The 10 Best Bathroom Light Bulbs For Makeup


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What are the must-haves for the best makeup experience? For some, the best cosmetic products for your complexion matter a lot. To some, a high-end mirror will do the trick. All play a crucial role, no doubt. However, there’s one crucial thing that’s often overlooked. In fact, it’s the one thing that determines the end results. It’s none other than the lighting you use. Selecting the right cosmetics can be a considerable challenge. Likewise, finding the best bathroom light bulbs for makeup is no easy task.

For instance, you need something with a near-daylight effect. It should be gentle on your eyes, yet strong enough to reflect the real you. Then, there are extra features that further improve the experience. So, to make things less complicated, we’ve done quite a bit of research. Also, we’ve sought advice from several expert makeup artists. That said, here’s our list of the best light bulbs for makeup in the bathroom.

10 Best Bathroom Light Bulbs For Makeup

1. Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Sometimes, it makes sense to go with the numbers. Chende makeup bulb has the most number of feedback. Not to mention, positive ones. But let’s dig deeper to understand why this makeup bulb is so popular. Well, the bulb delivers professional-grade 4000K light. Sometimes known as “warm-white” light, it’s soft and glare-free. It’s almost like daylight, which makes it safe and gentle on your eyes.



Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Img

Moreover, the bulb has a smart touch dimmer switch. It enables you to adjust brightness from 30 to 100%. As such, it provides customized lighting to match your needs. For the record, this makeup bulb comes in a set of 10. Overall, it creates an 11.53-foot light kit. Nonetheless, you can cut off extra bulbs to adjust the length. As such, it can easily fit both small and large vanity makeup mirrors.

Furthermore, the bulbs have powerful stickers. Hence, attaching them onto your makeup mirror is a piece of cake. The bulbs draw only 30 watts. So, there’s zero chance they’ll push your electricity bill to the max.

Verdict: This makeup light bulb gets a thumbs up from a multitude of users. It adopts Hollywood-style lighting that’s customizable to your liking. That said, we vote it the best overall on our list.

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2. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe

Some makeup bulbs meet safety standards. Others meet or exceed quality standards. Then, there are those energy-star rated models that keep your bills low. But, you rarely get one that satisfies all the above, except for this model. It’s up to 85% more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs. Not to mention, it has a pretty long lifespan of 25,000 hours. Lest we forget, it’s also shatterproof and shock-resistant.



Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe Img

Well, let’s get down to how well it lights up your space. First, it delivers a very warm, almost golden-white light. It has a temperature of 2700K, which offers a cozy hue. Also, the light is dimmable from 10 to 100%. Hence, it gives you full control over the ambiance of your space. Overall, you can adjust the brightness up to 450 Lumens.

The package includes 10 makeup bulbs. For the record, the bulbs have a screw base. Therefore, they allow for both mechanical and electrical contact. That gives you a variety of ways to attach to your bathroom mirror.

Verdict: This makeup bulb costs a bit more than other models. However, it meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Not to mention, it’s among the few energy-star models. Factoring in the cutting-edge LED technology, it’s worth every penny.

3. Waneway Vanity Lights for Mirror

The brighter a makeup bulb, the better. Based on brightness, this bathroom light bulb easily tops the list. It delivers 6000K color temperature and a whopping 1200 lumens. Hence, it closely simulates natural sunlight. Above all, it offers vibrant colors that reflect your real skin tone.



Waneway Vanity Lights for Mirror Img

Moreover, this makeup bulb has a rotate-to-hide design. Not to mention, it uses transparent wires. As such, it offers a neat and beautiful appearance. Thanks to upgraded stickers, the bulb stays attached on to the mirrors for years. Well, the package includes 10 bulbs. Overall, they have an adjustable length of up to 13.5 feet. As such, they can easily fit most mirrors.

Something important, yet often ignored, is the dimmer switch. Well, this makeup bulb goes the extra mile to offer an advanced switch. It has not only a more sensitive touchpad but also built-in memory. Therefore, it can recall your last setting easily.

Verdict: All makeup bulbs on our list are pretty bright and glare-free. However, this model takes things the extra mile. It’s super bright (1200 lumens), thanks to hi-pot LED chips. Also, it’s pretty durable, boasting a lifespan of over 25,000 hours.

4. Aooshine 5W Non-dimmable G25 LED Makeup Mirror Bulb

As the name suggests, this makeup mirror bulb doesn’t have a dimmable function. However, it compensates that with a ton of other benefits. It emits a versatile 2700K warm white light. So, if you desire a cozy golden-white hue, this makeup bulb is your best bet. Again, it’s pretty bright, delivering 500 lumens.



Aooshine 5W Non-dimmable G25 LED Makeup Mirror Bulb Img

As for the beam angle, it offers impressive coverage of 270 degrees. Thus, there’s zero chance you’ll experience shadow effects. But as bright as it is, this makeup bulb is energy-efficient. It has the brightness of incandescent bulbs. However, it uses only a tenth of the energy. Overall, it can save you up to 90% of electricity bills.

Again, this makeup mirror light bulb offers ultra-long performance. It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Thus, it will save you the effort and cost of replacing bulbs. For the record, this makeup bulb comes in a pack of 4.

Verdict: This makeup bulb doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models. However, it’s among the best non-dimmable bulb for a tight budget. Also, it’s among the most durable and energy-efficient options.

5. Brightown Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Brightown makeup mirror bulb mimics natural sunlight. But it does so without the extra heat that might damage your makeup. Also, the bulb adopts a sleek appearance. Take the wires, for instance. Though thick (for durability), they’re entirely hidden from plain sight. That makes them a real beauty that lasts a lifetime.



Brightown Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Img

Moreover, the bulb has a straightforward smart, dimmer switch. As such, you can adjust the brightness at your convenience. Overall, it offers 10 levels of brightness, from 10% to 100%. For the record, most models have brightness levels of 30 to 100%. Hence, the intensity of this makeup bulb is more customizable. Again, the switch has a memory function that recalls your last setting.

The installation process is entirely stress-free. There are no holes to drill. Instead, the bulbs have upgraded stickers that attach to the mirror. So secure is the grip that you can’t knock the bulbs off the mirror easily. On a side note, this bathroom vanity mirror light comes in a pack of 10.

Verdict: Most makeup bulbs have one feature that sets them apart. Well, for this model, it’s the brightness level. It offers the widest range of adjustments, from 10 to 100%. Thus, you can easily dial the exact level of brightness that suits you.

6. Lvyinyin Dimmable Vanity Lights Kit

So far, this makeup light strip is the longest. The 10-piece kit has a full length of 18 feet. But you can adjust it by twisting or cutting off the extra length. Also, the wires are pretty flexible. As such, they can fit makeup mirrors of all shapes, whether round or square. Again, the cables can be hidden to create a seamless appearance.



Lvyinyin Dimmable Vanity Lights Kit Img

Like most makeup bulbs on the list, it uses a smart dimmer switch. It enables you to dim the brightness from 25 to 100%. Not to mention, the switch has a built-in memory function. As such, it can remember the last dimming setting. This is a useful feature in areas that are prone to power blackouts. What’s more, the switch has only one button to press. That makes it pretty straightforward to use.

Thanks to strong adhesives, sticking the bulbs onto the mirror is a piece of cake. Only ensure the surface is clean and even to achieve a better grip. Overall, the entire process takes under 10 minutes.

Verdict: This makeup mirror bulb adopts a more flexible strip. Not to mention, it’s pretty long. Hence, it’s among the best options for makeup mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

7. Hyperikon Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

At 820 lumens, this makeup mirror bulb has the same brightness at a 60W bulb. Surprisingly, it uses only 6 watts. No wonder it’s among the few energy-star rated models. Moreover, the bulb has a smooth dimming function of 20 to 100%. Hence, it’s easier to control both the look and feel of your space.



Hyperikon Dimmable LED Light Bulbs Img

Apart from brightness, this makeup bulb offers superb color quality. It has a 3000K color temperature and a CRI rating of 95. For the record, this is among the highest possible color rating. It offers near-sunlight quality that brings out your real skin tone. Not only does it provide true color rendering, but it’s also consistent.

Durability is another feature that makes this makeup bulb a top choice. It has a lifespan of over 45,000 hours. Thus, you’re less likely to incur replacement costs. On a side note, this makeup mirror light comprises 6 bulbs.

Verdict: This makeup bulb boasts a CRI Rating of 95. That makes it one of the best for accurate color rendering. Also, the energy-star rating (quite rare in most models) is a huge bonus. It offers the best quality without pushing your bills to the max.

8. TCP 5W LED Non-Dimmable Decorative Vanity Light Bulbs

Like the Aooshine makeup light bulb, the TCP vanity bulb is non-dimmable. But it compensates that with remarkable quality. For the record, TCP a brand with over two decades of experience. Not to mention, it’s a leader in LED innovation. In short, this is a tried and true bulb you can trust. But then, how well does it perform?



TCP 5W LED Non-Dimmable Decorative Vanity Light Bulbs Img

Though not an energy-star, it has considerable energy saving. It has the brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb. However, it draws only 5W. For the record, this vanity light bulb delivers 350 lumens. Again, the bulb has a 2700K color temperature. It offers a soft white light that’s gentle on your eyes.

Instead of adhesives, the bulb installs on screw base light fixtures. So, it’s much easier to unplug if the need arises. Well, this makeup mirror light bulb comes in a pack of 3.

Verdict: TCP makeup mirror bulb boats world-class technology. It offers consistent color as well as long-lasting performance. Above all, it saves you up to 85% on energy bills.

9. WizPower Vanity Makeup Mirror Lights Kit

Bulbs aren’t the only option for makeup mirror lights. A strip of LED lights can give the same performance. Take this model, for instance. It has 60 pieces of LED lights that provide pro-grade makeup brightness. Not to mention, it has a 4000K color temperature. As such, it delivers neutral white light that mimics natural sunlight.



WizPower Vanity Makeup Mirror Lights Kit Img

Moreover, the dimmer switch offers the best customization. You can adjust the brightness from 25 to 100%. Also, you can adjust the switching speed. Should you choose, you can also settle for a blinking mode. In short, it has more options than any other dimmer switch on our list. Above all, the switch has a memory function. Hence, there’s no need to dimmer every time.

This vanity light strip comes with double-sided adhesive tape. Thus, it’s much easier to stick onto the mirror. The strip is 9.8 feet, long enough to fit most makeup mirrors. Overall, it draws only 24 watts.

Verdict: Of all options, this LED strip is the most customizable. So, if you’re looking for more personalized lighting, this is your best bet. Not to mention, it has the best waterproof design.

10. BEAUTME Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

How about a mirror to go with the lights? Well, here’s a complete package. It comprises a tabletop mirror and 15 LED bulbs. The mirror is built to last, thanks to the solid metal frame. Though it’s branded a tabletop mirror, you can as well mount on a wall. As for the size, it’s 400 x 500 mm. So, it’s large enough to provide a magnified reflection.



BEAUTME Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Img

Since our focus is on mirror lights, let’s turn our attention to the bulb. It has an adjustable color temperature of 4000K to 6000K. Hence, you can easily switch between warm light and daylight. And like most models on our list, you can also adjust the brightness. All these are done via smart touch control.

Moreover, the dimmer switch has a memory function. As such, it assumes the same brightness as before once switched on. Furthermore, the LED bulbs are replaceable if the need arises.

Verdict: Having second guesses if the bulbs will fit your makeup mirror? If so, then this all-in-one package will suit you.

Best Bathroom Lights Bulbs for Makeup: The Complete Guide

So far, we’ve looked at the best light bulbs for bathroom vanity makeup. But it’s wise if we show you how to go about choosing the best products. After all, the chances are you may be open to other options out there. So, without further ado, these are what you need to consider before buying.


Bathroom Light Bulbs for Makeup 2 Img

Dimming Control

How best is the lighting in your bathroom? You’ll agree with me that it can’t be consistent throughout. For instance, the daytime application doesn’t need as much lighting as at night. Not to mention, adjustable brightness provides personalized comfort. Again, you need an accurate simulation of what you’ll look like once outside. Well, to achieve all these, you need a bulb with a dimmer switch.

Color Temperature

Have you ever asked yourself what the best light color is for applying makeup? In a nutshell, you need something close to daylight. Overall, the best color temperature for applying makeup is 2700 to 6000K. The warmer the light, the more it simulates daylight.

Energy-Saving Technology

You don’t want makeup bulbs that draw a lot of power. Hence, incandescent bulbs are out of the question. Look for bulbs that provide ample lighting as equivalent incandescent bulbs. But then, they should do so while using 85% less energy. That said, you’ll be better off with LED bulbs. Also, energy-star models will be a huge plus.

Lifetime Performance

A decent makeup bulb needs to have a longer lifespan. Consider models with a lifespan of at least 25,000 hours. It will save you replacement and maintenance costs. Also, shatterproof or waterproof features are a huge bonus.


There’s a multitude of brands out there. There are good old brands with years of reputation. Also, there is the newbie’s that spring up each day. Most often, it’s better to settle for the old brands. But if you settle for newbie’s, take time to crosscheck the information. Customer reviews will help you a lot in digging up information.


Vanity bathroom lighting is crucial, whether for pros or newbies. To improve the experience, you need the best bathroom light bulbs for makeup. So far, we’ve looked at some of the best options on the market. Hence, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a perfect daylight feeling.

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