Best 10 Inch Rough-In Toilets: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide


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Whether you’re planning to do a bathroom remodel or simply need to replace your old toilet because of issues that cannot be fixed, you must conduct some due diligence prior to making a purchase.

Beyond ensuring that you are choosing the right size and toilet type for your home and situation, you’ll want to consider the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each specific unit, as no two toilets are exactly the same. Make the research and selection process easier with help from this comprehensive review and buyer’s guide on the best 10 inch rough-in toilets of 2020.

If you’re running short on time and want to get to the good stuff, the Toto Drake Two-Piece is our best choice for the best 10-inch rough-in toilet of 2020. The reasons for this choice include its affordability, high-powered flush, low water usage, sleek design, and optional add-on luxury features.

Best 10 Inch Rough-in Toilet Reviews [2020]

1. Toto Drake Two-Piece 10-Inch Rough-In Toilet

Powerful enough to be used in both commercial and residential settings the Toto Drake Two-Piece, Elongated 10-Inch Rough-In Toilet combines functionality with elegance to enhance your daily life.

Manufactured using high-quality construction and materials, this toilet features a three-inch wide flush valve large and fully glazed trapway and extra-large siphon jet for increased flow. These features ensure a quiet but powerful flush that makes it suitable for even the largest of families.

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Although this particular toilet does not come with a seat or tank included, you can customize the Toto Drake to fit your own personal preferences. Upgrade options include the soft seat and the Toto electronic WASHLET bidet seat, which makes your family’s bathroom trips more sanitary and luxurious.

This toilet’s universal height makes it a suitable and accessible option for every member of your family, even the little folks and those with disabilities or mobility issues. Its 1.6-gallon flush also allows you to use less water with each use, which means you’ll be doing your part to preserve our planet’s most valuable resource.


  • G-MAX flushing system decreases noise without sacrificing flushing power
  • The high-profile, concealed design makes cleaning the tank a breeze
  • Smooth design to suit even the most luxurious bathroom remodels
  • Upgrade options allow for unparalleled luxury and sanitation
  • Five assorted colors to complement any bathroom style and decor
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Most affordable top toilet model for 2020


  • Toilet seat not included
  • The tank must be purchased separately
  • Measurements: 29 x 15 x 17.2 inches

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2. Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height 10-inch Rough-In Toilet

Known for its affordable but high-quality, luxurious products, Kohler has long been a leader in the toilet industry. If you’re considering it for your bathroom remodel or repair, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s take a closer look.

The elongated bowl gives you extra space, but it remains a compact toilet design to fit even smaller spaces. Its height about that of the average chair makes it easily accessible for everyone in your family.

The rough-edged shape may or may not suit your design preferences, but many buyers claim it is perfect for modern decor. Of course, the design is only just one of the amazing features of the Kohler K-3889-0 Highline toilet.

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The pre-installed tank bolts cut down on installation time, and the Class Five flush ensures this toilet is strong enough to dispose of bulk waste easily. The canister flush valve does away with old plunger systems allowing the toilet to minimize the risk of clogs. Yet, thanks to the innovative 1.28-gallon flush, your impact on the planet is automatically diminished once you install it.


  • Elegant, elongated bowl complements a wide range of bathroom decor
  • Saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year, when compared to traditional 3.5-gallon flush systems
  • Powerful flush, especially for a model that uses just 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Low-profile design makes it accessible for every family member, even those with disabilities and mobility issues
  • Pre-installed bolts save you time on installation.


  • Seat not included
  • Need a second flush to clear the bowl.
  • Measurements: 29-1/2 x 18 x 31-1/4

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3. American Standard 270AB001.020 Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

Looking for a toilet that offers supreme elegance at an affordable price? The Cadet 3 Elongated Bowl maybe just the one you want.

With a low flow rate of just 1.28 gallons per flush, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you’re doing your part to save the planet. Yet, thanks to the patented Cadet Flushing System technology, you’ll never have to flush this toilet twice. Its PowerWash rim scrubs the rim with every flush, and the 9″ x 8″ water surface keeps the bowl clean. The EverClean surface also offers antimicrobial properties to combat stains and odor-causing bacteria.

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Style and design are not sacrificed here, either. The bowl, made from vitreous china, offers durability and a long life expectancy. The sleek, rounded design and various color options also help to ensure this toilet fits the design and decor of your bathroom. The chrome-finish lever is also included to give your new toilet that final, elegant touch. The “Right Height” feature also makes this toilet easily accessible for all family members, including those with mobility issues.


  • High-efficiency toilet that uses just 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Curved and elegant design
  • PowerWash rim keeps the bowl clean
  • EverClean surface combats stains and the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Vitreous china ensures long-lasting style and durability
  • Variety of color options to fit your bathroom decor
  • 5-year warranty
  • The right height provides easy accessibility for everyone in your family
  • Chrome finish trip lever included.


  • Toilet seat not included.
  • Measurements: 28.5 x 17 x 30.25

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4. Kohler K-3999-47 Highline Comfort Height Toilet

Looking for simple elegance? That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Kohler K-3999-47 Highline Comfort Toilet. It’s high-class, sleek and rounded design fits even the most modern of bathrooms. It is also durable and long-lasting, thanks to the vitreous china bowl, you’ll enjoy this toilet’s beautiful glossy appearance for years to come. Style isn’t the only thing you’re getting with this bowl, however.

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Pre-installed bolts are making changing out your toilet a breeze. Class Five performance provides massive bulk waste disposal, despite the low water usage of just 1.28 gallons per flush. It also keeps the bowl cleaner to simplify your life.

One of the quietest and smoothest toilets in terms of flush and actuation, this model doesn’t advertise its use to the rest of the house. It comes with a polished, chrome-finished lever included. The Highline design places the bowl at chair-height, making it more accessible to everyone in your family, even those with limited mobility.


  • Simple, elegant design fits a wide variety of bathroom styles and decor
  • Pre-installed bolts for easier installation
  • High-efficiency toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush;
  • Vitreous china bowl offers durability and a long life expectancy
  • Class Five flush performance keeps the bowl clean
  • Quiet and smooth flush and actuation;
  • Highline height is ADA approved for those with disabilities and mobility issues
  • Chrome-finished lever included with purchase.


  • Seat not included
  • Other bowls offer better features at a more affordable price
  • No upgrade options available for this toilet.
  • Measurements: 31.2 x 29.8 x 18

5. KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Two-Piece Round-Front Toilet

Have a smaller bathroom and need a toilet with a low profile? Check out the Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron Comfort, Round-Front Toilet with Aqua Piston Flush Technology. You won’t have to sacrifice style or flushing power with this bowl.

Known for their unique, canister flush system, Kohler toilets do away with the old plunger to offer clog-preventing power while still using less water. At just 1.28 gallons of water used per flush, you’ll save money and the environment. The patented Aqua Piston Flush Technology also allows for a faster and quieter flush.

KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Two-Piece Round-Front Toilet Img

Thanks to the round front bowl, this toilet is perfect for small spaces. It’s sleek, but classic design and stylish curves accommodate a variety of style and decor preferences.

Part of the Cimarron collection, this toilet also sits at a convenient height, making it easier for adults to sit and stand. It is not ADA approved height. However, which means it may not be suitable for those with disabilities or mobility issues.


  • Aqua Piston Flush Technology prevents clogs without the use of a plunger
  • The round front bowl makes it suitable for smaller bathrooms
  • High-efficiency toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush
  • The quiet and powerful flushing mechanism
  • Elevated height makes for more comfortable standing and sitting
  • Two-piece set includes the bowl and tank
  • Versatile style to fit most style and decor preferences


  • Seat and supply line not included in the purchase;
  • The toilet is not ADA approved height, so it may not be suitable for those with disabilities or mobility issues.
  • Measurements: 27.25 x 17.62 x 30.5

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How to Choose The Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilets

When picking a new toilet for your bathroom, there are a few important aspects to consider. Examine the following sections of this buying guide to learn more.

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Water Savings VS. Flushing Power

High-efficiency toilets allow you to flush using very little water, especially when compared to older toilet models. In fact, the average 1.26-gallon flush toilets can save you upwards of about 16,500 gallons of water per year. However, one must keep in mind that lower water usage toilets may lead to a sacrifice in flushing power. As a result, you may not be able to dispose of all the waste in one flush.

Many people find that the 1.6-gallon flush is just right, balancing flushing power against water savings. This fact is actually one of the reasons for our verdict.

Examining the Height of Your Toilet

Manufacturers tend to use terms like “Comfort Height” “Chair Height,” and “Standard Height” to describe their toilets. It refers to how far the rim sits up from the floor. Chair height toilets will typically meet ADA guidelines, making them the most suitable for those with disabilities and mobility issues.

Standard height sits around 16 inches off the floor. Comfort height is often used to describe a rim that sits closer to the floor than a standard. Also, keep in mind that the distance between the seat and floor will be greater once you add the seat itself. Manufacturer measurements typically refer to the distance between the rim and the floor.


Q: Did You Measure Correctly?


A: A 10-inch rough-in refers to the distance between the drain pipe and the bolts on the base of the toilet, which should measure to be exactly 10 inches. Failure to ensure that you have the correct measurements could make it impossible for you to install the toilet. So, even if you’ve measured, consider taking one last check.

Q: What tools will I need to install my toilet?

A: To install your new toilet, you’ll need an adjustable wrench, utility knife, cutting pliers, a rag, and possibly a screwdriver. You’ll also need rubber gloves, a new wax ring, a paint bucket, and lubricant. It can also help to have extra bolts handy, just in case the old ones are too rusted to install the new toilet.

Q: Can I purchase a different tank for my toilet? The original is too small.

A: Sometimes. Certain toilets are compatible with other tank models, yet with others, you only have the option of one size.

Q: How long should the parts inside my toilet last?

A: The quality of materials, number of people using it and the overall quality of your parts will determine the life expectancy of the various components to your new toilet. However, the “average” time is around four to five years for most parts.

Final Verdict

While the right toilet for your needs will likely depend on a variety of factors, our number one choice for 2020 is the Toto Drake Two-Piece. The reasons for this include these particular models affordability, customizability, and powerful yet conservative flush.

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