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Showers are naturally damp places. Over time scum, moisture and other products that we use to bathe turn into hard water deposits and soap scum. Although there are many cleaning products designed to help you clean the best shower doors, simple homemade products are sometimes your best options.

While established mold may require more powerful products, daily prevention can significantly help you prevent them. While glass shower doors add class and elegance to your bathroom, just like any other thing that’s exposed to moisture, mineral deposits, and unsightly grime can easily build up.

It may not be a joy having one, but if you want to maintain that polished and shiny look, then a few scrubs once in a while can do the trick. Try out these tips when cleaning your shower doors.

Remove Mineral Stains and Scum

Light stains from soap scum and hard water are usually very easy to clean with white vinegar. Warm a half a cup of vinegar for 30 seconds and then use a clean rag or bath sponge to scrub off the scum. Allow it to soak for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Although vinegar may leave an unpleasant smell on your door, this should clear away after a shower. However, if your bathroom’s ventilation is poor, dilute the vinegar to prevent eye and nose irritation. More so, if vinegar alone won’t remove the mineral deposits, try mixing it with an equal amount of soap.

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Use a Specialized Bathroom Cleaner

Although glass cleaner spray might be less effective, some specialized bathroom cleaner products may be a good option. Most of these products contain ammonia which may produce toxic and irritating fumes hence use them in small quantities.

For tough stains, use vinegar mixed with baking soda. However, since baking soda is quite abrasive always use it as a last resort. Pour a quarter cup of baking soda into a cup and gradually mix it with vinegar until a thick paste is formed.

Use this to scrub the door with a sponge and then rinse it off after 15 minutes. Avoid pouring vinegar directly into baking soda.

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Clean the Mildew and the Mold

When it comes to cleaning mildew and mold, you can either use chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. Just spray them onto the mold, wait for a few minutes before drying them with a clean towel.

Although you don’t need any scrubbing, you may need to do this for at least three times. While chlorine is another effective mold cleaner, it can irritate the eyes, skin and even the lungs. Make sure you dilute it and wear eye protection and gloves before using it.

Clean the Edges of Your Shower Doors

Just like other parts, the edges of your shower doors also need attention. This is because they are prime targets for trapped soap scum and molds. Use a toothbrush and shower scrubber to scrub the metal frame around your doors. You can also use paint scraper or razor to scrape mineral spots of the glass carefully.


If you don’t give them a damp environment, then mildew and mold won’t appear. The best thing is, therefore, to squeegee the door immediately after use. Make sure you always have one hanging on the door and remind your family members to use it.

A basic squeegee will cost you very little money but saves you lots of frustration and time. It will help prevent those hard water deposits from quickly building up. More so, after a shower, make sure you leave the door open so that it can dry.

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Tips to help you keep your shower door scum free:

  • Store the spray bottle in the bathroom and give the door a quick scrub after every use.
  • Instead of using bar soap, opt for a body wash or liquid soap because they are easier to rinse.
  • Avoid oily products. But if you must use them to be more thorough when cleaning your doors.
  • Always leave your shower door open to boost air floor.
  • After every use makes it a habit to dry the shower.
  • Consider the ways that you can use to soften your hard water before use.
  • Coat your shower doors with rain repellant.

Wrap Up

So, how often should you clean your shower doors? If you regularly clean your shower doors lightly, then you only have to clean it after every few weeks thoroughly. Overall, these tips will greatly help you clean your shower doors and make them scum free. Try them out today and see amazing results.

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