also clean your feet on the mat when walking to prevent carrying bacteria to the rest of the house.

We suggest acquiring a bath mat that is resistant to bacteria accumulation and easy to maintain. There are different types of bath mats you can find in the market, but take your time to select one that suits your bathroom perfectly in terms of color and design.

Bath mats brighten up the bathroom keeping your feet toasty.

2. Massage Shower head

A bathroom is not complete without a shower head, but what type of showerhead are you are going for? You can find different types of shower heads and with vary capabilities. Most showerheads include relaxing massage spray settings to provide satisfying high performance. Some of the sprays include the circular massage, slow massage, dual, also known as twin massage, and Pulsating massage.

Massage showerhead is capable of transforming your bathroom entirely and help you have a wonderful time in the shower. Some of the efficient massage shower heads include the power Spray massage showerheads and the original shower massage.

3. Toilet Brush

The best way to keep your toilet clean is to ensure that every corner of the bathroom is clean. Nothing works efficiently like a toilet brush and the right detergent. Indeed, keeping your toilet clean can be a hard task, especially if you are struggling with the wrong equipment. A toilet brush is designed to clean all the corners of your toilet where a regular brush cannot reach. It is even simpler using a toilet brush compared to any other brush.

Once your toilet is clean, then you can be sure the rest of the washroom will be refreshing.

4. Bath Sponge

A bath sponge is soft and easy to use. Given that bath sponge is made of the sponge, it is the best water and soap absorbent you can use to clean your body. If you are sick of what you are using to shower, you can always acquire a bath sponge for your bathroom. Moreover, it is durable and can serve more purposes than just washing your body.

Bath sponges have different sizes; you can settle for a larger one or smaller one. But they all work perfectly. How many times should you replace your bath sponge? Well, right before you task a shower, you should ask yourself the last time you returned your bath sponge. If you can’t remember, then it has been long. Therefore, it is high time you replaced your bath sponge since this could be the new home for bacteria which never ends well. But it is a wonderful add on to your bathroom.

5. Bathroom Mirror

Every bathroom demands a bathroom mirror. Even if your bathroom has a smaller one, you can always replace it with a larger one. With the bathroom mirror, you can view all the aspects of your body. Besides, you can use it to shave your beard to achieve that perfect hairstyle which explains why you must have a mirror installed in your bathroom.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can either settle for a simple small mirror or a larger mirror. A standard bathroom mirror should be at least 24 inches, which means it should be 24 by 20 inches.

It is advisable to be more creative in how you place your mirror to make your bathroom stand out.

6. Bathroom Heater

If you are from areas with lower temperatures, you should consider acquiring this equipment for your bathroom. Bathroom heaters are known for their outstanding capability to balance room temperatures. They ensure that your bathroom temperatures are well balanced even if you are in a cold environment. This way you won’t fear to take a shower even in cold weather.

Among the best bathroom heaters, you can acquire the Stiebel Eltron 074058, it can be mounted on the wall and works perfectly for a chilly morning.

Note: If you are acquiring a bathroom heater, keep in mind that space heaters should be kept away from direct interaction with water.

7. Good Toilet

A bad toilet can ruin your bathroom completely. You may end up experiencing bad odor, which keeps your bathroom smelling no matter how hard you try to clean it. But you can change all this by acquiring a wonderful toilet. Today, the market is filled with several beautiful baths that can fit any bathroom perfectly. If your pocket allows it, you can go for a WoodBridge toilet, which is very exciting to have around.

8. Shower Radio

A shower radio is among the essentials you can have in your bathroom. Probably, the best way to remain informed on current issues and listen to your favorite jam even when freshening. You can do without one, but if you want to take your time in the washroom reading your favorite magazine. Then you should consider acquiring a shower radio.

Shower radios are waterproof and some come with a CD player and a clock. Besides, they are also affordable and easy to install, so you do not have to worry about extra costs. You can acquire one online or visit your nearest shopping and buy one.

9. Bath Pillow

You can take your creativity to the next level by including a bath pillow among your long list of essentials. A bath pillow comes in handy when resting on a bathtub, especially after a long day’s work. It is also a fantastic add on to the general beauty of your bathroom.

Bathroom pillows come in different designs, but you will find on that fits your bathtub perfectly. Their luxurious design contributes to the general appearance of the bathroom. Turn your bath experience to spa-like place for incredible relaxation.

10. Soaking Tub

A bathroom is never complete with a soaking tub. Therefore, you must consider acquiring a soaking tub among your long list of bathroom necessities. Soaking tubs offer ultimate relaxation, ensuring you have a pleasant experience. They are relatively larger than ordinary bathtub holding deeper water. You can slowly work your way to understanding how to measure the depth of water in your soaking tub. That way, you can make most out of your bath.

Currently, numerous soaking tub designs can fit any bathroom, regardless of your space. Select one that suits you perfectly.

11. Trash Can

When using the bathroom, you may need to dispose of some dirt at some point. This is one of the reasons why you must have a trash can even in your bathroom.

However, when choosing a trash can, do not just go for any trash can. It is good to consider something more complicated and attractive, that fits perfectly in your bathroom. A trash can equipped with a pop-up technology is the best choice.

12. Toothbrush Holder

It may seem like a waste of time acquiring this product, but when your toothbrush accidentally falls on the floor or the toilet, you may end up considering this fantastic equipment. Toothbrush holders are an excellent add on to your bathroom. They not only contribute to the general beauty of the bathroom but also keep your toothbrush stable when you are not using it.

13. Bath Towels

Well, a bathroom is not complete without bath towels. They help us dry our bodies off after taking a shower and keep us warm when preparing ourselves to dress up. There are different types of towels that you can consider depending on how much you are willing to spend. Generally, a good towel should be 300-400 gram, but these are relatively thinner. The perfect towel for bathroom use should be at least 400-600 GSM.

When choosing bath towels, avoid going for dull colors, go for something stunning and attractive.

14. Hand Towels

Hand towels are the best when it comes to drying your hands after washing. Monogrammed hand towels have been trending one of the must-have essentials in most bathrooms for many years now. You can also consider adding this to your long list of necessities. Hand towels help remove moisture from your hands, allowing you to proceed with your daily chores with dry hands.

There are many different types of hand towels that you can acquire for your bathroom. You can be creative with the colors by choosing different colors.

15. Plunger

To be on the safe side, you should consider acquiring a plunger. You never know when you will experience blockage in your bathroom pipe system. But with a plunger, you can work your way through any pipe blockage. The suction process is straightforward to implement; you do not need a professional to do it for you.

A plunger is composed of a rubber suction cup attached to a shaft can be made of wood or plastic. It is used to suck the blockage allowing water to flow through. It only requires little pressure. This is among the common essential household tools you can acquire for your home.

16. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaners are the best when dealing with tough stains, mainly if you are used to hard water. They are the best to remove the chalky white build up that stain porcelain. A toilet bowl cleaner goes hand in hand with a hands-off.

There are numerous toilet bowl cleaners you can acquire online these days. For instance, you can order the Lysol No mess toilet bowl cleaner for automatic cleaning. In the case of rust stain, but the best solution would be the Lime away liquid toilet bowl cleaner.

17. Soap Pump

If you are more into liquid soap, then this is the best bathroom equipment for you. A soap pump is designed to dispense liquid soap which comes in a package. Soap pumps are incredibly easy to use, helping you regulate the amount of liquid soap you use at the same time.

In case your favorite soap pump is corroded, you can always find the right match. Avoid going for crappy plastic pumps or plastic pumps.

You can settle for Teardrop Hand soap Pump Dispenser or Countertop soap dispenser. However, you should feel free to explore the many options available online.

18. Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is essential in a bathroom. It protects you from external eyes and prevents water spillage even as you shower.

If you are looking for a stunning appearance, you can spend more on the shower curtain rods. Shower curtains can change the appearance of your bathroom completely. Thus, you should avoid going for cheap shower curtains as they can destroy the general image of your bathroom.

19. Storage Solutions

Whether you have a small bathroom or a larger one. It is advisable to install storage solutions. For instance, you need a place where you can store all your necessities, like toothpaste, medications, and many more. Storage solutions can take many forms, but the most common type is a storage cabinet, and it costs you less to have one installed. The size of the cabinet highly depends on the things you intend to store.

20. A Bathroom Dehumidifier

Every bathroom deserves a capable dehumidifier, probably the best way to remove moisture from the bathroom. A bathroom is one of the rooms that contain a lot of moisture. Therefore, without a dehumidifier, chances are you will start experiencing molds and bacteria accumulations. Eventually, these effects spread to the rest of the house.

There are different types of dehumidifiers that you can consider acquiring, but before you get one, check the size of your bathroom first. If you have a large bathroom, you require a dehumidifier. Luckily, modern bathroom dehumidifiers are portable and capable, so you can pay a visit to your local shopping mall or order one online for your bathroom.

21. Soap Dish

If you are planning to have a modern and hygienic bathroom, you should consider a soap dish for handling soap. A soap dish will ensure that your soap does not get into direct contact with the ground after use. Placing the soap on the ground is not advisable since the ground is filled with bacteria which can cause skin diseases.

Most people will have one installed in their bathrooms, but you can settle for a portable one if you do not like sharing your soap.

22. Toilet Paper Holder

It seems evident that most of our homes have toilet paper holders somewhere in the bathroom, but let’s not take it for granted. You should ensure that you have a toilet paper holder in your bathroom. With a toilet paper holder, you can store your toilet paper for easy access. The best part about modern toilet paper holders is the ability to hold and extract a piece of toilet paper, which means even if you are out of toilet paper, there will always have one somewhere to save you.

23. Reading Material

In a refreshing environment, it is fun reading to keep your mind engaged. You can incorporate a magazine rack or place them on top of your toilet tank. Reading material can be an excellent magazine or something entertaining that can keep you hooked to your toilet for hours. Honestly, it can take hours to finish your business altogether.

24. Fragrance (Toilet Sprays)

To keep your bathroom smelling nice every time, you should consider getting the right scent. Most high-end hotels use this to keep their toilets and showers fresh at all times. You do not have to worry about the size since it is relatively smaller, and can fit anywhere perfectly. It also the best way to get rid of any unwanted smell that could be originating from the toilet after use.

25. First Aid Kit

A bathroom is probably the best place to store basic first aid items. The bathroom is where you can easily perform first aid on open wounds by cleaning them properly with water. Usually, people store medicine and other medical equipment in their bathroom’s cabinet.

26. An Extra Toothbrush

You never know when you are going to sort out for another toothbrush. For instance, if the one you are using suddenly falls into the toilet, or if you have a visitor who has no toothbrush. At some point, you will require an extra toothbrush. So, ensure you have one ready.

27. Shaving Machine

The bathroom is the best place to get rid of excess hair on your body. You can settle for a shaving machine. However, you should ensure that it remains out of reach to an external visitor. This is one way to ensure you prevent contracting skin diseases or any other defects.

28. Over Door Hooks

Over Door, hooks can come in handy when it comes to hanging clothes and other hanging objects. Therefore, you can always have several installed on your door for various purposes. For instance, you can use them to hang your towel, capes, or any other bathroom essential you see fit.

You can have one installed yourself, especially if you have the right equipment at home. There are different types of over door hooks in the market. We recommend wooden over door hooks if you are looking to pull a rustic design for your bathroom

29. Cleaning Wipes

It is always a good practice to have several cleaning wipes. You never know when you are going to need them while in the bathroom. A good example is your mirror may end up having mist and you need something to wipe it off. That is why you should always have cleaning wipes around to help you.

Final Words

Bathrooms need to be clean and attractive at all times since this where your body interacts directly with the atmosphere. Therefore, ensure that you have all the essentials to keep your bathroom appealing and at the same time free from bacteria and mildew.

As mentioned earlier, what is on your bathroom speaks a lot about you. So, take your time to choose the best solutions to upgrade your bathroom to a world-class standard.

What are some of the bathroom essential that you find appealing in your bathroom? Feel free to share your comments below. We are open to new ideas.

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