How to Keep Toilet Smelling Fresh


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Nobody likes a smelly toilet. It is one of the most irritating problems we have to deal with. But it is possible to live in harmony without that nasty smell. Wondering how? There are ways by which you can tackle bathroom odors and keep your toilet clean.

In this article, today will discuss the most effective techniques for keeping your toilet hygienic. If the toilet stinks, don’t bother, follow the following tips. Your toilet will get its former fragrant glory, I promise. Let’s begin:

Supplies You Need for Toilet Stinks

Don’t panic; the solution for toilet stink is simple enough. You have to grab some supplies to tackle it down. The lists of supplies are given below:

Plenty of thick and robust bleach: Thick bleach is the ultimate solution to tackle the stinks. Also, you will find bleaches in a range of scents. The refreshing bathroom is one step away from it. Have the best smelling bleach right away.

Toilet Brush: A clean toilet brush with plastic bristles is the second thing you should have.

Disposable Wipes: You need to take care of the toilet seat, lid, and exterior of your toilet, right? So you will definitely need disposable wipes.

Toilet Blocks: For the final flourish, you need to use toilet blocks too.

For deep cleaning, you can use limescale removers as well. They are useful at handling persistent stains. During bathroom cleaning task, you are recommended to wear rubber gloves. You will be going to deal with bleach and toilet germs, be aware of that. Also, keep your running bathroom exhaust fan.

Effective Deep Cleaning Techniques

There are hundreds of ways to keep your toilet clean. But I will talk about the most common and effective one so that you can perform without any problem. Let’s begin:

To clean your toilet bowl, you need to access the whole surface, and for that, you need to remove all the water from the bowl. So, first of all, they turn off the water flush valve and flush out the remaining water.

Then lift the toilet seat and apply the bleach around the rim and sides of the toilet bowl. Apply the bleach all over the bowl from top to bottom and scrub it with your toilet brush. The liquid should be spread all around the bowl, and you need to scrub correctly. Then you should leave the place for a while.

During that time, shut the lid and use disposable wipes to clean around the tank, hinges and all the other parts of the toilet seat. Don’t forget to clean both sides of the lid and seat.

You should again hit the bowl with your toilet brush. The second scrub is also essential. During this time, focus on the hard to reach areas and key points underneath the rim. While finished, turn the valve on and flush!

Rinse the toilet brush properly after the task is completed. You can see a beautiful toilet without any nasty smell. For better result, you need to perform the job once or twice in a week.

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Natural Solution

Many people prefer natural solution more than chemicals. Good for them, as chemicals can harm the nature little by little. If possible, we all should limit our use of chemicals. If you don’t want to use chemicals here is the solution for you.


Instead of bleach, you can use vinegar as it is an active soaking agent for odors and stains. Just apply 3 cups of vinegar onto the bowl the way we mentioned to apply bleach. And then scrub with the toilet brush properly. If you use vinegar at least once in a month, it will prevent limescale stains from growing again.


Cola also works excellent on dirty toilets. The acidity in cola kills bacteria. On the other hand, the fizzy bubbles remove limescale deposits. You need to apply cola into the rim and bowl and leave for an hour. It is better if you can leave it overnight for a better result. And then flush on the morning.

All the above techniques are useful in battle with toilet odors. But consistency is the key. You need to implement any of the above solutions at least once a week. Otherwise, your toilet will always provide nasty unbearable smell. Always keep your toilet clean and use air fresheners. Your toilet will never let you down.

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