The Best Flushing Toilet Reviews And Complete Buying Guide


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Nobody will be happy seeing waste and papers stuck in the toilet bowl, which shows that such a toilet can’t handle its primary functions. However, the ability of a toilet to flush effectively is what everyone desires.

Moving from the past to this contemporary age has brought about significant changes to a lot of things including the flushing toilet. These improved technologies can be seen in the features, flushing power, outlook, materials, comfort, etc.

It is sometimes confusing when searching for the best toilets because of your intent to purchase value for money. In this guide, our expert guider will show in this article the top 10 best flushing toilets that will serve you to the optimum.

10 Best Flushing Toilet Reviews

1. WoodBridge T-0001 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

When efficiency and comfort are in consideration, WoodBridge T-0001 is an outstanding choice. It has a lengthened shape with the white ceramic finish, weighs 119 pounds, glossy white color, measures 28.5 by 14.5 by 27.5 inches, and it’s a make of superior ceramic.

It also comes with bolts, seats and other necessary hardware for installing it. More so, you can get it with a friendly budget.


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This flushing toilet has some excellent features that make it the top pick. A siphon-flush design that allows it to be powerful and silent, a trapway that makes it more useful, more powerful and easier to clean as it creates a level surface that debris cannot cling to and also allows the passage of waste through the drain.

The design also makes it easier to clean because you can quickly get to clean places and angles that are almost impossible to reach without the aid of special cleaning tools in other models.

Furthermore, the dual flushing system makes it possible to save water quickly without losing its power. It also ensures that all waste leaves the bowl depending on the push button you choose.


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2. TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet

The TOTO CST454CEFG has a combination of high looks and great usefulness. A firm and global size made out of excellent and high-quality porcelain materials which have the entire fulfillment desired in a toilet.

The model number CST454CEFGis formerly known as Gwyneth, and it’s the best deal in the model of the Toto toilet line presently. It weighs 94 pounds and has the following dimensions, 28.8 by 16.5 by 29.4 inches.


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Moreover, it has a cool addition to SanaGloss material, an iron barrier finish that is required for cleaning and polishing the toilet when you flush. Trust me; you’ll have no cleaning problem whenever you make use of this toilet. It is also known for its quietness.

The Drake II is made up of 3 inches flush valve and a 2- 1/8” computer designed glazed trapway. Toto Drake II Double Cyclone Flush and WaterSense guarantee the use of only 1.28 GPF of water per flush. Best of all, it is affordable, comfortable and easy to install.


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3. American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Elongated Toilet

This flush toilet is a one-piece product and cistern combined. It’s a vitreous China made with an ever clean surface designed to reduce stains and restrains the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. The ever clean surface also lowers cleaning requirements.

Furthermore, it has the combination of a levered flush mechanism, the height of a seat and the shape of a bowl; these make the American Standard ADA compliant.


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It rates with the best toilets with its single flush system. It comprises 4 inches non-adjustable piston and an accelerator flush valve that delivers a powerful flush of 1.6 gallons. The 2-3/8 inches trap is fully gazed to allow direct passage of waste into the drainage system, and it is 100-Percent factory flush tested.

American Standard toilet has the guarantee of complete first-time flush with its high-pressure flushing system combined with the clean surface of the bowl. In addition, the ever clean surface prevents the accumulation of discoloration and stains by microbial, mildew and bacterial actions. Furthermore, it has a simple, straightforward and quick installation process.


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4. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

This flushing toilet is another great deal of money with lots of useful features. Let’s examine its specific details before first going into its amazing features. These are, 69.5 pounds in weight, dimensions 28 by 19.5 by 30.5 inches, beautiful chrome finish comes in ebony black and a shade of white (cotton, beige, etc.).


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It also has a lengthened shape and made from Vitreous China (porcelain) material. You can be confident of its gravity flush type with 1.6GPF consumption of water. Moving forward, let’s consider what makes Toto Drake is the best flushing toilet. The chrome finish eliminates the annoying and the headache developed on seeing stains inside your toilet.

While you need to flush two or times and finally break out the toilet’s brush, the finish on this flushing toilet helps it with a one-time flush that removes any form of stains.

This is as a result of its strong flushing power, having a force of 8 psi. The tank also fills up silently and quickly, which is followed-up by the G-Max flushing system. Toto Drake is an excellent bathroom accessory to have in mind when considering a purchase for a flushing toilet.


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5. KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet

This flush toilet is a one-piece product made from Vitreous China. It has all-rounded corners to help with ease of cleaning and to also avoid any tight angle where dirt may gather. A chrome trip lever operates the flush.

This flushing toilet uses Kohler’s AquaPiston system which delivers 1.28 gallons of water with an additional boost that increases both power and the effectiveness of the flush. The fully gazed trap helps the bloom to make sure the toilet is clean with a single flush.


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The cleaning efficiency of Santa Rosa comes from the combinations of the power of AquaPiston flushing, the method taking by water in entering the bowl, the bowl shape design, and the sufficiently glazed trapway.

These combinations allow a complete single flush. Furthermore, the external smooth curves of the toilet disallow any hard-to-reach places where dirt may accumulate. Any standard cleaning agent can work well because it has no special coating on the bowl.

For a full flush, the toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water. Its low consumption of water coupled with the ability to remove enormous waste makes Santa Rosa EPA WaterSense Certification. The installation of this flushing toilet is similar to other single piece toilets which you can do with DIY skills.


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6. Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet

One of the great features that make this toilet a must-have is the stealth technique. The technique works to conserve water. Utmost 0.8 gallons of water is used per flush. It is one of the best flushing toilets which made by the famous brand, Niagra Corporation.

The toilet offers you a magnificent flush at once and hence no need for repeated flushing. It is, therefore, a convenient and effective flushing toilet for anyone who needs to preserve water.


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The Niagara Stealth toilet guarantees a clean bowl after every flush. Besides its low friction, the Niagara toilet has a smooth surface made of Vitreous China metal.

The low friction works to reduce difficulties when using the flush button. This surface is paramount in ensuring that the bowl is clean all the time with a ceramic material, you are assured of little or no stains on the bowl.

The flush button is not only stylish but also durable. You will not experience cases of a loose or faulty button. The stealth toilet meets the requirements laid out by ADA in terms of bowl height. It is also effective for every bathroom design. The flushing is aided by pressure hence offering the user a power flush.


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7. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II One Piece Toilet

The TOTO brand flushing toilet is known for its water conservation, universal height, and flushing system. The MS604114CEFG#01 flushing toilet does well in preserving water. It is WaterSense certified making it a product that meets universal water-saving standards for flush toilets.


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It has WaterSense approved high efficiency of 1.28 Gpf and 4.8 Lpf toilet. If you weigh this volume against other conventional toilets, it is certain that the TOTO toilet saves you huge volumes of water annually. Its modern design and elongated bowl are features sought out by many people.

TOTO Ultramax II toilet is essential as it offers comfort when using. Unlike other options, the toilet is neither too low nor high. It can be used by all people regardless of their height. The design enhances comfort and adds to the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

TOTO Ultramax II toilet is referred to as a double cyclone. The technology helps in maintaining the bowl clean as well as getting rid of all the waste. The SanaGloss surface that is stain-resistance also enhances the cleanliness of the bowl.

Most importantly, the flushing system is quiet. Therefore, it is convenient even to use at night without causing sleep distractions to others. It is a quality flush toilet that comes in various colors.


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8. TOTO CST7445G#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet

The CST7445G#01 is sought for because of its contemporary design, fast flush, SanaGloss surface, and big flush valve. Repeated flushes are not only frustrating but also consume lots of water. The drake toilet solves this problem.

It consists of a powerful flush system that uses 1.5 gallons of water in each flush. This means that you only need one successful flush; what a convenience! The flush is also fast due to the flush valve larger than those in most ordinary plets.


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The toilet measures 28 by 19.5 and 28.5 inches and weighs approximately 103 pounds making it lighter than conventional ones. Though it is not ADA approved, its height is also convenient for many people.

The SanaGloss system solves the cleaning issues evident in most toilets. The surface guarantees a super smooth bowl surface and lessens the cleaning work. The TOTO CST7445G#01 comes into components, a tank, and a bowl, giving you value for your money.

Besides, the drake’s contemporary design and the glassy cotton white finishing makes the toilet sparkling and beautiful. If you need a toilet that makes your bathroom appealing, then this is a worthy choice.


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9. Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One-piece Toilet

The SANICOMPACT is the best option for residential areas. It is a water-saving toilet and appealing due to its chrome hinges. It is a toilet that works well in space-limited bathrooms. It is a self-contained flush toilet that fits where standard toilets cannot fit.


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The modernly designed toilet uses low volumes of water. In each flush, approximately 1 gallon of water is used. It is, therefore, water-efficient and saves you the stress of paying too much money on water bills.

Also, this toilet is ideal for users with physical problems as it offers easy access. You can install it in various locations such as the basement, upper floors or aloft.

The SANICOMPACT toilet can also handle waste from your sink. It does not require a toilet tank to achieve this. It has an automatic flushing system. You just need to press an air switch or a push button to flush the toilet. Also, an automatic macerating system removes all waste in one flush and prevents clogging.

Another important feature is the 360-degree discharge to fit any type of installation required. It saves you space and enhances accessibility. With this toilet, you can never experience waste backflows.


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10. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet

The 320 Series is ideal for water-saving, it offers a powerful hands-free flush and comfort among other features. This toilet has a standard height convenient for all users and offers complete comfort. It is a real toilet with one pedal flush. Imagine not having to place your hand on the flush button to flush! It has some essential features! The hands-free feature is also effective in ensuring that your hands are bacteria-free.


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The 320 Series also offers you a powerful and easy flush. One flush gets rid of all the waste. This is due to the inbuilt pressure rim that ensures that all the waste disappears. As such, no issues with spots on the bowl surface.

Similarly, the Dometic 320 toilet is water saving due to its flushing technology. Each flush consumes as little as 1 pint/.5 liter per flush. You can sue about the toilet in your RV and enjoy all the benefits of a home toilet.

With the 320 Series toilet, comfort is guaranteed actually it depends on you how to feel your comfort. The long and deep bowl made of ceramic material offers comfort like a soaking tub. Also, its enamel-coated seat enhances comfort, exceeding most RV toilets. It comes with a hands sprayer for cleaning the toilet easily and without using a cleaning brush. It is easy to install and gives you a comfortable seat.


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How To Choose The Best Flushing Toilet

A flushing toilet should have a standard height, save water, comfortable to use and convenient. The above guide offers you a list of the tested and proven flushing toilet that will give you value for your money.

The toilets are of modern designs and add aesthetic value to your bathroom. You can choose the right toilet depending on your space, accessibility, workability and your budget which types you will need.

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All the toilets are water-saving and have a powerful flushing system. Do not experience frustrations while in the bathroom anymore. Make your visits relaxing and efficient by installing your bathroom with the right flushing toilet.

As times change, flushing toilets become part and parcel of people’s lifestyles. A large number of residences have inbuilt flushing toilets in bathrooms even in local areas.

However, most people have frustrating experiences where they visited the bathroom and faced difficulties due to a faulty flushing toilet. Some toilets stop working months after purchasing, leading to high repair and maintenance costs.

It is thus essential to ensure that when buying a flushing toilet, you consider quality, durability, power, materials used and water use among other factors. Read our expert guide it will help you in choosing the best flushing toilet for your home

Final Verdict

Flush toilets have been in existence for over 400 years, 1596 to be precise. Though they have been in existence since then, they are probably more useful today.

Hopefully, we want to believe that we have been able to answer some questions and as well as clear up any ambivalence that has to do with buying a toilet.

We know that choice is difficult with a whole lot of flushing toilets out there but with absolute belief, you’re now capable of choosing the best flushing toilet that is right for your need and that you’re not discouraged by the flushing toilet that is in the market.

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