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Most people who overlook the essence of bath mats have fallen victims of sliding and slipping accidents. A non-slip bath mat is a small yet vital material that you can use during or after your showers to reduce your chances of slipping and falling.

In addition, the bath mat dries your feet and increases friction between your feet and the floor. Furthermore, the shower rug helps your feet have a smooth transition between the hot floor of the bathroom and the cold floor of the house.

This article will enlighten you on how to make bath mats like a pro.

Procedure for Making a Bath Mat

Making a bath mat can be a complicated task if you do not know how to do it. The easy-to-follow points below are essential at ensuring that you can make an exceptional shower rug at any time should the need arise.

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1. Putting Your Requirements Together

For any activity to be successful, having the right materials is vital, and making a bath mat is no different. You will need a towel, a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, an adhesive, and a cotton border material. Undoubtedly, you can choose a suitable cloth to match the color of your bathroom tiles for exceptional.

2. Trimming the Towel Edges

The second step involves chopping off the hairy edges of the towel. Eliminating the string hangings from the edges ensures that you will have an easy task attaching a border around the edge. Furthermore, adding an edge that is colored differently from the towel can enhance the beauty and appearance of the bath mat.

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3. Folding the Towel

If the towel is thin and long, you can fold its length into two to increase its thickness. However, if the towel is small and thick, you should go ahead and stitch the open edges without worrying about the thickness. A thick towel is better for your bath rag because it possesses improved water-absorption properties. The more water a bathroom mat can absorb, the more efficient it will be.

4. Adding the Cotton Border Material

After folding the towel, apply the cotton adhesive around its edges. Attach the different-colored cotton border around the corner and give the glue some few minutes to heal. You should choose a long cotton border that will suffice the circumference of your towel. In addition, you should select a border that has a contrasting color to add a touch of sophistication to your bath mat.

5. Sewing the Border

After approximately five minutes, bind the cotton border neatly with the sewing machine and your bath mat will be ready for use. If you are not proficient with using the sewing machine, you can take the towel to a professional to help you sew the cotton border correctly.

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As has been mentioned, it is easy to master how to make bath mats by yourself. It is not mandatory to use a towel to take a bath rug. You can purchase cotton or chenille fabrics from the market and still achieve the same result.

Even more, it is essential to understand that although the process might vary for different materials, the primary approach remains the same. Why not go on to design a great bath mat yourself?

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