How to Unclog an RV Toilet – DIY Guide


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Many people enjoy an RV living style these days especially those who quit their day jobs and like to visit new places all the time. While a lot of things related to this type of lifestyle are manageable, it sometimes becomes challenging to maintain an RV toilet.

RV toilets are designed to take up very little water when flushed obviously because of a shortage of water while traveling. Because of this reason, they can get clogged very easily. It is important to keep an RV toilet functioning well so that you can spend maximum time enjoying your trips and one of the ways to achieve this is to make sure it does not clog.

Here is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide on how to unclog an RV toilet and enjoy your camping and traveling activities to the maximum.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Unclog An RV Toilet

1. Troubleshoot the Problem

The first step is to know what exactly the problem is. One of the basic and most noticeable signs of a clogged toilet is a distinct and disgusting odor. Usually, the main cause of a clogged toilet is either a leaking valve or a valve that has been left open. Since the water is leaked before it could flush the toilet, this causes the foul smell. Sometimes the problem is not with the valves; you might be using a toilet paper that is not compatible with an RV toilet.

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For RV toilets that do not use portable waste tanks, the line that connects the toilet with the waste tank might be clogged. The line can be cleared by filling the tank up to the halfway mark and adding some liquid soap into it. Once these two get rigorously mixed up, you can run the water and see if the clog gets cleared. Repeat the process if the system is still causing the problem.

This step helps to identify the problem and devise a solution accordingly.

2. Wash the RV Holding Tank Using Boiling Water

Once you have established that the toilet holding tank is clogged, the next step is to give the tank a really good wash. Use a sponge and a washing powder to wash the inside of the tank to remove any dirt and grime.

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You may also try opening up the valve and pouring several pots of boiling water down the toilet. This step usually proves to be very useful and it is also quite easy to follow. If one pot doesn’t seem enough, you can boil another pot and use it the same way.

Usually, the clog clears up, especially if it’s just toilet paper. There is no need for powerful chemicals and other products that might be difficult to use, particularly for someone who has no prior experience with handling RV toilets.

3. Use a Toilet Unclogging Gadget

There are many tools and gadgets available on the market, such as a toilet unclogger liquid, plungers, septic-safe chemicals and toilet augers that you may use to unclog your toilet.

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However, most people who experience such a problem are in the middle of nowhere and most of the time, they forget to take a gadget with them. Toilet augers prove to be good at times, but they can also aggravate the problem especially when you don’t know where the clog is. This is a “quick fix”; try it if you are short on time and have nothing else handy.

4. Use a De-Clogging Chemical

It is a good idea to buy a de-clogging chemical before going on a camping trip. In case everything else fails to work, you may try this option. Make sure you buy a septic-safe chemical and read instructions on how to use it properly and effectively. You will have to half fill the holding tank and add the chemical to it. Let it sit for some time, preferably overnight, before flushing the toilet. Some people also use ice cubes instead of chemicals to flush the clogged toilet and drive around to give it a proper mix.


RV toilets are constructed slightly different from regular toilets and therefore anyone who plans on using it must know how to fix it in case a problem arises. If you know how to maintain your RV toilet tank system, you would never have to experience terrible plumbing problems. While proper cleaning is important to prevent clogging, it is also useful to learn how to unclog an RV toilet so that you may get more time for enjoyment and also save your money.

It is important to avoid getting into trouble by using the right toilet paper, which is septic safe and specially designed for an RV toilet. Follow this step-by-step guide to fix your tank system and have fun camping or simply traveling around for as long as you want! Anyone of the tricks might work for your situation, so keep trying and don’t let the clog disrupt your enjoyment.

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