The 5 Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin in 2020


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We all respond to nature’s call. Be it once or a couple of times a day, it doesn’t matter. The comfort we get in every wipe is among the things that count. And it carries more weight, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

Well, fluffy and scratchy traditional tissue papers have no place when it comes to cleaning a delicate behind. It can cause or add more to irritations. Not to mention, the possibility of infections is quite high. Well, you can find safety and comfort in the best toilet paper for sensitive skin.

Ultra-soft, absorbent, hypoallergenic, and free of chemicals, toilet papers for sensitive skin have invaluable benefits. Some models, such as Monkeylips Organic Green Tea toilet paper, go the extra mile to nourish the skin. For the record, it’s the best overall on our list.

Well, we don’t limit you to only one choice. Depending on your needs, there are decent options that can outperform our best pick. Do you have the time to find which other models made it on our list? Read more to find out. Also, there’s a buying guide to let you narrow down your choices quickly and efficiently.

5 Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin

1. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Are you looking for a toilet paper with a sweet soft aloe caress? Well, Charmin Ultra Gentle is your best bet. For the record, it’s the only toilet paper with a touch of soothing lotion.

It’s not as absorbent as Charmin Ultra Soft TP. Neither does it have a wash-like texture like Charmin Ultra Strong TP. However, it borrows quite a lot from both attributes. It doesn’t rip apart and leaves you dry. Not to mention, it’s clog-safe and as gentle as a cotton pad.

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Charming Ultra Gentle TP comes in mega rolls for more value. One roll equals four regular rolls, hence more savings. And with 286 sheets per roll, this toilet paper can last a long while.

This 2-ply toilet paper is dermatologist-tested. Not to mention, approved by residential plumbers. Hence, you can use it with confidence.


  • Offers more footage per roll compared to regular tissue rolls
  • A touch of soothing lotion on every sheet
  • Approved by plumbers and dermatologists


  • Mega rolls might not fit standard tissue holders


Charmin Ultra Gentle TP offers cotton-like gentleness and a soothing scent. Also, it’s recommended by dermatologists and plumbers alike. Overall, it’s the best gentle toilet paper for sensitive skin.

2. Seventh Generation Unbleached Bathroom Tissue

Recycled toilet papers offer tremendous savings on energy, water, and trees. But not all are plumbing safe as they’re eco-friendly. Well, Seventh Generation TP provides the best of both worlds. More so, the extra benefit of silky-smooth softness.

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It isn’t a mega roll. Instead, it’s the size of regular rolls. Surprisingly, you get two and a half times more use form each roll. And with 2-ply sheets, this toilet paper is as soft as it’s strong.

Seventh Generation TP breaks down in no time the moment it hits the water. Hence, there’s zero chance it will clog your plumbing system. More so, it’s free of dye, fragrances, and ink. So, it doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment.

As the name suggests, this TP is no bleached stuff. Moreover, it’s hypoallergenic. As such, it cleans without the dust and skin irritations.


  • Economics packaging offers big-time savings
  • 100% recycled to save trees while conserving water and energy
  • Septic safe and ideal for low-flow toilet setups


  • A bit on the thin side


Seventh Generation TP is cheap but with a luxurious feel. It’s unbleached and caresses your butt with the gentleness it deserves. Not to mention, it flushes easily, even in low-flow RV toilets. On the whole, this tissue is among the best for camping trips.

3. WHOLEROLL Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper? Yeah, you heard it right. Apparently, bamboo pulp makes one of the best organic toilet papers. WHOLEROLL TP is one such product that never ceases to impress.

Tighter winding makes this toilet paper a space-saver. It takes less space than other 200-sheet rolls. Nevertheless, it’s 1/4-inch longer. Though a 200-sheet TP, it compares to the 220-sheet versions. Well, it doesn’t end there. This toilet paper also offers two and a half times the use of regular rolls.

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Well, WHOLEROLL is a 2-ply toilet paper. But it has the softness and strength of 3-ply rolls. It’s one particular feature that sets it apart from 2-ply tissue papers.

Also, this bamboo tissue has a unique advantage over virgin pulp tissue. It’s eco-friendly and free of chemicals. Not to mention, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Hence, it’s as safe for the septic tank as it’s for sensitive skin.


  • Tighter winding for space-saving storage
  • A 2-ply tissue but with a 3-ply like softness and strength
  • 100% bamboo makes it all-natural and eco-friendly
  • Natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties


  • A tad expensive


WHOLEROLL bamboo toilet considers future generations. It’s safe for the planet and has natural healing properties. More so, it’s super soft and with longer sheet size. For a green 2-ply tissue but with 3-ply features, WHOLEROLL will suffice.

4. Bim Bam Boo 2-Ply Toilet Paper

More brands in the toilet paper segment are going bamboo-style. Such is the case with Bim Bam Boo. It enters the list with a 100% bamboo toilet paper. And with a recycled TP case, it’s as eco-friendly as it’s safe for sensitive skin.

More sheets per roll make this toilet paper stand out. Most toilet papers average at 200 sheets per roll. Well, Bim Bam Boo goes the extra mile to provide 295 sheets per roll. So, when it comes to long-lasting use, this TP ranks the top.

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More so, it’s the first TP formula developed for better health. Not only is it velvety-soft, but it also has natural antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. As such, the chances of irritations and possible infection are zero.

2-ply sheets get you more use. At the same time, they’re strong and won’t rip apart easily. But strong as they’re, they break up easily upon contact with water. Not to mention, they’re biodegradable. As such, they’re clog-free and safe for septic and sewer systems.


  • More sheets per roll
  • Natural hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties
  • Responsibly-sourced bamboo
  • Clog-free and septic safe


  • A bit on the smaller side for the price


Bim Bam Boo is a certified, 100% organic bamboo toilet paper. It has more sheets per roll. Not to mention, it’s the first TP formulated for better health. Hence, you can wipe away your worries regarding the environment and skin irritations. For a health-focused tissue that offers more use, Bim Bam Boo is the way to go.

5. Monkeylips Organic Green Tea Toilet Paper

Monkeylips is another health-focused toilet paper. But instead of bamboo, it comes from certified organic green tea. This tissue goes the extra mile to feed and nourish your skin. Monkeylips tissue paper is loaded with carotene and Vitamin A. So, it not only eliminates irritation but also rejuvenates the skin. Also, it’s unbleached and free of chemicals and additives.

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Also, Monkeylips offer the much-need satisfaction of 3-ply tissue. More layers make it stronger and more absorbent than 2-ply versions. Not to mention, it provides silky-smooth softness free of dust and flyaway.

Despite the thick cushioning, this tissue paper dissolves and flushes easily down the drain. So, there’s zero chance it will clog your plumbing system.


  • Ultra-absorbent 3-ply sheets
  • Packed with carotene and Vitamin A to nourish the skin
  • Septic-safe
  • Delightful green tea scent


  • A bit expensive


This tissue might not be as sustainably-sourced as bamboo versions. But when it comes to nourishing the skin, it beats all competitors hands-down. It’s no doubt the best 3-ply toilet paper for sensitive skin.

Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: Complete Guide

You want a tissue that’s as gentle to your skin as it’s easy on your pocket. More so, eco-friendly and septic-safe. But how do you keep the balance? Here are key considerations to help you find safe, comfortable, and affordable tissue paper for sensitive skin.


Not all tissue papers for sensitive skin have the same ingredients. Steer clear of products that have dye, chlorine, and perfumes. Such ingredients can cause irritations and allergic reactions. Instead, settle for unbleached or all-organic toilet papers.

Ply Count

Ply count affects texture, thickness, strength, and absorbency. The thinner the tissue paper, the rougher and more irritating it is to your skin. Hence, settle for a higher ply count of at least two.


Toilet papers for sensitive skin aren’t cheap. At least not like conventional tissue papers. Hence, you want benefits that are worth the price. But how do you make that happen?

Well, it’s wise to buy in bulk to reduce the cost quite a bit. Tissue papers, such as Charmin Ultra Gentle and Seventh Generation, provide the option of automated ordering for considerable savings. Overall, you can save up to 15% on every purchase.


Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt buying in a small format for experimental purposes. For instance, you can buy four rolls, each of two to three brands. Get a feel of each and decide which one to go with before buying in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best toilet paper for sensitive skin?

Each of the models mentioned above is okay. However, none provides extra benefits like Monkeylips Organic Green Tea toilet paper. Not only is it strong and ultra-absorbent, but it also has Vitamin A and carotene to nourish the skin. Alongside that, it has a delightful Green Tea scent.

What’s the best hypoallergenic tissue paper for sensitive skin?

Well, all models mentioned above will suffice. But Bim Bam Boo, with its exclusive hypoallergenic formula, stands above the rest.

What’s the best gentle tissue paper for sensitive skin?

Well, Charmin Ultra Gentle, with an infused soothing lotion, stands above the pack. It truly lives up to its namesake.

What’s the best sensitive skin tissue paper for RV and camping toilets?

Low-flush volume characterizes portable toilets. Hence, you want a tissue paper that dissolves in water quickly. Well, there’s no better option than Seventh Generation toilet paper.

What’s the best eco-friendly toilet paper for sensitive skin?

Though other models are just as good, bamboo toilet papers are the real deal. They’re stronger and sustainably-sourced. Hence, WHOLEROLL and Bim Bam Boo are the way to go.

How do I tell if I’m allergic to a tissue paper?

Well, there are many symptoms, ranging from itching, redness, swelling, and soreness.


A delicate behind needs to be treated with the gentleness it deserves. And to make that happen, you need the best toilet paper for sensitive skin. As far as it goes, we’ve reviewed the best products to consider. Not to mention, offer a guide to nail your best choice.

So, which tissue paper do you find more suitable for your needs and budget? Any feedback before or after the purchase will be highly welcome.

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