How To Create A Relaxing Bathroom


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Have you ever thought about how the bathroom affects your body’s relaxation system? The bathroom indeed is one of the essential rooms in your house, offering your body the most relaxation.

It’s a fact that whenever you enter your bathroom, you come out feeling better than when you entered. You can then term it as a place of solitude where your mind gets to relax. If in a bad mood you can go in and relax in the massage shower for some time.

However, if the bathroom gets poorly kept, it might not offer you all that imagine one with dirty side surfaces, brown marks on the sink, no soap around. You will feel disgusted, and your mood will deteriorate. If you want a good experience, then you have to think about how to create a relaxing bathroom as follows.

1. Provide Optimum Lighting

The right level and type of lighting have a profound effect on the body. It becomes essential you provide your bathroom with lighting that’s not too harsh or too dim. During the day, the light from outside is adequate to lighten up your bathroom. During construction, fit wide enough windows with transparent glasses to allow in light. You can also place light fixtures and bathroom mirrors all over the shower room area that will play-up the natural light coming through the windows.

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Nightfall calls for the right kind of electric or other types of lighting. You can equip your bathroom with appropriate moody miniature spotlights with soothing effects. You can also try the candlelight calming flicker placed in tall glass lanterns. Ensure the colors of your bathroom surface have reflective properties such as pristine white surfaces.

2. A High-Quality Bathroom Toilet

A bathroom with a toilet provides a full relaxation feeling. While relaxing in the bath, it will get comfortable to wake up, take a step, and sit comfortably on the toilet for your biological needs.

If you want to have that spa-like feeling, you can then think of the right toilet. Choose a toilet with touch-free lid, seat warming, and odor control. It will make you relax more.

3. Adding Color to Your Bathroom

The right color type will have a significant impact on your mood. Different people have different color choices that make them happy, making it necessary to choose according to your preference. Specific colors are also associated with mood feelings like humor, romance, passion, etc.

As a recommendation, light colors, including white, will help in getting light reflected. They’re ideal for places where windows can’t get availed or are too small. Also, on white color, it will make rooms look clean, crisp, and warm up dark spaces. To get trendier, you can complement the white with a dark accent color like navy blue, light colors, or hunter green.

4. Paint Your Bathroom

Sooner than later, your bathroom paint will fade, peel-out, or look dirty as it’s a highly used room. Having fresh looking paint for your bathroom can provide fun and make the room look fresh, clean, and new. That’s due to have a significant impact on your mood once you enter the room.

It’s not hard to add a new bright paint coat to your bathroom to give it that clean and inviting look. To make you a happier person, try different shades of soft pastels or whit. The shiny white color is also useful as it will affect the way light gets reflected.

5. Introduce Calming Scents

Strong and sweet smells will produce immediate floods of pleasant feelings. The scent is also a strong sense of working magically on your memory powers. Something like pine provides a pleasant scent, lessening stress, and anxiety.

Pine can get used in the bathroom to give you a pleasant, relaxing environment. Other sources of excellent scent may include lavender, tangerine, cinnamon, chocolate, coconut, and chamomile.

6. Introduce Musical Sounds

There’s proof beyond any reasonable doubt that listening to cool music works wonders on your brain. Music will boost positive emotions using your brain’s reward center. That’s where the hormone dopamine gets released, making you feel elated, thus reducing your anxiety and stress.

You can have speakers with music filtering ability installed in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can have a portable and waterproof radio with you whenever you go there. Nowadays, you can download many songs from YouTube to enjoy them in your bathroom.

7. Plants in Your Bathroom

Not only in your bathroom but having greenery around you anywhere gives you that purifying and relaxed mood. They also have many benefits, including providing style, beauty, and air purification.

Add a bit of style to your bathroom by adding some hardy plants. Because of space, don’t go for oversized plants. You can go to the greenhouse-style and have many types of small size plants on the floor, walls, window ledges, and extra.

8. Bathroom Furniture and Fittings

The furniture and fittings you choose for your bathroom contribute a lot to your enjoyment. You don’t need to go for expensive furniture but something simple and elegant vanities.

The modern furniture designs come with a compact nature and more sleek lines making them suitable for the bedroom. Choose a pedestal basin, a flushing toilet, and a spacious or soaking bathtub for an enjoyable bathroom experience.

9. Choose a Quality Shower Head

A warm bath is relaxing, especially after a hard day. A shower fitted with multiple settings plus a simple design is excellent. You can either go for high pressure or a handheld shower, depending on your style.

10. Get new Towels and Rugs

You want to feel warm and comfortable after taking your shower. Choose soft and warm towels like those made of woolen material and good mats and rugs. You should roll up the towels to save space and feel neat.


Your bathroom can offer you that golden opportunity to get a break from all the life hassles. Today’s lifestyles demand so much of your time, usually getting hooked to endless digital conveniences. You will find you don’t have any time on your own.

Your bathroom offers you a way out as you can lock yourself in, forget about everyone and everything and think about you. Think about all the ways you can make the bathroom your friend. The above-detailed ideas give a good start on how to create a relaxing bathroom.

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