How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain with Standing Water – DIY Guide


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Does your tub often disturb you by clogging up? Imagine that you are ready to take a relaxing bath just then you saw your that your bathtub drain is clogged. This will surely give you a disgusting feeling. Whenever we imagine a peaceful bath, a clean bathtub appears in our minds. Is it that hard to maintain cleanliness? Well, not really! This article will give you the perfect idea of how to keep your bathtub drain clear all the time.

Before that, you should know the reason behind the clogging of a bathtub or shower drain. There are several reasons behind this. One of the significant reasons is hair, soap scum, dirt, etc.

Soap Scum: Soap scum often creates an invisible wall around the pipe, which creates clogging. This is also known as lime soap. It is solidly composed of calcium stearate.

Hair: Hair is also one of the main reasons behind the clogging of the bathtub drain. Hair sticks inside the pipeline and creates a barrier that clogs the drain.

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Your long hair is making you look beautiful, but unknowingly it’s one of the culprits behind your clogged drain.

But don’t be sad. Here are some practical solutions for unclogging a bathtub drain.

Splash of Water

Take a whole of lukewarm water. Without spilling it all around, drain the clogged area. This will break the made up wall around the pipeline. This will also break down soap scum the solid compose.

Using a Plunger

This will take a few steps:

Step 1: Wear a glove. Plastic gloves are suitable for this job. Now collect the substance that’s the reason behind the blockage. For example, hair or soap scum. After removing the blockage, the clogged water will automatically flow downward. This will solve the standing water problem.


Using a Plunger Img

Step 2: If the water is not removed correctly, you need to add one extra step. Take a small cup, now remove the standing water. Because if the water is not removed, it might cause an overflow.

Step 3: Clear the overflow drain? Now, what is an overflow drain? Can you see a rectangular open space under the tap? Well, that’s an overflow drain. A clogged overflow drain can also cause the water to stand. Wear your gloves once again and remove the blockage.

Step 4: Now comes the foremost step. Grab your plunger or drain snake and begin to plunge. Now push in and out. This will create a vacuum that will take out the blockage. Now turn it on, your tap to see whether the water is flowing correctly or not.

Step 5: this is the final step. Take some lukewarm water and pour the water through the pipeline. Run the water for a few minutes. This will unclog the drain.

Home Remedy

Once again, follow the previous steps.

First, take out the blockage. Oh, don’t forget to wear gloves! Hygiene is all we want here.

You cannot use chemical products if there is standing water. So clean the blockage along with the standing water.

Now comes the central part. Take an equal amount of vinegar and baking soda. For example, if you’re taking 2 cups of baking soda, then take 2 cups of vinegar. Use the most acidic vinegar you find, but any vinegar would work.

The process is, take half of your baking soda and sprinkle it around the surface of the drain. Now pour half of the vinegar. This will create some bubbles. The bubbles or fizz indicate that the reaction is working, and the chemicals are clearing out the blockage. Now take the remaining baking soda and repeat this process.

Let it sit for half an hour. Now pour warm water. Let the water run through the clogged drain. This will wash out all the gunk.

Using a Makeshift Tool

Use a makeshift device, such as a hanger or a stick. Yes, I’m talking about wardrobe hangers. This is one of the most natural methods. Use the hook or stick to pull out the gunk that’s clogging the drain. Run some water through the pipe.


Avoid toxic chemicals. Chemicals bought from the shop can damage your pipelines. That’s why home remedy is the best way to unclog the drain.

Don’t use boiling water. Lukewarm water is always preferred for this job.

Maintaining a clean drainage system isn’t that hard. Make sure you clean the bathtub drain frequently. This will ensure that you have a hygienic and relaxing bath whenever your heart desires.

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