TOTO Drake II 2-Piece Toilet Review


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If you are in the quest of finding the top pick TOTO toilets, you’ve come to the right place. I am going to present one of the best in this article with all its features, pros and cons. I am talking about the TOTO Drake II, considered as one of the best according to the current users and toilet experts.

The TOTO Drake II is not a perfect model yet it is pretty close to perfection with excellent construction, standard toilet height, sleek high profile tank, efficient flushing technology and many more.

The flushing performance is way better than most of the other two-piece models. In the following section, I will discuss every aspect of the product in detail. Let’s start without wasting any more precise time of yours.

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Reasons to Pick the TOTO Drake II

I know you need solid reasons. It is an expensive product, and without suitable reasons, you are not going to purchase this one. In the following section, I will give you some solid reasons to buy this product. Let’s start:

TOTO Drake II Reviews [2019]

Flushing System

The High Tech Flushing System of the TOTO Drake II is the most efficient feature one can praise it for. Each flush requires a little amount of water to wash away solid or liquid waste. The Drake II designed in a way so that it can cooperate with the natural force of gravity while flushing down.

It creates a mini cyclone inside your toilet bowl for quick and perfect cleaning. The flushing system saves water as well as offers precision in flushing.

Water Use

Toilet flush wastes a massive amount of water every day; hence water saving is one of the most critical concerns among people all over the world. A traditional old toilet consumes approximately 6 gallons of water per flush which is huge!

Modern bathroom lessens the water consumption noticeably. This TOTO toilet also participates in the water saving mission, and it is among the few modern bathrooms that use 1.6 gallons per flush or less. This model is environment-friendly as well. It saves 20 percent more water than regular 1.6 GPF toilets. It meets the WaterSense standard as well.

Also, unlike most of the water saving toilets, the flushing is not weak. You don’t have to flush twice or thrice to clean everything out.

The dual flush toilet technology is the secret of water saving. There is individual flushing system included for both solid and liquid waste.


The TOTO Drake II is a two-piece model associated with an elongated toilet bowl with a high profile tank. The appearance is attractive and smooth, thanks to SanaGloss finish. The toilet can provide a modern appearance in any bathroom area. To offer a posh feeling to your toilet or office toilet, Toto Drake II is an excellent choice.

The tank is slim; therefore it requires limited space. Compared to any modern toilet with an elongated bowl, this one is small yet efficient. Moreover, the bowl rim doesn’t have tiny holes included. So, cleaning will not be a problem.

The company offers multiple color options for its consumers. You can choose between Cotton, Sedona Beige, Colonial White, Bone and Ebony.


The elongated bowl ensures ultimate comfort and ease of use. If you add a suitable toilet seat, it will provide a similar height of a standard chair; hence it is recommended to the seniors by the health care experts. People having back problems and disabilities will get the maximum level of comfort as well. The bowl provides support to the thighs and distributes body weight evenly.

You can even get around bowl if you wish as the Drake II also offers this one. The round bowl is shorter and designed for smaller spaces.


Cleaning and maintenance are more comfortable as well. As it is high-efficiency toilet so the bowl will be cleaned in each flush. Most of the current users are highly satisfied with the flushing. You will hardly experience any issues with skid marks or clogging. As a result, cleaning sessions will be less frustrating compared to other models in the market.


The installation method of TOTO Drake toilet is straightforward. Regular hand tools and basic DIY skills are fair enough to fit the toilet on your space. Any DIY person can install the toilet easily within a few minutes.

Problems You Might Face

I am not going to lie, yes; the toilet does have some drawbacks as well. Humans create the product, not God, so a little bit problem is expected. The most talked drawback you can experience with the toilet is the noise.

It is not an entirely quiet toilet. It does produce some noise in every flush. However, the sound is not that louder or irritating. You can compromise the issue without any problem.

Another issue I need to mention is the design. The two-piece design is cheaper than one-piece toilets. Transporting and move around while fitting will be a bit problematic due to the two-piece design. Besides, cleaning is complicated than one-piece models, and you might experience leakage in the link of tank and bowl.

The product is expensive yet doesn’t come with a seat. Hence, you need to spend a few more dollars. This seemed another drawback to me. Other than those issues, the product is perfect in every possible way.

Final Words

The truth is Drake II is not a standard two-piece toilet even it is way more expensive than many other models. Still, people love the product as it worth the extra price. Consider it as an investment. The Toto Drake II will surely serve you many years and the service you will get from it is premium.

After considering all the above features and drawbacks, it is easy to say; the TOTO Drake II is one of the best modern toilets for the price. You will get everything you deserve. Overall, the toilet is worth a try.

Above all, the product is water saving and environment-friendly. Don’t miss this highly modern toilet.

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