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American Standard is a big name in the toilet industry. Since they’ve formed, they are making and selling top grade bathroom essentials. Their products look good, serves well and prices less compared to other brands. The American Standard Champion 4 is one of their most significant inventions. This product is widely popular all over the globe due to its attractive appearance, performance, and inexpensive price.

The Champion 4 is manufactured in vitreous china and features Ever Clean Surface. The Ever Clean surface restrains stains and growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and offers a neat and clean toilet for a long time.

The American Standard Champion 4 is considered as one of the best in the market based on the construction, appearance, performance, and price. In this article, I am going to review the Champion four. I will mention the strength and weakness of the product with the utmost honesty. Let’s begin:

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American Standard Champion 4 Reviews

To fall in love with the Champion 4, let me provide some solid ideas. Here is the hack:


The one-piece design of the Champion 4 is the main reason to purchase the product in the first place. One piece toilets are neat and clean and easy to maintain compared to two-piece toilets. The elongated toilet bowl and white finish of the bathroom will make it suitable in any bathroom décor.  However, there is no design flaw in the Champion 4.


The Champion 4 is made of vitreous china with an Ever Clean Surface. Thus your toilet can stay safe from mold, bacteria, and mildew. Excellent finish reduces the need for frequent cleaning.

Flushing System

The Champion 4 powered by mighty American Standard Toilet offers one of the best flushing systems with 4-inch non-adjustable-piston with Accelerator Valve. Surely you will get high pressure 1.6 gallons flush that can clean everything on the way.

The flushing system can clean 2.2 lbs of waste in a single use. Besides, you don’t have to dual flush or thrice to clean up everything. That means the flushing toilet by American Standard does save water as well.


The maintenance o the Champion 4 is easier than ever. The Ever Clean surface of the bowl makes the cleaning less irritating. The toilet flushes the first time completely. Also, the Ever Clean finish stops stain buildup and discoloration due to mildew, microbial and bacterial action.

Water Saver

The Champion 4 is within Federal Toilet Flush specifications with the 1.6 gallons per flush ability. The toilet doesn’t meet the WaterSense Standard. Therefore, it is not eligible for the grade for rebates. Above all, the Champion 4 does save water.


The installation method is pretty straightforward. Anyone with basic DIY knowledge can install it quickly. All you have to do is:

  • Secure the toilet to the floor
  • Attach the water supply
  • Fit the seat

Done! The installation is complete. So simple, what say? Still, if you feel that process complicated, I don’t have anything to say. You need a professional and spend a few more dollars, which is not at all recommended for such a secure method.

Problems if Any


There is a saying that goes like that, ‘you will get what you pay for.’ The statement is so true. The cost of the product feels high but compared to the features; the extra price is acceptable. So, yes the high price can be considered as a con if you want.


As it is a one piece toilet, so the weight is pretty heavy. During installation, it will give you some additional pain. You have to move the product in times of installation which will feel impossible due to its heavy weight. Once, installed the heavyweight is a blessing. But before installation, the weight is a burden!

Our Feedback

So, you can understand how reliable the product is among the users and how satisfied they are! The toilet is highly efficient and requires low maintenance. The design is attractive, and it consumes only 1.6 gallons of water in each Flush.

The powerful Flush with the combination of Ever Clean finish, helps to clear all waste in a single flush. The negative aspects of the product are minor. There is no severe fault on this toilet. The price is a bit high, but above all, the features are excellent. So, the American Standard Champion 4 is highly recommended.

Final Words

After analyzing both the positive and negative sides of the American Standard Champion 4 and all the features, we can proudly declare that this one is the best in the market. The construction quality is good, the performance is satisfactory, and the price is not that high. So, why will one ignore this one while installing a new toilet in their place? If you’ve any reason, you can share in the comment section.

A toilet is an expensive investment. One cannot change a toilet often; it takes time, effort, money and also need to ruin your building. Still, as for the importance of the toilet, nobody can ignore it.

If you invest in something useful like the American Standard Champion 4, you are safe for many years. Even if it takes a few more dollars from other cheap toilets, still it is recommended to avoid future hassle.

I am leaving here right now. If you need to know anything else, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you soon with many more.


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