One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilet: Which Is the Better Choice?


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A lot of things go into choosing a new toilet. For instance, what color do you fancy most? Or maybe, what seat height do you find more comfortable? How about the flow rate? Well, the list is quite long. But there’s one most important choice you’ll have to make upfront. Do you fancy a one-piece or two-piece toilet? After all, this decision makes it easier to narrow down your options.

Both toilets function well. They serve the same purpose and flush in an almost similar way. Not to mention, installation methods are relatively the same. Above all, most brands provide the same design. Despite having a lot in common, there are several differences. So, before getting a new one, it’s crucial to know what each has to offer.

That brings us to our big question. One-piece vs. two-piece: which should you choose? Well, we both have different tastes and budgets to meet. Thus, there’s no one straight answer. To help in your choice, we’ll outline the benefits of each design. It’s all up to you to choose one that’s perfect for your situation.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets


Sometimes, it’s best to start with cost. After all, that’s what pragmatic toilet hunters look for first. We look at both designs based on the price and cost of installation. Generally, one-piece toilets cost more, even with a similar brand or style. Take Kohler memoirs one-piece and two-piece toilet, for instance. Both have the same features. From flush performance, lines, to bowl size. However, the two-piece version costs nearly twice as much. Moreover, from our research, each toilet has the same installation cost.

Verdict: If you’re willing to pay more, then go for a one-piece toilet. But if you want to stick to a budget, a two-piece will do.

Size and Weight

A one-piece toilet takes up less space. But then, you don’t have much choice for toilet seat height. Often, the toilet bowl is 17 to 19 inches from the floor. That makes it comfortable for the knees and back. So, the elderly and people with mobility problems will find it ideal. However, a one-piece toilet is considerably heavier. Thus, moving it around won’t be that easy. A two-piece toilet is available in different bowl heights. Hence, you get them in both standard (15 inches) and comfort height (17 inches).

Verdict: Do you have less bathroom space or mobility issues? If so, go for a one-piece toilet. But for a portable one with more size options, go for a two-piece design.


A one-piece toilet is molded as a whole. So, it’s less likely to develop cracks. But when it does, replacing the whole toilet is inevitable. Also, a one-piece toilet lacks joints. Hence, there’s zero chance it will leak.

Verdict: A two-piece toilet wins in terms of durability. However, a crack can call for a significant overhaul. So, proper care is crucial. In fact, each can last 50 years or more.

Ease of Cleaning

A one-piece toilet has fewer crevices. So, it’s easier to keep clean. Also, there’s no place for bacteria to hide and breed.

Verdict: Do you want a toilet that requires lower maintenance? Well, a one-piece toilet is your best bet.

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Both toilets level out in terms of installation. A two-piece toilet is easy to move around. However, the assembly will take time. A one-piece toilet takes more effort to move. But then, it doesn’t require to assemble.

Verdict: If you have the muscle but hate assembling, go for a one-piece. But if moving heavy objects isn’t your thing, a two-piece will do.


Both flushing toilets are available in a wide range of styles. However, the one-piece toilet has a sleeker appearance. That makes it ideal for contemporary bathrooms. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a two-piece toilet with a modern look.

Verdict: A one-piece toilet is excellent for modern bathrooms. But it all comes down to personal preferences.

The Winner

Generally, a one-piece toilet beats the two-piece toilet hands down. Only you’ll have to pay more for it. But if you have a tight budget, getting a two-piece toilet won’t hurt. All it needs is proper care, and you’ll get the most out of your money.

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