How To Clean Your RV Toilet The Right Way


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So you’ve hit the road in your brand new RV, and there’s nothing that can stop you now. Eliminate maybe that budding smell that seems to be coming from your new compact bathroom. Fear not, there is a solution to this problem. Chances are your RV toilet hasn’t been properly cleaned.

You see, RV toilets differ in many ways from your average house toilet. There’s the obvious difference like the fact that a house toilet has access to a fully-functioning plumbing system with running water to boot. But there are also the less obvious differences that lie in things like the materials that are used to create the average RV toilet.

These materials are unique to RV toilets and make for a new list of do’s and don’ts when learning how to clean RV toilet that you should incorporate into your cleaning routine.

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Picking the Right Cleaning Product

The first step to properly cleaning your RV is choosing the right cleaner. Every cleaner you come across can be easily placed into two differing categories. Some cleaners are made to be safe, green, and eco-friendly to ensure you get the results you want while also reducing waste and chemical use. On the other hand, there are heavy chemical cleaners that contain things like bleach or chlorine to achieve a truly germ-killing powerful clean for your RV toilet. So which should you choose?

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Safe Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Reach for the eco-friendly safe cleaner option. While the chemical-heavy products that contain various things like bleach and chlorine as ingredients can offer a powerful punch, they can also be dangerous in an RV.

Bleach can remove built-up water stains in your toilet bowl, but it can also run off into your black water holding tank. If that wasn’t reason enough, the tiny nature of an RV makes cleaning with chemical-heavy products dangerous as there is little room for proper air circulation.

This can be extremely dangerous, especially for those traveling with small children or animal companions. However, you must be sure to pay attention to labels. Do some research and find which clean and friendly products work best in RV’s and for RV toilets. As some products are not specifically made to work on the materials used to make an RV toilet.

Don’t risk eroding the material of your RV toilet by picking the wrong cleaner. A simple google search, or perhaps asking a store employee can help you make the right choice.

Picking the Right Cleaning Tool

Now that you’ve chosen the right cleaning product, you need to be sure to choose the right cleaning tool to make sure you avoid any possible damage to your RV toilet.

For most, a standard toilet cleaning bristle brush gets the job done when it comes to cleaning effectively. However, when it comes to an RV toilet this isn’t necessarily the case. Most RV toilets are made from plastic, not porcelain. Plastic is much more sensitive material, and over time the harsh scraping and scratching of a bristle brush can damage your RV toilet.

A bristle brush can leave grooves and scratches on the surface of your toilet bowl, making it easy for bacteria and human waste to build-up in these areas. So what cleaning tool should you use instead of a classic bristle brush?

Safe Surface Cleaning Sponge

In order to avoid damaging your RV toilet consider using a safe surface cleaning sponge. You can find these pretty easily anywhere they sell dish cleaning supplies. Most sponges have a tough enough exterior to make buffing out surface stains a breeze.

Additionally, safe surface cleaning sponges will effectively clean your RV toilet without compromising it’s material, making it a better cleaning tool option. If you’d prefer the convenience that the longer brush provides, there are also many toilet cleaning brushes that utilize a sponge at the end of the handle rather than a bristle brush.

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Bottom Line

As you can see, there are some essential things to consider when it comes to clean your RV toilet safe and effectively properly. Utilizing these tips will ensure the life of your RV toilet and make traveling less of a hassle for everyone. Make sure to do your research on products and purchase your sponge or sponge brush beforehand to avoid running into any last-minute issues. Happy Cleaning!

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