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American Standard a very well-known brand in the toilet industry. They are famous for bringing the newest technologies and features in their product. Unlike other competitors, American Standard offers different unique and elegant design in budget-friendly options. Among all, American Standard H2Opton toilet is one of their quality additions.

Today, we are singing in with American Standard H2Option toilet review. American Standard H2Option toilet is best known for its water efficiency while being a two-piece unit. However, it provides maximum comfort to the users and lasts for years, unlike other poor quality toilets.

Still, if you are convinced, then you must have a look at our American Standard H2Option review. Indeed, you’ll see what makes such an excellent toilet option. Let’s get straight to the point without ruining your precious time. Read on to know more.

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American Standard H2Option Siphonic Toilet Reviews

This American Standard Toilet has so many features for their committed consumer. Let’s see what they have come up with.

Distinctive Design

The first thing that is commendable about this toilet is its unique design, elegance, and glossy appearance. It is available in elongated bowl style that requires 12-inch rough in. Due to the classy outlook, it could be the best addition to any smart and modern toilet.

Besides, it also looks great in traditional bathrooms. The height of the toilet and the shape of the bowl makes it a perfect choice for the disabled and seniors.

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The American Standard H2Option Siphonic toilet is the conveniently shaped two-piece toilet. It is made from vitreous china with an enamel coating. It makes the toilet surface tighter, denser, and shinier.

Flushing System

It is best known for its water-saving dual flush toilet system. You can save water without compromising with the performance. It features patent-pending siphonic action technology that uses less water and removes more bulk. The dual-flushing system uses 1.6GPF for a full flush and 1 GPF for a partial flush.

The operation is controlled by a dual-flush actuator, sited on the top of the tank. Its powerful flushing eliminates solids within seconds with just 1.6 GPF water.

According to highest MaP(Maximum Performance) rating, it can handle 1000grams of solid waste in a single ‘heavy’ flush, 400 grams with a ‘light’ flush. That means you can get a dependable one-flush performance with the American Standard H2Option.

Water Consumption

Like we mentioned before, the H2Option is best for saving water by minimizing water uses. Its powerful dual flush allows using an average of 25% less water than a standard 1.6 GPF single-flush toilet. As its powerful flushing system pushes the water with the full force of natural gravity into the toilet. Thus it ensures stainless cleaning without the needs for lots of water.

PowerWash Rim and Jet-Powered Siphon

To make the flushing system fast and powerful, the H2Option features a pressurized rim. After every flush, water is served into the rim chamber from the tank. The chamber than trap the air inside, thus it pressurized the chamber. This pressurized water is discharged from rim holes to scrub and power-wash the bowl entirely.

Moreover, water doesn’t go directly from the rim chamber to the bowl, instead of through a bowl jet. The H2Option Siphonic is basically a siphonic bowl. The siphon is started with the push of the jet while the pulling pressure coming from the siphon evacuates the content of the bowl. Its unique siphon-jet action maintains the water level throughout the flush. In short, the powerwash rim and jet-powered siphon is an excellent addition to H2Option toilet.

Speed Connect

Unlike others, it features speed connect system which is a user-friendly system. It cuts installation time by 30 percent. The toilet also comes with pre-assembled bolts and grommets. It reduces the chances of losing small parts.

Ease of Cleaning

The toilet bowl features a permanent EverClean surface. This surface protects the toilet from mildew, mold, fungus, and others that could cause corrosion or staining. This mirror-like EverClean surface makes it easier for the user to clean the toilet. Besides, it reduces the frequency of toilet cleaning and keeps the toilet clean for a more extended period.

Quick Installation

As this two-piece toilet comes with bolts and other garments pre-installed, so it requires a few minutes for setup. Also, this two-piece design comes in factory-installed condition, so you don’t need a plumber for installation.

You can install it by own with the assistance of another person to position the toilet properly. Just secure the toilet on the floor, attach the water supply, and it is ready to go!


Compared to other two-piece elongated toilets, the American Standard H2Option toilet comes with an affordable price. The price beats other one-piece and two-piece design. According to many users, it is one of the reasonably priced thrones. So, you must go for it.

Specifications At a Glance:

  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Size: Elongated
  • Color: White
  • Installation method: Floor-mounted
  • Flushing type: Dual-flush system
  • Water flow rate: 1.6 GPM
  • Water consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Rough in: 12.”
  • Certified by: WaterSense
  • Is ADA compliant? Yes
  • Seat Included? No

What do we like most?

  • Unique Design
  • Durable construction
  • Powerful Siphonic dual-flushing system
  • Easy clean EverClean surface
  • Least water consumption
  • Quick and easy installation due to the Speed Connect system
  • Maximum water holding capacity

What we don’t?

  • Doesn’t entirely meet ADA specifications
  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • The seat is not included

The Final Thoughts

The American Standard H2Option siphonic toilet does everything that it promises to do. It has everything that a smart bathroom owner look for decorating his/her bathroom. Instead of being a two-piece design, it is so lightweight that you don’t have to lift much weight while installing.

What we found best about this toile is that it flushes reasonably well. The dual flushing button gives the toilet a sleeker look and makes it quite different than others. Overall, the American Standard H2Option toilet ensures maximum comfort and quality to the users. It is the best selection for those looking for a comfort height toilet.

Hopefully, our American Standard H2Option toilet review helps you to find out the best. We are signing off for today. So, Do Flush and Stay Clean!

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